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Bisexual Sheela with Her Lovers

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Rrrrrrrringgggggggg ggg!!!! The door bell was ringing persistently.

Sheela became a little nervous when the doorbell did not stop ringing and the visitor was determined to see her. She was always careful on Saturday morning when her young lover Mahesh visits her. She will inform all her friends who may visit her on Saturday that she will be going out to the shopping mall or to the beauty parlor. She always made sure that nobody disturbed her during her fun filled time with Mahesh.

Sheela lay on her back, naked, perspiring slightly, her creamy skin glistening with sweat. She wore a golden mangalsutra necklace and matching earrings and finger-rings of gold. Her body was soft, yet firm, ripe and luscious. Her neck swept to high, full, ripe, rounded breasts tipped with long hard nipples in puckered aureoles. Her belly was curved but firm and her hips flared to tempting buttocks. Her limbs were smoothly turned, well shaped, her hands and feet elegant, her wrists and ankles slender.

The boy with her now was her secret lover. At sweet nineteen, handsome and muscular, Mahesh had become an exceptionally fine lover under her teaching. Mahesh had finely chiseled, clean-shaven features: A sharp, knife-blade nose, a slim-lipped, wide mouth, a rugged, square jaw with a sexy cleft in the chin, high cheekbones, a wide brow, dark, deep-set eyes, and a thick, short, dark hair. His body was superb. His chest was broad and deeply cleaved, with small dark nipples. There was not an ounce of fat on him and his smooth, dark brown skin seemed to be stretched taut over his body, so that the veins and muscles stood out in hard ridges. His genital gift matched his physique. Limp, his cock was fully five inches long and above one inch thick. When she had aroused him by sucking and licking it hungrily for several long minutes, it swelled to a magnificent six and a half inches in length and almost two inches thick.

They were in the well-appointed bedroom. The room had a large double bed, covered with a thick, soft mattress.

Now she closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body jerking gently with his thrusts, her fingers clenching his thickly padded shoulders. Bent over her on his forearms, Mahesh kept his eyes on her face, captivated by her sensual loveliness. Her lips were parted and her two front teeth glistened. Her cunt, hot, wet and tight, convulsed greedily on his pistoning penis, her hips writhing and lurching rhythmically under his.

“Yes,” she murmured. “Fuck me, Mahesh … fuck my cunt … yes … shove your cock into my slit, Mahesh … fuck me … yes … ohhh that feels so good … come on … fuck me harder … ahhhhhh uhh yes … that’s it!”

The youth picked up speed effortlessly, rocking his hips swiftly up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his enormous penis plunging and thrusting steeply in and out of her cunt. She hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into her flesh. It crushed her gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro passage, mashing her cunt-flesh delightfully. Her body lurched and jerked faster and faster under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold mangalsutra slithering and tossing. Her head flipped from side to side as she moaned ecstatically, her tongue arching erotically across her upper lip.

“Mm … ohhhh yes … oh ma uhhhh yes uhhh yes … c’mon Mahesh … fuck me … fuck me Mahesh … ohhhhhhhh uhhhh yes … ohhh that’s so good … shove it in Mahesh … shove it all in … ahhhhh yes …… don’t stop, lover … c’mon, harder! Ram it in! OHHHHH uhh yes! Ohhh fuck yes!”

He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it sexily, her hands roaming up and down his muscular body. Her fingers dug into the thick muscles of his shoulders. As he moved faster still, her hands slid down to his buttocks and she squeezed them eagerly, pulling his flesh deeper into her own. He nuzzled her throat, swept his tongue through her ear.

“C’mon, Sheela Aunty … take it… take my cock … fuck yes … take it … oh fuck yes Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh take it, Aunty, take it!”

The words aroused her. She gasped and bucked eagerly under him, her legs spreading wider, her hips rocking up and down in increasing urgency, her body jerking and lurching in pleasure.

“C’mon, Sheela Aunty,” he growled, ramming savagely into her flesh. “Take my cock, Aunty! C’mon! Squeeze it with your cunt, Aunty … do it!”

Abruptly, he slowed, making her groan in frustration. He chuckled and stroked slowly in and out of her flesh, slowing down even more until he was almost motionless. She gasped, writhing and thrashing beneath him. Suddenly, he switched to a violent trip-hammer rhythm, his hips rocking furiously back and forth and up and down, hammering at hers, his buttocks opening and closing rapidly, his cock ramming and plunging and reaming and plundering and slamming into her flesh.

“OH MA UHHH OHHHH UHH SO … UHHH … OHHHHHHHHHM uhh OHHHHHHHHH!” she cried, her head whipping back, her mouth tearing open, her body jerking and lurching bursa suriyeli escort escort and thrashing furiously under his, her fingers digging into the powerful, taut buttocks.

