Blue Eyed Accident Ch. 1

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My name’s Jeff, and I have always considered myself an average guy. Checking out hot looking girls, dating, even married until recently. I look average, 31 years old, 180 pounds, nice looking face, brown hair. Good looking, but nothing sensational, and 100% heterosexual.

That’s why I find it so amazing that I’m sitting here with a major erection, staring at a picture of a hot eighteen year old man’s naked ass. The man’s ass is perfectly rounded and hairless, with his hands on his cheeks, pulling them apart far enough so that the luscious pink puckered rosebud in the middle of his furrow is clearly exposed to my lusting eyes. I imagine that his head, which is not shown in the photo, is twisted around enough that he’s whispering, “Please, lick my hot hole,” with full, tasty lips.

His full balls hang down between his legs and the skin between that sweet asshole and his sack of balls cries out to me to be licked and kissed. His cock, which isn’t fully erect, but rising in passion, just peeks out from under his scrotum from this angle. I imagine that, from the front, his dick juts out a good 7 inches and would fill my mouth and partially into my throat. His hot cum must be very sweet, I decide, as well as hot and sticky, and I’d love to share it with him when I kiss those full lips.

Well, it looks like I’ve come a long way from the average heterosexual All-American type, huh? How did I get from there to here? It all started with a minor auto accident, at least, the kind that looks like it’s minor, but causes all sorts of subsequent events…

I started my day just like the rest, driving home after work in the rush hour crowd in my midsize American city. I’ve driven this route probably 1,000 times and sometimes, as it happens, attention strays. Not far from home, as I was listening to REM on the radio in the slowing traffic, and thinking about a concert of theirs I’d gone to last year, I suddenly felt a push from behind. I looked into my rearview mirror to see a Cadillac sitting about as close to my car as its possible to be, without actually opening the trunk.

I muttered to myself, “Asshole senior citizen,” and started to pull over to the breakdown lane, and the Caddy did so also. I got out of my car, and first inspected the damage. It was slight, but even slight damage to a car these days can result in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repair costs. So I was winding up for the inevitable “You weren’t careful…””No, YOU weren’t paying attention” scenario that I just KNEW was coming, when the Caddy’s driver’s side door opened up, and out popped a young guy with what I can only describe as a terrified look on his face.

“Oh, my god, my dad’s gonna kill me! He’s only had this car for 3 days and I just got in an accident. What am I gonna do?”

I was surprised, of course, to see a young guy driving, as in my experience only senior citizens armoring themselves against the world, and obnoxious fat cats flaunting their wealth are found in these giant cars, but every day is a learning experience for me, so I adjusted to the fact. What I did have some trouble adjusting to, were his good looks.

His eyes, which I really noticed first, were sky blue and quite pretty. They seemed to reflect the cloudless sky that day, and they were about as wide and open as I’ve ever seen on anybody, no doubt due to his shock. His hair was light brown, and a long length of it hung over those eyes, just meeting his eyebrows. His body was slim, and I thought after taking a view of him in quickly, kind of feminine. I was startled to find myself interested in him at all.

“Jeez, this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me,” he continued.

“Now calm down,” I said. “We need to exchange insurance information, and drivers license info at the least. Are you hurt – I wouldn’t think so, but I need to ask…”

“No, I’m fine but I may not be if this car is dinged. How’s your car? I really didn’t mean to hit you.”

“It looks okay, but I’ll need to check it,” I said. “My name’s Jeff, what’s yours?”

“Ryan,” he said, “but right now it feels like Dopey.”

I could see that he was still pretty shook up, so I suggested that we go someplace where I could more closely inspect the damage and he could calm down. So I told him that my house was just a mile back from the next exit, and if he wanted we could go there.

He agreed, and followed me in his car to my house. We parked both cars in the garage, since gaziantep escort I had an empty space ever since my wife took her car in the divorce. Entering the house through the garage, we walked into the family room next to the kitchen.

“Would you like something to drink?” I said. “You look like you’re old enough, a beer okay?”

“Yeah, I’m eighteen, it’s okay, I’d love one,” he said.

After making both drinks, I sat next to him on the sofa and patted him on the leg, and said, “Now just relax and get yourself together, and then we can exchange info and check out the damage.”

He sighed, and rested his head back on the sofa, meanwhile stretching out his cutoff clad legs. I couldn’t help but notice again how slim his legs were, and the lack of much hair on them. I guess my gaze lingered overly long, because he said, “Oh, is there something on my leg? I hope I haven’t gotten anything on your sofa!”

“No, no,” I said, “uhh, I just noticed something on the sofa between your legs, I mean…”

We both looked at each other and started laughing. Here I was acting like a kid, and losing control of the situation! I felt a tingling at the base of my cock as we looked at each other. This confused me, as I only associated that feeling with hot babes in and out of bikinis, panties and other strictly hetero situations. But I won’t say that I’m entirely naive. I could see that he was having an effect on me, and it wasn’t turning me off in the least.

“This is a really nice place you’ve got, Jeff,” he said. “I hope I can get as nice a place when I finish school and move out.”

