Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 66

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 60). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 66 — Party at The Meadows — Pt. 3 of 3


Janet woke me with wonderful feelings as her lips wrapped around my cock and her tongue danced around my glans. Given my sexual performance the night before, I was surprised that I became fully aroused so quickly. When I looked around the room, I saw that a rejuvenated Nils was fucking the hot waitress again next to where Cari slept soundly with her smooth bare back to the fucking couple. God, she had a nice ass and I had fond memories of us making love right where I lay. Beside me, Monica was still asleep on her tummy, but Felicia and Brita were watching Janet toy with my junk.

I stopped the arousing wake-up call. “Janet, darling, I need to go to the bathroom, and I want to save myself for fucking and not waste a shot on a blowjob. I promise I’ll come and find you.”

Janet smiled as she stopped, and said, “It’s a date.”

Brita teased “Oh, I wanted another turn with you too.”

I moaned, “Brit, I know. Me too. We’ll do it. I need more of my pills and a prayer that they’ll all work.”

Janet stroked my hard shaft with her glossy red fingernail, “If you take any more pills you could pound nails with this. You were hard before I started sucking.”

I scooted down the bed to the edge and turned back to her. “Morning wood enhanced by Cialis is a winning combination. Come and let me show you the greatest shower in existence. It has enough room for ten of us, plus sprays from the top and three on your side, and then there are hand units especially designed to help my girlfriends jill off. You can try them all.” I was surprised at my jovial and teasing tone so early in the morning after not much sleep. My eyes were scratchy.

I wandered into the bath followed by Brita, Felicia, and Janet. Shortly after, Cari came in rubbing her eyes awake; I cuddled the relatively unknown girl to me for a morning kiss and she was most accommodating, looking up into my face with a warm smile when we parted. We liked each other. I wasn’t entirely sure she knew who I was, however she was up for some cuddling from this friendly male. I love kissing wet women in my shower as their nude bodies rub against mine. Cari had nice feeling breasts as well as that lovely ass.

We fired up the showers and had a wonderful and relaxing time. Cari made a suggestion that made me wonder why none of us hadn’t thought of it before. As I was kissing her and fingering her slit, she said, “It’s ashamed you don’t have some kind of large waterproof bed in this shower room so we could fuck right here.” She gestured to a large open area right next to us that was sort of wasted space, but still in the large shower stall.

I kissed her sweet lips. “Baby, you win the award for the best idea of the month as far as the house is concerned, except for kissing me in my shower. I’m going to do it real soon. Come back and check it out in a couple of weeks.” Cari looked pleased with herself.

Cari said, “You mean you live here?”

I nodded.

She kissed me again. “Thank you for having me to this wonderful party, and you’re a great host and I love you. Please have me back over and over.” She ground her crotch into my leg as the water cascaded down my back. We kissed again as the steam rose around us.

After the showers we dried off and then meandered through the house in the direction of the kitchen. I could already smell some bacon cooking and hear some conversation. The girls were naked but dry, and I’d tied a bath towel around my waist.

The kitchen contingent consisted of Elsa, Melanie, and five of the waitresses who’d been with us the night before. They were each wearing an apron and nothing else. Every one of them had a sexy ass. I must’ve been an ass man that morning.

Elsa welcomed me with a kiss and explained to the waitresses that this was the preferred greeting to breakfast in the household. Mel and the waitresses each kissed me in enticing ways, and then they moved on to the women I’d arrived with. Nils and the other waitress arrived behind us with similar welcomes. I wondered whether he’d kept the same partner for the entire party; she was cute and had ga-ga eyes for the older European hunk. I hoped we hadn’t created a case of unrequited love.

Melanie took a golf cart down to the cabana and tent area and let those who were awake know that we were serving breakfast ankarada yeni escortlar at the house. Soon, we had about twenty people waiting for food, and more arriving every few minutes from the cabana area and the various corners and bedrooms of the house. A few more people came into the kitchen to help with food prep.

