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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 13

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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 13 (Our wedding and more)

Frank and Kathy can hardly believe the changes that have taken place in their lives in the past month and a half. Both have gone form an unhappy, loveless, sexless, life to a life full of love and sex beyond their wildest dreams. They have continued to expand their horizons but they couldn’t imagine what was ahead for them.
This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve, on not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes.

I left my office and headed to lunch. When I turned down the hallway to the cafeteria, I saw Cindy and Beth standing by the door, each had one hand on their hip, the other holding a piece of paper. Both women were giving me a very stern look.

Just before I got to where they were standing, I heard Kathy behind me asking, “What are you two lovely ladies looking so pissed about?”

“What the fuck is this?” Cindy said, as she held up the paper. I took the paper and imminently recognized it was a copy of the wedding invitation. I smiled and said, “You know you can bring Shawn, Paul and the kids, just put four and five in the square.

Cindy frowned, “We just talked last night, why the fuck didn’t you tell us about this then?”

Kathy laughed, “Cindy, who the hell could tell you anything last night. I just got it in that I was pregnant?”

We all went through the cafeteria line, then the four of us set at a table near the back of the room. Kathy and I quickly filled Cindy and Beth in on everything we knew about our wedding.

They only had one question, “Why are the Horton’s giving you a wedding?” Kathy had an answer ready, “Because it is the first that the bride and groom works for the company and we agreed to invite all of our fellow employees that wanted to attend.”

Both women nodded, then Cindy started telling us about their attempt to talk with the kids the night before. She told us the kids asked why they had come to talk with us. Cindy told the kids we were all good friends and the four of them wanted to talk with someone outside the family, to get their opinion.

After a little further discussion Sarah ask if the five kids could talk with us and get our input before the families talked any more. Cindy asks us if we would be willing to talk with the kids, to see what they have to say about all this.

Kathy looked at me, then back at Cindy and Beth, “Could you tell me what we are supposed to say to them and when are supposed to do it?”

“We were hoping they would open up and tell you what they think about the family sex thing and as soon as you can.”

Not knowing what to say, I just shrugged at Kathy, so she told both women, “We have a lot going on this week. We have to go to the formal ware store Wednesday after work for a fitting. We both know what we want so we won’t be there long. If the kids agree, the burger place we all like is about a block away. Go home, get all the kids and we will meet you there. If nothing else, we will all have a good burger and we can get the kids home afterwards. Both women agreed and thanked us for our help.

Hank called my office about an hour after lunch. He reminded me that he and Patty were planning to come to our house after work. He told me they planned to pick up a pizza and just wanted to know if they need to bring something to drink.

I told him to try Nino’s restaurant for the pizza and we had the drinks covered.

Kathy and I headed straight home after work. We showered, dried off, and brushed our hair and teeth and was getting ready to dress. Kathy asked what I thought we should ware. I looked up and down her naked body and smiled. She laughed as we walked naked, from the bathroom and headed to the den.

The phone rang about twenty minutes later and Hank told me they were home and would be at our house I about thirty minutes.

I checked to be sure I had beer and wine fridge, walked into the den to find Kathy setting on the couch. I set down and she cuddles up and placed my hand on her stomach. “Hey baby, do you feel your Daddy’s loving hand.”

When the doorbell rang, we both went to answer the door. When I open the door, Patty walked in first followed close by Hank.

Patty said, “Hello you, yo, ah, HELL YES I LOVE THE OUTFITS! We have one similar to it, would you mind if we ware ours?”

“We would love for you to join us, let me help you…ah, change clothes,” Kathy said as she reached over and started unbutton Patty’s blouse.

“We actually come over tonight to talk with you about something important to us but I guess we can do it just as well naked,” Hank said as he unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor.

As we walked toward the kitchen Kathy and Patty wrap an arm around each other’s waist, then slid their hands sown to each other’s ass cheek. They give each other a little squeeze at the kitchen table, and then Patty and Hank set down as Kathy got the plates and I grabbed the glasses and bottle of wine.

Kathy divided the pizza as I poured the wine.

