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Black Eyes

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Black Eyes

By Simon Peter

I dangled my legs down the side of the pool, taking in the scene as the cold water rippled around my thighs making me shiver. It was already mid-September and summer was coming to an end. There was only a couple at the other end of the pool, and one person reclining on a beach chair, taking in the sun. What I first noticed about this guy was his bulging swimming trunks.

I lowered myself gingerly down into the pool. I made a couple of strokes since I wasn’t the best swimmer around. When I leaned against the side of the pool, my arms stretched sideways, the guy with the bulge got up, sauntered to the side of the pool facing me, and executed the most beautiful and graceful dive that I had ever seen. He went in like a knife and emerged a few feet away from me.

“Wow,” I exclaimed as he shook the water off his hair. “That was some dive.”

He nodded in acknowledgment. “What about you? Do you dive?” His deep voice made my whole body shake.

“Me?” My own voice came out sheepish and nerdy. “No. I mean I can barely swim.”

“Really?” His smile showed a set of white teeth, perfectly formed. Two dimples appeared on his face cheeks as he took a couple of steps towards me. His trimmed beard was still dripping and his hair fell over his forehead sexily. It was then that I noticed the eyes.

Black. Dark black. Piercing black. Boring into you. As if they were eager to get to your deepest depth.

“Well,” I said with an embarrassed smile, “I can float on my back, if you can call that swimming.”

He gave me his deep laugh. “Here,” he said as he moved closer. “I will place my hands under you and you can float and move both arms and legs.”

I let myself float aware of the extended arms inched below my body. I started moving my arms and legs as I had seen swimmers do. I sank right into his arms, spluttering and swallowing some pool water. I felt his arms wrapped around my waist. I almost died.

“Easy does it, bro. Try not to panic. You know that I’m here to support you. Just let it happen.” His eyes held me captive.

On the third try, it happened. I floated, moved my arms and legs, awkwardly, but did not sink down into the water, as much as I wanted to, in order to have him hold me in his arms, to feel his muscles, his power.

“I’m Steven, by the way,” he smiled at me as we waded back to the side of the pool and leaned back. I felt the heat of the sun on my face, but, more than that, it was the heat of his body right next to mine that made my skin burn with desire.

“Boudy,” I croaked, and dunked my head into the water to cool down. For a second or so, I opened my eyes under the water and gazed at his crotch. It was enough for me to die for this guy. The water stung and I pulled out rubbing my eyes.

“Hey, Boudy, if you wanna see stuff under the water, you need to wear goggles.”

I nodded, not able to tell this hunk of a guy that I would let my eyes sting for ages just to ogle his wet package, deliciously and invitingly bulged, outlining his dick and balls.

“So,” Steven said with what I detected as a smirk and a boring black-eyed look, “was there something worth seeing below?”

What was that, I asked myself? Had he noticed my gaze? How could he have? But his smirk and his boring eyes told me that he knew that I was looking at his crotch. Was he making a pass? Could I have been so lucky?

“I guess,” I hedged.

“Things look much better above water than below,” he gazed into my eyes meaningfully.

Fuck! That couldn’t have been but a come-on.

“I… I… I guess, depends on what you’re looking at,” I repeated with a stammer, but I couldn’t control my eyes sweeping down his ripped naked chest and the rippling swim trunks under the water.

He laughed. He must have detected my nervousness. How could he have not? My body language was screaming attraction. His lean body, his bulging crotch, his boring black eyes. They were like a magnet drawing me in, and my body was responding.

I raised myself onto the edge of the pool, keeping my legs immersed. Steven did the same. The conversation turned to a regular guy-just-met-guy kind of talk. Getting to know each other. Steven worked as an IT technician. I was finishing my Masters in English and working part-time in a publishing house. Not much in common there. Steven was toned and suave. I was average and nerdy. Steven sported an inviting package. My loose swim shorts screamed geek.

“Want to try some more?” Steven asked after around ten minutes or so of small talk.

“Ok,” and then I quickly added, “only if you’re there to save my life.”