Piles of French toast, omelets, scrambled eggs, and a wide assortment of morning pastries appeared on a buffet table. People were preparing their own plates and then carrying them outside to our patio tables to eat.

After a large group of nude men and women arrived from the cabana and tents served themselves and sat, I did a rough headcount. There were forty-two of us for breakfast, and then I saw five more people trudging up the rise to the house. Nude people trudge in a funny way.

I asked Elsa who sat next to me, “How many people did we have last night?”

She misunderstood me and took my question personally. I got a funny lopsided grin from her, “Well, I got a late start, but I think I made up for it. I did Lucas, Wes, Bob, Rich, Woody, Clark, Peter, and Scott; so that’d be eight. Is that slutty enough for your perverted mind?” She’d counted off each man on her fingers and gave me a separate smile for each tic mark.

I knew she was teasing with the detail so I decided to play it straight. I shook my head. I deeply loved Elsa, and I was glad she could be a wanton tramp part of the time. I laughed, “I meant how many people were at the party last night?”

Elsa blushed, “Oops. Did I just give out too much information?”

“No. I probably would have asked that eventually. I’m surprised the number is so low — only eight.”

Elsa blanched at my taunt and said, “Well, I got started late and then fell asleep after a small gangbang that KC hosted in one of the tents and that I got to participate in.” She thought for a minute and added, “I think there were about eighty people here. When I came up to the house about three-thirty, Marcia told me that a bunch of people had left. So, I think this crowd is what’s left.” She gestured around the patio to all of the tables where people were happily engrossed in conversation. I felt sure the place looked like outdoor breakfast at a nudist colony on a warm sunny day.

Elsa leaned over close to me and whispered, “OK, Mr. Man Slut, how many pussies were you in last night?” She gave me the evil eye but started to laugh because she knew I’d been a busy beaver.

I counted off on my fingers the same way she had, “Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, Monica, Janet, Cari, Brita, Linda, and two of your cute waitresses; so that makes ten, and the party goes on.” I gestured around to everyone, but not so anyone else would notice. I noted that all of my partners were still in attendance.

Elsa accused me of trying to set a record and show up all the other males. I was still partly hard from the heavy dose of chemicals I’d added to my system — all with my doctor’s help, and my towel did have a rise to the front of it as I sat at the table. My doc knew what he was doing. Ten was a personal best and twenty-four hours hadn’t passed. I had noticed that the last few orgasms I involved almost no semen, just that wonderful feeling of cumming inside a warm pussy.

The bright sunshine seemed to squash some of the libidos. People were content to sit around naked and talk. A few of the large sun umbrellas went up, and then about five gallons of suntan lotion got spread around on everyone by everyone else. That was fun, watching the guys doing the girls, and vice versa. There were lots of playful gropes. The pool became very popular.

I had Cari and Janet applying sunscreen on me. They both slathered up my body, but paid particular attention to my semi-hard cock, each woman greasing up my pole repeatedly until I was totally erect again. They each kissed the head as they stopped.

More of the crowd went in the pool and river as they became major attractions when the summer temperatures lay claim to the core of the daylight hours. I noted how free some of the people felt in their nudity. Maybe there really was something enlightening to the experience nudist colonies provided. Until that morning I had been a skeptic.

We all sat around and talked. A game of water polo in the pool became great afternoon sport. I noticed a couple of card games going on beside the pool. Others were content to soak up rays or doze to make up for lost sleep in the nighttime hours when fucking took top priority.

I’d had several epiphanies over the prior evening hours, and most involved providing some kind of great personal experiences for some of my friends. I wondered if before falling in love with the girls whether I would have seen the path to these kindnesses. They seemed clear that morning, and I even went off to my home office and scrawled out several pages of notes while they were still fresh in my mind. I’d start making something happen on my ideas in the coming week.

Lucas and Marcia came through bayan escort ankara the house at different times, checking on the various rooms. I’d just get a wave, smile, and nod from them, and they’d move on. Although they were in their birthday suits like the rest of us, I could tell they were at least partly ‘on duty.’

