Kas 21

Brad and Amy Ch. 01

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Chapter one: The beginning.

It was a Wednesday morning and the sun was streaming into the kitchen as Brad and Amy were sat at the breakfast bar eating their breakfast. Their parents had already left for work and had left the kids to feed and clean up after themselves.

Brad was 22, 6ft 2 and was regarded as a high school hunk when he was at school. He used to play for the school football team and enjoyed the attention he used to get from the girls. But these days his career in finance had taken over his life and the girls had drifted away.

Amy, a 5ft 8, slim, athletic, natural blonde, was currently on her summer break from college and had just celebrated her 18th birthday a few days earlier.

“What you doing today?” Brad asked.

“I’m not sure. I was planning on going to the Mall, but I’m not sure if I can be bothered getting the bus.”

“Well I could do with going and getting a few things. Fancy a ride?”

“Yeah, that would be great. Can I drive?”

“Err, I’m not sure about that,” Brad replied, not willing to let Amy get behind the wheel of his precious mustang. “Maybe one day when you’ve got a bit more experience.”

“Fine, I’ll just let buy me some clothes then,” she laughed as she ran out of the kitchen.

Brad secretly didn’t mind spending some money on his sister. They had a good relationship now, years ago they used to argue and annoy their parents, but now they were grown up and enjoyed each other’s company.

Travelling down the freeway Brad couldn’t keep his eyes off Amy’s long legs. As it was a warm day she wasn’t wearing very much, just a mini skirt, cropped top and sandals.

“So how are you and Kelly doing these days?” Amy asked.

“We broke up a few weeks ago. Things just weren’t working out between us.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know. So you’re available again then?”

“Yes I guess I am, though I’ve not really been looking around. What about you? Any young studs at college claimed you yet?”

“No and I won’t be letting them either. They are all immature little boys as far as I’m concerned, they are only interested on one thing and I’m not willing to give them that pleasure,” she laughed.

I bet they are, Brad thought to himself. Having not had sex for a number of weeks now, he was starting to notice his sister more and more around the house. She had certainly filled out over the past few months, ever since she started college. Some of the clothes she wore didn’t help either, everything was either short or tight. They spent many evenings in each other’s room watching DVD’s or playing computer games together. She had now turned into a very attractive woman, and if she wasn’t his sister he would have tried to jump her a while ago.

“What do you want anyway?” Amy asked.

“Oh, just some new shirts for work. What about you?”

“Everything, especially if my darling brother is paying.” She linked arms with him as they walked through the mall. She was glad Brad was with her, she would watch the eyes of the passing girls checking him out and looking at her wishing they were in her place, obviously thinking that they were an item. Brad was also enjoying the attention she was attracting, he could see the look of envy on some of the guys faces as they walked through the stores.

“Let’s go in here. I need some new shoes to go with my black dress.”

They walked into an expensive shoe store and Amy wondered around looking at the expensive designer shoes on display.

“What about these? They will look great with that dress of yours.”

“Yes, they would, but at $199 I can’t afford them,” and she moved on around the store. She picked up a pair of cheaper shoes and asked the assistant for her size. The assistant returned and Amy tried them on. They fitted well, but she didn’t really like them.

Brad went back to the first pair they spotted and asked the assistant for her size.

“No Brad, they are too expensive.”

“Just try them on, I bet you’ll look great in them.”

“Ok, but I’m not going to buy them.”

“Maybe if you are a good girl I’ll buy them for you.”

Amy looked up at Brad and smiled. “I’m always a good girl aren’t I?”

The assistant returned and Brad watched Amy push her feet into the shoes, they fitted perfectly. She walked around trying the fit, admiring herself in the mirror. Brad also watched her walking around, the high heels certainly enhanced her features and she looked amazing. Brad started having more lewd thoughts about Amy, and then tried to dismiss them. “Dude, she’s your sister,” he told himself. “But she’s one sexy looking girl, especially Aksaray Escort in those shoes.” Brad had a shoe fetish, he liked to see girls in high heels and the internet was great for finding pictures and videos of girls wearing them.

