Birthday Dessert

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“Now for dessert,” she says with a grin.

“Christ! I can’t imagine what you could possibly still have in store for me…” It had already been an amazing birthday – Vince’s 34th.


This morning, Grace had woken him up with a soft and gentle blowjob. As Vince hazily came to consciousness, he remembered that it was his birthday, and his wife was once again giving him exactly the one birthday present he really wanted… every year. Once he was fully hard, he pulled her up to kiss him, and he guided her body over his and brought her pussy down on his cock. For a while, she rode him, but eventually, he just grabbed her waist and started pounding from below. “Give me that birthday cum,” she said through a clenched jaw, and she shouted with pleasure as he came into her pussy. She collapsed down onto him in a heap. After a few minutes of catching their breaths, she chirped, “Happy birthday, baby! Let’s take a shower! Yay!” With a peck on the cheek, she hopped out of bed and started running the hot water.


And just an hour ago, when he got home from work, Grace greeted him at the door in a pretty house dress which accentuated her curves, sheer stockings, and high heels. As Vince walked in the kitchen, he could smell dinner in the oven – roast chicken – and when his sexy wife opened the oven door to take a peek at the bird, he was overwhelmed with the sight of the bare tops of her thighs which he could glimpse under her dress. As soon as she shut the oven door, he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass tight against his crotch. Grace knew what was coming. She grabbed onto the counter for support. Vince hiked up her skirt, and slid his hand under her panties.

“Oh, you’ve shaved, have you?”

Grace looked back at him and smiled. “Yes, Sir. Do you like it? It’s for you.”

Vince loved when she called him “Sir.” “You know I do, my good little wife.” With that, he slid his middle fingertip into her moist slit. She was dripping wet. Vince knew that she got off on playing the dirty and obedient housewife just as much as he got off on playing the demanding and in-control husband. He spread some of her wetness around her smooth pussy lips.

Without any more delay, Vince dropped his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and, pulling aside her lacy panties, pushed his entire cock inside of his wife’s waiting cunt. He fucked at full speed. He was worked up; Grace had been sexting him all day at work. After five minutes of this hard pounding, Grace’s cunt was clenched around his cock and she was shouting with every thrust.

“Touch your clit,” Vince commanded. Grace immediately took one hand from the counter and brought it to her clit. Her shouting leapt up a major third. “Cum on my cock.” Just as the word “cock” escaped his ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar lips, he could feel her body beginning to climax. Her shouting turned into that high-pitched whine that he knew and loved so well. He drove his cock deep inside her spasming cunt and pulled her hard against his body.

As her orgasm subsided, he began fucking her again at top speed, and after another thirty seconds of fucking, he shouted at her, “On your knees!” Grace immediately turned around and dropped to her knees, and Vince shoved his cock into her open mouth. She grabbed the base of his cock and his balls and sucked hungrily at his cock which was covered in her own taste. He gripped the counter and shuddered as he came directly down her throat. She kept his cock gently in her mouth until his cock stopped pulsing. She pulled away, gave a playful lick to his now semi-flaccid cock, and said, “Dinner time!”


“Now, after all that, and an amazing dinner to boot, she’s telling me that there’s more?” Vince silently mused. “And by that smile, I know that there’s more than just cake.”

“Here, have a seat on the couch, and I’m going to bring you a scotch.” He took up a comfortable position on the couch, and turned to watch his wife pour the drink. Vince had always thought that there’s nothing quite like the sight of a woman in heels pouring and serving a drink. He gratefully accepted the glass. “Now, I have a special birthday dessert surprise for you,” glancing at the clock, “and it’s just about time. You just wait here and listen to some music while I get it ready.”

Vince settled into Beethoven’s Seventh and Ardbeg. He could hear Grace walking to their bedroom and closing the door. After about ten minutes, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” shouted Grace from the other room. “You don’t move an inch, Birthday Boy!” He happily obliged. He heard her open the door, and exchange a few words, and then he heard the door close. “It was just Cara, wanting to borrow some eggs, but I told her we don’t have any,” Grace shouted as she walked down the hall. He heard her go back into the bedroom. Vince turned his attention back to the speakers and the glass.

Just at the end of the first movement, he heard Grace open the bedroom door. “Turn off the music and close your eyes!” she shouted down the hall. He complied, and heard her heels click down the hall towards him. Then, Vince heard a sound that made his heart pound nearly out of his chest: a second set of heels clicking down the hall. But, as a man who loved surprises, he did as he was told and kept his eyes shut.

“Happy birthday to you,” he heard his wife sing along with another woman, “happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Vinny. Happy birthday to you!” He ankara götü büyük escortlar felt his wife’s lips at his left ear. “Open your eyes.”