Patty, Kathy and I were talking about a verity of things as we ate but Hank was very quite as though he was very deep in thought.

We were through with the pizza and on our second glass of wine when Patty suddenly jumped and hollered. Then she smiled at Kathy, “You kinky bitch, you’re trying to toe fuck me. Here let me help you.”

I watched as she wiggled around in her chair a little then saw her move her hands under the table.

I leaned down and looked under the table to see Patty holding Kathy’s foot sideways, rubbing her toes up and down her pussy lips.

When I set back up Hank was smiling as he looking back and forth at the two women. “Kathy, you women are making it hard for me to be serious about the things we come to talk about.”

Patty threw her head back and moaned out, “Give us JJJUUSSTT, OH FUCK, just a minute, I,,AAAHHHH, SHIT, YOU FUCKING BITCH, I’M CUMMING, OH, OH, FFFUUUCCCKKK YYEESS.”

I could see Patty’s arms moving up and down faster and faster as Kathy slipped further down in the chair. Patty slumped back in the chair, her tits rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath…

Kathy moved back from the table and lifted her foot toward me. I took her by the ankle and pulled her toes to my mouth. While I was liking and sucking one toe at a time Kathy was busy working two fingers in and out of the hot, wet pussy with one hand, while brutally massaging her hard clit with the other.

I glanced over to see that Patty had turned her chair around, Hank was on his knees with one of her legs over his shoulder, and I could hear him lapping up Patty’s pussy juice.

As the women were catching, their breath after their very vocal orgasms Hank and I just set quietly and waited..

When we were back to normal, I pointed at Hank, “Okay Brother, it’s all yours.

Hank set for a couple of seconds before he spoke. He asked if we knew that he and Patty had kids. I told him we knew they had a son and daughter but that’s all we knew. Then he asked if we were still okay with being a part of the ‘FAMILY’ and having sex with someone as young as Amie and Morgan.

I told him we were honored and excited about it and sex with someone as young as Amie and Morgan or as old as Walter and Maggie didn’t bother us.

Kathy and I looked at each other and wondered where he was heading with all these questions.

He told us they had a son, Mason who was 15 and a daughter, Samantha who was 13 years old. Because they were part of their family, they had told them Kathy and I were going to be invited into the ’FAMILY’. He also told them the house they would be living in when they moved belongs to Kathy and was near where we lived.

Kathy ask, “That sounds great, so what is the problem here. What is it you’re not telling us?

Hank seems to be struggling with the proper words. Patty reached over, kissed him on the cheek, and gives him a hug.

Patty then told us they liked us a lot and wanted to be honest with us. Hank is afraid if we tell you the whole story you’re going to be upset.

Kathy took Patty’s hands in hers and told her; no matter what it is, we will deal with it, that’s what families do.

Patty smiled, then started talking again. She told us she and Hank had always loved sex and enjoyed having an open family relationship, not just the sex but they thought if a question was worth asking, it deserved an answer and they had always been honest with both kids. Their kids had started asking question about sex when they were about 9 and 11 years old. Within six months, we were having various levels of sexual contact with both of them. It may have been wrong but we allowed then to try anything they wanted to try.

Kathy asked, “What kind of question would a nine year old girl be asking about sex. Patty laughed, then told us, not to brag but our kids are very smart. They both wanted to know more about how babies were made. Then they wanted to see the hole they come out off and the thing that Daddy had to put in the hole.

She told us it has progressed from there, before they were 10 and 12 they were up to eating pussy and sucking cock, both wanted to try anal and Mason fucked Patty along that same time. Sam loves anal but don’t want to be vaginal penetration for now.

Kathy asks how we were involved in all this.

Patty told us both of the kids had asked if the six of us would be able to get together for sex when we moved here.

We fındıkzade escort were afraid to tell you because we all know that what we are doing is actually against the law. We were also afraid you might think we were not only bad parents but also bad people.

Kathy asked who mentioned about having sex with us. Patty told her both the kids had ask about it and we told them we would talk with you and if you said no, they were never to mention it to you.

Kathy looked across the table at out two friends (family) then asked if they wanted an answer right now.

