Boys of Sharp Shire

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


The late October rain seemed relentless, made all the worse by a cold, biting wind. It had been raining off and on all day, thoroughly saturating the campus of the University of Louisiana at DeGarde.

Many students clumped together by the glass doors of Goldberg Hall, just waiting. Terrence Davis joined them, looking and waiting for a break so he could race for the male dormitory.

“Hey, Terrence,” Glen Strand, an older student said, joining the throng at the glass doors. “Uh, where’s your buddy, Chad?”

“He’s sick; got the flu I think,” Terrence said.

“Aw, that’s a bitch,” Glen said. “Going home this weekend?”

“Uh, no, no, went home last weekend,” Terrence said.

“Hell of a way end the week, huh?” Glen said, nodding to the pounding rain.

“Oh!” a collective gasp went up as a flash of lightning pierced the darkness.

“Oh!” the same gasp was heard when the clap of thunder followed almost immediately, loud and booming.

And many of the students laughed at each other’s reaction.

“So what you doing then,” Glen asked Terrence.

Terrence had to look up to see Glen’s face. Glen was six foot two and Terrence was nearly a foot shorter at five four. Glen had a shaved head, and a neatly trimmed blonde goatee. His physique was a muscular one, evident even as he stood there in jean jacket, tee shirt and snug button fly blue jeans. His blue eyes looked into Terrence’s brown eyes as he waited for Terrence’s answer.

“Don’t know,” Terrence admitted.

A second flash of lightning, then a moment later, a slightly fainter clap of thunder failed to get the same reaction the earlier display had. Glen peered out to see if the torrent had faded any.

“I mean, there really ain’t much to do, and is there?” Terrence went on, also looking at the pouring rain.

“Well, soon as I can, I’m going home…” Glen said and looked around to see if anyone was paying them any attention.

No one was so he leaned a little closer to Terrence and lowered his voice.

“…get out of these wet clothes and spark up my bong. Just got some killer Jamaican. Jah Mon!” he said.

Terrence’s eyes opened wide and he nervously brushed back his slightly long brown hair.

“You’re cool?” he asked, also keeping his voice low.

“Don’t know if I’m cool, but fuck man, it’s Friday, know what I’m saying?” Glen said.

They continued to chat for about fifteen minutes. There were no further claps of thunder and finally, it seemed as if the rain had exhausted itself and the hall started to empty out.

“So, you uh, you want to come on over?” Glen asked Terrence. “Smoke a couple of bowls, watch a movie or something?”

“Sure!” Terrence agreed.

“Oh, hey, tell you what, why don’t you grab your clothes; remember my first semester here, laundry room sucked big time,” Glen suggested. “You can wash your clothes; I won’t even charge you five quarters a wash, huh?”

“It’s six a wash now and for to dry, but okay,” Terrence happily agreed.

“Sharp shire Dorm, right?” Glen said. I’ll be right out the front door; gold Jeep Wrangler, all right?”

Terrence scampered away and Glen hurried to his Jeep in the parking lot.

In his dorm room, Pedro, Terrence’s roommate chattered on his cell phone. Terrence wondered when the young man ever went to class; it seemed like any time Terrence was in the room, Pedro was in the room, on his cell phone, screaming and laughing in Spanish to his family back in Great Oaks, Texas.

He gathered his clothes into his laundry bag and scurried down the three flights of stairs.

On the sign-out sheet, for ‘Back By:’ column, he just put a question mark.

They chatted pleasantly until they pulled up to a modest brick home, nestled among other neat homes on a dead end street. Glen reached up and hit a remote control and the garage door went up. Then Glen pulled into the garage and lowered the door.

“Washer and dryer right there,” Glen nodded toward the appliances. “You go ahead and get started. I’m just going to get out of these, get comfortable.”

Terrence dragged his bag and dumped the clothes on the floor of the garage. Glen left the door to the house open and Terrence could feel the warmth seeping into the chilly garage.

He dumped a load of darks into the washing machine, used his own liquid detergent, and started the machine.

Then he entered the house, stepping into the kitchen. Glen was standing in the kitchen, dressed in only a pair of nylon running shorts. Terrence looked at the man’s muscular back and thighs as Glen stood at a cabinet.

“Good to go?” he asked without turning around.

“Good to go,” Terrence smiled.

“Want something to drink?” Glen asked. “Got beer, vodka, um, gin, oh, here’s some rum and got to have the whiskey, am I right? Oh, and got peppermint Schnapps and Cinnamon Schnapps. What you want?”

“What’s Schnapps?” Terrence asked, still staring at Glen’s muscled casino oyna physique.

