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Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Somehow I woke before the girls, after taking a shower I decided I better not push the clothing optional habits Amber and I have became used to so I slipped my lazy day shorts I had always wore but this time I neglected to put on any underwear. With the girls still in bed I thought I would fix them some breakfast to start their day. With everything ready except for the eggs I went to Amber’s room to wake them, they has made their way under the covers since I had seen them last. I looked around her room for evidence of the show they gave me only hours ago only seeing the clothes they wore to the mall piled up at the foot of her bed telling me they were probably still naked under those covers.

“Wake up girls! Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” I said rubbing the top of Amber’s head. The girls barely moved so I repeated myself getting a better response the second time. Amber’s eyes slowly opened as she turned facing me, Emily tossed and turned before sitting up in the bed and pushed her long blonde hair from her face. As she stretched her arms behind her head the thin sheet fell revealing her small but very firm breasts, her big blue eyes stared at me as she told me good morning with a devilish grin. By now Amber was slightly awake and reaching to her nightstand to find her phone pushing the cover down showing her thick ass. “Are you serious, is it really eleven oclock?” she asked as she dropped her phone back to the cluttered nightstand. “Yeap! Its time to get up, get in here and get something to eat.” I answered as I took one last look at Emily’s perky little titties and went back to the kitchen.

I was fixing the last plate when I heard the girls coming in the kitchen so I turned to see if they had decided to participate in the clothing optional lifestyle or not, to my surprise they had both put on their shirts from the night before which did nothing to cover anything below the naval. My attention quickly turned to Emily’s little patch of blonde hair which I could tell had been freshly trimmed leaving the top of her thick lips exposed, I could feel my previously limp dick start to grow as my curiosity turned to my baby’s slick pussy wanting to see it after the intense fucking Amber gave it earlier. Now I had a very obvious hardon pushing at my shorts as I held out a plate for Amber, she took it and made her way to her seat as Emily fixed her a drink. I watched Amber’s ass as she slowly walked to her seat. I held back my smiles as she slowly sat in her seat as if she was sitting on nails, I knew her ass had to be sore. I turned to see Emily looking at me with the same devilish grin she had earlier in the bed. I handed her a plate and she quickly responded with a smile and wink and turned to bursa otele gelen escort bayan the table, I have to admit to be a fan of thick asses and her little ass was starting to look very tasty. Thinking of licking that tight little ass I watched her until she sat beside Amber, knowing I was thinking about her ass she gave me that ( I know you want this ass ) look and she was right I did want that ass.

I smiled as I watched Amber wiggle in her seat and give Emily a look of pain as we started to eat. Our conversations were nothing but normal, I listened to them talk occasionally giving my opinion. They talked about going back to the mall with grins on their faces, Emily giving me a wink periodically. The two had finished their plates when Emily broke the ice “Is it ok if I go ahead and take my shower, are you done in there?” she asked looking right at me. “I just need to brush my teeth but I can wait, you go ahead.” I answered. “Well I will leave the door open if you want to come in while I am showering, I don’t mind.” she replied. I could tell Amber caught on the Emily’s flirting, her attention quickly turned my way “You go ahead, that will give me time to talk to daddy while your in there.” Amber answered. I watched the girls put their plates away and return to Amber’s room. I had finished cleaning up and on my may to my room when I saw Emily go in the bathroom leaving the door open “The doors open if you need in here!” shouted Emily. Amber must have heard her, she came into my room and sat on my bed.

“Daddy, can I go ahead and get next weeks allowance so we can go to the mall today. Some how Emily has a hundred dollars but I only have ten, I know she will want to go shopping. Please?” I looked down at my little girl sitting on the edge of my bed her left leg slowly working its way on to the bed as her right started to move farther up the bed, she leaned back on her arms giving me a wide open view of her young pussy. My little girl was teasing me in hopes of getting her money. “Please daddy!” her legs spread even farther. I couldn’t believe how much her pussy had changed since the first time I saw it, she was more than ready to lose her virginity. I stood in silence looking over the sexy young lady spread out before me, my attention was broke when I caught Emily out of the corner of my eye standing naked in the bathroom door making the gesture of a blow job with her mouth and hand and quickly disappeared. I felt the normal tug on my shorts so I looked down to see my dick again pushing at my shorts, looked back at Amber to see she was looking at the same thing. My heart raced as I thought about what I should do, could I go through with the thoughts running through bursa ucuz escort bayan my mind. My little girl was all but asking me to fuck her just as I have dreamed about but I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. “Please daddy.” Amber asked again. I stood in front of her my cock pushing at my shorts looking her in the eyes “I guess, how could I say no to that face.” I answered knowing it was her pussy I was saying yes to. A smile came across her face as she stood from the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her stomach against my dick as she squeezed me tight. I wrapped my arms around her and stood up straight causing her to stretch her reach to keep her arms around my neck picking her feet off the floor as she held on. With her feet in the air she raised them to the bed and stood taller than me still wrapping her arms around my neck and lowered her body back to mine resting her open crotch on my stiff dick, slowly releasing her grip sliding down putting only my shorts between her young pussy and my throbbing dick. “Ooh!” she said as my dick pushed against her pussy. She slid more causing my dick to bend down pushing harder against her until her feet hit the floor and it sprang back up. “Thankyou daddy.” as she turned loose and skipped to her room.

