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Book Room Encounter

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I promised myself if I ever owned a house I would have a library room full of books. I always loved those photos of rich people who had a room dedicated to books, just shelves of books on four walls. When my wife and I bought our home, I hand built a room for just that purpose.

It was a Saturday morning and my wife was away on one of her frequent business trips. I was sitting on the carpet of my book room looking at one of my many books.

My nineteen year old daughter, Hannah, walked in and leaned over my shoulder to see what I was reading. I could smell the scent of her perfume. Her long blonde hair was draping over my shoulder.

I turned around and she gave me a peck on the cheek. As she leaned over me I could see both breasts. Hannah had taken to wearing revealing tops that showed everything. Between the kiss, the perfume, and the sight of her tits my cock was starting to stir in my pants.

“I really love you Dad,” Hannah told me. I turned back one more time and our faces were just inches apart.

“I love you too,baby” I told her. Hannah then leaned in and kissed me firmly on the lips.

I pulled back in shock, but then my hormones took over. I pulled her closer and our mouths opened up. My tongue found hers and we had a deep soul kiss. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then I stood up and pulled Hannah to her feet.

I began to pull her top and bra off. Her tits Fatih Escort were magnificent. Hannah’s tits were larger then her mothers and they didn’t sag at all. Her nipples were large pink circles that were upturned, just the way I like them. I lowered my mouth to each of them and started to suck and bite the tips.

Hannah moaned and squealed a bit. “Oh God Daddy, suck them please!”

Hannah was begging me. I fumbled with my pants and underwear then broke away to pull my shirt off.

There we were both naked in my book room. My seven inch cock was raging hard now. Hannah had a wild look in her eyes. I pulled her into me. She placed her arms around my neck and then I lifted her up off the floor.

My cock was pointed right at her wet opening. I turned her around and pinned Hannah against the book shelf. With one smooth motion I slid my hard dick into her pussy. Hannah start to thrash and scream for me to fuck her. I just lost it and began pumping my rod deep into her hole.

I kept slamming my pole into her pulsating pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was so far gone I couldn’t bring myself to stop even though I knew this was so wrong. We were also fucking without any protection. It just felt so good.

Hannah’s pussy muscles were wrapped tight around my dick. I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. I just kept driving my dick up into her wet passage. Fatih Escort Bayan We fucked for some minutes until Hannah started to scream she was about to cum.

I felt her muscles convulsing and then I lost control as well. I just pounded her hole and shot one load of cum after another into her love tunnel. It just seemed I had an endless load of seed to give her. I kept up stroking my daughter until my cock finally went limp and I had to pull out.

Hannah put her legs down on the floor but she was wobbling and I had to hold her up. We both went into the bathroom together to get cleaned up. Had we stopped after that we might have wrote the fucking episode off as just a wild mistake, but it didn’t work out that way.

We got into the shower together. The hot water seemed to trigger our passion all over. Hannah stood facing the shower head. The water was hitting our naked bodies and I began rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass.

That got us both stirred up once more. Hannah placed her hands on the wall and bent at the waist. I knew what I had to do. I fitted the head of my cock at her wet folds and then I drove my cock up into her love tunnel.

I nearly brought Hannah up off her feet with every cock stroke I gave her. She became even more vocal as I filled her with my thick cock.

“You’re my cock slut now, Hannah” I told her.

My daughter just Escort Fatih went wild with all the dirty talking I did to her. I told her she was mine, only I could fuck her from now on.

“I am only yours, Daddy, I want only you from now on.

Hannah was screaming at me as the water poured over us. The fucking was much smoother as my cum load was already inside her pussy.

I fucked my daughter for what seemed a half hour or more. I then blew more seed into her young pussy. I was shocked I had so much left in the tank, but fucking your daughter will do that to you.

Until my wife got back from her business trip Sunday evening, Hannah and I enjoyed each others bodies. Hannah rode my cock and I took her from behind when she was on all fours. I fucked my daughter bare without any rubber and I filled her pussy up with so much cum it leaked all over the place.

When my wife arrived home Hannah and I had to cool it for nearly a week. I thought I would go crazy. I was lusting for Hannah and she for me. My wife finally left on one of her frequent trips then Hannah and I fell into bed once more.

We now try to fuck even when my wife is in the house with us. My wife rarely visits me when I am in my book room, so Hannah meets me there and we fuck there.

Forbidden love there in my own home when the wife is there heightens the fucking experience, I can tell you. I fuck Hannah on the desk I have in my book room and we also do it on the carpeted floor.

I am just waiting for the day my wife walks in on us both fucking together. Until that day arrives I intend to savor my daughter’s young body and fill her with my seed as often as is possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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