Birthday Disaster… or is It?

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Ginny Wesley was standing in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, looking at her nude body critically. Overall she was pleased with what she saw.

She was slender but not too thin and was pretty in that girl-next-door kind of way, rather than being ‘beautiful’, something that she was actually happy about, as she didn’t want to put so much time and effort into upkeep like she’d seen all the “beautiful” girls at school do.

Her breasts were one of her best features, even if she did think so herself. Depending on the make of the bra, she was either a C or a D cup and at 34 inches, they looked a little large for her lithe frame.

She wished her abs were harder but she really couldn’t complain about the slight amount of extra flesh. It just added to the way her hips flared, giving her a very feminine look, enhancing her curves rather than detracting from her body.

She was rather blasé about her legs, not thinking they were anything special but she had noticed people checking them out, both male and female, like the girl who worked at the shoe store at the mall who had checked them out closely while helping her get the right size shoes just a week ago.

The one thing she was really proud of was her hair. It was long and silky, flowing down her back in thick waves to her waist. It was a vibrant Auburn that her mother constantly teased her about, saying the Sun was in love with her hair, the way if danced, kissed and caressed it.

Ginny did admit she loved the way the Sun played with her hair, showing off a myriad of shades and highlights, enhancing its beauty.

At a shade over five foot eight, she was taller than most of the other girls her age. That made her think of the other thing that made her different than the majority of her peers, at eighteen, she was still a virgin, something she had plans on changing in the very near future.

While her birthday had been the previous day and she’d had the family celebration then, what she was really looking forward to was the party her best friend Jamie Peters was throwing her.

It was after the party that she planned on making love for the first time with her long time boyfriend, Neil Long. They’d been going out together since late in her junior year in high school and recently he had been pressuring her to take things to the next level.

They had just graduated this past June and Ginny couldn’t have been happier if she tried. Now that she had turned eighteen, her parents had loosened many of the restrictions they place on her and she looked forward to taking advantage of that fact.

For the first time since she was had turned twelve, she was being allowed to sleep over her friend, Jamie’s house. The thing was her parent’s didn’t know that Jamie’s parent’s weren’t going to be home as they were staying overnight at the casino resort they were visiting due to Mr Peter’s job.

She was happy that Jamie was a co-conspirator, willing to have her and Neil spend the night in the guest room. When she had asked her best friend if she was having someone stay with her, Jamie had just shrugged, saying “I’m not dating anyone at the moment.”

When Ginny asked if she was interested in anyone, her reply had been “Yes, but they’re dating someone else right now and I can’t break them up, it just wouldn’t be right.”

No matter how much Ginny had pestered, teased, cajoled, begged even, Jamie refused to divulge who she was interested in.

Ginny had pouted playfully, “How can I help set you up if you won’t let me know who to talk to?”

“I’m perfectly able to take care of my own affairs,” Jamie had replied, sounding slightly annoyed.

This of course set Ginny off, teasing “Oooh, affairs. Are you after someone who’s married?”

This had earned her a pillow in the face, thrown with speed and accuracy from her friend.

Ginny shook her head and pushed the memories from her mind as she glanced at the clock and saw she really needed to get a move on.

She went over to her bed and eyed the lingerie that she was planning on wearing. She knew her parent’s would have a fit if they knew she had purchased such risqué under-things, let alone actually planned on wearing them.

They believed that such things were only meant to be shared after a couple were married. Ginny had foolishly asked “How was one supposed to find the one to marry if they couldn’t wear such things?”

Being fifteen at the time didn’t do anything to help her position and she found herself grounded for a week, missing a school dance that she had been looking forward to attending. After that she learned to keep her mouth shut about such things, not wanting to set her parents off again.

She realized that may have been a contributing factor for why she remained a virgin for so long as it seemed that after that incident, her parents kept very close tabs on her whereabouts, even when she had started dating Neil.

She smiled as she picked up the panties and ran a finger over them. They were made of a soft, silky satin lace of casino oyna a vibrant green that she thought looked stunning with her red hair. They were without a doubt the smallest pair of panties she had ever worn, the front panel barely covering her pussy.