He laughed and gracefully slipped down into the water as opposed to my awkward jump and splatter. görükle escort bayan When I started to sink and felt his arms holding me, I relaxed. Instead of pushing me back up, he kept his arms around my waist and I could feel him press on me, his hands lightly caressing my hips. I looked at his eyes. They told me everything. They said that he liked me, that he yearned to lean down and kiss me, that he needed to press his body on mine, that… I was fucking dreaming.

It was all in my imagination except for the light caress of his hands. That was very real and it sent shock after shock though me.

“You know, Boudy,” Steven said, a bit throatily, I imagined, “What you’d tried to see under the water is available.”

If that wasn’t a come-on, what was? He said this as his arms held me tightly. Slowly he let go and I sank a bit lower only to feel my hip brushing his crotch. He pressed and humped me, the smirk on his face, the intense gaze of the black eyes mesmerizing me, his hand rubbing on one of my nipples. That was enough for me.

“Steven,” I whispered with a moan of feeling his crotch against my hips and his fingers fondling my tit. “Could we take this somewhere more private?”

He nodded, pulled me to the side of the pool and out of the water.

“Let’s walk down to the beach. See those rocks over there? We can go there if you like.”

I looked around and discovered that the outcrop of rocks could very well hide us from whoever was on land.

With weak knees and a beating heart, I followed. His lank body and bubbled butt drawing me in with an incredible force. I knew that there was going to be some kind of sex, which made my own dick grow inside my trunks. I wondered what kind of guy Steven was, sexually. Was he going to go for making out, or would he immediately grab my butt? Or even my crotch? What did I want? Expect? Longed for? What did I really crave?

There had been times when I was very disappointed after experiencing certain attraction to a guy. Would I be disappointed now also?

Steven rounded the rocks and I saw him standing behind an outcrop, almost naked except for his trunks and flip-flops. As I neared, he pulled off his trunks. He stood naked. In front of me. I looked down to see the most beautiful man cock I had ever encountered, and I had encountered quite a few. Erected upwards and straight at a 45-degree angle, the shaft was throbbing and the cut head flared. Initial estimation at 8 inches. My eyes feasted on the man rod, and then moved up the lean stomach, following the hair trail tapering from his thick and curly pubes to the middle of his chest, developing into a thick patch between the nipples.

And then I met his eyes. Those black eyes. Intense. Boring. I had mentioned “boring” but I would change that for “drilling”, pulling me to him, right into his arms, with an incredible force.

Without any hesitation, I went in for an embrace with this hunk of a guy. Our lips met and he sucked on my mouth as our bodies pressed on each other. I couldn’t control my shaking as he devoured my mouth and as his cock prodded my crotch. I hastily pulled down my own trunks and we made out naked and hard and totally immersed in each other. I longed to close my eyes and drift into his embrace, but his black eyes held me glued to them, letting them drill deeper, into the deepness of my soul.

Even though it must have been just a few minutes of slobbering and tonguing and grinding, I felt they were merely seconds. The heat emanating from our bodies was more intense than the summer sun. I was boiling. My hard cock slipped under his balls as his pressed his throbbing hardness against my belly. I felt him tighten his thighs around my dick. I moaned out loud as his lips caressed the side of my neck and as I humped his thighs.

“Fuck, man,” Steven exclaimed, gazing into my eyes with those intense black eyes, “this is so fucking hot. Suck my dick.”

Just like that. It wasn’t a plea, neither was it an order. In a way, under his intense gaze I felt it was a mix of both. Licking down his toned chest and following the hair trail, my lips found his cockhead. I encircled it taking in the silky feeling of the knob and the scent of saltiness mixed with sweat wafting out of his thick pubic hair. I pressed my lips under his ridge and cupped his balls. His groan came out throaty and loud. His hands held my head and he thrust into my throat, planting his feet wide apart and arching his back. The thick shaft slid into my mouth hitting my throat.

I looked up at him as I tried to fight back the gag, opening my lips wider and taking in some air. His knob pressed into my throat as he applied more pressure on my bursa otele gelen escort head, his own head thrown back, his eyes closed, and his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. I played with his fuzzy balls and swallowed more cock shaft. The cock slipped deeper until my lips hit the base. My vibrating throat started to massage his cut knob and my hands moved to his butt, grabbing his cheeks and pulling him deeper so that my nose was buried inside his pubes. I had always thought of myself as an expert cocksucker, since I am able to stretch my lips and open my throat for deep sucking. And this was what I gave Steven.

