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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


The first time mom noticed me playing with myself I was rocking my bike a little while my feet were out on the ground. It’s a boy’s bike. I was phased out until I noticed her in a window upstairs. I pretended I was checking the tires but I think she knew. I was usually careful. The next time was when I was on the sofa one evening with a blanket over me. She saw the blanket moving a little in my lap. I happen to see her out of the corner of my eye and she was kind of smiling then she went back to what she was doing.

The next day she said, “Taylor, before you get too far along would you like to talk with the Rev? I think it’ll be informative. Won’t hurt.”

I had totally forgotten about him. I heard he has some programs. The Rev is totally trustworthy but playing with myself was nobody’s business but mine but if I didn’t see the Rev I’d never hear the end of it. I wondered if mom said anything to dad yet, probably not.

I said, “Sure, I’ll give him a call or stop in.” That should cut mom out of it.

I called the Rev and he said nobody would be in the rectory room after 7 so just come in the side door and he would be in as soon as he could. I love the rectory room because of all the pictures and paintings and only a few were religious. I’ve cleaned there sometimes. There was a titillating necked man and woman on a fainting couch from about 1910 or so. I was looking at that one when he came in about 5 after. We greeted and he gave me a family type hug and we settled down. Very nice plush leather type chairs with high backs and big arms. I think they rotate back but I wasn’t sure.

He said, “Denise called as you would expect. We chatted, nothing much of consequence. She more or less said you were waking up. I love to see people blossom. I know you’ve been sheltered. More than most I think. We have a few programs. Do you have anything specific or general in mind?”

He meant having sex the first time and learning a lot of the other stuff when he said blossom. I knew all this was to get a girl, or guy, more experienced so they didn’t fumble around for years learning. It was supposed to ensure a more successful and comfortable marriage early on as the official explanation went.

“Oh, nothing,” I said. “I’m fine. I don’t have any serious problems or even small ones. I was curious about the programs. I heard they existed but that’s all.”

“Well,” he said. “That’s good. We try to totally suppress any mention of any of our programs. Everyone must be a minimum age and you’re 18 so that’s not a problem. Since you’re curious we could talk about things and see where we are. Stop at any time. Would you like to do that?”

“Sure,” I said.

No harm in listening. I loved to sit and listen to the Rev talk. His voice had a little bit of a New England accent. And he was very calm and smooth when he talked. We had someone in school like that.

“We have three programs of interest,” he said. “One is where we collude with you, privately of course, if you would like to blossom with your family or friends. One is telling us what you’d like to do outside the family and we help get that accomplished. One is more open ended and we work with you along the way. It can be quite fun and sensuous. It can be minimum or intensive depending on your desires. You can include family if you wish. It’s a fun thing and we’ve never had a failure.”

The Rev was smiling and I thought I saw the tip of his tongue for a moment. He was giddy. The Rev was younger than dad. He was, maybe, 46 or 47 and dad is 57. I was born late. Mom is 54, but they’re in pretty good shape with lots of energy. Great to be around. They’ll always listen and help and go with what I wanted. I loved that about them. The Rev is all that too. I thought about it and thought it might be kind of fun.

“The last one,” I said. “I’m not sure I’ll last through the whole program but we can give it a try.” The Rev was pleased. He gave me an even better hug before I left. It was only a few blocks home.


We made plans for me to be in the rectory room again the next evening about the same time. When I arrived he must have seen me turn in. He came in carrying a notebook.

He said, “Taylor. Tonight you’ll get a good impression of the program. At any time you’re uncomfortable and want to stop do so. We can easily switch to one of the other programs. It’s going to be a little erotic and unexpected. Let’s go upstairs and I’ll get you started. You’ll be alone.”

He took me to a really spacious bedroom that oozed comfort. The walls were dark and the curtains were closed. There was a lamp on the night table and a small gooseneck spotlight on the top center of the headboard. It was not too cool or too warm and I could hear the hum of the circulating fan. Two nice pillows with some small towels on one pillow.

