Blackmail Tarts: Arse Fucked 3some

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Summary: Natalie loses her anal virginity during her first dp.

Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert, Scott and Wayne for editing.

Note: This is part two of a wild kinky hen gone astray.

In part 1, Airline Debauchery, Natalie was surprised to learn her hen (bachelorette party in England) was starting early as her aggressive maid-of-honour Laura announced that she was taking her to Amsterdam. Laura made her dress like a slut at the airport, treating her like her lesbian pet. This led to them being given first class seats and Laura making Natalie’s lesbian fantasy come true. Then… an ex-student (Sophia) saunters in from coach… she’s now a stewardess… revealing she had arranged the first class seats and had just filmed their lesbian tryst. She blackmails the two teachers into being her obedient pets. The submissive Natalie serves Sophia, while the usually dominant Laura is forced to eat her first pussy and then be double penetrated in the cockpit by two male pilots.

The girls eventually return to their seats dishevelled, bewildered and satisfied… both excited and worried what the devious ex-student has planned for them the rest of the weekend in Amsterdam.

And now… what happens next….


As we were landing, the pilots’ cum now all dried on my face, Sophia asked which hotel we were staying at.

She laughed as she heard the answer, “That’s just got to be fate.”

“What is?” I asked.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Sophia said ominously.

As we got off the plane, nobody seemed to notice the two loads on my face, as they were all staring at my slutty outfit, which I later learned wasn’t really slutty for Amsterdam. Laura did take a picture of me in my outfit, the cum on my face not really noticeable anymore… although I noticed a slight gleam in the photo… and my hair and make-up was disheveled enough to make anyone who was really paying attention realize the truth.

Laura posted it with the words: And the hen starts.

The first response was from my fianc├ę George: I expect you to keep that outfit for home!

Hayley responded: I see you two couldn’t wait for us. See you tomorrow!

Vicky joked: Natalie, you look ten years younger.

My mom responded: Oh my God! What are you wearing?

Sarah said: And the hen is underway. I’m choosing your outfit tomorrow.

Another dozen responses from friends and family quickly followed. As well as one from my secondary school best friend Kelsey who asked: You sure you’re not going to a costume party in that outfit?

We got to the hotel exhausted, and were surprised to discover our hotel room had been upgraded too. We had a large room with a king-sized bed and a Jacuzzi.

Laura suggested, “Well, it seems our dominant ex-student has some connections.”

I laughed, “Would you ever have predicted Sophia would become a dominant lesbian?”

Laura shook her head no, “Not in a million years.”

“That kind of got out of hand,” I said, no longer horny and now very concerned about the consequences of our actions.

“Yes my arse tells me that,” she joked, as she began getting undressed.

“You looked like you were loving it,” I pointed out.

“Wish those pilots’ dangly bits were bigger,” she shrugged. “If I was going to cheat on my man at least it should have been with some porn size knobs.”

“You at least got shagged in a cockpit,” I added.

“True, that alone made it hot,” she nodded, now only in thigh highs. “As did you getting involved. You realise that we’re now members of the Mile High Club? Now get undressed.”

I began to, as I asked, “Are you worried about being outed?”

“No,” she said, “a girl like Sophia knows that if she wants to keep up these twisted passenger seductions, discretion must be critical. She’s bonkers, but she’s not stupid.”

“You think she does this often?” I asked, now only in my thigh highs, Laura naked.

“Definitely,” she nodded. “The rest of the flight crew were totally on board with everything, and not surprised in the least. Come join me in the Jacuzzi.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded, sliding my nylons off my legs.

“It’s Mistress, slut,” she scolded.

“Sorry… yes, Mistress,” I corrected, deciding to continue to enjoy the sexual hierarchy she had created.

In the Jacuzzi, she said, “I had some pretty fun plans for the weekend. But now I’m not sure what Sophia has in mind. We may have to play it by ear and snatch each other’s snatches when we can.”

“Maybe she’s done with us,” I said, part of me hoping that was true… yet another part of me hoping it wasn’t.

“No, a girl like that will thoroughly enjoy dominating her former teachers, reversing the power hierarchy,” Laura concluded. “We haven’t seen the last of her.”

“You’re likely right,” I said, Laura usually being right.

“Did you enjoy being my pet before the shit hit the fan?” kocaeli escort she asked, as I tried not to focus on staring at her huge tits… which I wanted to cup… suck on… worship.

