Boat Ho Ch. 19

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“I hate duty,” Alex said as she slipped out of bed.

“Why do you say that,” he said as he looked at the alarm clock.

“It’s six on Saturday,” she said as she pulled her utilities out of the closet.

“Must suck,” he replied, “what time is Huff gonna be here?”

“Around eight or so,” she said as she walked over to her brother, “he’s in the duty section before me.”

“Oh,” he laughed.

“Do me a favor,” she laughed.

“What,” he said as he sat up in bed.

“Go to your own room,” she laughed.

“Will do,” he replied.

“I’m taking the car,” she smiled, “that cool?”

“Go ahead,” he smiled.

She leaned over and kissed him and walked out of the room. She took the car, which her brother bought with some of the money he made when he sold the RV. The apartment Huff and her brother shared with her were right off base and was decently priced. Skyler heard her drive off and decided to go back to his room. He passed out as soon as he slid into his bed.

“Huh,” Skyler said as he jumped out of bed.

He sat up and looked over at the alarm clock. It was almost one in the afternoon. He wasn’t surprised. He had been up since about two in the morning with Alex. He rolled out of bed and found a pair of shorts on the floor. He pulled them on over his erection.

“Fuck,” he mouthed to himself.

Huff on the other hand had been up for a while. He fell asleep a few minutes after he got back from duty. He woke up around ten. He resisted the urge to masturbate or call George. Even though he hadn’t seen George in a while. He did look through his porn, but didn’t find anything that he wanted to watch. He ended up playing X-Box for most of the day. He finally emerged from his room around 2 in the afternoon. He saw Skyler on the couch watching TV.

“Hey,” Huff said as he looked over Alex’s brother.

“Hey,” he said looking up from the couch.

“Anything good on?”

“No,” Skyler replied, “Saturday TV is boring.”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “did Alex take your car today?”


“I have mine,” Huff said as he looked toward Skyler’s crotch, “did you need to go anywhere.”

“Are you going anywhere?”

“Might go to Hillcrest for some lunch,” he said quickly.

“Where’s that,” Skyler asked.

“North of here,” he smiled, “it’s a bit pricy. But I have a coupon for this one place. If you wanna go.”

“Maybe,” Skyler replied as he looked at Huff’s crotch.

“Let me know,” Huff said as he walked away, “gonna take a shower.”

Huff decided to take a long shower. He didn’t want to smell like the ship anymore. He left the door open a bit. He hoped Skyler would try and intrude on him. Skyler looked over to the bathroom a few times. But he decided against going in there. Huff finally emerged from the shower. He dried off quickly and sauntered naked to his room. Skyler casino şirketleri did not see him. Huff made it to his room and left the door open a crack. He lay naked on his bed for a few minutes. He hoped Skyler would see him. It didn’t work.

“Just ask him,” Huff said to himself.

Skyler soon retreated to his room. He found the picture he took of Alex while she was on leave. She was naked and wore only a Dixie cup and her neckerchief. He masturbated to it for a few minutes and stopped. He also had left the door open a bit and hoped Huff would catch him. But his plan failed.

“Just ask him,” Skyler said to himself.

Skyler and Huff left their rooms around the same time. They met in the living room.

“Did you want to grab some lunch,” Huff asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Let’s go.”

Huff took Skyler to his newer model car. They piled in and Huff put on some really loud house music. Skyler really didn’t dig the music, but it was good to get out of the house. He shouldn’t have let Alex take the car, but it was too late. He didn’t want to bug Huff into going onto base to get the car from her. They made it to the restaurant. It was a typical American style food. The establishment could’ve been anywhere, but this being Hillcrest men were holding hands with men and women were doing the same. They ordered rather quickly and tried to make small talk. Most of it revolved around Alex. Huff didn’t go into that much detail about himself. He only mentioned that he joined the Navy to get out of a dead end job his parents got him. Huff tried to flirt with him but couldn’t pull it off right. Both Huff and Skyler used the bathroom at different times and both texted Alex with the same question: “What should I do? He won’t make the first move.” They didn’t get a response until they got home. Alex told them both: “Just go for it.”

There was a package at the front door. Huff picked it up and noticed it was for Alex.

“It’s for Lundz,” Huff said.

“Who,” Skyler asked.

“Your sister,” he laughed.

“Oh,” Skyler laughed as Huff opened the door.

They both went to their respective rooms. Huff began to masturbate thinking about Skyler. Skyler looked at the picture of Alex and smiled.

“Shit,” he exhaled.

Skyler got off his bed and put the picture away. He opened the door to the living room. Huff stood up as he entered the room. Skyler noticed a bottle of lube on the table. He tried to play it off like he didn’t notice it.

“What’s up,” Huff asked as he looked at him.

“Nothing much,” Skyler replied as he walked up to him.

“I have a question for you,” Huff asked.

“Go ahead,” Skyler replied.

“Are you,” Huff said as his voice cracked.

“Am I,” Skyler said, “what?”

“Are you a hom….”

“Am I a what,” Skyler laughed.

“Are you gay,” he blurted out casino firmaları as he sat back down.

“No,” Skyler said in a strange voice.

“Sorry,” Huff said as he stood up and grabbed his face, “I feel like an idiot.”

