Eyl 02

Birthday Ch. 2

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Blondie and the two boys were laughing as they disappeared into their car and drove out of the parking garage.

I was finally able to get my wits about me and went to my car. I was on my way home when I saw the club where Peggy worked and I said to myself, “what the hell, nobody at my house anyway,” so I pulled in for a drink and to pass a little time with old friends whom I had not seen for quite awhile.

I passed my keys to the valet and told him to keep it up front I wouldn’t be long. Robert said, “yes sir, we haven’t seen you for sometime now sir, I trust all is well.” I assured him it was and passed through the outer door and parted the heavy red plush curtain to enter the club.

Pausing to allow my eyes to adjust to the subdued lighting I looked around and saw a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar ones. At that moment Ma was suddenly at my side saying, “Hey lover, where you been? I tried to keep it hot for you but you been gone sooo long I had to get help to put the fire out.”

Now, you must understand, at about two hundred forty pounds it seems impossible for Ma to do anything suddenly. But there she was. I laughed and told her that it was OK, I knew there was enough to go around.

We exchanged pleasantries as she led me through the club to my favorite table. Following her I was again impressed by the grace of movement possessed by this aging woman. She was a dancer herself in bygone years and still had the ease of movement demonstrated by the best of the best. Ma said to me one time that she once opened for Gypsy Rose Lee, and worked for a while with Tempest Storm. If you have lived a decent Synful life you will recognize the names of two of the best strippers to come out of vaudeville.

I ordered Three fingers of Jack, neat, with seven back when the waitress walked up to the table. Then I heard a familiar voice saying, “Something’s never change.” I turned to look into the big brown eyes of Annie. Annie was a dancer / waitress. She did not need to dance because the tips she made at the tables were plenty but Annie loved the dance, not to mention the tease.

I said, “Well hello Annie, how’s tricks”? To which she replied, “looking up now that you are back.” I said it was a short visit and for her not to get her hopes up. Laughing Annie went to get my drink.

The rest of the time there was mostly uneventful. Oh yeah, I saw a good variety of T&A and one or two quick glimpses of pussy as one of the dancers would slip ( wink, wink ) and show a little more than allowed.

Leaving the club after about an hour and only two drinks I drove home. Kastamonu Escort Christy’s car was not in the garage. I didn’t really expect it to be but I was hopeful.

Great, here I am, turned thirty today, Got turned on by my secretary, was teased half to death by a few horny teenagers, sat through several sets at the strip club and getting ready to go to bed alone. Sometimes life just plain sucks. I puttered around a little and went to bed.

While setting the alarm for morning I heard the garage door go up. Since the bedroom faced the back of the house I knew Christy couldn’t see the light was on so I quickly turned it out. Actually I was pouting and feeling sorry for myself because she forgot my birthday. I crossed the room and closed the drapes over the French doors leading to the pool and then I crawled in under the sheets and pretended to be asleep. I would show her it didn’t matter at all.

I heard the door open and Christy entered the room. Then I heard her trip over the chest at the foot of the bed and a muffled curse. I almost laughed but managed to keep silent. The drapes over the doors shut out all the light coming from the pool which we kept lit for safety’s sake. Chris had closed the bedroom door behind her making the room very dark so I guess she misjudged where she was at and hit the chest.

There were the quiet sounds as Chris got out of her clothes and pulled back the sheet to get into bed. In my minds eye I saw her. She appeared, as she often did for me, the way she was when I first saw her nude. We were both just sixteen and neither one of us had much first hand experience. The sun was bright that day and Christy appeared out of the brush where she had gone to remove her clothes in preparation for a cooling swim at the lake. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had expected her to show up wearing bra and panties as she had before when we went swimming.

She stopped by a tree and leaned one hand against it and said, “You like”? What’s not to like. Golden hair falling softly on her shoulders framed the face of an angel. Skin which had me thinking of peaches and cream. A light tan accenting the alabaster breasts and proud nipples. Stomach so flat and firm you could bounce quarters off of it. Light golden curls framing her pouting pussy lips. And those legs. God almighty those gorgeous legs. Long without making her appear too tall. The picture still makes an imposing presence in my mind.