“No casino ┼čirketleri one will come to this floor,” he said. “Your privacy is assured. I’ll be downstairs. After I leave slip off your clothes and settle comfortable on the bed. These are pictures I would like you to take a look through. Please start at the front and don’t skip any pages. It progresses. If you turn a page and it bothers you just go back a few pages and look at each page more slowly until you can go on. If you need to stop then do that. Stay as long as you want and leave whenever you want. We’ll get together again soon. Ok.”

“Ok,” I said. “Thanks. Now I’m curious.”

“One more thing,” he said. “This is about functions of the body and mind. It’s common to leave wet spots on a bed after getting aroused. Don’t let that bother you in the least. I do that, we all do. There are items in the bedside drawers for your use if you want.”

Getting up he handed me the notebook. I got up and he gave me another good family hug and turned off the bedside light and went out and closed the door. The Rev was one of the few people that treated me like a grown adult. I looked in the bedside drawer. There was a thing of lubrication I think, and a small egg type vibrator that I knew about and a man’s penis. A fake one but real looking with a knob on the back. A vibrator too. I closed the drawer.

I stood still and listened a couple of minutes. The light on the headboard was obviously for reading the notebook. I slipped off my clothes, listening a little more before taking off my bra and pants. I climbed on. It was a big bed and soft and the sheets were way down at the bottom, folded. I left them there. With just the reading light on it was a lot more private feeling. I adjusted the light on the notebook and I could see everything. The notebook was a normal school type notebook with three rings. The first picture was a girl with a bra and small pair of panties on. She was nice looking. I had a pair of panties almost like that. I liked the bra too. The pages were plastic with the pictures inserted, all full page.

I turned the page and another girl was posing with her back to the camera with no bra on and she had her pants pulled down on one side and was looking back and smiling. I could see one breast. I was nude but it excited me. The other picture was of a nude girl on a rug with one knee up and showing her breasts and pubes. I looked at it a long time. She was trimmed a little. I’ve never trimmed myself. I could almost see something in her pubes. Her legs weren’t open very wide. I turned the page and there was a guy with a little mustache completely nude except for a pair of briefs. He was slightly smiling. There was a nice size bump in his briefs. I could actually see the shape of his penis. I looked at it a long time before looking at the other picture.

It was a guy on his stomach with his briefs down below his cheeks. I couldn’t see in between anywhere or anything down there. I was squeezing my cheeks while I was looking. I think that’s what was supposed to happen. It did. I turned the page and a guy was on his back with his elbow holding his head up. He was kind of up at an angle on the bed. He was necked and his top leg was up a little hiding him but his pubes were showing running up to his stomach. I was taking deeper breaths too.

On the right the same guy was on his stomach with his legs open enough to see part of a penis and his testicles. His feet were towards the camera mostly. His head was turned down looking right in the camera. He was smiling. I really liked that picture, and the other one. I got the small towels off the other pillow and put it in front of me and got the notebook settled and adjusted the light and opened my legs so I could get to my clit. That felt so good I kept going a couple of minutes then turned the page with my other hand.

A nice smile on a nude guy squatting down with his penis hanging down and his butt obviously fully open behind him. He wasn’t ready to go. His testicles spread out on both sides and the head was covered with his skin except right on the top. I finally remembered to look at the picture on the right and it was the same guy stretched out with his hand around his penis and the head was bare. I couldn’t tell if he was ready or holding himself up. I wasn’t expecting to see a book like this. I closed my eyes and let my hand and clit catch up.

On the next page was a nude guy and a perfectly nude girl. They were on a bed facing each other. The picture was from the foot of the bed but up a couple of feet looking up between them. His penis was straight out towards her pubes. He had a few fingers in the hair on her head and an arm over on her waist. She was around his neck. Her nipples were touching his chest. On the right she was on her back with him on his side. She had one leg draped over his hip and a hand down between her legs on his penis. Her other knee was up and leaning over. I could see down in her casino firmalar─▒ vagina. He was very hard and only an inch or two away. I turned the page and that was the last picture. I sat there a couple of minutes and went back a number of pages and went to the end again.

