Better, Much Better

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Becky looked up from where she sat in the corner of the pub, out of the way of everyone and able to see whoever walked in. The paper was spread out in front of her, giving her something to do as she waited, but she wasn’t really taking the articles in. A half-empty vodka, lemon and lime sat sweating on the TV guide, and she lazily traced a finger through the condensed water coating the outside of the glass. It was a hot overcast Sydney evening, summer was here and it was Friday.

The lights were dimmed as the pub moved from afternoon beer o’clock into the evening proper, and Becky looked around again, then down at her watch, back up to the door, then down at the article on some celebrity she had been trying to read. Nikki was late. Again. Just the thought of Nikki made Becky’s focus waver and she stared into middle distance. There was something about her, Becky thought, something different and so, so sexy. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, but Becky was sure going to try!

Becky smelt her before she saw her. That lazy citrus scent that Nikki wore permeated the air around her, and it took a few seconds before Becky realised why her heart had skipped a beat. She looked up quickly and saw Nikki standing before her, grinning down at her, obviously pleased to see her. Becky made a show of looking at her watching, tapping the dial, “And what time do you call this?”

“I’m so sorry. Got held up at work. You right for a drink?”

“Vodka, lemon, lime, thanks.” And with another disarming grin, Nikki turned on her heel and strutted to the bar. Becky could not take her eyes off Nikki’s retreating form, her gaze sliding like honey from Nikki’s shimmering long blonde hair cascading all the way to her waist, down to her pumping round arse, to her pointed tall stiletto heels, clopping with each sexy step. Becky just sighed, and stared.

As Nikki stood at the bar, waiting for the drinks, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of the bar, her face lopsided with a wry little grin. She knew Becky was watching her. Loved to feel the strong gaze of the woman on her body. Becky was a truly beautiful woman, Ruben-esque, feminine, with gorgeous long dark curls, big blue-green eyes, lashes like Bambi, and lips like Angelina Jolie. Nikki had waited her entire adult life for a woman like Becky, a woman who would turn any woman to the dark side.

As Nikki wended her way back to the table in the corner, she saw Becky folding up the paper and smiled. She really was gorgeous. Nikki canlı bahis slid onto the long bench seat Becky had taken, pressing her thigh against Becky’s as she set down the drinks.

“So. How was your day? And cheers!” Nikki raised her glass, her eyes meeting Becky’s, both women happy in each other’s company.

Over the next couple of hours the two talked, flirted, caressed each other subtly. By 10pm the pub was humming, and Becky was holding Nikki’s hand, stroking the soft skin on the inside of Nikki’s wrist. “Are you sure you want to?” Nikki nodded, her golden hair shaking a little with the movement of her head. She’d shrugged out of her tailored suit jacket an hour before, leaving her shoulders bare in a fitted sleeveless top, the low neckline allowing Becky direct sight of her cleavage.

Becky bent her head, soft warm lips pressing to Nikki’s shoulder, kissing gently, tasting her. Becky let her head swing down towards Nikki’s neck, then suddenly her lips were on Nikki’s, slightly open, tongue sliding across into Nikki’s mouth with a little moan. Becky’s hand slid up Nikki’s body, cupping her cheek as she pressed more hungrily, eliciting a long moan from Nikki. They both broke the kiss with a gasp.

“Jesus. That was so different than I thought it would be.” Nikki’s eyes were full of longing as she looked at the more experienced woman, her junior by three years. Becky laughed in delight. “Better than a man?” Nikki nodded emphatically. “Softer. So much better than I thought it would be.”

Becky leant in and kissed Nikki again, lingering and sweet. She stood up abruptly, gathering her jacket and bag. “We should go if we’re not going to get thrown out of here for lewd behaviour!” She smiled down at Nikki, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet.

The bus ride back to Becky’s place was one of the most pleasant she had ever experienced. Nikki held her hand the whole way, pretty brave for a straight girl, she thought to herself. Becky caressed Nikki’s arm lovingly, knowing she must be a little nervous. As deep as they liked each other, this was territory Becky knew Nikki had only covered in her fantasies, with only heterosexual porn and her own imagination to help.

As she slid open the glass door to her little pad, Becky turned back and kissed Nikki again. She just wanted the taste of this beautiful woman’s mouth, the feel of her body quivering just so, the sound of that little moan in her throat. She just wanted Nikki to be happy, to enjoy this part of her sexuality.

Nikki bahis siteleri giggled, emboldened by the kiss and the heat between her thighs. She pulled Becky inside, not bothering to slide the door shut as the two grabbed at each other’s clothes, fumbling with shirt buttons as their mouths pressed together, devouring and tasting. Becky’s lips sucked at Nikki’s neck, tasting the skin and perfume there as Nikki caressed her long hair. They collapsed back on the bed, Nikki straddling Becky in just her burgundy bra and matching g string, the humid odour of her dripping pussy heavy in Becky’s flared nostrils.