I bent and removed my shorts releasing my hardening manhood to the afternoon breeze. I held out one hand and she approached Kastamonu Escort Bayan and took it. We just stared into each others eyes for a few moments. Then I said, “We are not going swimming, are we.” In answer she smiled, shook her head side to side very slowly, and lowered herself into the thick grass growing up from the lake.

That however, is a story for another time. I felt a slight give to the mattress as Chris got on the bed and pulled the sheet up. She slid across the king size bed and nested against my back as she sometimes did when she was feeling horny. I had every intention of ignoring her.

Chris was not going to be ignored. Her hand came up and swirled the hair on my chest before lightly pinching both nipples in turn. She softly massaged my chest before running her hand across my stomach and into the hair above my resting penis. So far my body had not betrayed the fact I was awake.

Chris continued downward but avoided my manhood and traced her fingers across my thighs. Lightly tickling down to my knees. As her hand rose towards my groin her nails left a soft trail behind. Up, up went her fingers until they raked lightly over my balls and my now awakening cock.

The pretense was over. My body was betraying me. I rolled on to my back, sort of stretching to continue the illusion. Looking across at the clock I saw it was only nine thirty. I said, “You are home early. Did you enjoy the play”? Mmmmm she murmured and raised herself only to lay down on me and busy her mouth and tongue on my nipples.

Time for conversation was gone for the moment. Chris kissed her way across my stomach and immediately took my cock into her mouth and sucked it all in. Gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you how great it feels to have your woman take your soft cock in her mouth and bring it to full ready without letting go. Heaven on earth is all I can say. Give it a try ladies, he will love it and to feel him awaken in such an intimate way, well, I bet it helps make your day also.

Chris was now really going to town on my cock. She withdrew completely and blew a soft breath over me. That, combined with the wetness of her mouth caused a cool but delicious chill to go through me. Her head lowered again and took only the head of my now engorged member between her lips and sucked. Her tongue bathed me and teased me to the boiling point. She released me only to run her tongue along the bottom side all the way to my balls which she sucked into her mouth one by one.

This lady was outdoing herself. I mean she was normally good at sucking cock but Escort Kastamonu tonight she was inspired. I mean sensation after sensation went through me and I could only pray for more. She licked her way back to the top and bit the head before engulfing me completely. Did I say completely? I was all the way in her mouth. Her lips resting on the base of my cock at the pubic hair. The head of my dick firmly planted in her throat. This was a first for Chris. Never before had she been able to do this although she had often tried. I thought I had indeed died and gone to heaven.

I reached for her but before my hands barely touched her hair she softly but firmly placed my hands at my sides. Then it began. Sweet torture. Up and down my length she traveled. Slowly at first, then increasing the tempo only to slow down again. Over and over, faster and faster. My hips raised off the bed on their own hoping to stay deeply imbedded in that clasping mouth. My every nerve was taut as a bowstring. I felt a swelling in my nuts and then every muscle in my body began twitching as I unloaded into that hungry throat. I think I yelled out loud but I can’t be sure. The pent up frustration of the whole day was pouring out of me and she didn’t miss a drop.

That was the first time I had been able to cum in her mouth. Chris always said it wasn’t very lady like. I was deflating and still she sucked. Softly now, lovingly as if she were nursing. I was so relaxed I didn’t think I would have the strength to move.

I was about to speak, to tell Chris how beautiful that had been. From across the room I heard Christy say, “Happy birthday darling, Was that good for you? I enjoyed the show.”

What the fuck was going on. Chris was beside me but talking from across the room. I knew it, I had lost my mind. At that moment the drapes opened and Chris was silhouetted in the soft light from the pool. A body left the bed and crossed to Chris. They embraced and kissed, a long seemingly passionate kiss. All I could see was two great bodies pressed together but the only light came from behind them. I couldn’t make out any details.

The kiss broke and one of the ladies left the bedroom. I started to rise but Chris said, “Relax lover, she will be back.” I laid back on the pillow in a semi state of shock. This was more than I could comprehend.

Chris then told me that she didn’t know what to get for my birthday and then she remembered a long ago discussion of fantasies where I had said having two ladies at once was every man’s fantasy.

At that precise moment I heard a car start out front and drive away. “You said she would be back.” I almost cried. To which she replied “Yes my darlin, but I didn’t say when.”

“But I really didn’t have two at once.”

“No,” she said, “but just imagine what you have to look forward to.”

The end. Or is it? Damn, I can’t wait for Christmas.

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