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Bloodlines Pt. 04

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This story is set in medieval times in a fantasy world that does not exist. Any resemblance to people real or imagined is purely coincidental. If any characters in this story actually did exist, and they were involved in the sexual scenes described, they would be eighteen years of age or older.

Now that the disclaimer is done with, I hope you enjoy the story. Please feel free to let your imagination go wild, as usual, this is a story to stimulate your imagination, as well as your pleasure zones.

If you have not read the first three parts. I encourage you to do so before reading this installment so you can understand the webs of lies.

Please feel free to offer your insight, encouragement and critiques. I enjoy writing, and will take your comments to heart in future endeavors.


Ian and Ayra arrive at his uncle’s keep. They quickly learn what their future holds as Ricah puts her plan into action.

Chapter 9

It had been a month since Ayra had given birth. At first it had been awkward, trying to understand everything. Ayra had been a bit withdrawn, spending several days in bed, just holding Lia. Ian had been afraid, with how things were, and the things they didn’t have, yet his new sister was full of life. He had spent most of his time exploring the rest of the ruins, and though he didn’t find another “Kings treasure” he did find several other things of value, including a full set of silverware, six more silver goblets, and a box of what Ayra called cinnamon, some sort of valuable spice.

Ian had also managed to fashion a sort of sled, with wide runners and a sheltered area where Lia could keep warm. Ayra was still insistent that they go to his uncle’s claiming he would get them the best price for the chain shirt. The idea of going to see him had grown less to Ian’s liking as his relationship with Ayra had changed. Since Lia’s birth she no longer wanted him to call her mother, insisting that she was Ayra now. Although they had not had sex since Lia’s birth, Ayra had shown him other ways of giving and receiving pleasure.

Ian placed the last of the items on the sled as Ayra walked out, holding Lia under her robe. She smiled and took his hand as he helped her into the sled before stopping to look back longingly at what had been their home for the past month.

As she found a comfortable place to sit, he checked the harness on the horse and prepared to leave. Certain everything was in order, and unable to come up with any new argument to stay, Ian grabbed the horses reigns and slowly walked through the gate, wondering what the future would hold.

The sled worked even better than he had hoped and they made good time. By the end of a week they reached the trade road. Travel became easier and last night they had even managed to barter for a night’s stay at an inn. It had been the first time in a long time that they had eaten a real meal, and slept in a real bed. Ayra had warned him not to reveal who they were, and when they climbed into the bed, she did so as Ayra, not as his mother.

By the middle of the day they were standing on a hill looking down into his uncle’s hold. The sled was of no use anymore, the road had become trampled free of snow. Ian had loaded everything onto the horse that he could, the rest was stuffed into a makeshift pack hanging from his shoulders.

Ayra grabbed his hand and held it to her cheek as she looked up at him, her expression filled with concern.

“It is important that we behave different in your uncle’s home.” She said, her lips caressing his fingers, reminding him of the previous night.

Their love-making had gone on and on until they were forced to stop when the sun broke the horizon. A sense of foreboding had crept into Ian’s thoughts and he had tried to convince her to turn away and find someplace else. She would not be swayed, and in the end, he conceded to her desires. Of course, her fingers gently dancing across his stomach, hinting at their future might have had something to do with that.

They left the sled on the side of the road and slowly made their way to the keep. It reminded Ian of where they had stayed for the past month, only in far better shape. A small village had sprung up outside the walls and small huts dotted the valley, with people wandering about, tending to whatever chores they had to do. It wasn’t a castle, or even a great keep, but to Ian’s eyes it was formidable.

As they approached the gate, Ayra stepped in front of Ian, her shoulders seeming to rise, and her walk gaining a confidence he had not seen in some time.

“I am Ayra Listra, her to see my husband’s brother.” She said, as the guard stared at her.

Just then, a woman dressed in a fur lined robe walked up, her feet seeming to manage to avoid the mud covered ground.

“So, it is true then?” she said, pulling back her hood to reveal her face.

Ian recognized her immediately, as did Ayra. Her raven black hair had started to gray, and her smooth skin was showing signs of age and worry, but Aunt Ricah was still a woman who would turn heads.

“Gone Hatay Escort most of a year now.” Ayra responded, as the guard stepped aside and Ricah held out her arms.