Marcia made a little diversion when she was checking my office to come by my desk and kiss me. For her efforts, I slowly ran my hand up her muscular leg to her pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into her wetness. Marcia started to ride my hand as she held onto me and kissed me harder. Her small orgasm was rewarding for both of us. I lapped at my hand as she watched. We kissed again, and then she left me alone. I love compliant staff.

About noon, I was back on the patio with Greg and Sean, the two key architects of The Meadows. They’d come back to the house with their wives Kim and Pam. They’d apparently gone home to Greg’s house to sleep the night before instead of staying over. They were surprised to see the rampant nudity, but I watched as they stood by a couple of patio chairs and stripped away their casual clothing to join the fray. Later on, the two men explained that they’d slept with each other’s wife. Greg explained he’d talked to Janet who explained how lusty the act could be; sex was obviously involved.

Pam and Kim made a beeline for me when they were nude. Women have a sexy walk, and these two were positively alluring. Adding to the seductive sway of their hips was the gentle oscillations of their breasts as their upper body moved. The two women surrounded me with kisses and four mounds of tit flesh that I just had to suck on to make them happy.

We were laughing. Elsa and Sheila waylaid Greg and Sean on their way to say hello to me. They were having their own lip locks and groin grinding about twenty feet away. When they parted I noted that both men sported hard-ons that hadn’t been evident a few minutes earlier.


Kim sat next to me on our patio chaise. We were in a circle with Sheila, Pam, Mark, Greg, and Sean. The detritus of our lunch buffet sat in the shade on a long table, but I saw a couple of guests making moves to take the leftover food inside to the kitchen.

Kim asked, “Elsa, I’m kind of new to being this sexually active in my life. How do you rationalize or deal with it, particularly your feelings for Mark and your sisters?”

I chuckled, “Well, I guess we’ll be here talking about this until midnight. There’s not a short answer.”

Pam teased, “Then just give us the Reader’s Digest version. We’ll see whether we want to read the complete book.”

The men leaned forward slightly to not miss a word of my response. I guess this was a hot topic in their lives.

I spoke, “I guess you have to understand that I see love as a spectrum, almost like a forced ranking of people and things I love. At one end are Mark and my sisters. At other are things I don’t like, like that stalker Myron Tanner. Fortunately, he’s gone and there are no others out there posing a threat the way he did. In the middle is a neutral ground where there are the people I see everyday but don’t have any feelings for one way or the other — the checkout man at the grocery store, a clerk at the drugstore, and so on. I’m nice to them, but not in love or even like or lust with any of them. I mean my natural tendency is to be friendly and like someone, but that’s kind of my baseline.

“Come up the scale a little, and I have people I interact with who I really like. There are a bunch of them at work. We have a good team and they’re fun to work with, but is it verging on love — probably not. Further up the scale, are folks I meet that I really like and enjoy in a physical way. Yes, I feel some kind of love for them, but it’s nothing like what I feel for Mark and the others.

“Move up the scale a little further and there is a cluster of my best friends — male and female. We are sexual together, and love the interaction. Greg and Sean are there, and so are you Kim and Pam; beyond that are Mark and my sisters. You get the idea of my scale.”

Kim posed, “So you draw a line of some kind about the sex?”

“It’s a wavy line and varies by the minute,” I responded. “I’m just friendly with some guy I meet, but then if he shows up at one of our parties as a guest I need to re-evaluate him. I need more information. Is he kind, gentle, considerate, funny, tolerant, smart, or what? Do any of my sisters like him? I probably have a whole lot of criteria, but I’d have to think about what they are.

“At a party like this, however, I lower my boundaries in the interest of arousing, sexy fun, experimentation. I guess the environment and setting make a difference too, plus how much of a slut I’m being at the moment. Last night I fucked five guys I’d never met before in a little gangbang KC was having in one of the tents. It was fun, oh so stimulating, and I loved the scene where my sister and I were getting it from escort bayan ankara the guys simultaneously.”

Pam said, “You didn’t say ‘good looking’?”

