Blossoming Lily

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When I arrived at the tavern, I was trying not to look around too much. In my visualization it was them that approached me, strangers with familiar faces. I tried to appear confident and comfortable, but in all honesty I was neither of those. Sitting casually on a red faux leather stool at the bar, I ordered a Vodka and Soda and drew a deep breath. My lungs registered the dank sticky alcoholic air that I inhaled, the kind of air you can only breathe in a place like this. I was eavesdropping on snippets of the conversation that surrounded me, picking up a word here, a sentence there but hearing nothing of interest. I was listening to a conversation between two young girls that I was finding amusing, so I didn’t notice the man approach me from behind. He smelt of an aftershave I couldn’t quite place, it was pleasant but not overbearing. Sweet but masculine and it aroused me ever so gently. I turned into him, trying to see his face, but he moved ever so subtly to my other side. He started to speak

“She is blonde, sitting at the first table on your left past the window. She is drinking a margarita and wearing an emerald green blouse. Please go and introduce yourself Lily.”

I pushed myself up from the stool, placed my right hand lightly over his and collected my glass with my left. I turned away from the man without looking at him, I had seen his face before and I knew his name was Mike. I made my way towards the window. My eyes were searching for her face. When I found her, she was sitting where he had described, facing away from me. I was sure it was intentional. There was no way for me to gaze upon her and then change my mind. I had to commit to an introduction to see her face. I paused behind her for a moment, calming my mind into a decision. It was too late, I had committed by coming here. It was too late to back out now.

I took the step that sealed my fate, turned to my left and placed my drink on the table before sitting opposite her. I gazed down at the condensation on my glass for a spilt second, watching the beads slide towards the green coaster. I could feel her eyes burning into me. I cleared my throat and slowly raised my eyes to meet hers. Her face was nothing from a magazine, yet individually; her features were nothing short of exquisite. The first thing that struck me was her eyes. The same brilliant green as her top, a similar green to my own, but with a sparkle that made her sweet and mysterious. Then her lips, pink, pale and slightly pouted, very kissable.

“Nice to meet you Lily” She spoke. There was noise all around us in the tavern, but it felt to me as if her voice had just broken an empty void of silence. It was nice to hear her finally speak my name.

“You are living up to your name.” She continued. Shylily2009 was my screen name and that was all she knew me as. I quickly apologized, explaining that this whole situation was rather new to me, and that as much as I wanted her to think I was confident, I was scared shitless. Honestly is always the best policy. Chuckling to herself she agreed that she felt the same way. I extended my hand to greet her, and she offered me hers in return. It slipped into mine with ease, soft, velvety and warm. I felt her short nails scrape my skin and I notice that they are painted bright red, sexy.

“I’m Renae.” She offers me her name as she did with her hand, smooth. Her hair flickers in and out of her green eyes as she moves; she takes her hand back and brushes it away. Leaving my hand dumbly cold in the middle of the table. I quickly withdraw it and place it in my lap. Claiming my drink with my left, I find myself gazing back at the table. Something needs to be done to make this conversation less awkward. If we are going to get anywhere I need to warm things up, a smile parts my lips.

“So Renae… Where are you staying while you are here?” I ask

“At the observatory, near the beach” She replies, with a hint of questioning. I know the place, its nice, and enticingly close.

“Do you like it so far?” I was never very talented at polite conversation. I always feel uncomfortably fake. As I wait for her reply I wonder if she feels the same.

“I like it far better now that I have finally met you Lily, and I can see what an attractive woman you are.”

Blood rushes to my cheeks, unfortunately it doesn’t take much to make me blush. It makes me happy that she finds me attractive. I want to repay the compliment, because I am attracted to her also, but I don’t want to risk sounding like a parrot.

Our conversation ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar eased in familiarity after that. It moved from a common politeness deeper into the anomaly of human desire. Renae started to divulge bits and pieces of her darkest wants and needs, the strongest of which was her dream of being with a woman. Before our words could dissolve into the realm of anything erotic, we were subtly interrupted by a male presence. He stood beside me, to the left and slightly behind. I smelt him before he spoke and I chose again not to look upwards to meet his gaze.

Seconds later we were strolling down the street in the cool night air. Mike had suggested that we make an exit and head back to their hotel. Renae and I agreed, it was nice of him to allow us some time to bond as friends; there was no pretence as to why we were all there, but still it was nice.

He playfully slapped her on the bottom and leaned in to peck her cheek. I was a small cute gesture; it made her smile and it made me jealous. I was in a relationship, although I was pretending not to be, for them and for me. A relationship, I don’t know if that’s the right word for what I was in. We could rarely relate to each other, we certainly no longer wanted the same things. He was always at work or at the gym, I guess I should have been happy that he was finally trying to lose weight, but I was also fairly certain he wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe he is getting some one the side. He always did joke that he would eventually leave me for a hotter younger girl. He never would have thought I would be the one to actually do it.