Amy looked over at her brother who was staring at her legs and smiled giving him a sexy pose. “They feel wonderful, and fit perfectly.”

Brad had just watched his sister grow from being a schoolgirl into a young adult in the past few minutes. It’s amazing what a nice pair of shoes can do to a girl.

“They look great on you. They really show your legs off well. We’ll take them,” he said to the assistant snapping out of his day dream.

Amy beamed a happy smile at Brad and removed the shoes and passed them over to the assistant. Brad followed the assistant and paid for the shoes.

“Thank you. I’ll have to pay you back one day.”

“No need, just promise to look after them.”

“Oh I will.”

They returned home in the afternoon after finishing shopping and eating lunch in one of the food halls. They both went to their rooms to sort out their purchases.

Brad switched on his computer and decided to view some images of girls in high heels. It had been a while since he had masturbated and seeing Amy pose sexily in front of him had pushed him closer to the edge.

After a while he heard a knock at his door, there was a house rule, if the door is shut, knock before entering. The door opened slightly, “Are you decent?”

“Err, yes” Brad stammered trying to stuff his now large cock back into his shorts and stop the slideshow at the same time. He just about managed it before Amy walked in.

“I wanted to thank you for today,” she said as she walked in. Noticing the flustered look on his face, she looked down at the floor. “Sorry I should have waited.”

“No, no it’s fine. Do you like your shoes then,” he asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yes they are wonderful, thank you. I’ve just tried them on again, I can’t believe what they do to my legs.”

“Yes, they certainly make you look very sexy. All the boys will be chasing after you when you wear them.”

Amy laughed, “Well they can chase all they want, but they won’t be getting anything.” Amy moved over to brad’s bed and lay down and switched on his TV. “Fancy a Mario Kart session?”

“Yeah why not,” he said lying down on his front trying his best to hide the large bulge in his trousers.

Later that evening, the family was sat in the den watching a movie after stuffing themselves on take out. Brad and Amy were lying on the settee and mum and dad were sat on the reclining chairs.

Amy had changed into a pink nightshirt and was sporting a pair of white lacy ankle socks to keep her feet warm in the chilly evenings.

Brad, along with his shoe fetish, also had a thing for seeing girls in sexy socks as well. His ultimate fantasy surprisingly contained girls in high heels, sexy socks or both.

Amy noticed him looking at her feet and smiled to herself. “It looks like my brother is checking out my feet again,” she said to herself. She casually moved around on the settee and pressed her feet into his thigh. Brad looked over at her at the sudden touch.

“My feet are cold,” she whispered.

Brad reached down with his hand and placed his hand on her soft feet. They didn’t feel cold to him, but hell they looked and felt damn sexy. He held her feet for a while, occasionally moving his hand around her foot and ankle.

Amy loved the touch, she’d always liked her feet being massaged and having her stud of a brother stroking her feet and ankles was just heaven.

“Would you mind giving me a foot massage?” she whispered, not wanting her parent to hear her. “Those sandals I wore today were not the comfiest thing I could have worn,” she giggled.


“Oh thanks, let’s go up to my room, I’ve got some massage oil in there.”

They went upstairs to Amy’s room and closed the door. Amy found her bottle of massage oil and sat on the chair next to her bed. She removed her socks and lifted her feet onto Brad legs as he sat on the bed in front of Amy.

He opened the bottle and poured some oil into his hand to warm it up then started to massage her feet. Feeling her soft feet in his hands was starting to turn Brad on. His mind went back to her wearing those shoes again and wondered what she would look like wearing those socks and her new shoes. He had to stop himself from going any further in this little fantasy, It just wasn’t right to think about his little sister like that.