Hank and Patty both nodded. Kathy leaned back a little and peeped under the table, then smiled.

She told them she had a couple of questions before we answered. First, have either of you ever pushed them into doing anything sexy. Second, how do you feel about us joining you and the kits?

Patty told us they had never pushed them into anything, as a matter of fact, most of the time they seem to be a step ahead of them.

You know we really enjoy being with you and it is more than just the sex, If you would be okay with the age thing, we would love to just let thing happen.

Kathy peeped under the table again the back at Hank and Kathy. She got up from the table, walked around and stood between Hank and Patty

She told them she had their answer. I was wondering what she was talking about when she told me to stand up.

I had to move back well away from the table to keep from hitting it with my rock hard cock.

Kathy reached over, took both their hands and pulled their middle fingers to her hot, wet pussy; She smiled as she pushed their fingers to her pussy, what do you suppose made my pussy dripping wed and Frank’s cock hard as a rock. Kathy told them that we really didn’t know what our limit were, we only know we wouldn’t like to be involved with anyone who pushed anyone into doing something they didn’t want to do.

Hank smiled and asked, “Does this mean you don’t think we are a couple of sick fucks?”

“Hank, I think Kathy will agree when I say, I really don’t know if you’re a couple of sick fucks or not. I only know, if you are then we are too, When you guys get settled in just let us know what you would like to do and we’ll be ready. Just as long as everyone agree, we will be okay with it.

Kathy reminded them Nancy would be moving in tomorrow so we may not be able to party here.

Patty asked about our relationship to Nancy, if she was mine or Kathy’s mother. We both laughed and Kathy told them it was my ex-mother-in-law,”

Both their mouths dropped open and together they said, “You gotta be shitting me.” “No, we’re not but we have heard that comment before.”

Patty was look at Kathy and me with a big smile on her face. Kathy asks, “Okay Sister, what’s the big shit eating grin about?”

“Hank told me not to ask but I’ll be leaving tomorrow and will be gone for almost a week. I was just wondering, with all these hard cocks and a hot pussy, if I could be a little greedy and have my way?”

Kathy simply said, “Yes.”

I just looked at Kathy.

She said, Well, I know what she wants. She would like one of you in her pussy, the other in her ass and let her eat my pussy at same time.”

Patty said, “You’re so right, what do you think?”

Kathy started moving things off the kitchen table. I asked her why she was bothering with that now.

She told me it would be the best place to fuck because the piss was going to run onto the floor and it being vinyl, it will be easy to clean up. I’ll right back.”

Kathy walked out of the kitchen and Hank and I moved over by Patty and started kissing and fondling her.
At one point we were both kissing the corner of her mouth, pushing both our tongue’s in to meet her hot tongue and Hank and I were rubbing our tongue together as Patty sucked on them both.

Kathy returned to the kitchen with a bottle of the good lube. She took one of the wine glasses and poured a little wine in it… Patty told us she would like to have Hank in her pussy and me in her ass.

Hank laid back on the table, his hard cock lying back against his stomach. Patty stepped in a chair, then onto the table. She used two fingers to hold her pussy open as she used her other hand to align Hank’s cock with her dripping wet hole.

Kathy was next to move into place standing straddling Hank’s head and her pussy in line with Patty’s mouth.

I stood at the end of the table and watched as Hank’s cock disappeared into Patty’s waiting fuck hole.

Kathy pulled Patty’s head hard into her pussy, causing her body to tilt forward and her ass to lift up a little.

I poured a palm full of the lube and applied it to the crack of Patty’s ass. I moved my fingers around to coat them with the lube. Patty placed a hand on each ass cheek and pulled them as wide apart as she could.

I placed my middle finger against her sphincter and pushed just inside her tight little shit hole. I could feel Hanks hard cock through the thin tissue, so I pushed my finger in and out a few times massaging the bottom of his cock, before I pulled out.

Patty sighed a little as my finger slipped out of her asshole. I didn’t keep her waiting long. I held three fingers close together and pushed then as deep as I could into her tight asshole. She hollered out but pushed back against my fingers.

My cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum as I poured a liberal amount of the lube over the head and used my other hand to spread it around, covering the shaft and on down onto my scrotum.

I glanced up to see Kathy looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes and that mischievous smile on her face.

I smiled back at her as I took my cock in hand, straddled Hanks legs and moved up close behind Patty.

When I had everything lined up just as I wanted it, I jerked my fingers out of her ass and jammed my cock ball beep in her tight little hole.


Patty kept her pussy pushed hard against Hank to begin with, allowing me pound hard into her tight hole.

After several strokes, Patty moved one hand back to my hip and stopped my pounding with my cock about half way out of her ass.

She started moving back and forth, very slow to begin with, grunting or moaning with every move. When she would push her pussy down on Hanks cock, my cock would slide about half way out of her ass. Then she would push pack against my cock to reverse the action.

With just a few moves, Patty had adjusted her movement between Hank and I until she could fuck both of our cocks without either of us slipping out.

I had my hands on her hips but allowed her move as she pleased.

I heard Kathy letting little short groans and as I looked up at her I could see she had a double hand full of Patty’s hair, holding her in place as Kathy fucked her face to her first orgasm.

As soon as Kathy calmed down a bit, she told Hank and me, “Okay men, let me know when you’re about ready to cum, I’ll try to finish up here at the same time.”

Patty stopped moving in and out and started rotating her hips around. Kathy had Patty’s mouth pulled so tight to her pussy her cries and moans were muffed but it was obvious she at the peak of an orgasm.

I heard Hank moan and tell Patty, “Oh yes, soak me with your hot juice you hot bitch.

Patty stopped just a second as she caught her breath, and then started rotating her hips again. She would tighten, and then relax her anal muscles and I knew from Hank’s moans, she was doing the same to Hank

I got in rhythm with her and started using my hands on her hips to help her gyrate faster.

I could feel the tingle in my balls and was about to tell Kathy when I heard say, “Soon, OH YES, VERY SOON.” I announced, “YES, ME TOO.”

Hank hollered out, “NOW, I’m CUMMING NOW.” “YES, ME TOO” I grunted as I looked up at Kathy.

She had a hand full of Patty’s hair, pulling her head back. I couldn’t see the glass but I knew Kathy was holding it just below Patty’s chin.

As Hank shot line after hot line of cum into Patty’s pussy, I was filling her asshole. she was making noises like a wild animal and she was making gargling sounds as Kathy pissed in her mouth.

When Kathy was through pissing, she moved the glass aside and released Patty’s hair, letting her fall forward on Hank’s chest.

I was pumping the last few drops of cum into Patty’s ass when Kathy stepped off the table and walked up next to me.

She had the glass in hand and it was about half-full of the piss and wine. She told the three of us to just stay as we were for the time being.

Kathy placed the glass up near Patty’s asshole and told me to pull my cock out slowly.

I did as I was told and I could see Patty’s asshole gaped open and a small glob of cum rolled out and into the glass.

Kathy told Patty to push the remainder of the cum out of her ass. Patty just looked back at Kathy and smiled.

I could tell she had pulled in on her anal musicales, closing her ass tight, stopping the cum from coming out.

Kathy told her again to push the cum out but Patty didn’t move.

I didn’t even see it coming; I just heard the loud pop as Kathy slapped Patty hard on her ass cheek.

Patty hollered out and a large glob of cum popped out of her ass and into the waiting glass.

“Honey, you need to clean up your mess,” Kathy told me as she took my softening cock deep into her mouth, slowly licking and sucking it clean of my cum.

I leaned over, placed my mouth over Patty’s little rosebud and pushed my tongue inside her asshole. She was so open now I could easily tongue fuck her. I tongued and sucked her asshole until it was clean of all my cum as I could get it.

Kathy told Patty to rise up off Hank’s cock. güngören escort Kathy put her hand up around Hank’s cock, holding the lips of Patty’s pussy as she rose up, letting Hank’s cock side out.

Kathy put the glass over Patty’s pussy, then released her fingers from Patty’s pussy and told her to push the cum out.

Patty didn’t move and only a small dribble of cum dropped into the glass.

