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Blackmailing My Mother

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I have been having a sexual relationship with my mother for the last 4 years now. My mother is slim, with firm 38DD breasts and an ass you just cannot take your hands off. She wears only sarees with silk sleeveless blouses which show a lot of creamy cleavage, and through which, if you see closely, you can see her nipples protruding.

It all started when I caught my mother getting fucked by my uncle. He was around 35 yrs old, a family friend and I used to call him uncle because he was like a brother to my mother, or so I thought. I used to call him Jay Uncle.

One day, I had come from school early, and since I had my own key, entered the house. I was about to enter the kitchen when I heard some voices, one pleading and the other authorities. The pleading voice belonged to my mother and the other voice belonged to Jay uncle. Something was fishy about the way they were talking so I hid in the bathroom and waited out there where I could hear and see both of them clearly. My mother was saying, “Jay, I really need some money as I lost rs.10,000 in a bet with my friend, and it is imperative that my family doesn’t find out.”

“How much do you need?” asked Jay Uncle. “Around rs.15,000,” said my mom. “But I will not be able to repay you for a year.”

On hearing this , Jay uncle replied, “See, I can lend you the money, but if you want me to keep my mouth shut, you shall Başakşehir Escort have to pay me.”

“Pay you with what? I don’t have any money. If I had, I wouldn’t be asking you for a loan.” replied my mother.

“Oh, I don’t want money” said Jay Uncle.

“Then what do you want?” asked my mother.

On hearing this, he put his hand on my mother’s face, slid it down to her shoulders and then suddenly slipped it down to her blouse and gave her left breast a firm squeeze. “I want this.” said Jay.

On hearing this, my mother got angry and asked him to get out. To which he replied, “Think about it, there is no one who will lend you money and keep his mouth shut. You don’t have any other choice, Unless of course, you want your husband to find out.”

Tears came to my mother’s eyes as she realized that she really did not have any other choice. “All right, what do you want?” asked my mother. “I want to own your body for the next one year” he said. “Okay, but my husband and my son should never find out.” He gave her the money, and waited till she kept the money in the safe and came back.

When she came close to him, he caught hold of her hand and pulled her close to him. “Sit on my lap and face me.” said Jay uncle. My penis started twitching as I saw my mother’s perfect buttocks being placed on his lap. He held her face with both Başakşehir Escort Bayan hands and kissed her mouth. Then he slid her pallu down to her waist to reveal her firm melons in her blouse. He ran a hand over my mother’s breasts and thoroughly squeezed her boobs. He then started kissing her neck and went down to her cleavage licking at her creamy and delicious cleavage.

Then he started unbuttoning her blouse. he removed my mom’s blouse and finally revealed to me her firm breasts in her lacy half-cut brassiere. He removed her bra and exposed her full, firm milky breasts with dark brown nipples. He started sucking on them vigorously. Then he took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I followed them to the bedroom hoping to see more action, but unfortunately, the door was closed and I couldn’t get through without them knowing it.

The next day, my mother was wearing a green silk sari with a low cut silk sleeveless blouse, a blouse in which I had jacked off hundreds of times. I was sitting at the dining table and she was serving me. That time, my dad had gone for a trip and was not expected for around 3 months. From across the table, she bent to serve me, giving me an excellent view of her creamy cleavage. Seeing that, I got really hard. After dinner, me and my mom were sitting on the sofa watching T.V., when we got talking.

While Escort Başakşehir we were talking, I casually put my hands on her melons and squeezed them. On seeing this, she slapped me and said, “You little bastard, what the fuck do you think you were doing?”

I slapped her back and said, “Shut up you slut, I know all about you and Jay uncle.”

On hearing this she was shocked and then slowly started crying. I said, “I want your body mom, and if you don’t want me to tell dad, you will have to bear with anything I do to you.”

Saying this, I put my hands on her breasts again and fondled them. She said, “Okay, we’ll do anything you say, but we cannot have sex. I’m your mother, for god’s sake!” Getting what I wanted, I quickly agreed.

I removed the pallu of her blouse and made her sit next to me. I started fondling her breasts through her blouse and then started unbuttoning it. I removed her blouse totally. Then I saw my mother in her bra, with her breasts straining to get out. I then removed her bra and then started sucking on my mother’s nipples. After sucking her breasts for what seemed like ages, I took hold of her head and pressed her mouth to my hard dick. I made her remove my jeans and rammed my dick into her deliciously soft mouth. After a few strokes, I was so horny that I came in her mouth and forced her to swallow my cum.

After that incident, I was very free with my mother’s breasts. Everyday after school, I used to go home, remove my mother’s blouse and suck and squeeze her breasts. Even while serving food, I used to just reach over under my mother’s pallu and lift up her blouse and start sucking on her breasts.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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