Ayra stepped forward, pulling her robe open enough to display Lia. Ricah’s features softened as she looked down at Ian’s sister, still sleeping in Ayra’s arms.

“She has her father’s chin.” Ricah said, before turning her attention to Ian.

“And could this be Ian?” she smiled, walking toward him with her arms wide.

Ian nodded as she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed against him, her groin pressing right against his cock. She stayed like that for several moments, her eyes locked on his her lips curled into a smile that seemed more predatory than happy.

“Ian now stands in his father’s stead.” Ayra said, as she stepped up to stand beside Ian, her arm slipping around his waist protectively.

Ricah looked from Ayra to Ian and back before slowly releasing him, but not before giving him a knowing smile.

“He has come across some items we wish to sell. Items Brayden may be interested in.” Ayra continued, apparently oblivious to, or perhaps ignoring Ricah’s blatant sexual overtures toward her son.

“Come; let us not discuss such matters here in the street.” Ricah said, taking Ayra by the arm and turning toward the gate.

“Have Ian’s horse taken to the stables, and the packs brought to the house.” She said, staring at the guard.

Ian followed behind, listening as Ayra talked with his aunt. It quickly became obvious that although she was married to his uncle, she was neither devoted to him, or in love with him. Ian couldn’t help but notice the way her hips swayed provocatively as she climbed the steps to the main entrance. Although the night before had left him well satisfied, youthful vigor had a way of raising its head quickly.

“Well, I will let Brayden know you are here. I am sure he will want to greet you. The servants will take you to rooms so you can clean and change. I shall call the nurse for your daughter; she has had little enough to do around here.” Ricah said as she motioned at the young women standing across the room.

The way the two women snapped to as Ricah spoke made Ian wonder if Uncle Brayden really was the one in charge. Somehow he thought not. The two women led Ian and Ayra up the stairs and down a hallway before splitting them up explaining that Ayra’s room should be close to the nurse and Ian’s would be near the guards rooms. Ian didn’t think much of it, and hugged Ayra before following the woman down another hallway.

Ian’s eyes wandered to the woman’s ass swaying back and forth in front of him. He knew he shouldn’t be looking at her like that, but he couldn’t help himself, up until yesterday, he had really seen very few women other than his mother and most of them were far older.

“Your room is here.” She said, opening a door. “There is a tub of hot water for your bath.”

It didn’t dawn on Ian until she walked away that they must have known of their arrival ahead of time. The room was well furnished, with clean bedding and a bowl of fragrant cedar chips. A small fire burned in the fireplace, and there was a clean tunic laid out on the bed. The tub was steaming, and he quickly undressed, letting his clothes drop on the floor. As he climbed into the tub he let out a long sigh, feeling relaxed for the first time in a long time. He knew he should bathe quickly and not keep his uncle waiting, but the hot water was like a drug, drawing him into a relaxed state.

The sound of the door opening roused him from his near slumber. Ian looked over to see his aunt standing in the doorway. She stepped inside and closed the door, all the while her eyes locked on him. His initial reaction was to panic, and he looked around desperately for something to cover himself with. He settled for the wash rag, which he quickly placed over his manhood.

“I’… uhm, I’m sorry Aunt Ricah. It’s just been so long since I bathed.” He said, sinking down into the tub.

“Oh, don’t be silly Ian.” She said, walking over and picking up a towel. “I just wanted to speak with you before you saw your uncle.”

She stepped to the side of the tub and held it out, an amused, almost playful look on her face. Blushing, Ian took the towel and slowly stood up as Ricah walked over and sat on the bed. He did his best to dry off while still keeping himself covered, much to Ricah’s amusement. Finally, realizing the futility, and the fact that she had no intention of leaving, he quickly dried off and walked over to grab the tunic.

As he did, she grabbed his hand, pulling him to face her.

“It is important that you convince your uncle that you are here to support the family.” She said, a sudden sternness in her voice.

“Your uncle is not well, and as he has no heirs, he may well look to you to carry the family name.” she continued, her eyes moving downward to examine his body.

“But we are only here to sell some items. To raise enough money to…” Ian said, gasping as her hand Hatay Escort Bayan dropped down and her fingers wrapped around his cock.

“Why you came here is of no matter. The fact that you are here, and that you are his blood is all that will matter to him. He has no heir of his own, and you will fill that position. Just as you have taken up your father’s duties, you will take up your uncle’s.” She said, her hand stroking his cock. “All of his duties.”