When I finished I had my eyes closed and hand still working my clit. I’ve never had an orgasm. I always stopped before it got too intense. I didn’t know what to do, stop or keep going. I did it a little more and looked at the last few pictures again then put the notebook down and went home. I said hi to mom and dad and got something to drink. I was very thirsty. I sat on the sofa beside dad and put my head on his chest and stayed there a long time. I knew my pants were wet but I had a skirt on. I hoped I didn’t show on the outside but I didn’t really care if I did. The Rev sure knew what I needed.

I was taking the summer off after graduating. I had a job starting in the fall, near the end of September. They were going to send me to some industrial schools and through training programs for electronic assembly, which I really wanted to do. I’ve worked there part time but now I could work on the intricate assemblies. Dad is a supervisor there. He has a degree for it but only works half the time. Another guy about the same shares the same job. It gives both a lot of time off and they can swap around all they want.


The Rev left a message so I went over the usual time to the side entrance to the rectory room. The Rev was working at a desk off in the corner. He came over and sat with me. He said, “Was that ok, springing the notebook on you unsaid?”

“Yes, it was fine,” I said. “The progression really got to me. I liked it but, wow.”

“Taylor,” he said. “Answer me this. When you say it really got to you. Do you mean it was too much? How did it get to you? If you want to say. How did you react? If you want to say.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him. I decided to be honest with the Rev. I said, “I wet the bed, and my pants after I got dressed. I was very excited. Particular with the last one. I looked at the last few a long time and went back and looked again. I did do some personal stuff to myself.”

“Great,” he said. “Exactly what I expected. Do you mind us being this intimate with each other and anytime you have any pointed questions I’ll be glad to answer them.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I said. “In fact I appreciate it. It gives me an outlet. That was way more effective than me just playing with myself.” I started giggling and said, “Sorry, that just popped out.”

“It’s ok,” he said. “That’s exactly the kind of intimacy we need to have with each other. Did you have orgasms?”

“No, not yet,” I said. “I’m kind of afraid to have one. One time I thought I did but I don’t really know. I guess I’ve gotten close.”

“The next is on Friday evening,” he said. “We can always skip if you’re busy. Come about 8 this time. It’ll be almost the same thing and you’ll enjoy it too.”


I showered Friday, early evening. I was there a little before 8. The Rev was waiting. He got my hand and took me upstairs to the bedroom. We got seated in a couple of chairs next to the window.

“Taylor,” he said. “Let’s say your knowledge of sex is in a small bubble and the more you experience the more the bubble grows. As it gets bigger it approaches the size of other people’s bubble and they touch. You start to be familiar with what others know and you understand more and can do more. That’s what we’re doing. You begin to understand what mostly everybody understands and it isn’t such a shock but just as much sensuous fun. Instead of your orgasms scaring you you’ll grow to understand them and long for more.”

That was the first time I really understood and my first time here made sense. I was shaking my head and looked up at the Rev and he knew I understood.

He said, “The same as last time and the notebook is on the bed. Don’t forget the items in the bedside drawer. They’ll be particular helpful this time. As long as you need. Stop whenever you want and I’ll be downstairs. Taylor, I always say this at the second visit. If you wish some company for conversation or comments or visuals or fantasies or whatever I can be here, clothed or nude, in a chair or on the bed. If you want to at a later time there’s a phone to downstairs on the bedside table. I always wait until I’m asked.”

He stood up and I did too and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Not like a lover but just did. I pulled the curtains closed and turned the light out at the window table and the one next to the bed and took off my clothes and climbed on the bed. It’s strange but I never actually feel nude until I take my socks off. Before that I could probably walk down the street but once they were off I was stricken for privacy. I adjusted the reading light like before and opened the notebook.

