Bike Shorts

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Sam looked out the window of his second story bedroom on clear, sunny Saturday afternoon and realized that it would be a perfect time for a bike ride. There was a trail not far from his house and it was just warm enough and late enough in the day that he might see some interesting activity if he wondered off the beaten path. Sam loved biking. He was a naturally stocky guy of average height and biking, along with trips to the squat rack, helped keep his muscular ass from getting sloppy now that he was in his early forties.

He pulled off the polo shirt that he had worn to church with his wife and teenage kids then pulled off the khaki pants and tight briefs underneath. There would be no room for those underneath his chosen biking ensemble. Naked except for a pair of socks he walked over to the dresser that he shared with his wife and pulled open the fourth drawer where he kept his workout clothes. He pulled out a black form-fitting shirt with a collar and a pair black spandex shorts. Many people would consider these shorts as underwear but there were many others – including Sam – who saw them as perfectly acceptable outer garments when engaging in physical activity.

As Sam walked down the stairs his wife caught a glimpse of his riding choices and wrinkled her face, giving him that concerned and stern look that she always gave when she suspected he was up to no good.


“Nothing. I didn’t say anything,” she replied. “…I just think that those shorts are a little revealing…” Jennifer added.

“Yeah, dad” Ian, his oldest son added. “You’re showing everybody your dickprint”.

“These are the best thing to wear when you’re a serious rider like me,” Sam explained. “They prevent chafing.”

“Well you might want to shove a banana or something down there. Just saying,” his son replied.

Sam gave Ian a look that let him know that he was getting very close to crossing the line. He then turned to his wife.

“What about you?” he asked. “Do you think I need to stuff?” Diana ran a hand through Sam’s dirty blond hair and sighed. She had resigned herself to sticking with this marriage until both of the kids were out of the house. It was just three short years away.

“You look very sporty,” she said. “And you have a really nice ass.” With a slap on Sam’s buttocks she sent him out the door knowing that she had fed his ego enough to not have to be bothered with him for the rest of night.


It was about a 1.5 mile ride to trail head near Sam’s home and he got there fairly quickly. His excitement and desire for fitness propelled him. Those things and also the knowledge that as the sun started to set and many of the trail’s patrons left for the day he might get a chance to see some interesting activity if he decided to veer off the paved path. He also knew that even if there was no activity, there would at least a few fit men in tight biking outfits just like his and he could drink in these visuals to keep him going until his next clandestine encounter.

But as Sam started in on the bike trail all other thoughts melted away for a time. His genuine love of riding took over as he worked hard to climb up hill and coasted carelessly downhill. As he neared the end of his ride however, he noticed a large man sitting/leaning against one of concrete tables at the exit of the trail head he had just completed. The man seemed to be looking in his direction and as Sam drew closer he decided that now might be the perfect time for a little break before riding home.

He hopped off his bicycle and walked it over to the table.

“Afternoon,” Sam said casually, taking a seat.

“It sure is,” the man replied.

Sam exhaled deeply. “Perfect day for ride.” He said. “Not too hot. Not too many people around.”

“Yea, it starts to thin out as the sun starts to go down.” The man said, sitting down across from Sam. “Except for certain people.” He added casually.

Now in close proximity Sam was able to check this fellow bike enthusiast out. He was very tall, about 6-2, and muscular. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties and had a completely shaved head which actually looked good on him. Sam thought the bald head made him much more handsome than a head full of thinning hair would have.

“So how was your ride, bike shorts?” The man said, choosing to refer to Sam by his chosen outfit.

“It was pretty good.” Sam replied. “Bike shorts?” he said curious to know why this handsome stranger had chosen to refer to him that way.

“Yeah, well I don’t know your name but I’ve seen you around bedava bahis here before. Always in those tight little shorts.” The man said. His tone had no hint of mockery and Sam even thought he heard a bit of flirtatiousness.