Ian just stood there shocked as his cock betrayed him, swelling in her hand.

“Yes, you should be more than able to fulfill your uncle’s duties.” She said, releasing his cock and standing up.

“Now get dressed. The servant will guide you to the hall where your uncle awaits.”

She smoothed her dress and took one last glance at his erect cock before turning and walking from the room, her lips curling into a smile.

Ian stood there for a moment, trying to sort out just what had happened. It seemed his plans for starting a new life had just been upended. A knock at the door brought him back to his senses and he quickly grabbed the tunic and threw it on. The door opened just as he was tying the belt. The same servant that had brought him to the room stood there watching him.

“I’ll be just a moment.” Ian said, grabbing his boots and slipping them on.

The woman didn’t say a word, just stood there watching him until he was ready. As Ian walked toward her, she turned and walked out the door. He hurried to catch her, his memories of the house too vague to help him find his own way. Moments later they encountered Ayra, as she stepped into the hallway as well. She looked at Ian worriedly, but when he started to speak she quickly brought her fingers to her lips. They walked together in silence, Ian resisting the urge to reach out and grasp her hand.

Moments later they were brought into the great hall, where Ian’s uncle sat on a huge wooden chair, mimicking a sort of throne, at one end of the hall. Ricah was standing beside him, her robe discarded. She was dressed in a purple and white gown that clung to her body, revealing her curves. There was a slit just off to the side that ran nearly to the top of her legs. Ian hated to admit it, but she was stirring feelings in him, especially after their encounter in his room. She smiled and gestured them forward. Ian kept a step behind Ayra, hoping she would take the lead but as they got to the platform, Brayden scowled at her and waved her off.

“So, you are the son of my brother?” he said, leaning forward in his chair.

His hair was a rat’s nest of yellow and gray, and his eyes were bloodshot. As he pointed his finger at him, Ian couldn’t help but notice the slight shaking.

“I said, you are my brother’s son?” he repeated, spittle flying from his lips.

“I… I am Ian Listra, your nephew. And this is your brother’s widow, Ayra.” Ian said, bowing slightly and gesturing at Ayra.

“I know who the cunt is, I asked if you were of my blood or not!” he growled.

The hairs rose on the back of Ian’s neck, and his hand drop to his side, as if reaching for the sword that was not there. Brayden noticed the gesture and chortled, more spit flying from his lips. Ricah scowled and grabbed a towel to wipe his lips, but he brushed her aside.

“Relax boy.” He said, sitting back in his chair and wiping his lips on his sleeve.

“I see the resemblance, and Ricah has already attested to who you are. I take it she also told you I’m dyin, or at least I will be soon enough.”

He glanced at his wife with a look that seemed more angry than anything else.

“And I’m sure she’s also told you that despite my best efforts, her dried up old cunt never did give me an heir.”

At that Ricah gripped the side of his chair, her fingers turning white.

“Well, it’s the truth of it. Though I can’t fault her for trying. She fucks like a crazed rabbit.” He said, which resulted in another round of choking.

This time Ricah merely stood there watching him. Her expression seemed like she almost hoped he would choke and die right there.

“Tell you what, boy. You want this place, you can have it. I don’t much give a fuck what happens after I’m gone.”

“We actually came here to see about…” Ian started, but he raised his hand.

“Don’t much give a fuck, boy. You hear what I just said? I just gave you the whole fucking keep. What you came for don’t much matter. You willing to stay, then I’m willing to see you on this chair. You not willing to stay then get the fuck out and let me die in peace.”

Ayra stepped forward, placing her hand on Ian’s arm.

“Brayden, you groveling old bastard.” She growled, glaring at him. “You’ve been dying for the past ten years. Either get it done, or get over it. We’re not here to take your keep, we’re here as blood relatives with things to see about selling. We have no need of your charity, your sympathy or you holdings. If you have no interest in Mithril, then we’ll be on our way.”

That seemed to perk up the old man as he sat Escort Hatay up straight, his shoulders no longer hunched as he stared at Ayra.

“Damn, woman. You always were a handful. Never did understand why my brother put up with it.” He said, smiling. “Just bring your baubles in, and I’ll see about a merchant to sell them.”

