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Susie dragged herself up the three flights of stairs towards her apartment door. She hated when the elevator was broken and knew it was Murphy’s law that the day she wore her cute 4 inch heels would be the day the elevator was broken. Opening up her apartment door she dropped her purse and bag on the kitchen counter and made her way to the bedroom. She kicked off her high heels and stripped off her skirt and blouse, throwing them on her dresser. Susie climbed onto her bed and reached inside her nightstand for Billy. Billy was her battery operated boyfriend, or Bob as her girlfriends called it. Billy was bright pink and was one of those fancy jackrabbits vibrators made popular on the show “Sex and the City”. She heard that the sales of jackrabbits went through the roof after that episode and Susie admitted she was one of those gullible women who believed the hype. After her first night with Billy she was hooked.

Susie slowly removed her bra and panties and stretched out on the bed. She was so horny and it was the fault of canlı bahis that new intern, George. George was tall and black and so flirty that she was practically drooling every time they chatted. He was probably at least 20 years younger then she but Susie didn’t care. He had these dark brown eyes that looked like liquid chocolate and she had to try hard to concentrate as they talked about advertising revenues and cost overheads when really she just wanted to get him head.

Susie slid Billy inside her soaking wet pussy and moaned. She hadn’t turned it on yet but just the feel of him stretching her entrance felt so good. It had been years since a real cock was inside her and she almost didn’t miss it, almost. Susie pushed Billy deeper, imagining George’s pouty lips wrapped around her hard nipples. Susie rotated him around her pussy, wanting to feel him against each inch of her swollen dripping hole.

Susie flipped onto her tummy and bent her knees; she imagined George’s cock sliding inside her. She wondered if he was smaller bahis siteleri of bigger then Billy. She knew that black guys normally had bigger cocks but Billy was pretty big. As she thought about this she turned Billy to low, feeling him vibrate deep within her. She started grinding her hips back and forth, turning him on high as she shoved him deep against her cervix. She loved the feel of him buzzing against her most sensitive spot. If she pressed too hard or stayed too long on that spot it hurt like hell but if done right it would make her toes curl.

Susie could feel a puddle forming under her so she got up and rushed to the bathroom for a towel. She grabbed a big fluffy purple towel and laid it on the duvet. She was so horny and didn’t want to make a big mess. She turned Billy back on and closed her eyes. She was on her back with her legs in the air. She desperately wished it were George thrusting inside her. She imagined he was kneeling by her legs, watching her breasts jiggle lightly as he called out her name.

Susie bahis şirketleri began to thrust him in and out of her hard and fast. It was rough and hard and fast and that was what she needed. She twisted him around, the cute little rabbit ears pulsing right against her swollen clit. She thrust her hips up faster as she slammed Billy into her pussy. She was dripping everywhere and pushing him up just a bit caused him to vibrate against that soft spongy area that drove her wild.

Susie was panting hard, sweat covered her body and she needed to orgasm and she needed it now. Flipping over onto her side she kept her legs closed and let Billy do his job. She was able to bend her knees just right to keep him inside her as she flicked her nipples with her fingers. Susie rocked back and forth, calling out George’s name as she came all over Billy.

Susie lay still on the bed, Billy deep inside her pussy as she relaxed.

“God you are good baby.”

Susie slid Billy out and licked him clean. She always thanked him or praised after each time he made her cum. She felt silly for doing so but she was single and horny and no one ever heard her doing that. Getting up she put Billy away in her nightstand drawer and went to the bathroom to shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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