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Breaking Descent: the Executions of Cerberus

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Breaking Descent: the Executions of Cerberus

A tall brunette woman with legs that stretched for miles in a white summer skirt who was hanging clothes in her backyard caught his attention. He watched her from a low crack in a picket fence. A slow grin stretched a crossed his face revealing sharp porcelain teeth– teeth design to kill. He enjoyed what he saw. He Panted heavily with drool puring from his mouth he watched a tall attractive woman hanging white sheets. She had soft brown hair that flowed gracefully down. Her skin was fairly dark for a woman of European decent; he could identify her origin by the sweet smell she was emitting from the wet-pink between her legs. The bitch was in heat. He could almost taste her pussy juices flowing from the inner pink walls of her honey box. If he was going to catch this bitch he would have to be quick, stealthy and fast. The white sheets the woman hung gave him the cover he would need, and with that the white dog began to dig an opening beneath the fence.

Karrigan had finished a load of laundry, and put on some music to add some ambiance to continue the mundane chore. She tuned into the oldies station that reran the hits from the sixties and seventies. The sun was setting nicely and the day had been for her an end to a uneventful weekend. It was odd in that moment without incitement, nor obvious suggestion that Karrigan felt her heart flutter with excitement as she hung the sheets, and slow steady progression of her pink little honey pot becoming wetter. She began to entertain dirty little thoughts of the things she was going to do to Maxwell when he returned home from school. She was hornier than hell. It was perhaps her misfortune that it was a dog name Axle hunting in the neighborhood.

She didn’t see him sneak up on her, nor could she stop him if she had the opportunity to do so. He snapped at her foot from beneath a sheet she was hanging. She yelped and fell to the ground landing ass first on the grass knocking the air out of her chest. Bewildered by what had attacked her. She cooed a soft ouch as she gently tended to the small bleeding wound on her ankle. Her eyes went wide with fear as she desperately searched for whatever or whoever attacked her. She moved from her sitting position on the grass forward just as graceful and careful as a izmit escort cat. She crawled on her hands and knees looking beneath the white sheets expecting to find her attacker.

She moved forward with her tight little ass in the air. He would have to be careful and quiet. But he couldn’t help himself as the sight of her uncovered pussy, and ass unexpectedly revealed themselves to him as her knee caught her skirt pulling it partially down. His stalking quiet steps turned into clumsy padded thumps as his lust overtook him and he burst into a run. Karrigan heard something running at her form behind; she only had time to turn her head with terrified eyes to catch a glimpse of the white furred beast mount her.

The weight of the beast was too much and her arms gave way. ?gugh? she grunted, ?get off! Get off! You fucking dog!? she yelped helplessly. Axle?s claws dug into her skin breaking and releasing droplets of blood against her hips: she squealed and grimaced in pain. She tried to throw the dog off by bucking her body up and down. Axle dug his claws deeper in to the bitch. In that moment she thought to herself of what was going to happen and how fucked up it was, and fear washed through her mind with the sharpness of a javelin being lodged in her skull. She was being raped by a DOG!

?NO! GET OFF OF ME!? she screamed at the realization of what the dog was doing. She felt the hard slippery purple veined prick of the animal brush up against her inner legs poking at her meat desperately wanting to start fucking the bitch. ?Dear god please don’t let this happen! Not me! Please god help me!? she thought. Axle?s dick poked into her pink lips, for a moment he paused. Then slipped the head of his dick upward away from her honey box and aim for more tender meat.


She screamed bloody murder when it became obvious to her fear riddle d consciousness that the dog knew what he was doing, and what he was looking for. ?Not my ass, plea–?, she paused as she felt the hard ridged head of the red pole find its target. The ring of muscle quivered in her ass– that special tightly nestled place between her ass cheeks, ?… no. please.? Karrigan never had anything invade the inner red walls of her asshole, and the insane realization that she about to be violated kocaeli escort and raped by a dog was too much. ?No.? It was impossible she thought. Axle knew otherwise as he adjusted himself for the fuck of a life time and she had only moments to brace her mind and body for the coming onslaught.

