Breathe With Me

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“Wanna go for a hike?” I say, knowing that it’s getting dark and we won’t have much time. But that’s okay. You’re up for anything.

We set out into the meadow. I take you to the sketchy caves, blocked over with cement, broken open again, and tagged with graffiti.

We climb down the metal ladder into the dark, spiders skittering away as I wave my cell phone light to see. Once we get in there, I feel stupid because all there is is a cave floor of mud and a few burn marks from people hot boxing the place. The air is cold and stale.

We climb the stairs again. By then it is almost dark, sun setting beneath the trees. In an effort to save the night, I aimlessly lead you down the path a little more to another sketchy location: a dark, small tunnel, which you have to stoop to walk through. The walls are completely covered in graffiti, although they are not gang tags – it’s art, poetry, drawings, statements of love and peace and hippies passing through.

Jokingly, I turn off the flashlight and we are doused in pitch black. The sun has gone down.

In the darkness, I am aware of my breath seeping into the cool air, feel my body like a wave of electricity, ad─▒yaman escort every inch hyperaware of the world around it.

As I breathe, I feel your arms encircle mine, and your breath hits my ear, gently shifts my hair. You kiss my neck, and I can feel the shape of your lips on my skin, the hot wetness of your tongue moving against my sharp pulse. Your body presses against my back, molding to mine. I feel the bulge at your crotch fitting snuggly into the the cleft of my ass. You hug me tight, move your arms along my body, hands slipping into the low cut of my shirt to take the place of my bra, fingers brushing the stiff nubs within.

I turn in your arms and find your mouth in the dark, kissing it passionately with lips, tongue, teeth, sucking the breath out of you. I want to breathe with you. And I do, feeling the movement of your chest as it rises against mine, hands running down the curve of your body, feeling you live. It’s exquisite, feeling you here.

The kiss ends and you walk me to the wall. I feel the cool concrete at my back as you lean into me. You free the bulge in your pants and I run my hands down its wonderfully escort ad─▒yaman smooth length, as you unbutton my pants and push them down. I feel your cock slide between my legs and rest there against my warm, dripping crotch while you kiss and caress.

As I breathe in, you slip the head in, and my breath shudders out. I feel the cool drop of your tongue ring at my earlobe, playfully flicking while you enter me.

Before you get too far, you take hold of me and gently turn me around. This time your cock rests between the cheeks of my ass. Hands around my waist lovingly, you run your tongue from my ear to my neck, suck and kiss, while a hand reaches down to slide over my clit. As my body gives way to this tender treatment, your cock presses and slides loosely between my legs. I open them more. And with one more kiss and caress, I feel the head of your cock, wet with my juices, push into my ass and slowly fill it.

I close my eyes, mouth open, and loose control of my limbs – I sink against the wall as you begin to move in and out, the sensations incredible.

Gently you hold me close while you fuck me in the most intimate ad─▒yaman escort bayan way, and I lose myself to you, to the feeling of your cock sliding up my anal canal, stretching the inside, and sliding back out.

Unconsciously, I let my upper body slump, while I stand on my tip toes, bending my ass up into the air so I can feel you entering my hole. I am dripping as you begin to fuck me faster, picking up speed. As I brace myself against the wall, you whisper my name into my ear and tell me that you’re cumming.

Suddenly I feel you jerk and gasp and moan, and it’s unbelievably sexy. And all I want to do is stay there with you holding me closer than anybody before, and just feel you in the darkness, gasping and panting erotically at my neck…

… but then you slip out, and suddenly my ass is empty and cold and wet, leaking cum into the air, and I am by myself leaning against a cold, hard concrete wall with my pants around my ankles.

You cup your hand under my ass as if I’m bleeding and you need to catch the blood while I try to cover myself up. I pull up my pants and turn on the light – your pants are already on – and find that, a few feet under me, three cave spiders were enjoying the view.

Suddenly, it all seems absurd and funny. I laugh.

But months later, at home in bed in the early hours of the morning, I’ll think back and I’ll miss it and wish that I was still in that sketchy tunnel.

Being held by you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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