Black Slave Woman Ch. 02

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Hey, there. My name is Veronique Anglin. A six-foot-one, heavyset and dark-skinned young Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I am a patrol officer for the Brockton City Police Department. I’ve been working for the local police precinct ever since I graduated from the Boston Metropolitan Police Academy. Prior to that, I spent four years at UMass-Boston earning myself a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I absolutely love my day job. By night, I am the passionate and very willing Black female slave of Master Dave and Mistress Sarah Peterson. He owns me and I am absolutely thrilled about it. For I am a naturally submissive Black woman in dire need of White male and White female domination.

Right now, I’m on all fours and I am obediently licking the boots of Mistress Sarah Peterson, my owner. She’s a tall, beautiful young woman with alabaster skin, long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Mistress Sarah sits on a high chair in the plush living room, completely naked with the exception of her boots. In her right hand, she holds a riding crop. In her left hand, she holds a long Black leash attached to a collar around my neck. For I am her sexy Black female slave, and I simply cannot do without my collar. Mistress Sarah is very demanding, but I love worshiping at her altar. For she is the dominant White mistress who brings order into the chaotic life of this Black woman.

Master Dave Peterson is currently away at the office. He’s a big-city tax attorney working in Boston. Mistress Sarah used to be one of his co-workers until they fell in love and got hitched. Now she’s a housewife whose main functions include shopping, going to clubs, and bossing her favorite Black woman around the mansion she shares with her husband. I am so blessed she sees fit to spend so much time with me. Yes, I am lucky indeed.

When I first met Master Dave and Mistress Sarah, I was just another sassy Black woman in the big city. I had a major chip on my shoulder and a rather loud mouth. Yeah, I had a mean streak the length of the Charles River. Fortunately, Master Dave and Mistress Sarah cured me of my ailments. It took a long time, but this charming White couple eventually removed the sass from this Black woman. I am now docile and pliant. The way I would be if I hadn’t been corrupted by pop culture and the media’s negative image of what a Black woman should be. I am a submissive Black female who embraces her role. I worship at the feet of the dominant but benevolent White man and his sexy White ankarada yeni escortlar woman.

After I got done licking the White mistress boots, Mistress Sarah spread her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy. I simply did as I was told, and breathed in the smell of Mistress Sarah’s extremely arousing velvety wetness. I spread her pussy lips and went muff diving. Mistress Sarah grabbed the back of my neck and urged me to lick her…slowly. Tugging on my leash, Mistress reminds me who’s in charge. Obediently, I start licking her pussy. I gently bit her clitoris and slid first one then two fingers into her snatch. Mistress Sarah moaned in approval, and gently ran her hands through my long braided hair.

As I lick Mistress Sarah Peterson’s delicious pussy, I remember an earlier time when she and Master Dave spent a long time breaking me in. I did not go quietly into the night, as they say. No, I was once a Black woman with a lot of sass before they broke me in and taught me my proper place in the grand scheme of things. They brought me into the house as a guest one night, and spent the evening bossing me around. I had quite a mouth on me back then and didn’t take kindly to it. So the Master and Mistress beat the sass out of me. I put up quite a fight but they subdued me before chaining me up and victoriously fastening a slave’s collar around my neck.

By the end of that first evening, I was on all fours, licking Mistress Sarah’s hairy White pussy while Master Dave slammed his big White dick into my asshole. I had never had a dick in my asshole before and it hurt while Master Dave rammed his cock up my bum. He kept berating me as he filled my asshole with his cock. He told me he always fantasized about butt-fucking a big and dark-skinned Black woman like myself. Especially big Black women with huge round buttocks. After a while, I was resigned to my fate and the feel of my Master’s White dick spreading my plump Black ass before going up my asshole was something I came to enjoy. I even became addicted to licking White pussy and sucking White cock. This was the completion of my training as a slave.

Sometimes, Master Dave and Mistress Sarah invited some White male and White female friends of theirs to enjoy my services. Some of them were really rough on me. They thought they were hurting me but they really got no idea how much I enjoyed it. One of them was a tall, red-haired and green-eyed Irish guy named Thomas O’Shay. He insisted that I call him Massa. I was more than okay with bayan escort ankara that. Thomas made me get on my knees and he thrust his cock into my mouth. I obediently sucked his long and thick White cock and licked his balls. All the while, he kept fingering my pussy. Afterwards, he put his cock into my well-lubricated asshole. It hurt so much and felt so good at the same time. I am a Black woman who loves having White cock up my asshole and if loving it is wrong then I don’t want to be right. Thomas fucked my ass until he came. Then he made me suck his cock, right after it had been up my ass. I absolutely loved it.