I nodded, moving my gaze from her eyes to her tits to her eyes, “As crazy as it sounds, yes.”

“Not crazy at all. You’re obviously a submissive and bi-curious, and I wanted to make sure you got to explore that side before you settled down to married life,” she said.

Suddenly concerned this was no more than a weekend of sowing my slut oats, I asked, “This isn’t just a one weekend thing is it?”

She gave me a smile as big as Australia and said, “Not if you don’t want it to be.”

“I definitely don’t want it to be,” I said clearly, again my eyes going to her huge headlights… as if driving head on into a car racing towards me.

“And you really want to play with my jubblies, don’t you?” she asked, noticing my inability to stop staring.

“They’re just so big,” I said, giving up the fight and just unabashedly ogling.

“Well come and play, my pet,” she offered.

I moved to her, sat beside her as she turned towards me, and I reached out and cupped both her breasts in my hands. “Holy shit are they heavy!” I gasped in awe.

“Tell me about it; they’re real backbreakers,” she nodded.

“I can’t fathom how you walk around with these,” I said, as I bounced them up and down as if I were a toddler playing with a stuffed toy for the first time.

“It’s why I prefer to be on my back,” she joked.

“With a submissive slut lapping between your legs?” I asked playfully as I leaned forward and took a very hard, stiff nipple into my mouth.

“Of course,” she laughed and moaned at the same time. She added, “and for a gym teacher, that is some good foreshadowing.”

I swirled my tongue around her nipple, then sucked it between my lips, before I responded, “I’m just helping with the rising action,” having been forced to teach English before. “I assume you’re in favour of a crescendo.”

“Yep! I’m expecting a big climactic finish,” she agreed, moving my head to her other nipple.

“I’m not sure I want any ending resolution,” I quipped, before adding, “Instead, I’m hoping for many sequels.”

“But sequels are never as good as the original,” she pointed out.

As I sucked on her big nipple, I countered, “Toy Story 3. The Empire Strikes Back.”

“True enough,” she moaned.

And then there was silence for a couple of minutes except for the sounds of the Jacuzzi, the sucking sounds from me on her nipples, and her continual moans.

“Time for you to suck on something else,” Laura said, as she stood up and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

I asked, “Is the something else this sweet quim?” I asked playfully, as I moved between her legs without instruction.

“Indeed it is,” she nodded, as I buried my face in her axe wound.

I was actually slightly disappointed at the lack of any taste, since the Jacuzzi had washed away her slit secretions. Yet, now that her cunnie was out of the water, I hoped that I would get the full sweetness when she came.

“God, why haven’t we been doing this forever?” she asked.

“Because you didn’t take control of me,” I answered, knowing that I would drop to my knees and bury my face in her cunt any time she ordered me to, married or not.

“I won’t make that mistake again,” she said, as I slid a finger inside her and began finger fucking her.

“You better not,” I responded, as I began to flick her clit.

“Only one finger?” she questioned.

“What? Do you want the entire fist?” I joked, as I looked up at her, adding a second finger.

“Go big or go home,” she smiled down at me.

“Fist it is,” I said, as I added a third finger and then gradually ‘rising my action’ until I made my fist disappear inside her pink perfection for the second time today.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “I can’t believe how much I love this.”

“Getting fist fucked by your best friend?” I asked, as I bent down and resumed flicking her clit while beginning to slowly move my wrist in and out of her suddenly excessively wet pussy.

“It feels so intense,” she whimpered, leaning back and closing her eyes as her breathing increased.

I rapidly pumped my fist in and out of her while simultaneously sucking her bean into my mouth.

In under a minute she was breathing very heavily as she babbled, “Oh fuck, yes, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

She came hard… again… as I pulled my fist out and dove face first into her flooding cunt, wanting to get as much of her cum as I possibly could. Sure enough, her delicious taste was back, and I went for the gusto!

I kept licking until she pushed me away. “I got to pee.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that,” I joked.

She smiled as stood up, “Hmmmmm.”

“Hmmmmm, what?” I questioned.

“Nothing,” she shrugged, even though it was anything but nothing. She then ordered. “Get over on the bed, I have one last gift for you.”

“I hope it’s an orgasm,” I said, super horny from the breast kocaeli escort bayan play, the slash licking, fist fucking and cum I’d just eagerly lapped up.

“Perhaps,” she shrugged, as she went to the washroom.

I remained in the Jacuzzi and relaxed for a moment, allowing a jet stream to spray my minge, getting me even more stimulated.