He had spent Aksaray Escort Bayan many years looking after her and guarding her from various boys while she was at school. He remembered one boy that didn’t take the hint when Amy didn’t want anything else to do with him. Amy came home crying one day and Brad, being the caring brother he was, knew it was “boy trouble” and eventually convinced Amy to tell all. The next day Brad waited for Amy outside the school. Soon he spotted Amy with her friends. Amy saw Brad sat in his parked mustang and said goodbye to her friends and started walking over towards him. As she got close a couple of boys blocked her path and Amy looked over towards Brad. Brad realized that one of these must have been the boy in question and this was confirmed by Amy shouting at the boy to stay away from her. Brad quickly moved in and picked the bigger of the two up with one arm and pinned him against the wall in front of his friend and had a quiet word with the boy. Being 18 inches taller and almost 100lbs heavier he didn’t have a problem convincing the boy to stay the hell away from his sister. Amy never had any more problems from him, or any other boy, as news of the confrontation had gone around school like wildfire.

Yes he loved his sister, but in a sisterly / family way. But these feelings were slowly changing, he was spending more time with her and was constantly thinking about her and the way she looked. Those legs were to die for and he could only imagine what the rest of her body would look like.

“Thank you for that. They feel much better now,” Amy said snapping Brad out of his latest daydream. “Can you pass me my socks please? I need to go to the bathroom and don’t want to put my oily feet on the floor.”

“Sure, here let me put them on for you.” Brad pushed the sexy socks onto her feet smoothing them out and stroking them lightly. Amy noticed and liked the attention he was giving to her feet. She loved foot massages and planned on getting her hunky brother to give her more of them.

Amy returned from the bathroom, and lay down on the bed behind brad. “What shall we do now?”

“I don’t fancy watching any more TV, I’ll put some music on.”

Brad walked over to the radio and switched it on, then sat down in the chair picking up a magazine. After a while Amy was a little bored so moved over to Brad’s PC and switched it on. Brad looked over hesitantly, he didn’t normally allow anyone else to use his computer and wasn’t sure if Amy would find anything that he didn’t want her to see.

“I’m just going to check my emails, if that is ok?” more of a statement than a question.

Once the machine had booted, she opened Internet Explorer and noticed some of the previous sites that Brad had visited. A lot of them were game related but some others caught her eye. Brad couldn’t see the screen from where he was sat, so didn’t notice Amy looking at some of the shoe, socks and leg fetish sites that he subscribed to. He hand handily stored his password on the computer so she was able to log straight into the sites and have a look around. “So this is what my brother gets off on is it?” She thought to herself. “No wonder he bought me those shoes today.”

Brad was starting to get worried at what Amy was looking at and started to get up. Amy noticed him move and closed down the window and shutdown the PC.

“Nothing interesting to read,” she said and moved back onto the bed. She lay on her front on the bed, with her legs in the air. Brad could see them out of the corner of her eye as she waved them around.

“If I was stood behind her now I would be able to see right up to her pussy,” he thought to himself. “Damn here I go again.”

Amy noticed Brad occasionally looking at her legs and feet and thought she would treat him to a full show. “I’m going to try some of my new clothes on. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Brad continued reading his magazine while listening to the radio. Amy went into her room and closed the door, which was a well known sign in the house for “do not disturb”. Looking through the clothes she decided to try her new shoes with the dress that Brad had bought them to go with. Removing her nightdress and panties, she stood in front of the mirror admiring her new body. It was certainly growing, her boobs were now a 34C which looked huge on her small frame, her stomach was flat and legs were well toned. Her hips had started to fill out nicely as well.

She found the short black dress in her closet and put it on along with a pair of black lacy panties, then retrieved the new shoes from the box and placed them onto Escort Aksaray her socked feet. “Damn I look sexy,” she said to herself as she ran her hands over her body, straightening out the dress. “I bet Brad would love this outfit.” Her heart was beating fast as she walked out of her bedroom towards brads room.