I saw this one coming, two hard slaps on Patty’s right ass cheek. Patty screamed and a large glob of cum plopped into the glass.

Kathy ordered Patty, “Move your nasty pussy up to Hank’s mouth and let him clean you up. Frank and I will take care of this end.”

Patty looked back at Kathy and stuck her tongue out at her.

Kathy moved as quickly as a flash, grabbed a double hand full of Patty’s hair, jerked her head up, looked her straight in the eyes and said. “Get your dirty little pussy over my brother’s mouth or I’ll spank your ass so hard you can’t set down for a week.”

Kathy started pulling up and forward until Patty’s pussy was in place over Hanks mouth.

He wasted no time in licking and sucking on his wife’s still wet pussy.

Kathy walked around to the other side of the table, lifted Hank’s cock and placed her lips on one side it.

She rolled her eyes up at me and I knew what she had in mind to do. I placed my lips on the other side of the cock and we kissed and licked our way to the top of his cock.

It didn’t take us long before we had Hank all cleaned. He was still busy eating his wife’s pussy.

Kathy picked up the glass and as I stepped down off the table, she took me by the hand and we walked to the other end of the table,

Kathy stepped up in a chair, and then put one foot on the table, beside Hanks head.

With Kathy standing in the chair her head was a little higher than Patty’s head.

Patty was watching as Kathy put her finger in the glass and stirred it around. Patty licked her lips as though she knew what was coming next.

Kathy took a big mouth full of the mixture from the glass. Then she grabbed Patty by the hair again, pulled her head back, causing her mouth to open at the same time.

I thought Kathy was going to kiss Patty but instead she held her mouth just above Patty’s mouth and let the fluid drizzle out of her mouth, into Patty’s mouth.

Patty gargled a little then used her tongue to push a little out of her mouth and I could see it running down the side of her cheek.

Kathy give me a question look the looked at Patty’s cheek.

“Oh shit yes,” I thought as I leaned over, starting at Patty’s neck and licked up to the corer of her mouth.

She turned, our lips met and she pushed the remaining mixture into my mouth.

Hank started moving around attempting to get from under Patty and off the table, “Hold on, let me get up there, I want some of that.

By the time Hank had moved around in place, Kathy had filled Patty’s mouth again.

This time Patty held her head down and allowed a little of the mixture to drizzle our off her mouth and down her chin.

Hank waited until some of it had dripped of and landed between her tits.

He started licking there and continued up until he met her lips. They kissed passionately, sharing the mixture of wind, cum, spit and pussy juice.

There was only a small amount left in the glass. Kathy swallowed a small amount, and then handed the glass to Patty; she sipped a little, and then passed it to me. I swallowed about half and handed the glass to Hank to finish off.

I told Hank and Patty they could use our shower to clean up. Patty laughed, “Not a chance brother, I’m keeping this until tomorrow morning. I’ll be gone for about a week and I want to keep it as long as I can. I can tell you this, I’ll be thinking of this every time I take a piss or a shit because my pussy and ass will be sore for at least that long.

We all laughed at her comment, then the four of shared tongue swapping, passionate kisses and big hugs before they left for the hotel.

As they pulled out of the drive, I turned to Kathy and started to speak. She just smiled, took me by the hand and we headed to the shower.

While we were enjoying the hot shower, I asked Kathy how she knew Patty wouldn’t get pissed off when she spanked her ass and dominated her the way she did.

Kathy smiled, “Honey, I really don’t know, I could just feel it. I knew it was what she wanted and I wanted to please her.

I ask if she has thought about how things would be different when Nancy moved in tomorrow. “Yes I have, I thought about that before I ever suggested she come stay here. We’ll have to ware clothes in the house now and be more careful about when and where we have sex. I thought about all that but I know she would do the same for you and I feel like she may need a friend more that she just needs someplace to stay.

I looked deep into her eyes and told her, “You’re one hell of woman and I’m one lucky ass to have you in my life.

She kissed me softly on the lips and simply said, “Ditto, plus.”