“Some kind of liqueur, not really sure, but love mixing it with the rum,” Glen smiled turning around.

Terrence fought hard against the squeal. Glen’s cockhead was just visible, dangling out of the left leg opening in the shorts.

Which meant he was looking. And Terrence didn’t want to admit, he was looking.

Glen’s chest was broad, muscled, and his abdomen was the ‘six pack’ type the exercise machines promised to deliver.

“Um, you are eighteen, right?” Glen asked.

“Yeah, and a half,” Terrence agreed and Glen smiled.

“Why don’t I make us a couple of drinks; you like peppermint or cinnamon?” Glen asked, already getting out the rum and two Schnapps bottles.

“Um, peppermint,” Terrence decided.

“And uh, those clothes are all wet; need to get out of them unless you want to wind up like Chad,” Glen said.

Terrence blushed hotly. He’d worn the white briefs his sister had given him as a joke, the ones with lips printed directly over his crotch.

“What size are you?” Glen asked as he poured the two drinks and dropped a couple of cubes of ice into each glass.

“Um, twenty eight waist,” Terrence said.

“Think a got a couple pair of shorts that’ll fit you,” Glen said.

He went out to the garage where the washing machine was still filling with water. Glen opened the lid and nodded his head.

“Yeah, there’s room for them jeans. Your sweatshirt can go with your lights,” Glen agreed. “Go ahead, dump them in here and I’ll get you your shorts.”

Glen went back into the house while Terrence emptied his pockets and put the contents on top of the dryer.

Glen returned as Terrence was bending over to drop his sweatshirt on the pile of light colored clothing. Glen admired the young man’s slightly plump buttocks in the nylon briefs, then returned to the kitchen.

A moment later, Terrence did enter the house, dressed in only his briefs, blushing hotly.

“Here; you can keep them,” Glen said, handing him a pair of bright red nylon shorts. “I’m up to a size thirty so they don’t fit me anymore.”

Terrence quickly slid the shorts up his pudgy thighs and wished Glen had also provided him with a tee shirt or something to cover his chest. It was warm in the house, but Terrence was uncomfortable being nearly naked in front of Glen.

Come on, let’s spark up a bowl, huh?” Glen gestured toward the living room.

The living room was neat, the furniture strong, masculine looking furniture. Terrence could tell that this furniture had cost some money. They sat down on the couch, facing the flat screen television that was mounted on the wall above a bookshelf.

On the coffee table was a large coffee table book, ‘The History of the Male Nude in Art.’ On the cover was Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.

Sitting down, more of Glen’s cock became visible in his shorts and Terrence tried hard not to look. Glen was uncircumcised and the cock looked very fat.

Glen quickly filled a bong with a good amount of weed, lighted it, and took a deep hit. He then passed the bong to Terrence.

Terrence put his drink on a coaster and took the bong. His first hit caused him to cough and he gulped some of the strong drink. The two men talked about nothing in particular as they passed the bong back and forth. Finally, as they were nearing the end of the weed, and Terrence was beginning to feel the effects of the weed and the alcohol, he nodded toward the book.

“That uh, why you got that?” he asked.

“Ever notice? None of the male nudes in Art are real?” Glen answered. “I mean, Reubens, Botticelli? They painted women as they were. But males?”

He flexed his large biceps and muscled chest.

“They’re all cut, man,” he said and took the last hit of the bong.

After they sat for a few moments, chatting about nothing in particular, Terrence went out to the garage and waited until the machine finished its final spin cycle. Then he transferred the clothes into the dryer.

He looked around, and after dumping his light colored clothes into the washing machine, slithered out of his nylon shorts and wiggled out of his white underwear and quickly pulled the nylon shorts up again. He dropped the briefs into the washing machine and poured a little detergent in.

The nylon material rubbed sensuously against his semi-erect cock and Terrence tried to think of anything else, tried to avoid getting an erection in front of Glen.

“Got you another one,” Glen nodded toward the glass on the coaster.

“Thanks,” Terrence said.

“So, uh, you want to watch a movie or what?” Glen asked.

“Sure,” Terrence agreed and took a gulp of the strong drink.

“Let’s see…” Glen said, turning on the television.

“Shower Time” flashed on the screen, white lettering against a blood red screen. Terrence laughed and Glen chuckled as the letters morphed into a white puddle, then ran down a drain with an audible ‘glug’ sound.

The movie began with a handsome young slot oyna man standing under a shower’s spray. He was visible from the waist up and was very well developed.

“Hey man, great work out, huh?” another handsome young man said as he stepped under a second shower’s spray.

“Yeah man, thanks for butting me,” the first man said.