“Thanks,” I said. “It’s not much, but it suits me, and that’s all I ask for.”

We talked of his school experiences, and I chimed in with mine from years ago, while we each stole glances at each other’s body. Soon enough, our chatter died down, and he looked into my eyes without saying anything at all. I felt a magnetic pull bringing my face closer to his, and our lips soon were only inches apart. We looked apprehensively into each other’s eyes, and I then decided that I’d take the plunge. Our lips met, tentatively at first, but quickly with a crushing, building passion. His mouth opened under mine and I could feel his hot wet tongue enter my mouth, to begin wrestling with my own excited tongue.

Involuntarily, barely conscious of it, we were both groaning and sighing in each other’s mouth. It seemed like we kissed for hours, but it was only a few minutes, and when our lips parted I felt a pang of loss. I looked down between his legs, this time openly and with deep anticipation, and I could see his cock stretching the denim material of his cutoffs almost to bursting. The tip of his dick, still swathed in his jockey underpants, was peeking out of the right pants leg where the material was cut short.

“Wow,” I said. “You are an incredible revelation. I’ve never done that with a guy before.”

“Neither have I,” he said. “But I want to do it some more!” I moved my hand to the end of his cutoffs, and gently began stroking the cloth-encased tip of his penis.

“Me too,” I sighed. “But is this what you really want?” He didn’t answer, but brought his red, full lips back to mine and began kissing me with a passion I’d never seen during my marriage. His hand began unbuckling my belt buckle, and then to the snap on my slacks and gently unzipping my zipper. Apparently, he too had been checking out my crotch, because he began stroking my cock with a delicate, tender touch.

Meanwhile, I had moved my fingers from stroking the tip of his cock, to under his cutoffs, and brought my other hand over to take hold of the other leg, and began tugging his cutoffs down his leg. He rose slightly, to allow the shorts to slip off his butt, and I pulled them down to the floor. As he sat there in his clean white underpants, I quickly noticed a wet spot forming where the tip of his cock met the material. I brought my finger to the spot, and picked up some of the liquid, and brought it to my nose, and then to my tongue. “Umm, you smell and taste delicious!” I said. When my finger went in my mouth, he began squirming around, as his passion rose to even greater heights.

“Let me do you,” he said, as his fingers finished stripping me of my work slacks, and my underpants, too. As he slid my pants down my legs, he knelt in front of me and brought his mouth to my cock. His tongue flashed out and caught escort gaziantep a drop of precum that was forming at the slit on the head of my dick, and his tongue teased inside the slit to catch any more freshly formed juice.

I groaned at the feeling of lust coursing through me, to look down and see this teenager tonguing my cock, and opening his mouth just wide enough to slide the head in. He began doing to my cock what he’d done to my tongue, kissing and wrestling my sensitive cock head with his enthusiastic tongue, while surrounding me with the warmth and wetness of his hot mouth. His hands were gently pulling my pubic hairs in the patch right above my dick, bringing a new level of lust to me couched in the new sensations.

He urged me to lift up my butt off the sofa, so that he could bring a hand under my scrotum and caress my virgin asshole. His index finger gently stroked around my puckered hole, and I could feel the tip of his finger stretching the pucker to allow him entrance. Soon he had his finger buried to the first knuckle in my tight hole, and the feeling in my ass and dick was indescribable.

I knew that if this kept up for long I was going to shoot, and there were way too many new sensations for me to want to stop now. So I put my hands on either side of his head, and gently pushed him away from my cock, saying, “Now I want to return the favor, baby.”

He smiled and nodded his head in agreement, saying, “God, I love the taste of your cock. Do you want to taste mine too?”

“Oh yeah, and a whole lot more!” I said.

He got up from sucking my cock, and sat next to me on the cushion. “What would you like to do now?” he teased, and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, teasing his tongue with mine, and tasting briefly the precum aroma from his mouth. I brought my mouth over his teenaged cock, marveling at the shape, color and texture of it. I hadn’t looked at many cocks in the past, but this looked like one I sure wanted to get to know better.

The oversize mushroom head of his circumcised cock was dark red, and swollen. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I licked up from the base to the head, and back again until I had swabbed every part of his cock several times over. I enjoyed watching how touching certain parts of that cute dick would make him wiggle his cute butt, and I took the opportunity to slide my hands inside his underpants under his young butt and squeeze his full ass cheeks, then slid my middle finger inside his tiny ass pucker, and began finger fucking him.

After a while I took my finger out of his tight asshole and put it up to my nose to smell his hot male ass perfume, then slipped it into my mouth to get the full flavor of his butt, even if only second hand. After I sucked on my finger, he brought his mouth to mine for a hot, deep kiss. “Hey, no keeping that to yourself!” he said. I then told him to kneel on the sofa, facing the back, with his rear end sticking out in front of me. He did as I asked, and soon I was no more than a few inches away from his beautiful butt.