“They’re perfect for riding. Plus… I can’t lie, they show off my best assets.” Sam said, confident in the fact that he had a great ass. Sam wasn’t like most closeted married men. He’d had enough experience to know want he wanted, what he was good at, and what he was willing to do for the right man. His experiences with other men – especially one specific man- had given him the confidence to go after what he wanted.

“Your best assets, huh? You’re right, they do show a lot.” The man said. “Sometimes too much, that’s why I don’t wear ’em” He followed, and slowly started to stand.

“Fuck, that is impressive.” Sam said in surprise as he gazed at this man, wearing khaki shorts but sporting a bulge that snaked down his thigh in a visible dick line and made Sam’s mouth water.

“You’re impressed, huh?”

“Oh yeah, you have a nice one. No way you could hide that in shorts like these.”

It was clear that this man was not expecting the level of openness that Sam was comfortable displaying. Nonetheless he went with it.

“I’m glad you think so. Sometimes when I get hard I can intimidate people.”

“I’m not easily intimidated.” Sam replied. “Especially not when I see something I want.” And there it was. After all of the back and forth Sam had finally come forward and said outright what he wanted.

“So you want me?”

“Sure.” Sam said. He had no problem admitting it. Pride was something he was more than willing to give up for pleasure.

“Too bad we’re out in the open, though.” He added. “I can’t afford to get caught.” Same said, slyly pulling down his left riding glove just enough to show his wedding right before pulling it back up.

“I know a place we could go.” Said the man. He still had not given Sam his name. “Sometimes cops patrol this area to look for guys hooking up. I found this nice little spot out of the way where they won’t look.” Sam wasn’t quite convinced. “You sure about that…and by the way…What should I call you?”

“Just call me Ray. And yeah” he added. “The cops definitely won’t check here. I would know.” He said with a confident wink that made Sam think he knew what was doing. Sam recognized experience when he saw it and slowly started to come around.

“Just follow me and see how you feel about it.” Ray said as he started to stand. Sam took the opportunity to look him over again. He was so tall and well-muscled. His biceps stretched the fabric of his tight black shirt and his shorts, stopping well above the knee, showed powerfully thick thighs. Sam loved a nice set of quads.

“Let me lock up my bike.” He said.

As Ray lead Sam off the paved path of the bike trail a sense of anxiousness arose in Sam. He was following a stranger to an area he’d never been to so they could have sex outdoors. It was sexy and scary at the same time and the excitement made Sam’s heart pound. Soon they came to area where the path dropped off and created a bit of a cove. It wasn’t very far from the trail but the dip in the terrain and the tall bushes provided a very good amount of cover. Sam knew that the only way anyone would see them was if they actually walked right over to the area they were in.

Ray gestured around the area, giving Sam an opportunity to check out his massive arms.

“So what do you think?” he asked.

“I think you’re hot.” Sam said. “I’m also a little nervous. I’ve heard about guys getting arrested out here.”

Ray smiled like he knew exactly when the world was going to end. “You don’t have to worry about that.” He said. “There’s a new cop patrolling this area. He’s fine with this.” Sam realized his meaning. This guy was a cop. He walked closer and stood intimidatingly close to Sam. Sam felt his pulse racing.

“So?” Ray said.

Ray took Sam’s hand and pressed against his crotch. “You feel that?” He asked, intensely.

Sam bit his lip and nodded, now firmly grasping the huge bulge in Ray’s shorts.

“You want it, don’t you?” Ray stated more than asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“Get on your knees.”

Sam knelt down in front of Ray in the clearing next to the bike trail hoping that no one would catch them but at the same time starting not to care. Ray started to reach for the zipper on his tan shorts but Sam pushed his hand away, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his shorts, and pulling both bedava bonus his shorts and underwear down in one fell swoop.

Ray’s already erect penis sprang up and Sam matter-of-factly dove in and started tonguing his balls.

“You married guys really are hungry for it.” Ray said.