Brad meanwhile had moved from the chair onto his bed, but continued to read his magazine, his mind occasionally wandering back to Amy. Wondering if she was going to come back soon, he was debating whether to switch on his PC and have a look at some of his subscribed sites again. Eventually Brad had made the decision to surf the web and got up from the bed.

Amy stood outside Brads room for a few seconds before knocking lightly then entering. Brad looked up and saw the sight before him and smiled at her. “Damn Amy, you look amazing.”

“Thank you. I thought I’d show you my new shoes. I know you like seeing me and other girls in a nice pair of shoes,” she giggled.

“Err yes, I suppose I do, but it’s nicer to see it in the flesh than on the screen,” only realizing afterwards what he said. “Anyway who wouldn’t like looking you?”

“Yes, I saw some of the websites you visit,” she laughed.

“Well, like all men I have needs, but I don’t have anyone play with, so I indulge myself.”

“Aww, my poor brother.” she said and walked over to him hugging him tightly. Her arms only just reaching around him as she lay her head on his chest. “I’ll wear these for you whenever you want.”

Brad was starting to get aroused, he could feel her boobs squash into his stomach as he put his arms around her neck, holding her tightly feeling her soft hair on his hands. His cock was starting to grow again and Amy felt it press into her stomach.

“God, I’m turning my on,” she thought to herself.

Brad pulled away from her and lay down on the bed to hide his growing problem. He watched Amy walk around in front of him, she gave him a few sexy poses. Looking over her shoulder, pushing out her chest and finally, bending over whilst facing away from him, giving him a flash of her black panties. None of this was helping his situation and he could feel that he was now at full strength. His 8 inches were pushing at his shorts and was now quite uncomfortable.

Amy moved over to the bed and straddled his legs sitting down on them. The bare flesh of the inside of her legs was now touching his legs and it felt great. “How’s your shoulder?” she asked.

“Always sore,” he replied. Brad had injured it playing football a few years ago and was one of the reasons he gave up playing. It ached quite a lot but workouts at the gym helped to ease the pain.

“Let me rub it for you,” she said leaning forward massaging the area. Massages didn’t really help, he’d had a number of them from professionals but none of them made any real difference, but he didn’t stop Amy from trying, he was enjoying the close contact between them.

Amy was also enjoying the contact and soon she could feel a familiar tingling in her pussy. Although she was still a virgin, she had played around with a couple of guys but had never gone all the way, always stopping them before things got out of hand. On the odd occasion that things were going too far she had resorted to giving the guy a blow job, while he had fingered her pussy. But that was as far as she had ever got.

Now she could feel her pussy getting moist which was a new experience for her as nothing sexual had happened yet. All she had done was put on a pair of shoes and a short dress, and walked around in front of her brother, but she was getting hot and wet. She moved one of her legs between his so that she could get some close contact on her pussy and ground her pussy down onto his leg.

Brad felt the warm touch of her pussy on his leg and moaned, his cock twitching in his pants. Amy continued to slide up and down his leg, her panties were now soaked and she could see a faint wet mark on his leg. “What am I doing?” She thought to herself, “I’m rubbing myself off against my brother. But it feels good, it feels very good.”

“Ohh,” Amy moaned as she felt her pussy produce more of her juices and felt herself shudder as she tried to suppress a climax.

Brad heard and felt Amy shudder above him, he knew exactly what she was doing, but didn’t know what or whether he should say anything. In the end he decided to keep quiet and let her do whatever she wanted. His cock was now very uncomfortable under him but he couldn’t do anything to adjust its position.

Amy, now glowing in her excitement rolled off Brad and lay next to him on the bed, breathing heavier than normal. Brad took the opportunity to adjust his cock but stayed on his front to hide his erection.

He smiled over at Amy, “Enjoy yourself?”

“What do you think?”

“I think I’ll have to buy you some more shoes if it has that effect on you.”

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