The first picture was surprising. A beautiful blond guy was on his g├╝venilir casino back with his legs open a couple of feet and fully erect. A girl was next to him with one of her legs over between his with her toes almost in his sack and a hand around just under the head of his penis. He was looking at her and she at his penis. Her other hand was on the inside of his thigh and his hand and fingers were down between her legs. I absolutely fell in love with that picture and had a hand down on my clit fairly quickly. I looked at every little part of that picture. I finally turned the page and she was straddled him and his penis was up straight under her and had to be in her vagina but it was hidden just enough not to see. It couldn’t have been anywhere else.

On the other page she was bent over kissing him and his penis was in her vagina. I could see her vagina stretched around it. The head was all inside and I could see her butt wide open and everything and his balls hanging down between his legs. He was so hard looking. I was still on my clit and I got hotter and all of a sudden I froze. I knew it was an orgasm and I couldn’t do anything about it. I grabbed my clit and squeezed and bent over and banged my head on the notebook and stayed that way. I could hardly breathe.

When I could I sat up. My clit was so sensitive I couldn’t touch it. My head was ok. I put the notebook back on the pillow and lay down keeping my legs open. The pleasure that rampaged through me was so thrilling I almost couldn’t stand it. I thought about the Rev. I didn’t want him to come sit in a chair or with his back to me. I got up and called downstairs. He answered and I said, “I had an orgasm.”

He said, “That’s wonderful. Are you ok?”

“Yes,” I said. “Could you come up?”

“I’ll be up in a few minutes,” he said.

I got back on the bed and waited. He came in and I said, “Could you take your clothes off like you said?”

“Sure,” he said.

He went over to one of the chairs and took all his clothes off. When he came back his penis was hanging down and it swung around. He got on the bed and sat with his legs crossed next to my knees. We talked for a little while so I could calm down and I checked my clit and it was calm again so I started on the notebook again. I looked at him and he smiled and nodded. He knew what I was going through. I turned the page and a different couple about the same size and shape was on the bed. She was on her back with her knees bend way up in the air and her vagina was wide open and he held his dick and was tilted over a little so he could get it between her legs and it was just going in her vagina. Half the head was covered already.

I looked up at the Rev and he was smiling and bent over looking with me. He was up next to my hips. I finally could smile too. His legs and penis was just right there and it was getting hard. I guess that was to be expected. He noticed me looking and got his hand around it and went up and down a couple times and said, “It does that, thankfully.” I just had to giggle and laugh a little. He said, “Your other hand isn’t busy. Would you like to?” He was nodding through his smile. I didn’t say anything. He slowly reached over and got my hand and put it on his penis. He said, “Try and enjoy the pictures while you do this. It’s ok. Guys like this.” He slowly worked his way stretched down the bed beside me on his side holding his head up so he could see the notebook. I held on the whole time.

It was so comfortable. So warm. I looked back at the pictures. On the right was the same couple. He was holding her knees way up and back with his hands under her knees and his knees were out and he was looking down between them and his penis was totally in her vagina. I was squeezing everything I had and playing with a real penis. My bubble was growing by the second. I turned the page and a different couple was on the bed. He was on his back with his legs open and she was over his stomach with her feet up the bed at an angle from him with an arm way over his hip and both hands on his penis and her lips open against the side with her tongue lapping over the top.

The rev said, “Sex today is very different than it was even a few years ago. It’s more refined and the excitement much higher and the satisfaction much greater and more people have more partners and it’s more the norm. It’s getting as common as kissing and less people are expected to be single lovers.” I was still playing with his penis, everywhere. Sometimes when I pulled my hand up to the top the heel of my hand bumped into my clit so I tried to do that more. He said, “Would you mind my fingers?”

I smiled at him and said, “Ok.” I went back to the notebook. I felt him on the top of my hip and over on my buns and down my leg and on my stomach. I had my legs closed when I got back on the bed but my knee opened me up all by itself. I looked up and he smiled at me and kept his fingers moving. It was so good and sexy and erotic and felt like a completely normal thing. I looked at the picture on the right and they were reversed with the guy’s tongue on her clit. She was shaven all down. No pubes at all. Her clit was out and his tongue touching the tip. Her head was back and eyes closed.

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