“You have no idea.” Sam replied. Holding the now fully hard dick in the palm of his hand, Sam kissed the tip and slowly slid the head into his mouth using his hand to get it nice and wet. Then with no hesitation he slid the entire length of Ray’s dick down his throat. The gag reflex was something Sam had long conquered. Ray groaned deeply as Sam effortlessly stroked and sucked his cock, taking in its full length over and over again.

Losing himself in Sam’s flawless technique, Ray took control. He grabbed his now wet dick and slapped it against Sam’s face and mouth. It was wet and nasty and Sam loved it.

“You wanna get rough with me, don’t you?” Sam said, licking at Ray’s slick cock. To that Ray replied by roughly grabbing the back of Sam’s head and pushing his cock back into his mouth. Sam gasped as the thick head of Ray’s cock forced its way into his throat again and reached down to grab his own. Sliding the front of his spandex shorts down just enough to set his erection free, he started to pleasure himself as he pleasured his new friend. Sam gripped his own hard dick in his right hand and began tugging and the shaft, choking his cock and he choked on Ray’s.

“You got a dirty mouth, don’t you?” Ray goaded.

“Mm hmm” Sam replied, still with a mouth full of hard cock.

“You gonna go home and kiss your wife with that mouth?” Ray asked. Sam slid Ray out of his mouth. “Why, would that turn you on?” he asked, still stroking Ray’s dick with his free hand.

“Does that make you want to cum?” Sam asked. He was loving every minute of this encounter but he knew that it must soon come to an end. “Do me a favor and let me know when.” He said. Sam loved giving blow jobs and occasionally enjoyed swallowing – with the right guy. He also had taken a hot load to face once but realized that that wouldn’t be a good idea in this setting.

“Cum? Oh, I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Ray said. “Pull those shorts all the way down and show me that ass.”

Sam hesitated for a moment, not sure how far he wanted to take this situation in a public setting.

“Don’t worry, the only person who can see is me.” Ray reassured.

Sam looked up at Ray, still holding his wet, hard dick. He took in the vision of Ray’s muscular body towering over him and was filled a new excitement. Then, without another moment of hesitation he reached down, hooking his thumbs into his tight bike shorts and eagerly pushed them down clumsily working to get them past his knees.

“When’s the last time you had a dick in your ass?” Ray asked.

“You mean a real one?” Sam replied. Ray let out a nasty chuckle.

“You like to fuck yourself with dildos?”

“Yeah whenever my wife isn’t around. I like butt plugs too. Sometimes I’ll even put one in and keep it in all day while I’m at work.” Sam had never admitted this to anyone. Now exposed and on knees on the ground he turned over to give ray a good view of his backside. It was smooth and beefy as Sam regularly shaved and could squat 350.

“Fuckin’ nice.” Ray said. “All that bike riding definitely paid off.” Ray got down and grabbed Sam by the hips and grinded his hard cock against him. Sam loved it but it gave him pause.

“Do you have condoms?” he asked.

“Of course.” Ray said.

“What about lube?”

“No but it’ll be fine.”

Sam hesitated. “I don’t know…you’re a lot bigger than the toys I use and it’s been while since-“

“IT’S FINE.” Ray interrupted. “Spit was all we had back when I was in the Marines and I took it just fine.” Sam looked back, intrigued. “Oh did you?”

“THEY” Ray corrected, unconvincingly. “They took it just fine.” “Uh huh” Sam said, watching Ray pull out a condom and roll it over his rock hard dick. “Just take it easy on me.” “Don’t worry I will…at first.” Ray spat into his hand and stroked the fat head of his cock. He couldn’t wait to get inside of Sam but knew he had to take his time.

“Get that ass up.” Ray commanded. Sam spread his knees out on ground and bent over further. Face down, ass up. Soon Sam began to feel the slight pressure of Ray teasing his hole with the head of that amazing cock. Sam thought about how good he knew it would feel once he was all stretched and adjusted to Ray’s size. He couldn’t wait. He felt deneme bonusu himself give as the spit covered head pushed inside him. He let out a painful moan as tip went in and Ray held it there.