She walked ahead of me into the bedroom and set on the edge of the bed, “Frank, I know we have a week full with everything that’s going on but I really feel like I need to see the doctor before we leave for our honeymoon.”

I told her we could talk to Cindy and Beth tomorrow morning and see what we can work out.

She kept setting there like she had something else on her mind. “Okay, out with it. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking, we’re supposed to meet with Cindy and Beth’s kids Wednesday and I’ve been thinking about the best way to handle. It’s really tough talking with someone else’s kids about sex.”

I laughed, “Not just about sex but about having sex with each other and maybe with their parents.”

Then Kathy laughed, “Don’t stop there, we may be talking about them having sex with us also, so how do you feel about that?”

I thought about it for a second then told her, “I don’t know where it will lead but I can tell you this, I’ll never push them into doing anything they don’t want to do. If it got to the point of sex between them, and us it would be something everyone agreed on or it would never happen. As for the meeting with them, just try to keep them on the defense. Make it about what they’re doing, what they want to do and what do they know and not what they’re guessing about.”

Tuesday morning we arrived at work a little early to be sure we didn’t miss Cindy and Beth pulled in te parking lot.

They arrived a little early also and Kathy talked with them about working out a time to see the doctor before we left for our honeymoon.

Cindy asked if we could make it after work on Thursday. We agreed that we thought we could if their office will be open that late.

Cindy told us not to worry about that, they just need to tell us a little about the doctors. She told us we would be seeing Dr. Myra Hutchens, she is the OB/GYN. Beth told us we would love everyone there but because her and Cindy were recommending us, they would treat us a little different than they do their other patients.

I told them we need to get to work and we could talk more at lunch. We walked into the plant, Kathy, I hugged and kissed, and as she started walking away, she smiled and waved at someone behind me.

I turned to see old Gus, a big smile on his face and waving back at Kathy.

The morning went fast and it seem like I had just got to work and it was lunchtime.

When I got the cafeteria, Kathy was waiting for me at the door but we didn’t see Cindy or Beth. We selected our food and headed to a table near the back.

We saw Cindy and Beth come in together. Cindy motioned for us to get a table.

They were at our table by the time we set down. Both women seemed to be very excited and Cindy started talking as soon as they set down.

“First, about Doctors H and H. Myra is the OB/GYN and the one you’ll see Thursday. Ken, her husband, is a Pediatrician, so you can stay with the same group for several years. I need to tell you, everyone there knows ALL about us, so they may talk with you in a way you wouldn’t usually hear in a doctor’s office.”

Kathy and I looked at each other then back at Cindy, “What the hell do you mean, they know ALL about us” I asked, feeling a little anger with Cindy.

Cindy gives a little weak smile, “Calm down there Mushroom, I’ll explain. When I was pregnant with Mark, I went to Myra for the first time and Beth went with me. She was asking me questions as she was checking me out. Without even think about what I was saying, I made the remark that we had tried to be careful to be sure Shawn was the father.

Kathy gasped and asks, “Cindy, whet the fuck was you thinking about?”

“Well Hot Pants, it’s very simple, I wasn’t thinking but everyone else in the room was listening. Everything stopped and the doctor asked what I meant; we had tried to be careful. I realized what I had said and I tried to tell her. My mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. Myra told us both, there was a doctor patient privilege and anything we said would be held in confidence, which included Jenny, her nurse.”

Beth spoke up, “Cindy still couldn’t get her mouth to work, so I told her everything. All about the four of us being intimate on a regular bases and though we had tried to be careful, there was a few times that Paul cum in Cindy and Shawn had cum in me when we were ovulate. When we found out Cindy was pregenate we counted back and we’re fairly sure Shawn was the only one to cum in her along that time.”

The nurse giggled a little. Myra smiled and said, “Don’t mind her, her son is two years old and they’re not sure which one of three different men is the donor but they’re sure her and her husband are the loving parents. She’s pregenate again fatih escort but they have been careful this time.

Now Ms. Cindy and Beth, the question I have for you. If the baby is born and favors either Beth or her husban, are any of you going to be upset.”

Beth said they told Myra they had already discused that and everyone was fine with it. It will be Cindy and Shawn’s chield, no matter what.