Ginny sighed as she slipped them on, loving the feel of them against her skin, especially her newly denuded labia and slit. She had shaved the lower part of her crotch, leaving a triangle of her bright red pubic hair on her mons. To her it was a symbol of her adulthood and made her feel like a woman instead of a kid any more.

She felt a tingle run through her as they slid into place, the satin caressing her smooth skin and clit, giving her such pleasure that she had never experienced before.

She lightly ran her fingers over the satiny material, smiling at the image of Neil when he got to see them. She hoped he’d be pleased that she’d dressed especially for him.

She quickly withdrew her fingers, not wanting to get too turned on now as she knew she’d get them wet if she proceeded further.

Next came her bra and she blushed a little as she picked it up and began to put it on. The memory of being fitted by the beautiful saleswoman springing to mind. It was the first time she’d had a professional fit her for a bra and she had found herself blushing as the woman had instructed her how to put it on correctly and then helped her adjust it for a perfect fit.

The woman, Sarah, had smiled reassuringly and tried to set her at ease as she lightly touched her as she helped tuck it into place and adjust the straps so it wasn’t too tight.

She was sure that Sarah had noticed as her nipples hardened and she shivered at her soft, sure touch, causing her to blush even harder.

Ginny had found it a little unnerving, never expecting that she’d react that way to the touch of another woman.

She gave a small shudder as she pushed those thoughts from her mind and finished getting dressed. She put on a thin sweatshirt, pushing the sleeves most of the way up her arms, followed by a pair of baggy shorts and finishing with a pair of plain, slightly worn sandals.

She’d change once she got to Jamie’s. She had packed a much sexier blouse and short skirt in her backpack, knowing her mother would never let her out of the house wearing such a risqué outfit.

She grabbed her backpack and headed down the stairs, pausing and calling out, “I’m leaving, Mom.”

Her mother popped out of the kitchen, her smile changing into a frown. “Is that what you’re wearing to your birthday party?” she asked disapprovingly.

“It’s really just a few friends getting together, not really a big celebration or anything. Besides, we’ll probably go swimming,” she said, rotating a little to let her mother see her backpack.

“All right dear. I just wish you’d wear some of the nice clothes I bought you,” her mother sighed wistfully.

It took just about everything Ginny had not to roll her eyes. What she and her mother considered nice clothes were totally different.

Her eyes couldn’t help but glance at the picture hanging on the wall near her mother. It was her parents dressed up as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. She was secretly relieved that they had named her Ginny and not Ginevra after the character in the books and movies. She got enough grief because of her name as it was.

If her mother noticed her gaze, she didn’t say anything. It was an old argument and neither were going to change their position at this late date.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ginny said, trying to sound calm so that her mother didn’t suspect anything.

“Have fun and behave. I wouldn’t want Mrs Peters to have to give me a call,” her mother instructed unhappily.

“God, I wish she’d let me grow up and not see me as a kid any more,” Ginny thought, her blood beginning to boil. She just gave a half-hearted wave to her mother before she bolted out the door, wanting to get away as fast as possible so she wouldn’t be tempted into getting into a fight and have her mother tell her she couldn’t go.

Yes she was eighteen but she wasn’t prepared to live on her own yet. Her parents had promised that as long as she lived at home and followed their rules, that they’d pay for her college education. Though she had to grit her teeth a couple of times and thought about moving out, she had remained, not wanting to have to foot the bill for her own education.

She quickly put those thoughts out of her mind as she drove over to Jamie’s. She much preferred to think about the party and spending the night with Neil as opposed to worrying about the situation at home.

Fortunately Jamie didn’t live that far, ten minutes if you got stuck at the one traffic light between their places. Since she had no plans on leaving before morning, she parked all the way up next to the garage, right next to Jamie’s little red sports car.

Ginny thought it was cute but that’s all she knew. It might have been Italian, but she just wasn’t interested in cars so she really didn’t slot oyna care. Of course, Jamie was totally the opposite, she loved cars, the faster the better and she could talk on and on about engine size, torque ratios, cylinder compression, and as far as Ginny knew, flux capacitors and anything else for that matter.