“I’d love to butt you,” a third young man said, and the camera backed up to completely show all three male actors as they rubbed themselves with wash cloths, no suds visible.

“Oh yeah?” the first man asked, turning to smile at the third man. “And I’d love to bet butted by you.”

Terrence stared, transfixed as the first young man bent over, resting his hands on his knees. The third young man poured some liquid into his hand, greased up his long cock, then stepped up behind the first young man and worked his cock into the willing rectum.

“Uh, hey, uh guys; what about me?” the second young man asked, stroking his stiff cock.

“Ah!” the first young man suggested, mouth open.

Terrence unconsciously began rubbing his erection through the nylon shorts as he watched the two men fuck the mouth and ass of the first young man.

“So, would you rather get fucked up the ass, or think you’d like sucking cock?” Glen asked.

The eighteen year old man turned and looked at Glen. The thirty three year old man, Glen had disclosed he was thirty three during their earlier conversation, had slid his nylon shorts down and was slowly stroking his hard cock.

Terrence’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the fat cock. He noticed Glen shaved his pubic region, just as he shaved his head.

“What?” Terrence croaked, mouth dry.

“I mean, you’re still cherry, right?” Glen asked, looking into Terrence’s brown eyes. “But I’m sure you’ve spanked it, thinking about getting it, right? Think you’d like it up your ass? Or think you’d like swallowing some hot meat?”

“I uh, I don’t,’ Terrence denied, blushing profusely.

“Terrence,” Glen said, smiling.

“I don’t man!” Terrence said hotly. “Only fags do that kind of shit, all right?”

“Terrence,” Glen said again.

“Well, what you like, huh?” Terrence demanded angrily.

“Me? Love corn holing a tight little ass,” Glen freely admitted. “Love sucking a sweet cock, getting a nice mouthful of hot spunk.”

Glen looked back at the screen as the two men pulled their spurting cocks out of the ass and face of the first young man, spraying their semen onto his buttocks and face.

The scene faded to light blue, then opened again to show two unbelievably hung black men and one well-hung white man in a shower. The dialogue was meaningless but ended with the white man lying on his back in the shower, sucking one very large black cock and taking the other large black cock up his ass.

“Bet he couldn’t walk for a week after that,” Glen chuckled, slowly stroking his fat cock.

Terrence’s cock twitched in his shorts as he watched the gay action.

“Here, so you don’t make a mess in them shorts,” Glen said and tugged the waistband of Terrence’s shorts down.

Terrence’s five inches popped out and Terrence tried to cover it with his hands.

No, no, don’t cover it; it’s a pretty cock,” Glen said. “That’s a really nice piece of man-meat there.”

Glen continued tugging on the waistband.

“Aw, and look at them jewels; ooh; I bet you crank out a good load of cream, huh?” Glen complimented.

Terrence wanted to jerk his shorts back up, cover his cock and balls. He wanted to grab his throbbing cock and jerk off, wanted to spray his load all over his belly.

“You ever come in your hand and lick it up?” Glen asked as the scene on the television showed the two black studs coating the white man’s face with a copious amount of semen.

“No,” Terrence lied.

“Man, what a waste,” Glen said. “Just let it run down the drain, huh?”

The scene changed to show two men in a sixty nine, sucking hungrily at each other’s cocks.

“Would you look at this?” a male voice said from off-camera. “Guess they decided to get started without us.”

Two men entered the scene. One knelt down behind one of the men, the other knelt down behind the man that was on his back in the sixty nine.

The scene cut to show the two men being fucked while sucking on each other’s cocks.

“Here, let me,” Glen said and moved Terrence’s hand from his cock.

Terrence blushed hotly; he hadn’t realized he’d been stroking his meat. Then he grunted; brown eyes opening wide as Glen’s mouth settled down on his cock.

Terrence had only had one blow job before, one sexual contact. He’d taken Monique Brown to Alexandria, to see a movie, then to an ice cream shop for a sundae.

Monique was the town whore in Stepping Stone, Louisiana. Which made sense, since she was the daughter of the previous town whore, Donna Brown. Monique had really appreciated being taken to a movie and out for ice cream afterward, instead of just having to jump into the back seat, which was the extent of most of her dates.

“Listen, canlı casino siteleri got my little visitor, know what I’m saying?” she said after some hot and heavy kissing. “So, why don’t I just blow you, know what I’m saying?”

He didn’t know what she was saying, but agreed.

Monique had liked sucking cock, but she could learn a thing or two from Glen.

“Uh, oh, aw shit!” Terrence cried out and pumped a hot stream down Glen’s throat.

Terrence shuddered as Glen worked a finger up his clenched rectum and continued milking his cock for all the sperm he could get.