Kathy asks Cindy, “Just what have you told her about us?”

Cindy replied, “Only that no matter how much you had been sexually involved with others, you had been very careful that Frank was the only one to cum in your pussy until you used the HPT and knew you were pregenate.”

Knowing Cindy, I wasn’t supprised but Kathy asked, “You told her just like that, sex with other people, Frank was the only to cum in my pussy. What the hell did the doctor say to that?”

Cindy smiled, “She said she was looking forward to helping bringing your baby into the world and that you had been a damn sight smarted than me on your first time around.”

As we were leaving the cafeiteria Kathy reminded Cindy and Beth that Nancy would be arriving tonight and ask if we were still on with the kids for Wednesday?

Cindy told us the kids were all excided about talking with us and all five of them would be there.

Kathy was waiting for me in the parking lot when I got there. We were on our way home and for some reason we were both a little excited about Nancy arrival.

When we arrived, there was a small box truck backed in the drive and a car parcked in front of it. When we pulled in the drive, two men stepped out of the truck and Nancy stepped out of her car.

We walked aboud the back of the cars as Nancy walked slowly towards us, looking down at the ground, until about three feet away.

Kathy said, “Welcome home Nancy.”

Nancy looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks; she rushed into our waiting arms. We just stood and held her until she calmed down a little.

Kathy kissed her on the cheek then told her to follow her, they would go look at her room and decide where everything needed to go.

The two men started unloading boxes and were ready to set the furniture off by the time Kathy and Nancy returned.

The men stacked boxes marked, bedroom, on the dolly and we all followed Kathy into the house.

The two women told the men where each item went and they told us “Just relax and we will take of everything.”

The three of us headed for the kitchen where Kathy poured us a glass of wine and we set around the table engaged in small talk while the men finished unloading.

They brought three boxes to the kitchen and Kathy poured them a glass of tea and us another glass of wine.

About ten minutes one of the men come and ask us if we would come check the bedroom to be sure they had everything in the correct place.

When we walked in the bedroom and looked around Nancy started crying again. Everything was in place, even the bed was made and the cover turned back.

Nancy and Kathy give both young men a big hug. They smiled and asked, “Does this mean we did okay?”

I followed them to the truck and offered them a hundred dollar tip. They both thanked me but told me they wouldn’t take it. One of them told me, “Mr. Howard, we have been well paid for what we’ve done today but the fact is, you’re a good friends with Dan and we would have gladly done this free of charge.

I quickly moved both cars and waved as the truck pulled back in the drive.

When I return to the kitche Kathy and Nancy were setting side by side at the table and Kathy was filling in some of the balnks for Nancy about us. They were holding hands and looked like they were involved in a mother, daughter discussion.

When they were through talking, I asked Nancy if she would be okay here by herself if Kathy and I rode to the restaurant to pick up some take out for dinner. She smiled and told us she would be fing.

I called a place near our house and ordered stakes with all the trimmings. As soon as we pulled out of the drive, Kathy asked why I had wanted her to come with me instead of staying there with Nancy.

I told her I wanted to give Nancy a little time alone to adjust to her new home. Kathy smiled as she slid up beside me and placed my hand on her stomach.

The food was ready when we arrived at the restaurant. I added a bottle of wine to the order, and then we were on our way back home.

I pulled in the drive, grabbed the bags of food and the wine, then we went in the house.

I glanced into the kitchen but didn’t see Nancy. We walked across the den and turn to go down the hall.

Kathy and I both stopped dead in our tracks as we saw Nancy coming down the hall toward us, stark naked, except for the towel she was trying to wrap around her wet hair. She was looking down as she tried to tuck the tosel in at the back of her head.

Nancy was only about 5 feet away and I was about to speek when she looks up and saw us standing there.

She screamed jurked the towel off her head and attempted to cover herself. She moved from side to side, started to turn, then changed her mind and just stood there, head dropped down and crying.

Kathy rushed over to her and took Nancy in her arms…”Sssshhhh, hush, hush sweet lady, everything is fine.”