From the looks of things no one else was there yet, well except for Brad who lived one street behind where Jamie did, he usually walked through the yards to save time and gas.

Feeling at home and knowing Jamie’s parents were away, Ginny walked right in. “Jamie, I’m here,” she called out loudly, heading further into the house.

“Oh good, I’m back in my room,” she heard yelled back at her from down the hall.

Ginny found Jamie sprawled across her bed, laying on her stomach, staring into her open closet, with a frown on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Ginny asked in concern.

Jamie’s face changed in a flash and she smiled brightly at Ginny. “Oh nothing, really. I was just trying to figure out what to wear later. I really want to look my best tonight,” she quickly explained.

Ginny’s eyebrows rose in interest. “Is your crush going to be here?” she pressed with a mischievous look.

Jamie just gave her a non-committal shrug. “I just want to look my best tonight, you know in case someone catches my eye,” she replied neutrally, acting like it didn’t really matter.

Ginny thought that there might be more to it than that but didn’t want to press her friend. She was already feeling a little guilty about having her boyfriend stay when Jamie was going to be alone.

She knew that several of their friends, mainly Barb, Hannah and Alice frequently invited a few guys along so that there was the possibility for Jamie to hook up with someone if the opportunity arose.

Jamie rolled over and popped up off the bed, giving Ginny a warm hug.

“Come on, lets put your stuff in your room,” she laughed. “We’ll have to remember to tell everyone that the room is off limits because we sure don’t want someone using it when you and lover-boy head to bed.”

Ginny laughed along with her friend, though she did feel her face heat some. She was just glad that Jamie was the only one who knew that she was going to invite Neil to stay.

Even so, Jamie didn’t know that she was still a virgin. Something the redhead felt a little guilty about. So what if during their many talks about boys and sex that she hadn’t bothered to let Jamie know when she answered most of the questions about her experience vaguely and ignored a few completely. It wasn’t her fault that Jamie took her answers to mean just the opposite.

They tossed Ginny’s backpack onto the bed and closed the door behind them as they left.

Jamie looped her arm around Ginny’s and started to drag her out toward the living room and then down into the family room.

From there it was a short walk out a pair of sliding glass door to the pool and patio. The Peters’ house was a little strange, from the front it looked like a typical ranch but because the back yard sloped down rather abruptly at first, the back of the house had the lower level exposed.

“Come on, let’s get the coolers filled so everything will be nice and cold when the others arrive,” Jamie urged with a smile.

Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the small stack of cases of beer along with several large bags of ice piled next to the coolers.

“Where did you get all of this?” she asked wide-eyed in shock.

Jamie smiled, “Steve,” was all she said.

Steve was a neighbor’s son who helped the Peters with things around the house and yard. He was in his late twenties and while he flirted shamelessly with Jamie and Ginny, it was just all in good fun and he never did take things too far. It had started when the girls were fifteen and starting to blossom and they enjoyed the non-threatening interaction, knowing that things would never get out of hand.

Ginny wrinkled her nose and gave her friend a small glare. “Is this all there is?” she asked, staring at the four cases each of Budweiser and Miller.

“You know me better than that. I have a case of Allagash Tripel hidden away in the fridge in the family room for us,” Jamie laughed.

Ginny sighed in relief. She and Jamie preferred fine craft beers over the rather tasteless mass produced beers. Though she knew she’d have to be careful about how much she drank, Tripel had an alcohol content much higher than the other beers, 9% ABV, if she remember correctly, which she did as she loved it.

The girls set right to work, opening the cases and placed the bottles in the coolers, layering them with ice until both coolers were just about filled. As Ginny was finishing up, Jamie went and brought over the hose, adding water until the coolers were just about filled to the top.

Steve had taught them that trick, the beer would cool much quicker with the water added as opposed to just being encased in the ice.

Once the beer was taken care of they canlı casino siteleri went back inside and started to get out all the snacks, pretzels, potato chips, corn chips and salsa, everything that teens would enjoy munching on while sitting around having fun while partying.

The girls hurried off to change, wanting to be ready when the others began to arrive.

