Big Bra Shop Is Visited By Police

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I had knocked off work early day, hey I deserved it as I’d been working long hours at the office and hadn’t been able to get down to the Bra Shop for a couple of weeks and boy was I missing the girls.

I was relaxing by the pool watching the sun set when a very excited Cathy came running out the back waving a video tape having just arrived home. She said that I wouldn’t believe what happened at the shop today and she was so happy that she had the cameras fitted in the store last week.

I could tell from her sheer excitement that it probably had something to do with at least one of the big titted girls getting their arse fucked off by some big stud but as she started to tell me what happened even I was surprised.

We went in side and she put the tape on and I sat back to watch what happened. I couldn’t believe what I was about to seeÔÇŽ

At about 3pm by the clock on the wall two good looking straping young police officers entered the shop and asked to speak to the manager. Cathy identified herself as the owner and asked what was the problem. The more senior of the two police officers said that there had been a couple of complaints about the store and they were sent to investigate. Playing innocent Cathy asked whatever could be wrong.

The police officer named Ben said that a lady in a nearby shop had complained that on a number of occasions she had heard loud voices and screaming coming from the back room of the Bra Shop and was concerned that someone might be getting hurt. Cathy told me that she couldn’t help but think back to the first time when Chloe took on my massive cock she screamed and wailed like you wouldn’t believe but hey a 13 inch cock stuffing a young tight pussy will do that to a girl!

It was at about this time that Chloe and Marissa appeared from out the back. Cathy had developed a new uniform for the girls to wear in the shop. It was a white jacket open to the waist and a matching short white shirt. Each day the girls would wear matching bras to show off to the customers. Today was red bra day and by the looks on the police officers faces it certainly made an impression.

Chloe was the first to ask what was going on and if they had been naughty ankara du┼čta veren escortlar girls. Ben stammered out that they were just doing a routine investigation. Marissa sidled up to the other officer called Mike and made a comment about what a big baton Mike had. She went on to describe how hard and imposing it was. She asked if she could feel it. Mike looking at Ben agreed that she could hold it. Marissa calmly took the baton from Mike and then commenced to run her hands up and down its imposing shaft.

Ben and Mike could hardly believe their eyes, here was a young lady with massive tits masturbating his baton in front of the two other girls and his partner. Chloe suggested to Marissa that that measure to see how it compared to someone they know. Cathy giggled and said that if that was alright with the officers she would get the tape.

Cathy returned a minute later with the tape and watched as Chloe and Marissa carefully rolled it out along the length of the baton. It measured exactly 13 inches. Chloe excited announced that it was the same size as the biggest cock she had ever taken which by the way she told Ben and Mike belonged to Cathy’s husband. The officers jaws dropped when they heard this confession.

I bet you two have your own big batons there announced Cathy as she invited the officers to continue their investigation in the back office. Cathy closed the store and escorted the officers to the back of the store. Chloe and Marissa were waiting for them having shed their tops and shirts leaving them in the red bras and panties.

Marissa immediately threw herself at Ben and Chloe at Mike. The officers still in shock could hardly move but then was little need as the girls removed their belts and dropped their pants.

Marissa was the first to exclaimed “oh my God, look at the size of this weapon” as she unleashed a cock of massive proportions.

“Fuck, are all officers this well hung!” yelled Chloe her had just pulled another monster out for herself.

What a sight, two buxom girls blowing two hugely hung police officers. This went on for few minutes before Chloe couldn’t resist taking the tape measure to their cocks. Ben came in at ankara feti┼č yapan escortlar huge 10inches but it was Mike who stole the day with his 11.5inch monster.

Ben and Mike agreed that the one with the biggest cock would fuck the one with the biggest tits, after it only seemed fair didn’t it. Ben quickly removed Chloe’s bra and was awestruck by her massive rack which sat up proudly. He carefully placed the tape around her back and brought the tape together at the front were he proudly announced that Chloe was the proud owner of a set of 44 inch tits.

Mike took the tape and in a flash had it around Marissa and announced that her impressive set came in at 40inches. Cathy was quick to point that while Chloe had the the larger measurement Marissa was a GG cup as opposed to Chloe who was a EE. The officers said what the fuck, who cares lets just get it on.

Chloe suggested that they could make it even more fun and placed a table in the middle of the room and bent over raising her tight butt in the air. Marissa did like wise on the other side and the boys new what they had in mind. Mike took his place behind Chloe and Ben did likewise behind Marissa. As they both entered their respective big titted fucks Cathy piped in and said lets see which girl can bring off their big stud first.

The girls always keen to out do each other agreed and the contest was on in earnest. Chloe was thrusting herself back onto Mike massive 11.5inch cock and Mike3 pounded her like there was no tomorrow. She screamed in ecstasy as Mike finally got all of his cock into the hilt. Marissa was still coming to terms with Ben’s size but had now got into a rhythm and was howling and begging Ben to fuck her arse right off to which Ben gladly obliged.

What a sight was, two hugely hung police officers fucking two massively endowed young ladies in the back of a bra shop! The studs were not only big they had staying power which was obviously a result of them being in top physical shape. After 10 minutes the girls were beside themselves, Chloe close to tears from the pounding of Mike’s massive weapon. Marissa was suggesting that Ben would soon split her in half if he didn’t come soon. But neither ankara iranl─▒ escort officer was prepared to lose the contest and juts kept on pounding the ladies.

Finally Cathy suggested that the rules should change and it the winner would now be the stud that could cum on the face of the girl he wasn’t fucking. This would mean that the guys would need to blow a load across the girls back over her head across the table to the other girl. No mean feat but if anyone was going to do it these studs could.

The girls were urging their partners on and teasing the other guy by provocatively massaging their tits and playing with their nipples and daring them to cum on their face.

Ben was the first to try and he whipped out his 10inch cock and stroking it a couple of more times he started to cum. Cum flew across Marissa’s back and over her head only to fall short of Chloe’s face by a couple of inches. It did land on her tits but the rules were clear it had to be on the face to count. As he continued to cum Marissa’s back and hair were drenched in his cum and he was spent.

Chloe begged Mike to do it for her as he prepared to cum. He withdrew his massive cock and jerking it with both hands blew a massive string of cum which sailed over Chloe’s head. Everyone looked on in amazement hardly believing their eyes as a huge wad smacked into Marissa’s pretty face followed by another that hit her right tit. The girls were in raptures as Mike continued to blow shot after shot across the table.

Cathy declared Mike and Chloe the winners. To show there were no hard feelings Chloe lent across the table and licked the cum dripping off Marissa’s tits and face. They kissed and turned to the officers and asked if they were going to be arrested for being naughty girls. The officers just shook their heads, out on there pants and staggered out the door.

Cathy, Chloe and Marissa broke down in laughter as they thought about what had just happened. Cathy said that she couldn’t wait to show me the tape of the whole thing having just recently installed a camera in the back room to catch just this type of a session.

Watching this tape and hearing Cathy describe what had happened had made me extremely horny and I had a raging 13inch hard on in need of some serious loving. Cathy stroked it up and down and giggled as she remembered the police officers baton. We headed back to the pool where Cathy new she would soon be on the receiving end of my massive cock but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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