Vince opened his eyes and his face broke into a huge smile. Their friend Aviva was standing in front of him, wearing a corset, stockings, and heels, and holding a wedge of birthday cake with a single burning candle stuck in it. Grace was kneeling on the couch next to him, wearing just a pair of sheer black thigh-highs and a pair of sheer black opera gloves.

Vince sighed. “This is a great fucking birthday.”

“Don’t forget to make your wish,” Aviva said coyly as she bent at the waist to bring the cake to Vince’s face. He looked right past the cake and at her cleavage, amplified by the tight corset.

“I have no idea what I could possibly wish for,” he lied. Silently wishing for this night to be a very long one, he took in a small breath, and while looking into Aviva’s eyes, blew out the candle.

Aviva handed the plate to Grace, knelt between Vince’s legs, and began to run her hands up his thighs and over his belly. Grace smiled at him, and said, “Baby, you just sit there. I’m going to feed you your birthday cake. And lovely Aviva here is going to suck your cock.” And with that, Grace got a forkful of cake ready, as Aviva pulled down Vince’s pants and boxers, and threw them aside.

Grace brought the fork to Vince’s mouth, and paused a bit, teasing him. At the same time, Aviva was holding her open mouth an inch away from Vince’s erect cock. Aviva and Grace paused a moment as they watched each other closely, daring each other with their eyes in a game of chicken. Aviva broke first, and brought her wet and rouged lips gently to the cock in front of her. She kissed and exhaled and just barely grazed the underside of his cock with her tongue. While Vince was reeling from the teasing that his cock was getting, Grace fed him his first bite of cake. “MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm…” Vince moaned and savored the bite in his mouth.

Both girls laughed. “Must be good cake,” Aviva joked, as she took the cock’s head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head in circles, and wiggled it up and down every time it got to the underside of the head.

“Oh my god, you’re incredible at that…” Vince muttered.

Grace fed Vince another bite of cake. She cooed in his ear, “Do you like your birthday present, baby?” She began to lick his ear gently. The combined sensation of the cock teasing, the sweet cake, and the ear licking was overwhelming. All Vince could do was groan.

Aviva began to start sucking more and more of Vince’s cock into her warm and wet mouth. As Grace continued to feed him, he began exploring her nearly naked body with his hands. Everything began to blur… ankara çıtır escortlar cake… cock being sucked deep in between red lips… birthday cake… fingers inside smooth wet cunt…nylon gloves on skin… cake… balls being licked… sucked… licked… cake.

Soon the cake was gone, but Grace stayed at his side, letting his hands grope and squeeze and fondle every part of her. She lightly stroked his chest while watching another woman happily suck her husband’s cock. Aviva stuck to her task, frequently interrupting her head bobbing to lick, kiss, and tease the underside of Vince’s cock, his balls, and his taint.

Vince began to feel himself getting close to orgasm. He wasn’t ready for this night to be over. “Slow down… I’m getting close.”

Aviva smiled at him, and then flashed a knowing smile at Grace. “Please, Sir. Please go ahead and come. I’ll get you hard again, I promise.” And with that, she continued at her previous pace, and slowly built up from there.

“Where do you want to come, birthday boy?” Grace purred into his ear as she kissed his ear and neck. “Down her throat? On her face? On those pretty tits?”

Aviva picked up her pace. She wanted Vince to come. She took the cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her lips and her cheeks. “Sir, I’ll take it wherever you want to give it to me.” She started bobbing her head furiously up and down, taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat.

“Just don’t stop, Aviva. Please don’t stop. Take my cum down your throat.”

Grace straddled Vince’s chest, burying his face in her tits. His body began to tremble, and Aviva knew he was close. She gently pulled on his balls with her hands as she continued to fuck his cock with her mouth. His trembling built until he shouted, muffled by Grace’s body, and released several spurts of sweet cum into her throat. She pressed her mouth all the way down, her lips touching his balls and pubic hair, allowing him to come directly in her throat.

As his orgasm died down, Aviva rose from her knees and climbed on the couch with Vince and Grace. Vince was laying back, completely limp. Grace kissed Aviva deeply, tasting her husband’s cum in her friend’s mouth. They began to nuzzle his neck on both sides, while stroking his chest, Grace’s hands still gloved.

Grace smiled at Aviva across Vince’s inert and quivering body. “You know, Aviva, we didn’t get our cake yet.”

“Honestly, Grace, when it comes to cake, I’m really just a frosting whore.”

“Me too! Let’s have some frosting! There’s plenty left over!”

After sliding off her gloves, Grace walked to the counter and grabbed the frosting container, and brought it back to the couch.

“Should we use spoons?” asked Aviva?

“No, I had another idea…” Grace popped off the cover, stuck her hand inside, and brought out a fingerful of creamy chocolate frosting.

When Vince felt her chocolaty finger drag up the entire length of his shaft, he knew that his birthday wish was about to come true. This was going to be a long night.

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