Suddenly he pulled out and heaved a deep breath.

“Oh, fuck! I almost shot my load, dude,” he said, his face cheeks now burning red in contrast to his black eyes. I stood up and we resumed the making out.

Steven whispered in my ear, “You suck like a pro, bro. Do you take it in any other way?”

I couldn’t but nod. There was no way I would pass an invitation to fuck from a guy like Steven even though his cock was going to split me in half. However, glancing around I realized that this could not be the perfect place for fucking. I had been fucked before, I knew, but the times I was penetrated in an uncomfortable place had been more painful than pleasurable. What with a thick 8-incher?

“Yea, Steve. I do, but maybe we could find somewhere else?”

He kissed me playfully, fisting his wet cock and rubbing his knob on my belly teasingly.

“Let’s go, then. I want that butt of yours, baby.”

As we emerged from behind the rocks, Eric, an acquaintance of mine spotted us. He waved. I waved back.

“You know that guy?” Steven asked as we neared Eric, who was standing near the pool, wearing his usual tight speedos.

One had to give it to Eric. He was never abashed at advertising his merchandize. His speedos, black, stretched against his crotch and his thighs, midway down to his knees. He was an eye candy, that was for sure. But from experience, he was a bitch. I had fucked him once, and even though I had given it all I got, he still complained: I didn’t go deep enough, I didn’t fuck fast enough, I didn’t cum enough, and so on.

“Eric is a bitch,” I commented.

“Oh?” Steven smirked. “You did him?”

I nodded. I didn’t want to discuss Eric. I wanted to wallow in the feelings of anticipation of being alone on a bed, fucking my brains out.

“Tell him to join.”

“I want you for myself, Steven.”

“Come on, man, don’t be a prude. It will be fun and he looks ripe for the picking. Look at that butt stretching the speedos.”

I pretended to laugh this off, but the idea was not that bad. I did want Steven for myself, but at the same time, a three-some was appealing. I visualized Steven’s butt muscles ripple as he thrust into Eric’s bitch ass, or Steven’s cock disappearing down Eric’s throat. But for that moment, Eric was not in the picture.

“Tell you what, Steve. I can bring Eric along later after we sample each other,” I compromised.

“Sample, eh?” Steven snickered and skewered me with his black eyes. “You think my dick is a sample for you, dude?”

“You know what I mean, man. Are we going to fuck or…?”

Another snicker. Another black-eyes bore. “We’re going to fuck.”

Steven lay me on the narrow cot-bed inside his chalet. Naked. On my back. And he started to give me a tongue bath. Playful. Teasing. Lustful. Full lips working my neck down to my nipples, twirling them, sucking on them, hot breath burning my exposed skin. Tongue, so lively, slurping and licking my sensitive skin.

I watched as Steven worked his way down, his black eyes never leaving my face. Grabbing my ankles, he raised my legs and spread them. He then leaned and started working my crack. Base of my balls. Along the cleft between my butt cheeks. I was pretty hairy down there but it seemed to have attracted Steven more.

I squealed uncontrollably as the tip of his tongue rimmed my puckered hole. I couldn’t believe how strong his tongue was pushing into my ring muscle, thinking it was a finger at first. But when he started squeezing on my nipples with both hands, I realized that it was his tongue that was penetrating me.

“So fucking eatable, man,” I heard his deep voice from way down there. I squirmed. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me. My whole body was screaming for his cock.

He licked back up to my mouth, now lying full weight on top of me, and he started to suck on my lips. I could feel the knob of his cock prodding my hole. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pressed him onto me tighter, moaning, molding his body into mine. I was ready. Fuck, I was much more bursa escort bayan than ready. I was dying with his weight bearing down on me.

He penetrated. I screamed. Covering my mouth with his, an arm around my neck, he thrust in forcing his hard cock inside me. The pain was tremendous. My screams faded inside his throat as he tongued my mouth and forced more man rod into my insides.

Steven entered me bare. Steven entered me with just some spit. Steven entered me, oh my god, deep, swollen, hard, and throbbing!