Other times, Mistress Sarah and Master Dave brought some other slaves for me to play with. Apparently, I wasn’t the only Black person with an interracial domination fetish. A tall white man named Eric Anderson came to the Peterson household with his slave, a tall and beautifully heavyset Black woman named Jade Brown. Apparently, she was his wife and very willing slave. We had a lot of fun together. While the White folks watched, Jade Brown and I wrestled in oil. Way down in the Peterson basement. Two big Black women wrestling naked in a tub of oil. It really turned on the assembled white men and white women of our audience.

Jade Brown was a former college wrestler with a lot of experience but I overcame her. As a result of my winning, I got to fuck her in the ass with a strap-on dildo while the white audience watched. I put Jade on all fours, spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and shoved my dildo up her ass. The big Black woman howled as I mercilessly fucked her. Truth be told, I resented her. The Peterson household was my territory. I didn’t want another Black female slave around. If she proved more entertaining to them, they might keep her and let me go. And I really didn’t want that to happen. So I fucked her hard until she cried. The audience clapped as I emerged the victor of our little contest. Yeah!

Afterwards, Jade Brown and I got fucked side by side by Master Dave Peterson and Master Eric Anderson while Mistress Sarah Peterson filmed the whole thing with her video camera. Master Dave put Jade on all fours and shoved his dick up her asshole while tugging on her leash. Master Eric Anderson had a go with my ass. He told me he’d gotten tired of fucking his wife’s ass and wanted to try a different Black slave woman’s asshole for a change. Folks, I’m happy to say he didn’t regret fucking mine. Sliding his cock into my asshole, Master Eric Anderson began pounding escort bayan ankara my ass like butt fucking was going out of style. I backed my big Black ass up, grinding it against him and driving his cock deeper into me. His cock was bigger than Master Dave’s dick and I loved having it in my asshole. He fucked me until he came, then ordered me to suck the cum out of his cock, right after it went up my ass. I obediently sucked his cock clean. He patted my head, and told me I was his new favorite.

Meanwhile, Master Dave wasn’t having so much fun with Jade Brown. The big Black female wrestler had a huge butt but a really tight asshole. Master Dave had plenty of lube but fucking her was neither easy nor pleasant. He fucked her until he came, with her whining the whole time. He just about gave up on her afterwards. Mistress Sarah comforted her husband, telling him that she’d be glad to help train Jade Brown. Master Eric Anderson was more than okay with that. He thought Jade Brown could use some training too. She would spend a few weeks with the Petersons while I stayed at his house. I was okay with that!

That night, I moved in with Master Eric Anderson. He lived in a nice house in South Boston. He was a really kind and generous Master too. Really gentle, polite and friendly. He didn’t believe in brute force. He treated me kindly. I fell in love with my Master. Every night, when he came home, he found me with a very eager mouth, pussy and asshole waiting for him. I loved having his cock up my ass. And he loved my sexiness and enthusiasm. We had a wonderful few weeks together. So much that he reworked the arrangement with Master Dave and Mistress Sarah Peterson. He divorced his wife Jade Brown, and gave her to them. He kept me, and we got engaged. I love Eric Anderson but sometimes he’s too nice to be a true Master. So I endeavored to train him.

And train him I did. I wanted him to become a cruel and domineering Master who would put me back in my place. It didn’t come natural to him. He’s a nice guy. But I could work with that. I nagged him to buy me a collar, and some steel bindings for my hands and feet. He was really reluctant. So I made him do it. Now, he’s gotten the hang of it. When he comes home to me at night, he grabs me by the scruff of my neck, tugs on my slave’s collar and shoves his white cock into my mouth. And I absolutely love it. Sometimes, he grabs me and simply shoves me on my hands and knees before slamming his cock into my ass. Looks like this Black slave woman has found herself a brand new Master. He’s manly. He’s demanding. He’s tough. The way all women secretly wish their men were. And I loved him for it. I am happy to be a Black slave woman. An absolute submissive. Haven’t you figured out by now that the submissive is the one in control?

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