When Laura returned she ordered, “Get over here.”

Oops! I was still in the Jacuzzi. “Yes, Mistress,” I replied, returning to full submissive mode.

I got out and saw Laura putting on a strap-on cock.

“Ooooh, it is an orgasm,” I said excitedly, skipping over to the king-sized bed while drying off.

“Hopefully multiple,” she said, before adding, “but that isn’t the surprise.”

“It isn’t?” I asked, now surprised that the surprise wasn’t the surprise.

“I can’t be the only bint double penetrated today,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Who else is coming?” I asked, suddenly nervous. Committing lesbian acts seemed not to be cheating to me, getting two facials wasn’t really cheating, but getting fucked by another guy would be.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

My eyes went wide.

“Go answer it,” she ordered.

I reached for the towel I’d just dropped on the floor.

“Starkers,” she clarified.

“But I….” I began to protest, but was cut off.

“Are you disobeying me?” she questioned, her tone suddenly showing fierce teeth… using her teacher voice against her disobedient student.

“No, Mistress,” I replied, excited at being completely at her whim… but equally nervous.

I walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

I gasped.

It was Kelsey.

Kelsey, my secondary school best friend.

Kelsey, who’d said she couldn’t make the hen because of work.

Kelsey who was my first lesbian fantasy back in secondary school… although back then my fantasies were much tamer….

“I see you started without me,” Kelsey said, not at all fazed by Laura’s and my nudity, but giving me a quick buss on the cheek and unconcernedly walking past me into the room.

“Kelsey,” was all I could say, shocked she was walking into the hotel room. Shocked she was apparently my second knob.

“Get over here, tart,” Laura ordered.

‘Yes, Mistress,’ I was about to say when Kelsey said it instead, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Mistress?” I asked, not unconcernedly doing anything… I was floored!

“You said I should get her to do my taxes,” Laura shrugged, as Kelsey dropped to her knees in front of her. “She was pretty good at that, so I also had her do my quim.”

“You’re a lesbian, Kelsey?” I asked.

“Are you a lesbian?” Kelsey boomeranged the question.

“I don’t know,” I answered.

“I’m bi, like you,” Kelsey said, which I guess made sense since she was married and all.

“Get this knob ready for our weekend slut,” Laura ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kelsey responded, before taking the strap-on cock in her mouth.

Laura asked, “Like your surprise?”

“I’m speechless,” I answered.

“No you’re not,” she teased, “you’re talking.”

“Fine,” I laughed, “I’m shocked.”

“That seems more logical,” she nodded. “By the way, Kelsey is a switch.”

“Really?” I asked, knowing what a switch was because of my online erotica readings, but unable to fathom my best friend from school being one.

“Yeah, she loves seducing straight women, but also knows her place in front of a dominant goddess like moi,” Laura explained, as Kelsey bobbed on that cock expertly.

“This just keeps getting crazier,” I said, watching another ‘rising action’ moment of this wild day.

“Kelsey, put on your strap-on,” Laurie ordered.

“Are we going to double team her?” Kelsey asked, looking at me with a wicked smile.

“We are,” Laura affirmed.

“How long have you been Laura’s piece?” I asked, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

“The lake last summer,” she answered, as she pulled her dress over her head to reveal she wasn’t wearing a bra or knickers… and was suddenly fully displayed in thigh highs and nothing else.

“For my birthday?” I asked.

“Yeah, I got the best present though,” Kelsey smiled, as she went to her duffle bag.

“We thought about adding you then,” Laura admitted, “but George was always hovering around you like a guard dog.”

“Well he sure isn’t here now,” I said, wanting to make up for lost time… annoyed it had been almost a year that I could have been experiencing all this wicked girl-on-girl fun.

“Only fake Johnsons today,” Kelsey said.

“And ripe twats,” Laura added.

“Well, of course, and that,” Kelsey agreed, as she strapped on the strap-on… one that was long and thick, unlike Laura’s thinner one.

Once done, Laura ordered, “Go lie down, Kels.”

I waited for the fireworks. I had never made that mistake myself, but I’d been a witness first-hand, as many people learned the hard way that no one was allowed to call Kelsey, Kels… absolutely izmit s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort no one. Yet, she simply obeyed, walking to the bed and then lying down on it… her eight inch John Thomas standing straight up.

“Go ride that cock, bride-to-be,” Laura ordered.