With the shower still running I decided to take Emily up on her offer and join her in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had just started when the water shut off, I quickly looked in the mirror waiting to see her step out for the towel which she had left sitting on the counter beside the sink. I watched the curtain open revealing a sexy young lady standing as water dripped from her body. “Oh I’m sorry, do you want me to wait til your done?” Emily asked. “Don’t be silly. You know your ok, besides I was looking forward to seeing what your end of the deal looked like.” I answered. “Well what do you think? Do we still have a deal or should I tell Amber about last night?” she asked giving me that look again. “We definitely have a deal, why don’t you come out here so I can see what I have to work with.” I replied as I reached my hand out to help her from the shower. With both feet out I pulled my arm spinning her around to get a good look at her ass, knowing what I wanted to see she slowly leaned forward pushing her ass out for me until she had her hands on the side of the tub. “So, what do you think? Do you think its worth it? She hadn’t even finished talking before I was on my knees behind her licking the water from her ass cheeks. “I don’t know, I need a better look.” I answered as I pulled her small cheeks apart spreading her small dark brown butt hole and run my tongue across it. “Go ahead, get you a good taste to last you all day. bursa merkez escort bayan I don’t want you to forget what it tastes like.” I needed no more encouragement, I dove my tongue in her tight ass as deep as I could. Her moans let me know she was liking it so I pulled her cheeks a little harder sinking my face between her cheeks tonguing her ass until I heard footsteps coming. I quickly stood up and handed her towel to her and grabbed my toothbrush before Amber came into sight, she has already took off her shirt and was carrying a bath towel. “I guess she’s ok with our clothing optional deal daddy.” Amber said laughing. “Yeah we had a talk about, she says she wont tell anybody and I believe her don’t you?” I answered to receive a big smile and a nodding of her head. “Daddy I don’t know if you can handle both of us running around naked or not!” said Amber looking down at my still hard dick trying to bust my shorts with big eyes. I told her I would be fine but I may have to make them go to bed early to take care of some things.

By now Amber was starting her water as Emily reached over to her pile of clothes and grabbed a pair of white lace thongs and held them up “I really need to get me some new panties, maybe I can get some while we’re at the mall.” she said as she wadded the panties up and threw them in the trash can and gave me a wink. “Yeah I could stand some too.” answered Amber as she stepped in the shower. Emily grabbed a pair of white shorts from the counter and pulled them on and gave me the come here finger and went into my bedroom and stood by the bed. I followed her and sat by her on the bed “What you ready for some more all ready?” I asked. She rolled her eyes and told me I was going to have to wait and made her way between my open legs. “So, do you have any preferences what she buys today or do you want a surprise?” she asked. While I was telling her I wanted to see Amber in black stockings and crotchless panties she fell between my legs and had already pulled my dick from the leg of my shorts and stroking it. “What about me?” she whispered as she rubbed the side of her face against my dick. “I would. Whoaah! Oh shit!” my breath was taken as she took my dick in her mouth and started a ferocious attack on my dick, she wasted no time sucking it hard and fast. “What were you saying? What do you want me to be wearing when you fuck my tight ass? Remember, I want to look good for Amber when she catches us.” she whispered and went right back to her attack on my dick. I could barely catch my breath enough to tell her I didn’t care as long as it was white and I could get to her ass. Before I got it all said I could feel my balls about to explode, sensing I was about to cum Emily slid her mouth off my dick and jacked it against her chest until I had covered her small tits with my cum. “There ya go. Now we need to get dressed.” she stood up and went back into the bathroom and wiped herself off with her towel and walked toward the other side of the house as I laid there trying to recover from her awesome blowjob until I heard the shower cut off.

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