He entered her. Violently and unforgivably. Axle felt her sphincter resist his massive cock invading her body, but it wasn’t strong enough to stop him. Each spasm and grab of her anus washed his doggy dick with sheer unbounded pleasure. Karrigan felt the hardest cock she ever felt in her lifetime jam up into her ass and a sharp pain ran from the bottom of her spine up to the base of her skull; dear god, no make it stop, make it stop– HELP ME! She screamed in her mind to a god that did not hear her while her body howled in an unholy release of pain. Axle howled in pleasure along with her. It was like being fucked with a iron beat stick.

Axle started fucking the bitch without mercy. Ramming his cock into the dark regions of her virgin ass. Tearing into her body and unleashing pain she never knew possible. Karrigan never felt anything this large enter her body in both length and girth. Axle had never had a bitch this tight, especially with a female human as pretty as her. It was heaven and hell all balled up into a intoxicating display of bestiality and cruelty of which only demons would enjoy and this one dog.

Once he discovered that human females were perfect for fucking he couldn’t get enough of them and each new girl was a thousand times more pleasurable than the last… but this tall long hair bitch was too much for him. Being as beautiful as she was enough to warrant a fuck, but being this tight and resistant to his attack put this bitch at the top his list. She was beautiful and deserved his best.

In her early years of being a twenty something year old she had plenty of sexual experience with men, and even on a few drunken occasions experience with other girls, but this was unlike anything she knew… She grew up never knowing rape or abuse, and her sexual exploration was at the most a minimal leaving her in no way prepared for what was happening to her now– raped by a dog.

His rapid successive ramming of his prick into her butt sent her insane with pain. izmit escort bayan Her body convulsed and spasms wracked her body with wave after wave of raw torturous hurt. She would randomly buck at the dog trying to get him off and in this act, the dog thought for a moment the tall human bitch was enjoying the fucking an in turn, Axle fucked her harder and faster. His pole ruptured veins and began to tear apart her insides. She was being fucked like a train with a train’s dick– her tender soft meat was fearsomely beaten and bruise by his massive member. Then she felt something else. Something huge. It was crawling toward her from the base of his dick. She couldn’t believe what it was and the thought terrified her.

The dog’s ?knot?began hitting at her butt cheeks, ?what the fuck!? She hollered ripping at the sides of her throat terrified by the sheer size of whatever it was at the base of the dog’s dick… she felt the thing edge closer to her broken tight fuck hole, ?Make it stop! He’s fucking killing me! GOOOOOOOD!?.

The dog’s slobber drenched her hair and back. The mix of sweat and drooled glistened in the fading sunlight. The two bodies were locked in a carnal act so beautifully wrong that even the devil blushed. She quivered violently and droplets of sweat fell from her exhausted body.

?HOLY FUCK!?, she wailed as the knot jammed into her ass and the dog began to spasm as he came into the bitch shooting his hot juices up her ass and deep into her body. She could feel the doggy cum blast into her even as her body fell into an abyss of pain with in the invading knot penetrated her– she felt skewered like a stuck pig… the dog jammed deeper into the bitch ensuring her body was filled with his seed. The animal collapsed on her licking her head and ear. Karrigan wept softly.

She tried to throw the dog off again but the knot of the beast splashed her body with pain… it felt like an eternity.

Axle finally pulled away. A beautifully wet plopping noise echoed off the yard’s walls. Her ass was open and oozing with white cum. She felt it opened wide and with her hand felt the inside of it, ?dear fucking god! He tore me open!? with that the dog came over again nudging her hand hand and began licking her butt hole. She quivered in fear and offered no resistance in fear that the dog would do worse to her. His heavy wet tongue slopping against the insides of her violated hole became soothing and gentle. She didn’t know what to do: she laid with her ass still in the air crying softly.

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