I look up and see the stars, faint because of the lights around me, and try to pull my mind back to what is happening to me now. Even though I am trapped in a loveless marriage, I feel as free as a bird in this moment. I notice the shine in Renae’s hair as it sways in the moonlight. Feeling brave, I move in close to her and mimic her husband’s actions, patting her butt and kissing her cheek; I slip my hand into hers and press against her warmth. Renae smells so great, when she brushes her lips against my neck, I shiver.

Suddenly this walk is taking forever. All I can think about is touching her breasts and tasting the folds where her thighs end. I catch her smile, and it warms me from the inside out.

Mike’s keys jangle as he pulls them from his pocket. He fumbles for a minute at the keyhole, the pressure of the situation showing through him movements. Finally the door swings inwards and the three of us stumble forward into the apartment. Mikes makes his way over to the single lounge char, leaving Renae and I the only option of the sofa. She plops down with a sigh and I follow suit, sitting close enough for our thighs to touch. My confidence surprised me, never in my life have I been this bold. It was oddly liberating to be with two people I had never met, it meant I could reinvent who I was for one night. I could be a single, sexy young woman. It felt great.

I have never considered myself to be an exhibitionist, but suddenly I was very turned on by the thought of Mike watching Renae and I together. I got up and moved to the stereo, as I searched through the disks I could feel Mike’s eyes on my ass. My tight jeans hugged against my thighs and crotch and I wanted him to look. I wanted her to like what she saw too. So I lingered over the music, finally settling on an album by Adele. Soft and unobtrusive. After the music began, I settled myself back next to Renae, and casually placed my hand on her thigh, only just above her knee. When she didn’t flinch and the conversation started to flow again, I gained the courage to start to slowly start making little circles with my pink polished fingernail. Renae sucked in a tiny, quick breath and her skin prickled. Apparently she was enjoying it as much as I was. As Mike made one-sided conversation about the weather in Port Macquarie, his eyes never left my finger on his wife’s leg.

Gradually, as my confidence grew, so did the bulge in Mike’s pants. As my finger made its way further from Renae’s knee and toward her hip, her breathing quickened. I closed my eyes and leaned the few centimeters into her, inhaling her smell. It was a small distance to move, but it felt like an eternity before my lips brushed against her neck. She raised her shoulder, pushing me closer to her. That was the only signal I needed to continue, and seconds later my right hand was searching for her nipple through the silky fabric of her top.

My left hand ankara götü büyük escortlar was still on her leg, and I pushed it upwards, scrunching her skirt as I went. I lifted my chin and my mouth connected with Renae’s ear, when she gasped again; I moved and met her pink lips against mine. I pressed my mouth to hers, savoring the warm sticky feel of her melon gloss, for a few seconds Renae didn’t respond, it was long enough for me to panic that I had done something wrong. I froze against her, my hand stopped still on her leg and I held my breath. I don’t know what rushed through her mind, but once she had granted herself permission to continue she did so with raw passion. Her lips spread wide and engulfed me, I felt her tongue swish against mine and it was all I could do not to rip her clothes off right there. I jumped as her cool hand slipped under my blouse and stroked my stomach. I was so deep in lust that I had forgotten completely that Mike was in the room, watching us.

He let out a long breath and I was suddenly reminded of his presence. Far from embarrassed, it aroused me to another level to know he was witnessing me with his beautiful wife. My hand had crept higher under her skirt, and I could feel a patch of warm wet on her knickers. Her breathing was becoming rapid and shallow, and when my fingers touched her there, she let a soft moan escape into my mouth. I started making small circles through the lace, gently stroking her most sensitive parts until she whimpered under my touch and drew away. I unwillingly pulled my kiss from her mouth, catching her stare. I felt that I could read her thoughts, and although I was sure she was still battling reservations about being with a woman, the far stronger emotion was lust. I stood and held my hand for her to pull herself up, then turned and led her into the bedroom. Intentionally leaving Mike behind.

The room smelt of starched clean linen, as only a hotel can (that smell still takes me back in an instant) I turned around, turning her as I went so I could embrace her from behind. My hands went to her hips, then traced their way up until they made contact with her bra underneath her clothes. I pulled upwards and removed her top, letting it drop to the floor where the silky fabric pooled at my feet in folds. My lips met with her neck and I felt goose bumps on her skin when my hands encircled her, reaching to cup her lace-covered breasts. Her nipples poked through, drawing my fingertips to them while I caressed her shoulders with my lips. Renae took charge, turning into my chest and removing my shirt and bra with passion. She bent her head forwards and took my nipple into her mouth making me moan with pleasure. She licked and sucked and teased me, alternating between breasts until I could take no more, entwining my fingers through her hair I gently pulled her upwards to meet my lips.

This time when we kissed, there was no hesitation, my hands reached to unhook her bra and she fell backwards onto the bed, pulling me with her. Renae wiggled backwards until her head was on a pillow, and I worked her skirt and knickers down and off, over her slender feet. Lying before me, nude, she was gorgeous. He hips turned inwards towards her waist in a smooth curve that drew my eye up towards her breasts, full and real, they had slid tenderly towards her sides, which made her cover them up with her hands. I reached up and tore her hands away, placing my mouth where her left had been and pinning her hands above her head with my own. I stretched up a bit higher and leant into her ear, telling her how beautiful she was. I let her hands go, trusting her now not to obscure my view of her body.