Nancy was trying to stop crying, “I, I’m, ah, damn Kathy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think you would be back this soon. I couldn’t find my hair dryer and was going to you bathroom to see if I could find yours. I go without clothes a lot at home and I didn’t even think about you getting back this quick,”

Kathy put her hand under Nancy’s chin and lifted her face until they were looking each other in the eyes. Kathy told her,”Nancy, Honey, you are at home, you can do anything here that you did at your other house.”

Nancy looked over Kathy’s shoulder and as our eyes met. Nancy spoke in a very low voice, “But Frank will see me, that would be so embarrassing.

Kathy smiled, our Frank has a real eye for beauty, you should not be embarrassed, you are a lovely lady and you are at home. We would both like you to do just as you did before.”

Kathy had to tug hard but finaly pulled the towel out of Nancy’s hands, “Hear, let me dry your hair a little for you.”

Kathy stood in front of Nancy as she started drying the fromt of her hair. I continued to stand where I was, not gawking but not turning away either. I was a little surprised, I had never thought of Nancy in a sexual way but I had to agree with Kathy, she was a lovely lady.

Kathy slowly moved around behind Nancy, drying her hair with the towel as she went. Nancy was now standing before me naked. She was looking down at the floor but I was looking straight at her, still surprised at how attractive she was.

Slowly, she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. She was blushing but still managed a weak smile.

I said the first things that come to mind, “Why don’t we move to the kitchen and eat this great meal before it gets cold,”

Before Nancy could respond Kathy said, “Great idea Frank, I’ll finish drying Nacy’s hair while you set the food out and pour us a glass of the new wine.”

Kathy continued with the towal as she gently pushed Nancy down the hall. Once in the kitchen, Kathy stopped at the end of the table and started running her fingers through Nance’s hair, lifting it to help it air dry it.

I set the food on the table and turned my back to them, to get the knives, forks out and open the wine.

I had just picked up the bottle when I heard Kathy ask Nancy, “Honey, we really want you to feel at home here, so going without your clothes is not a problem. I was just wondering, would you be more comfortalbe if Frank and I also took our clothes off?”

I almost dropped the bottle of wine but I just kept fumbling with the opener, waiting for Nancy’s response.

Everything was very quite for a few seconds, and then Nancy asked. “Is that what you usually do?”

Kathy said, “Yes, most of the time we do, we are very laidback and like to be comfortable at home but we wouldn’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, so we will leave it up to you.”

I waited for Nancy to answer and wondered what I would do if she said it was okay.

By the time I thought it, Nancy said it, “Yes, it will take some getting use to but I think I would like that. You know I’ve not seen a naked man in over twenty years but I promise, I’ll try not to attack Frank, even though I’ve thought about many times.”

She and Kathy laughed and Kathy said, “I know the feeling, only difference is, I do it.” They both continued to laugh.

I could hear the ruffling of clothes behind me and knew Kathy was stripping. “Okay Mr. Howard, shuck them duds and lets eat” Kathy said as they both laughed again.

I thought, “What the hell, might as well join the party,” I quickly kicked off my shoes, pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and stepped out of then as I turned around.

Nancy inhealed quickly, Oh shit, it’s beautiful,” Kathy laughed, leaned down and kissed Nancy on the cheek, “Yes it is honey and I really love it.”

After the meal and most of the bottle of wine was gone, everyone was very relaxed. The women were setting on one the side of the table and I was on the other side. I wasn’t aware of it but I was staring at Nancy’s 40-D cup tits that stood up extremely well for a woman of her age.

She had her elbows on the table with her hands under her chin but I could still see the golbes fairly well. Kathy laughs and said, “Nancy, put your arms down Honey, Frank is trying to get a good look at your tits.”

I could feel my face turning red and Nancy was doing the same but she was smilling as she placed her arms on the table and leaned back. “Damn Kathy, you make me feel so naughty.”

Kathy smiled, “That’s okay Nancy, naughty can be fun, don’t you think so?”

Nancy blushed a very bright read and giggled, “Kathy, to tell you the truth, I don’t really remember, it’s been so long since I was naught but I do believe it was fun.”

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