Again he slowed without warning and again, as she moaned thickly, delirious with the pleasure of his dexterous invasion of her flesh, he snapped into action, plunging demonically in and out of her flesh.

Sheela’s orgasm was violent, her cunt convulsing frantically on his throbbing, swollen penis, her body arching, the breath hissing from her throat in a choking, rattling gasp. The boy groaned, arching his head, fighting to control himself as the intense heat and suffocating tightness of her cunt enveloped his penis. He continued ramming his cock into her cunt repeatedly till at last her orgasm ebbed. He slowed gradually, rocking gently in and out of her cunt. He knew that she would want more. He slid out of her and she murmured in pleasure, sighed, stretched, and lifting her arms above her head, a smile dancing on her pretty lips.

“That was lovely,” Sheela murmured. “Do again now. More.”

“Want more?” he asked, kissing her gently, slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth.

“What do you think?” she gasped in a husky voice, still writhing under him, her hands caressing his powerful back. “What do you think, Mahesh?”

The boy chuckled softly and bent his head to her breasts. Sheela moaned softly in pleasure. He toyed with her breasts in turn, plucking at the still stiff nipples with his lips, flipping his tongue over them.

“Mm … that’s good,” she murmured, caressing him dreamily.

Mahesh dragged her nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth. She shuddered and arched under him. He twisted on his side beside her and slid his hand into her crotch. Her legs forked apart readily and she groaned as he slid a thick, long finger into her cunt. It was hot and wet and he felt her cunt contract immediately on his fingertip. Mahesh grinned to himself and began masturbating her slowly with his finger, mashing her stiff clitoris against his knuckle as he sucked and licked her breasts by turn. Sheela murmured her pleasure, her hips writhing erotically.

Slowly, the boy moved down her body, kissing and licking her warm, soft flesh, moving lower till his face was in her crotch. Sheela whimpered and lifted her hips, clawing her cunt-lips open with the fingers of both hands. He dragged his tongue down her slit. Sheela gasped and hissed instantly, her back arching, her long neck craning. Mahesh drove his tongue into her cunt. She cried out, her hands flying to her breasts, her head snapping to one side. He forced her cunt-lips open and began tongue-fucking her slowly, lapping at the musky-sweet nectar that streamed out of her cunt.

“Ohhhh uhhh yes!” she groaned. “Oh god yes, baby yes … lick my slit,

Mahesh … mm … yeh … that’s it … ohhh uhhhh yes … do it, lover … fuck me with your tongue … oh ma uhhhh yes … oh ma uhhhh yes!”

Mahesh slid his finger into her cunt and began tongue and finger- fucking her simultaneously. Sheela’s body writhed and thrashed in uncontrolled delight on the bed, her head twisting from side to side, her hands crushing and mauling her breasts, then flying down to his head and pulling his hair. Her body flamed with lust, fiery tongues of desire leaping through her cunt and breasts. Mahesh’s tongue was thick and heavy in her slit, darting in and out, twisting this way and that, whipping and tormenting her quivering clitoris without respite while his rigid finger rocked in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, he slid his finger out of her and lifted her thighs high and wide, turning her buttocks upward. They creased open and his tongue slid down the ridge of flesh to the puckered darkness of her anus. Sheela gasped thickly as his tongue swirled around her asshole. She yielded, moaning loudly as his tongue slipped in and out, darting now between her cunt and her ass, driving her wild with lust. He dropped a hand from one leg and quickly slid his forefinger into her cunt, simultaneously pushing his middle finger to her anus. Sheela gasped and cried out, her face twisting in waves of lust, and grabbed her own leg, keeping it raised high.

“OHHHHH uh OH ma uhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh god Mahesh OH Mahesh uhhh OH uhh Oh yes uhhh Mahesh oh god oh god oh god uhhhh OHHHHH!” she sobbed ecstatically.

Now the boy was finger-fucking simultaneously in her cunt and ass even as his tongue flickered like lightning between the two adjacent orifices. Sheela’s body lurched and thrashed and writhed frantically as the boy tormented her without respite, bringing her to the brink of an explosive orgasm. Seconds before she came, he stopped and rose

to his knees on the bed. Sheela cried out in shocked frustration.

“Don’t stop now, Mahesh!” she hissed. “Not now, please”

“No” Mahesh said. “Please suck my cock, Aunty. I am so horny and hard. Suck it hard!”

