Boys will be Boys

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Jack sat on the tailgate of his truck, drinking beer and scrolling through his phone.

‘Hey, what are you doing over here, you antisocial bastard,’ said Nate, Jack’s best friend.

‘Just taking a break from the partying for a bit,’ replied Jack, grinning at his buddy.

‘Jack Peterson, taking a break from partying?’ said Nate ‘Well I never.’

‘I’ve drank a lot man, just trying to recover, before I’m back at it.’

‘Pussy,’ joked Nate, taking a seat next to Jack.

‘Shut up dude,’ laughed Jack punching Nate playfully.

‘There’s a bunch of hot girls that have

been looking your way all night, ‘ said Nate ‘maybe you should introduce yourself when we go back over.’

‘Nah, I’m not in the mood tonight man,’ said Jack, taking another swig of his beer.

‘Not in the mood?’ laughed Nate ‘Before we came up here you told me you were horny as fuck. Plus you’re wearing your “I wanna get laid” outfit.’ ‘My what?’ laughed Jack.

‘Don’t act dense,’ said Nate ‘you’re skin tight jeans and tight leather jacket hug every muscled curve of your body, and you know it. Plus you’re wearing aftershave. Normally you smell like a sweaty jockstrap,’ laughed Nate.

‘Well this outfit works everytime to be fair,’ replied Jack ‘haven’t found a girl who could resist it.’

‘I’d imagine. Even I’m fucking horny for you man,’ joked Nate pretending to stroke his cock through his trousers.

Jack grinned

‘Oh yeah, come here then. Let me kiss you,’ said Jack moving closer to Nate.

Putting his arm around Nate, Jack leaned in, giving Nate a soft, sultry kiss.

Both young men, began laughing hysterically, clearly amused by their antics.

‘Worst kiss I ever had man,’ said Nate petting his buddy on the back.

‘Yeah, right, I know for a fact I’m a good kisser,’ said Jack ‘I guarantee nobody else will ever give you a kiss like that.’

‘Such a cocky bastard,’ joked Nate ‘Come on then, lets go find ourselves some girls.’

The following day both boys awoke with hakkari escort nasty hangovers. However, Nate had other things on his mind. Specifically his kiss with Jack. Yeah, it was just a joke, but he couldn’t get how good it felt out of his head. Being so intimate with Jack, even just for a a few seconds felt really good.

‘Wait what am I doing!’ said Nate to himself ‘I’m not gay. I’m just horny.’

With that Nate pulled down his boxers to deal with his morning wood. As soon as he began to pump his cock filthy fantasies involving Jack flooded his mind. It wasn’t long before the boy was shooting wads of cum all over his rock hard abs.

Immediately after his orgasm had subsided, Nate felt extremely guilty and dirty. How could he think about Jack like that. Jack was his best buddy, not some random slut. Plus, did this mean that Nate was gay? He was so confused.

That afternoon at the gym, Nate’s confusion continued to grow. He couldn’t stop stealing looks at Jack’s body. Jack always worked out shirtless, so Nate had a good view of his buddy’s assets. Plus Jack always wore very short shorts to work out, so his legs were mostly exposed to. Nate watched as Jack worked his body, muscles tense and shiny with sweat. He was absolute perfection. Again filthy thoughts filled Nate’s mind.

‘No,’ whispered Nate to himself ‘I’m not interested. No. I can’t be. I’ve never been before.’

Nate was quickly snapped back to reality at the sound of Jack’s voice.

‘Nate, you done?’ asked Jack.

‘Yeah man, lets go.’

Now back at Nate’s dorm, Jack looked pretty uncomfortable.

‘You okay man?’ asked Nate ‘you look like you’re in pain.’

‘My thighs are pretty sore man. I think I overworked them,’ said Jack as he sat down.

‘Ah, that sucks dude, I’ll get you some ice,’ said Nate.

‘Nah man, I think a good rub down would be better,’ began Jack ‘You down to for that?’

‘Uh… yeah, sure, ‘ said Nate uneasily.