They found their way into my dark hair, caringly tugging and twisting it through her fingers. I moved downwards, tasting her along the way, little licks on her breasts, underneath, and on her ribs, making her twitch. My tongue snaked into her belly button and then lower where I paused. I let my eyes soak in the sight of her womanhood, her mound was bald and smooth, and I leant in to smell her scent. I had never been this close to a woman before, and I wanted to remember everything. I cautiously dipped my tongue towards her slit, sliding it downwards from the top. Renae’s body tensed under my touch and then relaxed into it, releasing the breath she had been holding in. I worked my way down and back up again, tentatively at first, and then gaining in enthusiasm. I was enjoying the taste and feel of her so much I never wanted to stop.

I became aware of Mike watching ankara çıtır escortlar us from the doorway. I glanced up at him and saw his hand snaking into his pants. I reached underneath Renae’s bottom and pulled her colder to my face, sliding my tongue inside her and then circling her clitoris and sucking it, she responded with moans and thrusting her hips into me. I could sense her arousal growing steadily, and so I pulled my right hand from underneath her and started to feel her folds with my fingers. Once they were coasted in her honey, I slid my middle one deep inside her, stroking her g-spot. I returned my mouth to her and before long she was shaking in anticipation of her oncoming orgasm. I quickened my pace and slipped another finger inside. I heard Mike urging her on,

“Let go Renae” he coaxed, “Come for Lily, come in her mouth” his permission was all she was waiting for, soon I felt her passage tighten around my fingers, and her hips convulse into me, I could see her face, she was biting her lip to stifle the noise. Mike must have read my mind.

“Let it out baby, tell Lily how she is making you feel.” In a instant Renae exploded

“Ooohhh yesss Lily. Fuck me harder, that is amazing, I am going to… fuck…fuck… harder… harder. Ahhhhh” her orgasm was intense and I felt so satisfied knowing that I had made her feel that way. I stopped stroking her, but I left my fingers inside her, I couldn’t bear to take them from her warmth. I leant down and kissed her thighs and made her quiver once more. My fingers slid out of her and I brought them to Mike’s lips, he was now standing beside me, stroking himself. I pulled his hand from his pants and placed it in Renae’s juices, making him moan and her jump.

“Aren’t you going to let us do that for you?” I asked him, nodding towards his erection. He nodded, and let his pants fall to the floor. I was still wearing my jeans, so I bent and pulled them off, revealing my lacy black knickers. Renae rolled onto her side, facing Mike, and patted the bed. He didn’t need to be asked twice. As he sat I pulled his grey shirt over his head and leaned in to nibble his hard nipple. I stopped and let him fall back towards the pillow, next to Renae. Mike leant in and kissed her hard, and I bent over to take the tip of his hard cock into my mouth. The smooth skin was as warm as the sun on my lips; it slid against the roof of my mouth while my tongue pressed against the other side. It slipped as deep as I could take it, touching the back of my throat as I tried to swallow it all, I drew back all the way until I could kiss the tip. Then I moved down, swirling my tongue over his balls, one and then the other, taking them into my mouth slowly and softly. On all fours, I gripped his hard cock with my hand, pumping it slowly and firmly. Renae sat, and kissed me while Mike watched, caressing my breasts.

Renae whispered that she wanted to taste me, and so, she lay down and crawled underneath me, leaving me to play with Mike’s cock. I could feel her breath against my wetness before I felt her warm mouth on me. It made me tingle in anticipation. I slid my mouth over Mike again, trying to distract myself. As I felt her tongue connect with my clit I jumped, gripping Mikes balls harder with my hand. Like me, Renae started out slow and cautious, but soon, she was licking me fiercely, and sliding her fingers into my warmth. I could feel mike was getting close to orgasm, so I stopped what I was doing and motioned for him to move behind me. His fingers joined Renae’s inside me briefly, and then he used my juices to coat my asshole. I was tense with eagerness for him to fill me with his huge cock. Meanwhile Renae was working on my clit so well I was about to burst.

Soon I felt his hot hard mushroom head against my ass, sliding up and down teasing me. I heard him squirt some lube onto his cock, and then felt him slide all the way in one fluid motion. Senses on overload, I almost climaxed right there and then, but I held on, I wanted this to last as long as possible. Mike started to thrust gently in and out of me, stretching me to take him all. Soon his speed built up and I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. Renae had stopped licking me, but was sliding her fingers into me, and rubbing my clit with her other hand. I was in ecstasy. I cried out that I was cumming, and felt Mike tense inside me with his own silent orgasm. After several more intense thrusts, Mike was exhausted. He slid out of me and rolled onto the bed, chest heaving. I moved off Renae and twisted to lie next to her, kissing her mouth and stroking her chest and sides. We lay for a minute composing ourselves and resting our bodies, but not for too long. It was Renae’s turn next…

Please comment. This is my first submission and any encouragement or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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