He jerked her off her back. Sheela gasped and, bursa ucuz escort turning on all fours before him, took his cock in her mouth again. Mahesh grunted thickly, his head bent, one hand splayed around his penis, the other on her head, fucking her mouth slowly and unhurriedly. Sheela, her head spinning in delirious joy, moaned as her senses were overpowered. She could taste her own cunt-juice on his cock and it excited her even more. She held his cock delicately in one hand, sucking it rapidly, rocking her head back and forth, to and fro as he pumped his hips at her face. Her gold mangalsutra and swollen breasts dangled and he reached down with one hand and crushed the juicy breasts, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples.

The boy groaned and, bending his head to watch her, continued fucking her face in a leisurely fashion, rocking her head back and forth between his legs. Sheela sucked his penis eagerly, her head moving from side to side, her tongue and teeth and lips running up and down his swollen shaft.

“Mmm … yes … suck it, Sheela Aunty … suck it good … ohh yes … that’s it … mmm yes … nice … real nice!”

Sheela loved sucking cock. The taste and odor of an erect penis were unlike anything else she knew, a potent heady brew of which she could not get enough. Her excitement grew and she caressed her swollen breasts erotically with one hand as she sucked her boy lover’s penis, squeezing the heavy mounds, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. The sight aroused Mahesh and he began fucking her face faster, moving her head rapidly back and forth between his thighs, pushing his cock greedily into her mouth. Sheela thrust a hand between her legs and began masturbating slowly. His penis throbbed in her mouth and beads of pre-cum gunk spurted onto her tongue. The taste was erotic and she swallowed them lasciviously, her tongue questing in his cock-slit for more.

Then Sheela mounted him, a position she enjoyed enormously, as did Mahesh. Kneeling astride his hips, she impaled her cunt slowly on his erection, savoring every inch of his penis as her cunt engulfed it. She leaned over him on her knees and outstretched arms, her knuckles on the bed and began to rock slowly up and down, rolling her hips with a cunning skill that made her cunt swirl and spiral round and round on his penis. Mahesh couldn’t take his eyes off her face. She looked so beautiful, he thought, her features softened with lust, her eyes hooded, her mouth open as she moaned and gasped erotic words, her face turned slightly to one side, her long neck craned, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold mangalsutra slapping and tossing against her honey skin.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Oh uhhh yes uhhh ohhh uhh yes … c’mon Mahesh …yes … mm yes … oh god yes, I love your young cock in my slit …c’mon, baby … do it … fuck me … fuck me, my lover boy, fuck me!”

Beneath her, the boy grinned to himself, sliding his hands up her body to cup and squeezes her swollen breasts, pinching and tweaking her long, rigid nipples. Of course he was going to fuck her. He was going to fuck her as long as he could. Who would in his right mind could resist temptation so wondrous?

Mahesh groaned as sheela squeezed his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Above him, Sheela cried out in sharp, staccato moans, her fingers scrabbling frantically at her breasts. His cock felt like a white hot poker as it surged inexorably into her pussy. Her pussyhole cramped on the invader, pulsing powerfully. Sheela’s head swam with lust and desire. There were few pleasures so intensely satisfying when she is in full control.

Sheela started rocking on the boy slowly and heavily and deeply for the next ten minutes. Their rhythm steadied gradually, altering from the initial lurching and jerking to more deliberate in-and-out, back and forth, to and fro motions. She whimpered in joy, rocking back and forth above her lover boy as she pumped him thoroughly. His cock slid in and out of her pussy channel and every time it went in she felt a surge of joy wash over her. She squirmed and writhed erotically against him, occasionally putting a hand down between her legs to feel her clitoris. Below her, Mahesh groaned softly, savoring the wonderful heat and tightness of her pussy cramping and contracting powerfully on his pistoning penis as he pushed it slowly and deeply in and out of her pussy channel.

“Ohhhh uhh ohhh uhh yes … oh baby yes … c’mon … do it, Mahesh babe… yes … that’s it … oh god that’s so good, baby … yes … c’mon … do it, lover boy… I love your cock in me … do it, darling … push it more … ahhhhh uhhh yes, there! Oh god yes!”

The sharpness of her cries gave way to an erotic, husky, and breathless litany of erotic gasps and moans of genuine pleasure. They aroused Mahesh even more.

“Ohh yes … c’mon, Aunty … take it … take it, my Sheela Aunty … take my cock … oh fuck yes … c’mon … take it, Aunty uhhh yes … oh yes!”