He turned to his wife and smiled.

“Ricah, take the boy and show him his inheritance. That way he can decide what he wants to do.”

Ricah smiled back then turned to look at Ian, still smiling.

“My pleasure.” She said, patting his hand before stepping down and walking toward Ian, the sway in her hips seemed almost exaggerated.

Ian turned toward Ayra questioningly. She just nodded, as Ricah stepped between them and took his arm.

“Don’t worry. I’ll bring him back.” She said, staring at Ayra.

She turned him and they walked out of the room. Ian glanced back just as the doors closed and saw Ayra staring after them, her lips pulled tight in an angry scowl.

“Oh, don’t worry about your mother. She can handle that old fool just fine.” Ricah said. “Now, let’s show you what you are about to become the ruler of.”

Ian thought he knew exactly what she planned on showing him so he was surprised when she led him to a balcony overlooking the estate. She led him right out to the railing, as she explained what he was seeing. He actually started to believe that she was actually showing him the hold until she slipped between him and the railing, her body pressing against his. Her hand slipped inside his tunic, grabbing his cock as she stared up at him.

“Of course, if you get all this, I would expect to be properly rewarded.” She said, her fingers stroking his cock.

If her behavior in his room hadn’t made her intentions obvious, she was making sure now that Ian knew exactly what she was expecting. He resisted the urge to shove her away as she slowly rubbed his cock, smiling as it quickly hardened.

“In fact, I think I’d like a little down payment right now.” She said, placing her hand on his chest and pushing him back toward the hallway.

It quickly became obvious why she had provided him with a tunic, and why she wore a dress with a slit so high up, as she gathered her dress out of the way and guided his cock to her pussy, rubbing the head against her already dripping opening.

Ian tried to tell himself that he had no choice as she pulled him to the ground, her hand still holding his cock. She grabbed his tunic, pulling him on top of her as she held his cock against her wet hole. Ian placed a hand on either side of her shoulders, as he felt the tip of his cock slowly parting her lips. She let out a small gasp, as inch by inch, he slid into her.

“You know, once he’s dead, I’ll be expecting this at least twice a day. Until then, once a night will have to do.” She said, her hands reaching behind him and pulling him into her.

“Of course, when I’m not keeping you busy, you can still visit your mother, and fuck her as well. I’m not the jealous type as long as I get what I want.” She said, her legs coming up to lock around his waist.

Ian looked at her wide eyed, as his cock sunk fully into her pussy making her gasp. She chuckled, her hand reaching up to brush my cheek as her hips began to gyrate slowly, the muscles contracting around his cock.

“Oh darling, if you didn’t want people to know you were fucking your mother you shouldn’t have done it at the inn.” She said, shuddering as her hips began twisting faster, her pussy clamping onto my cock with a death grip.

Ian’s cock took over, forcing him to thrust into her with everything he had. He told himself he was trying to punish her, but deep down he knew what he was trying to do, and so did she as she writhed and twisted, matching his thrusts with thrusts of her own.

“Of course, I can’t say as I blame her for wanting such a wonderful cock.” She said, her fingers digging into his back.

“I, ugh, fuck, I think…” she said, her eyes opening wider as his cock throbbed, pulsing and growing.

Ian didn’t let up, telling himself to just get it over with, but he knew that wasn’t the reason. He grabbed at her legs, pulling them higher as he began to really hammer into her, his hips slamming against her’s so hard she let out a squeal.

As his need built so did his anger, anger at what he was doing, anger at her, anger at the whole situation. He pushed her legs up even further until her knees were nearly touching her chest as he pounded into her, his cock throbbing angrily. Her smile slowly changed as he felt her legs beginning to shake.

“Ugh, oh fuck! Yes, oh!!” she cried out, her whole body starting to shake.

Ian slammed fully into her as her legs pressed back against him. She struggled against him, trying to straighten her legs as she thrust her hips upward, grinding her pussy against his pelvis. Ian could feel the muscles of her cunt contracting, gripping at his cock as she cried out in pleasure.

Ian slowed his thrusts until she finally relaxed, her muscles no longer forcing her legs against his grip. She looked into his eyes, and he saw her lips tremble. He sat up, at first thinking he would just get up and walk away, but she had other ideas. She moved her legs, lifting them and twisting around as she got on her knees in front of him.

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