“Mmm, just hold it there.” Sam managed to say. He started to grind his ass back and forth feeling himself open up. It didn’t take long. Soon Ray grabbed him by the waist and slide further in. Sam bit his lip to keep from moaning but it didn’t work. All he could do was hope that no one heard.

“Oh fuck,” Sam groaned. “Nice and tight” Ray muttered. Sam was ready now. He wanted to feel every inch Sam started to push back against Ray, grinding his ass rhythmically against Ray’s cock slowly and first and then faster. He clenched his asshole and squeezed Ray’s cock and pushed back and forth against his crotch. It had been so long since the last time he had been dicked and he lost himself in the pleasure of it all.

Ray looked down at Sam’s hot bubble ass as it slide down the length of his shaft over and over again. Sam was really going at it now, bucking his hips wildly and swallowing Ray’s dick with his hole. Ray started to pump Sam’s ass now. Sam, feeling Ray taking control held steady. Ray wasn’t content to just let Sam fuck himself. With both hands on his hips Ray started to ram himself into Sam with full force. Sam tried to contain it but he started to let out muffled moans in spite of his fear of being overheard.

This pushed Ray even farther. He leaned forward and slammed his whole dick into to Sam and held it there. Sam let out a desperate cry.

“You feel that?” Ray whispered into to Sam’s ear with a menacing tone. Before Sam could answer he reared back and began to pound away roughly. He grabbed the back of Sam’s head and pushed it into the dirt. Sam’s bike shorts were around his ankles somewhat hampering his movements as Ray pounded him into the ground. It was rough and gritty and Ray took what he wanted. Sam could think of nothing else but the feeling of getting fucked hard. He moaned and grunted shamelessly letting himself be dominated. Suddenly Ray stopped, pulled out, and flipped his new bottom over. He stood up.

“Suck me off.” He commanded. Sam realized that he had loved the sex but was starting to get self-conscious about the location and the fact that he had just met this man. But laying on the ground looking up at this tall, well-muscled stud he did as he was told. Now, on his knees again he started to masturbate furiously, tugging on his rock hard dick. Ray again took charge pushing his dick into to Sam’s mouth. Sam had heard the term “skullfucking” before but now he was on the receiving end of it.

After several minutes of abusing Sam’s throat Ray pulled out of Sam’s mouth and jerked off rapidly. Soon he began to shoot thick gobs of cum all over Sam’s face. As a reflex, Sam tried to recoil but Ray had a firm and on the back of his head this only turned him on more. After the first load he plunged back into Sam’s mouth for several quick pumps and then had a second orgasm. This time not bothering to even pull out. Sam felt the hot, thick load flood his mouth and gush out down his chin and in spite of himself he came. He moaned with Ray still in his mouth and dribbled ropes of semen onto the ground and into his hands.

Ray was done. Satisfied by a handsome stranger’s mouth and ass. He unceremoniously pulled his khaki shorts up over his massive thighs and powerful ass as Sam tried to make sense of what he had just done. Sam looked around for something to wipe his face with. Still on his knees with his shorts around his ankles he was exposed and would have appreciated some help from the guy he had just had inside him. But, instead he looked up to see the shape of Ray’s ass, fully clothed moving away as Ray walked off without another word.

Sam wiped the cum off the best he could before reaching down to pull up his shorts hoping that there wouldn’t be visible cum stains. Making it back to his bike, he reached into the pouch attached and found some tissue. Then, checking to make sure no one noticed, he splashed some water on his face at the nearby water fountain.

He had never had an experience like that and didn’t know what to make of it. He felt dirty, a little bit used, and more than a little bit sore. But later that night in bed as his sleeping wife lay beside him the memory crept back into his mind. His thought about how he must have looked on his knees behind some shrubbery on a bike trail. On all fours with his naked butt in the air and his shorts around his ankles. Sitting there bewildered with what felt like a gallon of semen on his face. Sam knew that if anyone had found him that way it would have been a disaster. He also knew, as the memories drove him to reach under the covers to touch himself that he would be back at that same spot soon. Ready to do it all again.

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