His white underpants stretched tight over his cheeks, but I was in no mood to look at any more clothing. I wanted his ass! I hooked my fingers over the waistband of his underpants, and slowly pulled them off his hips, revealing his scrumptious butt. As the underpants descended lower and lower, I was treated to more mouth-watering delights. His ass cheeks seemed perfectly round, and white, with small circles of pink in the center of each ass cheek where he had rested his butt on his heels while sucking me.

His pucker was mainly pinkish, with a slight shading to brown around the outside of the anal ring. There was no hair anywhere on his ass or on his balls. The skin between his hot asshole and his ball sack was bulged out from the position he had assumed, and was perfectly hairless too. His balls hung below, and were tightly contained in a neat round sack of nearly translucent flesh.

Jutting out from his scrotum was his 6 inch long dick. It was pink at the base, turning brownish as it approached the end, and the head was an angry red. But I knew it wasn’t anger causing the red color, but his accumulated passion and the pressure from all the cum he had stored in those delicious balls. But I wanted to concentrate on his ass, for now.

I brought my head up to ass hole level, and brought my tongue to the center of his puckered hole. “I’m going to fuck gaziantep escort bayan your tight hole with my tongue, lover,” I grunted and stabbed his hole as deeply as I could with my stiff tongue. I felt it slide deep inside, as he had relaxed his ass muscles as best he could, anticipating my invasion. As my tongue slid into his ass, I could feel the smoother texture of his anal ring and rectum under my tongue, and as my nose buried itself in the small cleft above the asshole, I could smell the clean smell of his morning shower, with just a hint of musk and his rising passion. He wiggled his ass around wildly on my tongue, but pressed it harder on to my mouth.

I brought my left hand between his legs to stroke his hard cock, putting my fingers together in the classical ‘jerk-off’ position as they traveled up and down his shaft, and then allowing my index finger to scrape his piss slit free of the rapidly accumulating pre-cum, and spreading it as a lubricant over the head of his cock, stroking faster and faster.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming!” he yelled, as I quickly cupped my hand below the head of his dick to catch his plentiful cum. Meanwhile, I was lazily stroking my cock, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to recover as quickly as this fresh young teenager, and so didn’t want to come too soon.

He began jerking slightly, pulling off my invading tongue, as his dick squirted what felt like massive quantities of his hot, white sticky cum into my hand. I had my hand cupped, but there was so much that some of it dripped over my thumb onto the floor. After he stopped twitching, I pulled my hand out from between his legs, and saw that there really was a lot of cum, more than I ever remembered shooting at one time.

He turned around and sat down facing me, and watched as I brought my hand up to my mouth to lick up half the cum. After I was through slurping it into my mouth, he pulled my hand to his mouth so that he could enjoy his share. Licking my hand clean of any remaining cum, he brought his mouth to mine so that we could mix his cum in both our mouths. I’ll never forget the special texture and taste of his cum after it had been in both our mouths and on our tongues.

“Let me lick around your mouth, baby,” he said, “I want to smell my musk on your face.” He then kissed and licked around my mouth and nose, taking over the stroke on my cock, which I had begun to speed up. While we kissed, he moved himself around so that he was sitting on my lap. “I want to learn how to be fucked,” he gasped, “and I want it to be your cock that does it the first time.”

He bent over my cock to liberally wet it with his saliva, and then stood up, with me between his legs, slowly bringing his wet ass hole onto the tip of my cock. Smiling shyly, he loosened his anal muscles to allow my dick head entry into his tight pleasure hole, and when the first barrier was passed, slowly sank onto the entire length of my cock. As soon as he reached full penetration, he then began pulling off, starting a rhythm of fucking that he controlled with his perfect ass. The sensations began building up quickly in me, as I hadn’t come yet and was more than ready. As he stroked himself faster and faster on my dick, I could see that his cock had recovered itself quite nicely and was standing erect, bouncing with his movements.

Too soon, I couldn’t take any more pleasure and shouted, “You hot fucker, I’m cumming inside your tight, hot asshole.” As I said this, he brought his lips to mine to share what had to be the hottest kiss I have ever felt, or will ever feel. My brain seemed to explode as I came, and I could feel jets of hot cum shooting into Ryan’s ass. They seemed to go on and on, and I knew that, though I might recover more slowly than when I was younger, I had shot more cum now in Ryan’s young ass than I ever had into any girl’s cunt.

Slowly, Ryan tired and came to a slow halt with his fucking movements, coming to rest on my lap. He opened his eyes and, grinning, said, “I think I’m going to like being fucked by you.”

I grinned back, and said, “For a couple of virgins we make pretty good queers, huh?”

Ryan smiled and said, “I’d like one more thing, please.”

“Oh, what’s that?” I said.

He bent over on his knees on the sofa as he had before, with his ass sticking up in the air, and said, “Clean me, please.” I rushed to get my mouth on his ass hole as fast as I could, and licked out all my cum from that tight pink hole. After filling my mouth, and making sure his ass was perfectly clean, we sat together on the sofa sharing a cum filled kiss, and gently stroking each others cocks. Finally, I bent over to suck his dick for the longest time, until he came a second time, filling my mouth with his rich, creamy man cum.

The best was yet to cum…

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