With a final wiggle of his finger, Glen sat back and took a sip of his drink.

“Ah! Rum and cum, yum!” he quipped.

The dvd player gave and audible click and ‘First Time Anal’ flashed onto the screen.

“Hi Mr. Thompson,” a young man said as a well-built older man answered the door, dressed in tank top and nylon shorts.

“Well, hi there, Jackie,” the man said. “And what can I do you for?”

“I was wondering if you might have any odd jobs I could do for you. See, I’m trying to earn some money so I can buy this totally awesome car?” Jackie said.

“Well, as a matter of fact, Bobby and I sure could use our pipes cleaned, right Bobby?” Mr. Thompson said. “Why don’t you come on in and we’ll talk about how much and what-not.”

Terrence took a huge gulp of his drink. His shorts were still bunched up around his upper thighs, leaving his still semi-erect cock exposed.

“Well, hello there, Jackie,” a second older man said, standing in a short robe.

“Hi, Mr. Smith,” Jackie said politely. “So, where are these pipes you guys need cleaned out?”

“Love these young pups, huh?” Mr. Thompson chuckled, putting an arm around Jackie’s waist. “Just so eager to get right down to work.”

“Yeah,” Mr. Smith chuckled, licking his lips. “Why don’t you take off your jacket, son; have a seat. Let’s talk about prices, all right?”

Terrence could feel his cock beginning to grow again.

“Ooh, look at those muscles,” Mr. Smith commented as Jackie took off the windbreaker. “Bet he’ll really clean our pipes, huh Clyde?”

“Oh, I sure do hope so,” Mr. Thompson said.

“So, are they clogged up or something?” Jackie asked.

“Oh yeah, they’re really clogged up; you’re going to have to really work your ass off to get them cleaned out,” Mr. Smith chuckled.

“So, since you’ll really have to put your ass into it, how’s a hundred for each pipe you clean out sound to you?” Mr. Thompson asked, opening his wallet and pulling out two obviously fake one hundred dollar bills.

“Sure!” Jackie said. “Let me see them pipes!”

Mr. Smith pulled off his robe, displaying a hairy body and long, thick cock. Mr. Thompson tugged his shorts off; they were attached by Velcro, displaying a long, thick cock.

“But those are, I mean, you guys are…” Jackie stammered, staring wide eyed at the two older men.

“We’re Tops, looking for a tight little Bottom to clean our pipes,” Mr. Smith said. “So, why don’t you get them jeans off, huh, boy?”

“Uh, hey uh, listen you guys, I uh…” Jackie stammered.

“Two hundred bucks,” Mr. Thompson reminded him, holding out the bills.

“I uh, golly, I really want that car,” Jackie said.

Terrence’s cock again grew rock hard as he watched Jackie pull his jeans down, exposing his own fairly nice cock a muscled backside.

“Face down, ass up, Jackie,” Mr. Smith ordered and Jackie knelt on the floor.

“Aw yeah, reach back here and spread them cheeks apart for me, oh what a pretty little hole,” Mr. Smith ordered.

“I’m getting real close,” Glen said to Terrence.

Terrence tore his eyes from the screen and looked at Glen, who was now completely nude. The man gestured with his head toward his large cock.

Terrence wanted to demand that Glen bring him back to Sharp shire Dorm right this minute, whether his clothes were done or not. Terrence wanted to kick the man in his large nut sack.

He bent and took the man’s fat cock head into his mouth.

“Teeth, sweet boy, teeth,” Glen cautioned and Terrence pushed his lips out.

He nuzzled the fat head, tasting Glen’s sweat and a copious amount of Glen’s pre-seminal fluid. He used his tongue to lick up as much of the fluid as he could, then sank his head down further.

“Uh! Oh gosh, Mr. Smith, it hurts!” he heard Jackie whine.

The head of Glen’s cock bumped into Terrence’s gag reflex.

“Breathe through your nose,” Glen advised.

Terrence tried this and a few more millimeters of Glen’s eight inches slid in before Terrence again gagged on the fat meat.

“Oh, oh, that’s good,” Glen complimented as Terrence worked his tongue under Glen’s foreskin, tickling the sensitive head.

“”That’s it, Bobby, fuck that little bitch good,” Mr. Thompson encouraged.

Terrence again tried to force Glen’s cock into his throat and again, his gag reflex stopped him.

“And, here, it comes, oh shit!” Glen grunted and Terrence wanted to scream as his mouth suddenly filled with a salty, gluey tasting fluid.

He certainly didn’t want to swallow this vile stuff as it spurted down his gulping throat.

Finally, Glen gently pushed Terrence’s hot sucking mouth away from his wilting cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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