“It’s cool,” Skyler laughed, “I like a certain woman and I like um.”

“Men,” Huff laughed, “you like men?”

“Yes,” he replied as Huff grabbed the lube.

“Top or bottom,” Huff asked.

“I can do both,” he smiled, “you?”

“Complete bottom,” he smiled.

Skyler quickly stripped off his clothes and walked up to Huff. He kissed him quickly and pushed him on the couch. He turned him over and pulled down his pants. Huff removed the rest of his clothes. Skyler grabbed the lube and quickly poured it on his penis. He quickly thrust it into Huff.

“Fuck,” huff said as his ass got used to Skyler’s penis.

“That feel good,” he asked.

“Yes,” Huff exhaled.

Skyler was very rough on Huff. He thrust into him over and over again with no regard to how the bottom felt. He pulled out several times and thrust into him harder and harder each time. He saw Huff try and position his hands on the armrest but failed each time. He saw Huff’s head bump against it a few times. He tried to position his hand or arm underneath his head.

“Fuck you ass feels so fucking good,” Skyler said in a loud voice.

Skyler reached under his body and pulled him up a bit. Huff was able to get his hands on the armrest. He felt a bit better but Skyler did not let up. He fucked him harder and harder. He bent forward and bit Huff’s ear quickly.

“Ow,” he said as Skyler bent back up.

He reached under him and stood him up. He tried to fuck him standing, but it didn’t really pan out. He pushed him back down on the couch and continued to fuck him harder. Huff lost his grip on the armrest again as Skyler fucked him.

“Floor,” Huff let out, “can we move this to the floor.”

“Yeah,” Skyler replied.

Skyler pulled out of him and stood over him as Huff removed the couch cushions and placed them the floor. Huff quickly laid down on his stomach.

“Mount up,” Huff laughed.

Skyler straddled him quickly and slowly entered him.

“Fuck,” Huff said as he was entered.

Skyler slapped Huff’s ass quickly as he forced his penis deeper in his ass. He noticed a “tramp stamp” above Huff’s ass. He smiled and felt the small tribal pattern.

“Nice tattoo,” Skyler remarked.

“Gonna get a male/male symbol when I get out,” he replied.

“Whatever that is,” Skyler laughed as he slapped his ass.

Skyler kept fucking him harder and harder. He placed his hand on his neck and pressed his face into the cushion. He dug his nails in a bit deeper as Huff turned his head to the right. Huff wanted him to stop but couldn’t bring himself to tell him no.

“You like that,” Skyler güvenilir casino said as he began to choke him a bit harder.

‘”Yes,” he replied out of breath.

“Good,” he replied.

Skyler reached up underneath him almost placing him in a full nelson and began stretch out Huff’s neck and arms. He couldn’t keep him in that position for long. He soon let go and let him flop back down on the cushions. He then bent one of Huff’s arms back and held it like a police officer does. Huff was in pain but didn’t want it to stop. Skyler let go quickly and propped himself up and began to fuck him even harder.

“Okay,” Huff said semi stern voice.

“What,” Skyler asked.

“Nothing,” Huff said.

“I’m gonna cum,” Skyler said out of breath.

“Don’t cum in me,” Huff laughed, “I’m not on the pill!”

“Shut up,” Skyler laughed as he slammed into him.

“Don’t,” Huff demanded.

“Too late,” Skyler let out as he gripped Huff’s neck.

His seed flew out of his penis fast and filled Huff quickly. What was pleasurable for Skyler hurt Huff. His sperm burned incredibly. Huff didn’t know what it was but it hurt. Skyler pulled himself off him and walked out of the room. Huff could barely feel his legs and arms as he propped himself back up. He felt Skyler’s seed leave his ass as he made it to his feet.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he walked towards the bathroom.

He opened the door to find Skyler rinsing off in the sink.

“Sorry,” he said as he looked at Huff.

“It’s fine,” Huff said breathing heavily.

“Did you want me to,” Skyler started.

“To what,” Huff asked.

“Suck you off or,” he started.

“No,” he replied, “I can jerk it!”

“It’s cool,” Skyler started as he bent over and placed his mouth on Huff’s penis.

Skyler sucked it for nearly a minute and slowly inserted a finger into Huff’s blown out ass. He could feel the cum inside of him. He pulled it out quickly and cradled his balls. Huff looked down at him and smiled as he seemed to completely transform from the violent top he was earlier to the person sucking his dick. He suddenly came and Skyler felt it enter his mouth. His sperm was nice and sweet, not salty like the others he’d tasted. He swallowed it quickly and stood up.

“You taste good,” Skyler smiled as he kissed him.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“I have some Viagra,” Skyler laughed, “if you wanna do it again!”

“Sure,” Huff replied as they left the bathroom.

Alex arrived early in the morning to see her brother and Huff passed out together on the couch. She smiled as she walked past them. She quietly made it to her room. She noticed the box setting on her bed. She walked up to it and pulled out her keys. She opened it quietly and removed the newspaper that was inside. She smiled when she noticed its contents. She reached in it and pulled out the strapon dildo that she had used on Tyler. She noticed a note inside the box as well. She placed the dildo on the bed and pulled out the note. It read: “Thought you might want this. Best Wishes, Tyler.” She smiled again as she looked it over.

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