“Relax, baby. Take my cock,” Steven whispered, now buried balls deep inside my tunnel. I could even feel his curly pubic hair teasing my raised butt cheeks as he grinded on me pressing insistently, demandingly, and unrelenting. My fuck hole screamed, my fuck tunnel stretched, my whole ravaged body boiled.

I took Steven’s cock deep. Once the pain receded, I was able to begin enjoying his fucking. He started gently, for which I had to give him credit. He made sure I was stretched enough around his thick shaft. He fucked long and deep and slow. Lots of kissing and slurping. Arms embracing me. Body pressed on mine. Owning me. Steven, I realized, was an experienced top, and for me, he definitely was the ideal top.

After around five or so minutes, Steven picked up. Slamming my ass. Ramming deep. Pulling out. Then thrusting back in with force. He raised himself on both arms to give himself more leverage. He kept his gazing black eyes fixed on mine. Not once did he look down between our bodies to watch his cock going in and out of my hole. He seemed to be turned on by the way my facial expressions reacted to his invading man cock. I was transfixed. Not only by his cock ravaging me but also by his eyes boring into my soul.

The way I cummed was as if it was a volcanic explosion. I shot up all over both of our chests, mixing my cum with the sweat of our bodies. He felt my puckered hole muscles press hard around his cock as I squirted, which brought him over the edge. With a loud grunt, he buried and bred me. Full load. Cock thickening. Veins stretching me wider. Man-sperm filling my bowels, fists grabbing my hair, and black eyes drilling into my head.

Panting and sweating and covered with my cum, Steven dropped on top of me full weight, his cock still spasming inside me and his cum seeping out onto my thighs as I lowered them.

“Fuck, baby, wild,” he breathed into my mouth. “Fucking wild, bro. Oh fuck, I’m still fucking dripping inside you, man.”

I couldn’t but smile in spite of the lustful moment we were sharing, which was nowhere near funny. My smile was that of ecstasy, of fulfilment, of a fucked trance, on a level way higher than the bed we were lying on. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed him down tighter onto me. I never wanted this moment to end. Steven naked and plastered on me, his cock still throbbing but losing its thickness inside my hole, his eyes glowering at me, as if they were making me accept that I was now his.

Steven was still fucking me, but now with his black eyes instead of his thick cock.

Finally, we rose, our bodies slimed, our faces carrying that stupid just-fucked look, and Steven looked adorable. We lazed naked around the chalet for a while, sipping on cold beer.

“So Eric?” Steven smirked at me across the plastic table we were sitting at.

“What about him?” I asked, feigning innocence although I somehow knew that he was inevitably going to bring Eric up.

“He wants to fuck,” Steven said, straight out, his black eyes waiting for my reaction.

“I’m not good enough?” I pouted.

Steven laughed. “One of my fantasies, babe,” he explained, and I liked him calling me ‘babe’, “is to watch a guy fuck another, and then to ride his ass as he fucked and feel his hole pucker with every thrust he makes.”

“So I get to fuck Eric and you get to fuck me, huh?” I smiled. Inwardly, I thought ‘awesome.”

He nodded, his hand moving down to his crotch and grabbing his dick which was hardening.

I slid off my chair and crawled under the table, reached for his cock and took him straight down my throat. He erected immediately. I could taste the remnants of his cum and my ass juices. I sucked him hard and deep. It only took a couple of minutes for Steven to feed me a second load, down my throat instead of up my butt.

“You still want to live that fantasy of yours?” I got up smacking my lips and smirking.

“Fuck, dude, the way you make me cum, damn, I’d marry you in a second just to have you exclusive for me. But yeah, call that bitch of yours. We can arrange something.”

Eric rushed over when I explained to him over the phone what we wanted to do. I fucked Eric and Steven lived his fantasy. Throughout my fucking the bitch, my head was turned around to gaze at Steven’s black eyes as he topped me.

And I kept thinking how it hadn’t been just Steven’s cock fucking my ass, but rather Steven’s black eyes drilling my soul. In spite of Eric squirming under my thrusts, it was just me and Steven, or rather just me and Steven’s black eyes.

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