Becky pulled Nikki down to her, kissing her furiously, part of her mind unable to grasp that this was really happening. She rolled onto Nikki, feeling Nikki’s fingers trying to unhook her black satin bra, finally freeing her full firm breasts as both women gasped, one in lust, the other in pleasure. Nikki’s lips found Becky’s milk chocolate-coloured nipple, suckling eagerly and feeling it grow stiff in her luscious mouth. Becky watched in awe, Nikki’s eyes suddenly uplifted and locking gaze with Becky’s.

As Nikki suckled, Becky pulled her back on top, disrobing her completely so that Nikki lay naked on Becky’s chest, lips wrapped tight around Becky’s engorged nipple and her hands kneading those glorious breasts. Becky could only moan, sliding her thigh between Nikki’s, so that she finally felt the burning hot wetness of Nikki’s pussy press against her bare skin. With a hot low growl Nikki began grinding her swollen throbbing clit on Becky’s thigh, her pussy soaking Becky’s skin as she sighed in pleasure.

Gradually, Nikki worked off Becky’s panties, slipping her fingers between Becky’s thighs and rubbing the hard clit tentatively. “Is that OK?” she whispered, unsure suddenly of how to touch another woman, wondering if it was similar to how she herself liked to be touched. Becky’s hot moan answered her and she watched in delight as Becky’s eyes closed and she began humping her pussy against Nikki’s fingers.

“I want to taste you,” Nikki murmured, sliding down Becky’s sensual body, kissing her bare skin here and there. She could smell Becky’s arousal, and the hot scent made her own pussy gush. Becky parted her thighs as Nikki nestled between them, watching Nikki’s face as she opened Becky’s pussy slightly with her fingers. Becky was the wettest she’d been in months, and she wasn’t sure if Nikki would be alright with that. Nikki looked with wonder at Becky’s pussy, marvelling bahis şirketleri at how different, and yet the same it was to hers. While Nikki’s was quite discrete, with small lips and a clit that wasn’t particularly prominent, Becky’s labia were meaty, her pussy lips puffy and her clit big and throbbing. Nikki licked at the swollen clit gently and was rewarded with a low moan from Becky. Using her fingers to spread Becky open, Nikki began licking, exploring Becky’s most intimate places, feeling Becky’s thighs shuddering as she tasted and drank the hot juices dripping from her.

Nikki was surprised how much she liked the taste and pushed her whole mouth over Becky’s pussy, suckling and sliding her tongue over Becky’s quivering clit. Becky bucked in delight, skating so close but trying desperately not to thrash around too much in fear Nikki would stop. Nikki watched Becky’s face over the top of the mound, loving the obvious pleasure she was giving Becky, feeling how close Becky was to coming. Nikki pushed a finger into Becky’s wetness, then let it slide down between her cheeks, rubbing wet and slippery on Becky’s tight anus. She sucked on Becky’s thrumming clit hard, letting her tongue press directly on the swollen button as she pushed her finger into Becky’s arse. Suddenly Becky bucked hard, clamping her thighs on Nikki’s head as her pussy erupted. A long low wail emanated from Becky’s full wet lips, her back arching off the ground and her arsehole clenching on Nikki’s finger as hot juice squirted into Nikki’s mouth, catching her by surprise.

“Oh jesus, oh jesus, oh fuck……” Becky’s whole body quivered as wave after wave crashed through her. As she subsided, Nikki slid up her glistening body, her own pussy swollen now and dripping as she ground hard against Becky’s thigh. Becky reached down to cup Nikki’s lovely arse, pressing her harder on Becky’s thigh as she sought Nikki’s lips and tasted her own juices on them. The two women clung to each other, rocking as Nikki’s clit rubbed hard on Becky’s smooth sweaty thigh, kissing, caressing each other’s smooth moist skin.

As Becky held her close Nikki came, hard and long, her guttural moans and whimpers music to Becky’s ears. Becky felt the hot gush of juice flood her thigh as Nikki’s pussy clenched and quivered, her arms tight around her lover’s trembling body as Nikki came. Slowly, Nikki’s climax subsided, leaving both women panting and wrapped in each other’s arms. Becky kissed Nikki’s luscious mouth with a contented sigh, their sweat and juices mingling and dripping off them. They lay drowsily, Becky playing with Nikki’s tousled hair, before asking the question foremost in her mind,

“Was it what you expected, honey?”

“Better. Much, much better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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