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Heather walked into Kate’s 1on 1 Fitness. A tall red head , successful in business she valued a good healthy workout.

Kate, her trainer was on the phone.

“No”, the short hot blond said, “Sir I only train women, there are plenty of health club that offer personal trainers for men.”

She hung up the phone and smiled at Heather, “Right on time. Go in and begin breathing.”

Heather walked into the sound proof studio and began stripping. Kate offered a special type of program suited to powerful woman. Heather knelt and began her internal breathing.

Kate locked the door and took her clothes off. Picking up a whip she strode over to her client and waited. When Heather’s body was centered, she let the whip fly.


Heather rose and faced Kate.

“Stretch and count,” Kate commanded.

“One” Heather began extending her body.

“Push it!: as the whip flew


Better,” as the blond slapped her breasts.


The whipping continued up to 10.

“Now,” Kate said. “Let stretched your abdominals as they went to the stocks. Heather placed her feet in the stocks. After securing the stocks, Kate tied the red heads behind her.

Sitting canlı bahis şirketleri on the top of the stocks, “Kiss my pussy on each sit up.”

Kate began, “That’s it.”

“Ah,” Heather sighed with effort.

“You can do it, ” Kate encouraged.

“Yes I can, “Heather replied.

After 20, Kate held Heather head, “Now make me Cum!”

Heather put her tongue to work servicing her trainer.”

“Yes!.” Kate cried.

Finally she came over Heather face.


Heather lay on her stomach on the leg curl bench. Kate had fasted her middle to the bench and tied her wrist to the hand hold.

“We will start at 100 ponds.”

Heather began her leg curls, as her legs extended on the release, Kate spanked her cheeks.

“Now to 120.”

The red head grunted with effort

“You can do better, “Kate told her spanking her harder.

Heather redoubled her efforts.

Kate kissed her, “Much better sweet.”

“140?” Heather asked.

Kate shook her head, “Not yet, maybe in a few more weeks.”

“You are in charge.”

“Don’t forget it, “Kate answered swatting her ass.

Next Heather crawled to the upper body machine, canlı kaçak iddaa Kate secured her wrists to the straps and set the weight at 40 pounds

“I want you to focus”, she instructed as she produced a vibrator. “Begin.”

Heather began using her shoulder and forearms as Kate turned on the vibrator.


“Focus!” Kate shouted as she played the vibrators over the Redhead’s clit.

“I am losing it,” Heather said as she began shaking.

“No you are not.” Kate admonished.” She started spanking with her free hand.’ You are better than this.”

Again Heather redoubled her efforts.

“That’s it slut, now hold it.”

For 30 seconds Heather held it.


Kate untied Heather and maneuvered her to the matt. “5 minute break!” She began licking Heather’s pussy as they engaged in a 69.


Heather got on the elliptical as Kate tied her to the hand holds. She licked her nipples and made them hard attaching jewelry to her tits.

“We are working on focus,” as she place a hood over Heather’s head. “Begin.”

Heather began her stamina workout as Kate watched. She is a good student, the trainer thought.

After canlı kaçak bahis 5 minutes, the machine increase two levels. Heather need no coaching she pushed herself.

Kate smiled and picked up the cat o 9 and began whipping her charges ass.

Except for sighs and grunts, Heather did not slacken.

Kate was satisfied, Heather had broken through.

After 40 minutes, the session ended.

Kate released her and gently massage her wrists bringing back Heather’s circulation.

“How do you feel?”

“Awesome, I want to do another round.”

Kate laughed, “Not today, take a long shower.”

Heather took a long hot shoulder and thought, “This was one of the best investments I ever made.”

As she left the shower; Kate had laid out some toys and was kneeling on the floor.

“What’s this?”

“Your reward, you broke through. Do you want to fuck me?”

Heather smiled, “Damm yes!” She grabbed her blond tormentor and handcuffed her wrist behind her. “I want you bad! Heather put on a strap on. “Now suck! She ordered.

The blond obeyed without hesitation. She was a natural switch. But she never let her students dom until they earned it.

The red head grabbed her head, “Deep throat it.” after a few minutes she flipped her over and spread her ass.

“Yes!” Kate screamed.

“Say you are my slut!”

“I’m your slut!”

“That’s right, now take it!

“Do you want a job as a part time trainer?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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