And as I walked over to obey, to ride a big cock strapped to my secondary school best friend, I couldn’t help but wonder how different all those sleepovers could have been if we’d known then what we knew now.

I got on the bed, straddled the cock and said, saying what I was thinking, “Man, our senior year could have been a lot more fun.”

“Okay, at the moment I guess you can call me a man; fair enough. And now we can make up for lost time,” Kelsey replied with a smile as I lowered myself on the thick cock, hers much thicker than George’s.

“Take it all, slut,” Laura ordered, watching from the side of the bed.

“That’s the plan,” I responded, as the thick cock spread my pussy lips wide.

Once it was all inside me and I was completely full, Laura ordered, “Now ride her.”

And I did… bouncing on that big cock, taking it as deep as I possibly could… which instantly had my pussy on fire and my orgasm rising quickly.

After a couple of minutes, when I was getting tired already, I watched Laura pour lube on her slim, long cock and say, “Time to take that virgin arse.”

“Be gentle,” I requested, excited and nervous at the same time. I had researched back passage sex and learned that although it could be pleasurable (even more so for men because of their prostate), the pleasure was usually preceded by some potentially intense pain.

“I won’t ream that arse of yours until you beg me to,” Laura reassured, as she moved behind me.

“Okay,” I nodded, not imagining I would be begging to have my arse reamed, but Laura sure had done so in the cockpit and I was fucking horny.

She poured more lube on my arse and used a finger to push some lube in my balloon knot.

“Oh man you really are an arse virgin,” Laura chuckled as her finger slipped inside my bum.

“You’re the first finger ever,” I responded, just a slight pain hitting me… but not too uncomfortable.

“The second finger too,” she responded, as I felt my ass widened and a sharper pain coursing through me.

“That too,” I whimpered, as her fingers slowly penetrated me.

“She’s gaping you,” Kelsey explained, before pulling me down and kissing me… which was a wonderful distraction. Like I said, I hadn’t dreamed big way back in secondary school, but I’d dreamed endlessly of snogging my bestie.

The kiss was soft and sweet which was a complete contrast to the two fingers wiggling in my arse.

And for a couple of minutes, I intimately kissed my schoolgirl best friend, while my current best friend finger fucked my asshole.

It was so hot and so weird.

Laura finally announced, “Time to bugger the tart.”

As I broke the kiss, I joked, “That sounds like the title for a porn story written by H.G. Wells.”

Kelsey agreed, “And the film starring Natalie Sharp.”

“And friends,” Laura added.

I corrected, as I felt the cock rubbing between my bum cleavage, “No, and Mistresses.”

“True enough,” Laura agreed, as I felt her position her cock at my gaping ring piece.

“Ready to be double penetrated, you sexy tart?” Kelsey asked, not waiting for an answer to her question as she pulled my head back to her and resumed kissing me.

“I’ll take her silence as a yes,” Laura said, as she began pushing her cock downwards. After a brief pause, a final protest from my bum, my anal virginity was history as the cock slowly soldiered its way through my wavering defences.

“Oooooooh,” I moaned into Kelsey’s mouth as a new pain hit me sharply, my arse now widened unnaturally by Laura’s cock, which was far thicker than her two fingers.

Kelsey grabbed my head and held me pressed against her, trying to distract me from the pain with the sweet softness of a kiss.

The intimacy was powerful, somehow creating a fire inside me that consumed the pain that was burning in my arse as the cock continued its invasion.

“Almost all in,” Laura announced.

I couldn’t believe it could go any deeper inside me, yet it kept pressing on… into no man’s land… unless the man had a horse cock like a porn star.

Kelsey’s tongue explored mine and I explored hers, trying to focus on the kiss.

And as the pain lingered… but now not enough to really hurt… the passion in the kiss took control until Laura declared, “All in.”

Kelsey broke the kiss and said, “Now you’re an arse slut like me.”

“And me,” Laura added.

“You?” Kelsey queried.

“Yep. On the flight here… I’ll tell you the whole story later,” returned Laura.

“The three arse-keteers,” I joked.

“All for one and one for all,” Kelsey quoted my favourite Dumas book. Although The Count of Monte Cristo was also pretty amazing.

“All in one and one to fuck,” Laura added, not really flowing well, but hey, some of us are more like dumb-ass writers than Dumas ones.

“Are you going to fuck my arse or what?” I asked, turning around to look at her.

“Definitely not what,” Laura answered oddly, as her hands moved to my hips and she began slowly fucking me.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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