Ginny quickly slipped out of her clothes and paused for a moment to take a look at her lingerie and she smiled at what she hoped Neil’s reaction would be.

Feeling a small thrill run through her she pulled out the clothes she planned on wearing. First was a micro-mini skirt of black leather. As she shimmied it into place, she realized she’d have to be very careful while sitting if she didn’t want everyone to see her silk panties. Something she only wanted to share with Neil.

Next came her blouse of pure while satin. She sighed for a moment as she slipped it on. She really had wanted to buy the real silk one but after the lingerie and leather miniskirt, it just wasn’t in the budget.

Not that the satin one was a really big step down. She loved the way it caressed her skin and she felt goose bumps break out up her arms. She buttoned it up, leaving the top two undone, leaving a small glimpse of her cleavage peaking out.

She cursed softly when she realized she hadn’t remembered to grab her other sandals. Then with a shrug, she put it out of her mind. It was going to be fairly dark with the lights set low and she doubted that anyone would notice, least of all Neil as he never did.

She quickly applied the barest of touches of make-up. Just enough to subtly enhance her natural beauty. Not that she thought she could compete with some of the other girls. Like many young women, Ginny had a hard time seeing just how beautiful she really was.

After one last glance in the mirror and satisfied with how she looked, she headed back out to head down to the family room.

As chance would have it, as soon as she stepped into the hall, Jamie’s door opened and the raven haired young woman stepped out at almost the exact same time as Ginny.

The redhead gasped as she stared at her friend. Jamie looked beautiful. She had on a deep cobalt skirt of a soft material that seemed to magically float around her body. It was paired with a blouse of pale gold that had the top three buttons undone, showing off a fair expanse of creamy flesh.

The pale gold of the blouse seemed to make Jamie’s skin glow and Ginny realized that she had also applied a touch of make-up, further enhancing her beauty.

Ginny was stunned. Jamie rarely dressed up, even when they’d gone out to the movies or other places. She just didn’t. Sure she had dressed up a little, wearing nicer jeans or a skirt but she had never looked so wonderful.

“So what do you think?” Jamie asked softly.

“You look . . . wow, I can’t begin to describe how beautiful I think you look,” Ginny replied in a rush, sounding really excited for her friend.

Jamie smiled at the redhead, but for a brief moment, Ginny thought she saw a pained expression cloud her friend’s face but it vanished so quickly, she began to doubt if she had really seen it.

“You look fantastic, yourself,” the raven haired young woman replied, her eyes traversing down and then back up Ginny’s body.

Ginny felt a small shiver run through her as she noticed Jamie’s eyes pause and feast on her cleavage and she felt herself blush lightly.

If Jamie noticed Ginny’s reaction, she gave no indication and the redhead breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t believe the thrill that had raced through her, making her stomach flutter and though she wanted to deny it, her pussy had given a small spasm.

Just like her thoughts of her reaction when being fitted for her bra, she quickly squelched them, concentrating on seeing Neil soon and what she hoped would take place later that evening.

As they descended the stairs, Ginny felt Jamie reach out and grab the scrunchie holding her hair in a ponytail.

When she glanced back over her shoulder, Jamie just smiled at her, saying softly “The ponytail doesn’t go with your outfit.”

Ginny smiled, realizing Jamie was right and she shook out her long luxurious hair until it cascaded down her back in shimmering waves.

“That’s better,” the raven haired girl breathed softly, her eyes sparkling warmly.

Ginny smiled back, once again feeling that warm fluttering deep in her gut.

The first thing they did when they entered the family room was to go and get put one of the bottles of the Tripel. Jamie undid the bail and pulled the cork while Ginny grabbed two of the ubiquitous red plastic cups.

Jamie carefully poured half of the bottle into each of the cups, filling each about three quarters full.

They smiled at one another and tapped the cups together before each took a healthy swallow.

“To a fun night,” Jamie toasted, once again having the brief fleeting look of pain flash across her face. “And a Happy Birthday too,” she quickly added with a much warmed smile.

Taking another sip, they began to wander around the room, opening all the bags of snacks and pouring them into their bowls. They were about half done when people started to arrive.

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