Normally he would’ve done hakkari escort bayan it without hesitation, but after the feelings he’d been having recently, he wasn’t sure it was such a good idea.

‘Thanks man,’ said Jack stripping naked and laying on the bed.

Again, Nate felt uneasy. He had seen his buddy naked body so many times. But, he felt extremely guilty this time around. As if he was taking advantage of his friend.

A musky smell emnated from Jack’s sweaty groin. The masculine odours did nothing but make Nate feel even more ashamed, when he realised how enticing the stench was to him. Placing his hand on Jacks thick thigh, he began rubbing the smooth, tight muscles.

Jack began moaning slightly as Nate massaged his sore thighs.

‘Feels so good man.’

Nate couldn’t deny that he found such intimate contact with Jack, thrilling and exciting. He continued to massage his buddy’s thighs, giving them a firm rub, his fingers only inches away from Jack’s manhood. As he rubbed, Nate got closer and closer, until the back of his fingers, brushed against the underside of Jack’s ballsack. He felt Jacks body tense. For a moment he thought Jack might say something, but he didn’t. Nate continued to work on Jack’s thighs lightly brushing the back of his fingers on Jack’s ballsack. Jack continued to say nothing, laying there with his eyes closed. Nate knew, that Jack must’ve felt his balls being touched. Perhaps he didn’t mind? Therefore he decided to take things further.

Slowly he slid his fingers further up the inside of Jack’s thighs, until he reached Jack’s taint. Jack’s balls were now fully in contact with the back of Nate’s fingers, as he massaged the inner thighs. Jack’s breathing had become sharp as his sensitive ballsack and taint were stimulated by his buddy’s hands. But still he said nothing. He didn’t want to admit to Nate, or himself how good it felt to be touched by another man. However, with his body fully exposed, there was nowhere to hide his escort hakkari growing hard on.

Now fully erect, Nate’s eight inch cock stood to full attention. The foreskin pulled back from the bulbous shiny head, and the veins that wrapped his shaft, bulging and thick. Jack had to say something.

‘Sorry about my dick man,’ said Jack ‘it gets hard so easy.’

‘Don’t worry about it dude. I’m the same way,’ replied Nate, super excited by Jack’s reaction to his touch .

‘Yeah, it’s just that your fingers keep caressing my sack and taint. It’s so sensitive down there,’ laughed Jack nervously.

‘Your cock is a monster, isn’t it,’ joked Nate ‘Fucking huge.’

‘Yeah, maybe I’ll see if i can become a porn star someday,’ laughed Jack, taking his shaft in his hand.

For a moment Jack began to stroke himself, until he remembered where he was.

‘Sorry man. Force of habit, ‘ said Jack, feeling ashamed.

‘Don’t be dude. Do what you got to do,’ said Nate ‘its pretty clear you’re desperate for it.’

‘You sure?’

‘Go on. Lets see how long you can last,’ said Nate a big grin on his face.

With his stamina being called into question, Jack took his shaft and began to pump. Nate couldn’t believe what was happening. Jack must’ve shared his recent feelings of attraction to? Right? Regardless he wanted to touch more of Jack’s body.

Slowly he slipped his fingers over Jack’s taint and up his crack, until his fingers reached Jack’s hole. But, suddenly Jack flinched and pulled away from Nate’s fingers.

‘No no no no no,’ said Jack ‘please don’t man. Don’t touch me there, anywhere else but there.’

‘Dude I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I just thought, since you liked everything else…’ began Nate.

‘Its okay man. I would’ve been fine with it, but…’ Jack’s face went completely red. ‘Last night I used some big toys for my ass whilst I jerked of, and I’m, uh, really sore back there today.’

Nate was completely dazed by Jack’s confession. Filthy images of Jack abusing his hole flooded his mind.

‘You dirty slut,’ joked Nate slapping Jack’s thigh.

‘Fuck off dude,’ laughed Jack ‘you’re just mad you can’t get back there.’

‘You’re not wrong,’ replied Jack ‘but for now, lets get back to what we were doing,’ said Nate leaning over and taking Jack’s cock in his mouth.

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