Black Man’s Paradise

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My name is Bernard Brown and I am a big and tall black guy. A lot of people think that if you are a big guy, then your life is miserable and lonely and you don’t get any fun. That’s so lame, seriously! When you describe a miserable person with self-esteem issues who hates themselves and doesn’t want to enjoy life, you’re not talking about a big man or a big woman. You’re talking about a loser. Losers come in both sexes and all sizes. Big men and big women are not more likely than skinny folks to have self-esteem issues. It’s all about how you look at life. Deal with it!

I originally came from a small town called Hicks, Ohio. It’s one of those very small towns where everybody knew everybody. I hated it. I was always a good student and when high school ended, I won myself an academic scholarship to New York University. It’s the big city, very different from a small town and I must say that I love it. I moved into the dorms. My roommate is James O’Shea, a tall, lean Irishman who got nicknamed Red James because he’s got red hair. He’s pretty cool. So far, I like campus and I like my classes.

I’m studying Criminal Justice because I want to become a police officer. My father is a cop in our hometown, and my mother was a cop, then she turned to teaching. Oh, well. Campus life is fun. I’ve made many friends. The good thing about this campus is that there is a fair number of black people. Growing up in Ohio, I didn’t see a lot of black people. I was one of forty black students in a high school with a student population of three hundred. See what I mean?

I sometimes hang out with James, and his best friend Theodore Norris. Theodore is a slim and muscular, brown-skinned young man from Chicago. He’s a really shy guy, and he’s also gay, though he keeps it to himself. I think he’s got a crush on James but he hasn’t told him. Indeed, Theodore looks every bit like the smart nerd he is supposed to be. He’s an engineering major. I don’t know why he hangs out with James. They’re so different. Anyway, there is a reason why I brought up James.

Theo erzurum escort played an important part in my sexual development. You see, I left Ohio as a virgin. I wanted badly to experiment in the city. I’ve already tried smoking pot and drinking. I’ve also watched porn after buying large quantities of it. Yet I’ve never had sex. Still, everyone has a sexual identity and I would rate myself as ninety nine percent straight. I did have a brief experience with another young man back home but it wasn’t satisfactory. I’ve also kissed women, made out with them and gotten as far as heavy petting but I have yet to go all the way with anyone. I checked out women more often than I checked out men, though I found both attractive at times. See? I was a frustrated young man. Theo helped me out.

Theo noticed me checking out both men and women in spite of my effort to hide it. He offered to help me out. So, we went back to my dorm, locked the door and got busy. Theo got me naked and then gave me the best damn blowjob ever. The guy could suck dick, man! He sucked me off until I came. Hell, I probably came three times that day. From that moment on, my world was changed. For eighteen years, I had gone without sex. Now, I had an outlet for my frustration. I wasn’t going to let it go. Theo and I became fuck buddies.

We worked out an arrangement. Theo would come visit me and he’d suck me off whenever we got the chance. You won’t believe how much this relieved the stress of my college days. Theo told me that he was secretly sleeping with James. I was surprised. James was the good-looking Irishman. The one all the females wanted. Was James queer? Oh, well. There are more people in the closet than I thought. Theo told me that James was dating a fine-looking Latin bombshell named Juanita Santiago. I knew who Miss Santiago was. A sexy bitch with an athletic body and a perfect booty. All the guys wanted a piece of her action. James was tapping her fine ass and he was fucking Theo the queer black man at the same time? Man, this escort erzurum dude was a player!

Well, three months after starting college, I could say that I was very happy with the way things were. Theo was great. We’d jump into the shower together and man, we’d have fun. He’d suck my cock and get me hard as steel, then I would bend him over and fuck him. He loved every minute of it. Theo had a big cock too and once, I got curious and decided to go for a ride. I made him swear that this would stay between us. Theo agreed, and we got busy.

The thing I discovered about anal sex is that you need lots of patience, and lube. Theo walked me through it. We got into the shower and cleaned ourselves up, then he prepped me up for the action. He licked me, and fingered my asshole after lubing me up. After much finger action, it was time for the main event. I felt vaguely nervous when I saw Theo’s cock. I was around eight inches and this dude was much bigger. I assumed the position, and took what was coming to me.

Theo entered me. He was very gentle and patient about it. It hurt a little bit, but not as much as I thought it would. The first inch was the worst, though I’m not saying the rest were a breeze. Theo thrust into me. It hurt still but I got quickly used to it. I relaxed, and enjoyed. After a while, I was pushing back against him, craving more. It felt good, I tell you. Really, really good. I came several times, as did Theo. It was a very good experience. I’ve got no regrets.

After this experience, I saw Theo in a new light. Our relationship was still mostly about sex but I didn’t see him as only a fuck buddy anymore. We hung out and went to movies together. It was a lot like dating. For the most part, I am happy with it. Theo once told me that he stopped sleeping with James and wanted to be with me exclusively. You know what? Although I didn’t see it coming, it didn’t phase me a bit. I was quite happy about it. Theo was the first for me, in many ways.

I discovered that there was a lot erzurum escort bayan more about him than I knew. In high school, Theo was actually an athlete. He ran track and he was also a wrestler. He showed me pictures of him winning the regional championship in his weight class. He’d faced off against the toughest young wrestlers, both male and female, and actually won. He only quit wrestling after his teammates rejected him when it was discovered that he was gay.

I looked at Theo after he told me this story. I felt so sad. I’ve dated young women every now and then. My parents never had any reason to suspect that I was anything other than straight. I’ve always been very outgoing and fun. I was a wrestler too. No, I didn’t wrestle for the school. Me and some guys I knew had a backyard wrestling gang. It was a lot of fun. In many ways, I led a mainstream life. Theo had been shoved out of the closet by homophobic teammates. His own friends rejected him. His parents also rejected him. That’s why he left Chicago and came to New York on an academic scholarship. He wanted to make a new life for himself. After he told me this story, I did something I never thought that I would do. I kissed him. Yes, I kissed another man. And it was alright.

Theo was surprised by my kiss, but it was a pleasant surprise. Laughing, we jumped on my bed and made love. It was the beginning of some very exciting times for both of us. It’s now been six months since I started college. I maintain a 4.3 GPA. Theo actually has a 4.98 GPA. He’s the best student in his program. Damn, I was in a relationship with a genius. The days are passing, and I like the way my life is. I don’t know what to make of it and I don’t care. I was a black man in a romantic and sexual relationship with another black man. This was all so new to me.

I also didn’t know what to call myself. I liked women and openly checked out fine-looking females of all races. Like every other young black man that I knew. Yet I was in love with Theo, and I found his wiry, muscular body to be quite hot and sexy, to tell you the truth. Maybe I truly am bisexual. Wow, if you had told me a year ago that I would accept the label of bisexual black man and live with another man, I would have laughed in your face. Oh, what a life. Life is beautiful. I’m happy to say that no matter where it takes me, Theo will be with me.

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