He felt her orgasm bursa üniversiteli escort coming on and now there was little he could do to stop himself. She climaxed violently as he thumped in and out of her pussy and, as her pussy convulsed frantically on his penis and her buttocks squirmed in tension against his crotch, he succumbed. He pushed his cock fully into her pussy, paused, drew out, thrust in again, and yet again, and each thrust drew a shuddering, cracked moan from deep in Sheela auntie’s throat and made her lurch forward. At last, with a loud, shuddering gasp, he came. The heat erupted from his groin and spewed in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into her pussy channel. He kept his cock buried deep in her cunt, his hips twitching at her buttocks as he emptied himself into her. She moaned loudly, rocking eagerly above him, wanting it all.

Slowly, the boy pulled his cock out of Sheela’s pussy. At last he was drained. With a soft sigh, he pulled his cock back from her pussy as Sheela whimpered happily above him. She slid out of his body, her body slowly sinking to the bed beneath his and they rolled over on their side. He cupped her breast, squeezing it, nibbled her earlobe, nuzzled the nape of her neck. Their bodies were slippery with sweat.

Then suddenly they heard the doorbell. She tried to ignore it, hoping that whoever rang the bell will go away after a few minutes.

Rrrrrrrringgggggggg ggg!!!! The door bell was ringing persistently.

Sheela hastily put on a nighty and went to the front door. She looked through the peep hole to take a look at the uninvited visitor. And there stood Nisha!

Sheela was in a dilemma. She waited for a minute more to see if Nisha will go back. But Nisha again pressed the doorbell and she had to open the door.

“Hi Aunty. I just came from Mumbai and wanted to see you.” Nisha said

Sheela had to invite Nisha inside the house and hoped that Mahesh will be very quiet in the bedroom. She knew that she had an explosive and dangerous situation, and was very careful to act very casually.

“Hi Nisha, So how was your entrance exam in Mumbai?” Sheela asked

“I did very well, thanks to you, Aunty” Nisha replied.

As soon as the doors closed, Nisha leaned over and kissed Sheela. The electricity of the moment made them both tingle and melt into each other’s mouths. The kiss was long, deep and passionate. When Sheela looked at Nisha, she could see the young girl’s nipples pressing hard against her cotton blouse.

“God! I’ve missed you so much! Aunty”. Nisha caressed Sheela’s hand, lifting it to her mouth and sucking one of Sheela’s fingers, her tongue caressing the long digit in her mouth.

“Oh, don’t start that now!” Sheela said.

“I want you so much. Sheela Aunty!”

Nisha laughed and sat on the sofa, happy to be with her Sheela Aunty once again. But Sheela wanted Nisha to be out of house very fast so that Mahesh will never come to know about her bi sexuality. Nisha started telling about her trip to Mumbai and about her shopping.

“I wanted to show you my new panties, Aunty. It is so exotic to look at”.

Nisha stood, unzipping her jeans and sliding them down her long, lean legs. There was a dead silence in the room for several long minutes. Sheela felt herself getting aroused at the sight of Nisha’s long legs and the sexy panty.

Sheela looked down at Nisha, and saw her wearing a red pair of panties. There is a small triangle of red silk fabric stretched tightly over her pussy. Nisha came near to Sheela to give her a closer look.

“I like the red ones, are they pure silk?” Sheela asked.

“Hundred percent. Don’t you love the feel of pure silk against your skin?

Sheela’s eyes remained fixed on the tight triangle of red thong panty. Nisha shifted around and turned so that Sheela can see the thin red thong running up between her rounded buttocks. Her skin is wonderfully smooth, her ass looked firm.

“I have also shaved my pussy”. Nisha added and stepped out of her red thong panties, revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

On seeing Sheela aunty stare at her shaved schoolgirl like pussy, Nisha blushed and sat down on the sofa crossing her legs. Feeling embarrassed, Nisha asked Sheela Aunty what she was looking at. Sheela’s face colored at having being caught staring and she replied,

“Unh, I was admiring your pussy lips, they are so juicy and pink”. Nisha blushed at this frank compliment and said, “Umm, thanks Sheela Aunty, you are very pretty yourself”.

Sheela’s face was still flushed with sexual excitement and her nightgown buttons were open for Nisha to see her heavy breasts. Nisha then removed her blouse and bra and sat naked on the sofa smiling at Sheela. Sheela saw that Nisha had a petite figure, small tennis ball sized breasts and strong legs with a cute buttocks. Sheela knew that Nisha was just 18 years of age and wondered whether she had any sexual experiences in Mumbai.

Seeing Nisha still looking at her, Sheela felt the stirrings of desire, her nipples were getting stiff under her gaze, and Sheela could feel her pussy moistening. Sheela did not know what to do. She had her boyfriend lover sitting naked in the bedroom and her lesbian lover now in the front room sitting naked. She was also able to see the heightened sexual desire from Nisha’s pussy-lips which were still a bit puffed-up and her clit was peeking through the thong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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