I shrugged. “I probably have criteria there too, but they’re down the list compared to the others I stated. Look around us. There are only a few bodies here that come close to perfection: stomachs and breasts sag, a few have had surgeries or battles that left scars, a few are overweight, some are skinny, some are dark skin and others pale, some have hair and others are balding, and a lot wear glasses. Perfection is illusive and a dream I’m not married to. I should mention I’m not a size queen when it comes to cocks, although the men in this circle are more than adequately endowed.”

Mark nodded and mumbled, “Thank God.” Our eclectic group laughed. He patted his stomach and the tent in his towel that he still wore.

After reaching next to her and patting Mark’s bulge, Kim urged, “Go back to my question.”

“Oh, yeah. So, I’m oversexed. I got all the ‘be a good girl’ messages growing up, but since then I redefined good to accommodate my physical desires. I don’t have a church or parents or anybody to answer to for my actions other than me. I’ve done some stuff I regret, but overall I’m happy with what I do. Last night I fucked eight men. Is that bad or good?

“The moralists will judge me as a slut. So what? I had a ball. What’s that line from that Billy Joel song, ‘… the sinners have much more fun.’ That’s me. I’m doing what a lot of other people WISH they could be doing — had the risk taking ability to do. I love sex and I practice it with enthusiasm, style, and flare. Fortunately, my family and friends tend to think the same way.” I winked at Sheila who gave me a big grin.

I went on, “Mark and the six of us who are the core family have an open marriage with each other. We love each other, but we fuck other people who we like. It’s a weird distinction, but it works for us.”

Kim pushed, “Don’t you think you’re on the fringe of society?”

Sheila leaned in, “I looked into this. There are over a hundred million family units in this country, roughly speaking. About three to five percent of them live in some kind of plural relationship with other people, and by that I mean more than one other person. That means there are several million households out there in some kind of multiple or plural relationship.

“The idea that a ‘normal’ family contains a mother, father, two kids, a dog, and a cat, and they live in a little home in the suburbs is pure fiction. Only fourteen percent of the family units come close to living that way, and the number is getting smaller every day. Many units are singles. Of course, there’s gay and lesbian too, and then just roommates, and on and on.

“Other statistics suggest that fifteen to twenty percent of the adult population have engaged in swinging sometime in their life, with an estimated four million people currently active. If you come at it from a polyamorous family point of view, the estimate is three to five percent of the family units, so that would be around three to five million family units — minimum of three per unit to qualify, so the number of people involved is large.

“So to your question, Kim, no, we are not a fringe. If anything, the fringe is becoming the trolls that judge us as sinners and place themselves in the role of sanctimonious jurists, gods, and saints. When they do that they all act like effete snobs dealing with an idealistic world rather than the real one. They’re moralists who want to impose their way of thinking on everyone else. Pardon me, but what an egotistical and self-centered way to think. I bet they think the sun shines out of their assholes too.” Sheila had worked up a little anger at the trolls.

Pam asked, “But don’t these open marriages and swinging lead to divorce and all?” She shot Sean a worried glance, but he reached over and held her hand in an affectionate way to reassure her.

Sheila again responded, “In a word, no. I really studied this area because it worried some of us and our relationships within our family. The trolls use that myth to justify monogamy and force it on the rest of us. They haven’t looked at the data. A few reliable surveys of swingers and those in plural relationships show that they are more stable than the simple man-woman relationships where about half of first marriages fail. The marriages not only survive but thrive. Do some of them break apart, sure. But just because they lived that way does not automatically produce a sour ending and a divorce. If anything, it breeds a higher level of tolerance and acceptance. Relationships that were in trouble before involving outside people will continue to be in trouble, maybe even more. Stable relationships often thrive.”

I asked Kim and Pam, “Are you worried about your marriages because of what we’ve done at a few parties?”

The two women looked at each other, and then nodded at me. I turned towards Greg and Sean without saying a word.

Greg and Sean looked surprised and picked up my cue. Greg said, “Kim, doll, why didn’t you say something? I love you and worship the ground you walk on. I haven’t the slightest twinge of wanting to leave you. I sure hope you feel the same way.”

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