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Big Sis Gets What… Ch. 04

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Big Sis Gets What She Needs Ch. 04

After a couple of hours I woke up with my brother Hunter still holding onto me, his hands firmly cupping my tits through my black leather bra and his raging hard-on jabbing me in my ass. I guess as we slept we shifted to our sides, so I raised my left leg, reached through my legs and took hold of his raging hard-on. I rubbed it against my pussy and realized I was super wet! Maybe I was having some good dreams? I slid his cock into my pussy and started gyrating on his cock. I guess the feeling of my wet pussy woke up my brother, because I felt him thrust into me deeper as his hands took a firm hold of my tits.

He reached behind me and quickly undid my bra and started pulling on my rock hard nipples. I moaned in delight and leaned into him more. I rolled over onto him so he was on his back and I was laying on him, my back to his chest. Hunter liked this position a lot, because he let go of my nipples, grabbed my legs, held them up high and started slamming his cock into me.

“Ung, oh fuck, oh yeah Hunter, fuck my pussy baby. I never want you to stop fucking me baby. God I love your cock!” I started screaming.

This must have pleased Hunter, because he started fucking me harder with more passion. I could feel his hard as steel cock almost completely exiting my well fucked pussy, then it would slam all the way back in. After about two minutes of this I started cumming all over his cock. I could feel Hunters heart beat on my back and feel his chest heave for more air as he kept slamming me to my core.

I decided to give my pussy a break, so I told Hunter to stop and he let my legs down. I rolled off of him and reached into my nightstand. I pulled out my lube and rolled back onto Hunter. I was once again facing his feet bursa escort bayanlar as I squirted some lube onto my fingers and onto Hunters cock. I jerked Hunters cock with the cool lubricant as I started to rub my lubed fingers onto my anus. I love the feeling of cold lube on my ass. I soon inserted a finger into my ass and worked it in and out at the same speed as I jerked on Hunters cock. I could feel my ass was loosening quickly and I inserted the other finger deep into my ass with ease. After a few minutes I was ready and I removed my fingers from my ass and positioned Hunters cock at my anus. I slowly slid my ass over his cock and let out a deep guttural moan. Hunter moaned loudly as well, and I knew my brother loved fucking me in my ass. I rode him slowly, working all 8 inches of his cock into my ass.

I was surprised my ass could take another cock in it. I love anal sex because it really makes me feel like a naughty dirty girl, but I had never had my ass fucked this many times in a two day period ever. I started wondering if my ass would be ok, but as soon as I felt Hunters pubic hair on my ass cheeks; I forgot all about my poor ass’s condition and started riding him with all my might.

I was making my ass get all the way to the tip of Hunters cock, then slamming it all back in. After just four quick slams, I came hard and fell forward shaking as I held onto Hunters strong muscular legs. Hunter soon grew impatient and sat up, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back up. He wrapped his arms around my chest, pinching my nipples as he lay back down, dragging me back down onto his chest. He once again grabbed my legs and held them high, pointing them straight to my ceiling. We looked like a giant “T” as he lay flat; I bayan sarisin escort bursa lay on his chest, and my legs pointing high into the air as he pistoned his big cock in ad out of my ass.

So there we were, me laying on Hunters well defined chest, my skirt up around my waist, my stocking clad legs pointing to the ceiling, my pussy exposed to whoever could walk in as Hunter see sawed his massive cock into my ass.

Well, as I was moaning like a whore, my ass being filled by my brothers magnificent cock, I zoned out and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings, and did not notice my other brother Jeff had walked into my room and was watching my brother Hunter and I fuck. I guess it was quite a turn on to him, because he had gotten naked and walked up to my bed. I might have been able to see him approach Hunter and I if my legs weren’t blocking my view, but then again, I was moaning so loud and my eyes were shut.

Soon, I felt the bed move and felt something at my pussy’s entrance. Before I could even put two and two together I felt Jeff’s familiar cock slide into my wide gaping super wet pussy. I let out a high pitch squeal and came hard on both of their cocks. I mean it had been a while since I felt Jeff’s enormous 10 inch cock in my pussy and when he just slammed it all in me it took me and my pussy by total surprise. But it was a very welcome surprise! Jeff grabbed my legs, spread them slightly, placed them on his shoulders so I could see his face and started pounding in my pussy with pure animal lust.

I closed my eyes and just let all the feelings overtake me. Here I was again being double penetrated by my brothers, something I have never done before, but found I loved a lot! I loved the feeling of my bursa evi olan eskort pussy and ass being stretched to the max as two rock hard cocks plowed my two gaping willing holes. I had never felt so stuffed and fulfilled ever in my life. I grabbed my nipples and started tweaking them when I felt my legs being pushed against my body. Thank god I was very flexible! When my knees hit my chest, I opened my eyes and saw Jeff looking deep into my eyes. I saw the lust in his eyes, but I saw something else. I was trying to figure it out when my brother Jeff leaned in and kissed me deep. This was the first time I had ever kissed any of my brothers like this. It felt different, but so good. As our tongues danced I felt a familiar feeling hit me and I had a massive orgasm, causing my pussy and asshole to clench tightly on my both of my brothers’ cock. I heard Hunter moan loudly and then felt him bite my neck as he released a massive load of cum deep within my bowels. Jeff panted loudly, shoved his tongue deeper into my mouth, mashing our mouths together as I felt stream after stream of warm cum shoot into my waiting pussy.

Jeff kept kissing me, and Hunter kept licking my neck and ears and nibbling me. I felt my legs tighten up as they were very tired from being flexed so much. I told Jeff, “Why don’t we let my legs rest and I’ll get off of Hunters chest and we can just lay together all three of us until any more urges hit us, OK?”

“Ok,” Jeff said.

“But, if I get any more urges, I get to fuck your ass this time and Hunter can have your pussy or your mouth,” Jeff joked.

“This is all I have to say to that,” I replied. “The next guy who fucks my ass will be the last one of this weekend, because I don’t know if my poor ass can take any more abuse from you two massively hung studs. I don’t want to mess up my ass too much you know?” I laughed.

Jeff and Hunter laughed with me as I lay my head onto Hunters chest and Jeff lay behind me on his side rubbing my soft delicate skin. All three of us fell asleep that way and slept the whole night till we woke up the next morning. But what happens next is another chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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