Beth’s Room

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A true story…mostly. Some artistic licence has been applied to fill the blanks. Names have been changed to protect the embarrassed. Everyone in this story is obviously over eighteen.

Beth and Dan lay on the bed together. Beth was a tall thin girl with flaming red hair, long legs and a pretty face. Dan, taller still, six two at least, but thin with it, having not filled out completely yet. His long curly hair, unkempt and past his shoulders, mousy in colour with fairer streaks where the sun had bleached it, hung down into Beth’s face.

“One of us is going to have to get a hair cut,” said Beth. Dan snorted in reply “you first”.

They were young and inexperienced. One of a thousand teenage couples finding there way together. They had been going out for a couple of weeks, having met through mutual friends. Beth had made the first move one night in a dirty underground pub that all the music kids hung out at, the doormen little bothered that most were blatantly too young to drink. Dan, having drank too much as usual, was full of bravado and tried to make out that it was no big deal when Beth came across and danced with him. The blaring student music – the pogues, the levellers, crowded house – made conversation difficult and such straight forward approaches where often the best strategy.

Beth told him she had liked him for ages, when they had found a quite corner. Dan tried to make out that he knew all along that she liked him, but it was a lie, a desperate attempt to seem cooler than he felt. They had danced and kissed and talked and kissed and kissed they way that teenagers do. The butterflies fluttering in each of their stomachs, a feeling that might be unpleasant in different circumstances, but which was now all they could feel, apart from each other, a feeling of new love, the excitement of something beginning, a feeling that is often so yearned for but never captured, a feeling that flits away as soon as you try to take hold of it.

That was how it had began and it had matured into a relationship, puppy love perhaps but so very real to the two of them. They sent most of their time kissing and groping, young would be lovers experimenting, but they hadn’t made love yet. It would be Dan’s first time. Beth, on the other-hand, claimed she’d had sex many times before, claimed that at school she used to be called “welly boot top” meaning that her pussy was so well used it was now the size of the top of a Wellington. When she had first told Dan this he had taken it all in, but since he had got to know her more he had begun to doubt it, begun to think that she was as nervous as he and that the story was a cover and a way of gaining some sort of power in their relationship.

Dan’s own sexual experience was limited to steamy fumblings, which built up frustration with no hope of release. He had quickly admitted this to Beth. He saw no point in making himself out to be some stud just to embarrass himself when it came to the deed. Now he hoped that that deed was finally going to be committed. Only three things stood in their way.

Firstly, they lay on Beth bed, in her bedroom, but in her mother’s house. Her mother was watching Tele down stairs but would sometimes come in to check. She trusted Dan no further than she could throw him and wasn’t overly sure of Beth either.

Secondly, Beth herself. Was she ready? Did she really want to go through with this, and surely if she did, it should be more romantic than this, more than some hurried shag in her room. Dan, she knew, would jump at the chance, was desperate to be rid of his virginity (all his mates claimed to have already had sex, although in years to come Dan seriously doubted this, believing that his friends just didn’t have the courage to tell the truth and face the laughter as he had done).

Thirdly, and most tellingly, Julia. Julia was Beth’s friend, fresh from a break up with Dan’s best friend Michael. Dan had often fantasised about Julia when her and Michael were going out and Dan was unattached. Julia was younger than him with long brown wavy hair, sometimes with the odd plait or beads in, going well with her hippy like clothes. She was tall and well proportioned with small pert breast and a beautiful face. So beautiful that Dan new he could never get close to a girl like her.

The only way he did get close to her was through his friend Michael. Dan and Michael were almost inseparable, so much so that he was almost always there when Julia was and he would be left in one room whilst they went into another to be intimate. Dan could often here them through the walls and would grow jealous by the thought of them enjoying each other. This led to Dan’s major crush on Julia, but he knew she was out of his league, so when Beth came along he was more than happy. That may sound like he was settling for second best but he never saw it that way and was always grateful that Beth felt something for him, and returned it in full measure.

However, Julia was the ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar third problem not because of Dan’s crush; Julia was a problem because she lay on the floor beside the bed. Dan and Beth were meant to be alone tonight, but Julia had just broken up with Michael and Beth said she needed some company. Although the occasional hurried word from Beth when she managed to separate herself from Dan could never be described as company.

The only reason Beth’s mother allowed Dan to be here at this time of night was that Julia was there as well. What could they get up to with someone else in the room? Dan wasn’t exactly sure what he could get away with, but he was sick of being a virgin and he was going to push his luck till it snapped.

The TV was on in the corner of the room, with the sound down, and Julia watched it with an intensity achievable only by those who are desperately trying not to watch something else. A stereo played indie and rock quietly.

Dan and Beth necked on the Bed, Beth lying on her back with Dan above her. They kissed passionately. They rubbed their straining bodies against one another, wanting something more but not daring, their mouth spreading wetness over each other. The heat of their breath coming in pants as they pushed themselves upwards to the kind of arousal that only deprivation can bring.

He ran his hand up her hip over her course jeans and slid it under her jumper. His trembling hand the barest whisper against her skin, raising goose bumps and causing her to shiver. Their mouths parted and she looked up into his eyes and let out a stored breath of longing. Her skin was soft and pale and it responded to his touch; the tiny light hairs of her side, almost imperceptible, standing to attention as his hand passed by. She, like her flesh before her, responded to him, running her own hands under his thin top to caress his hot skin. She traced his spine with her hands running from the small of his back, up between his shoulder blades, as far as his clothes would allow. He arched his back lifting himself away from her and smiled at the feeling, that tickling that doesn’t tickle, but instead feels so very good.

The Pixies played in the background. Their angst filled music adding to the intensity of the situation they found themselves in.

Cease to resist, given my goodbyes. Drive my car into the old lo-o-ot.

Dan dropped his head and they kissed, a light, sensual kiss on her full lips. Brushing his mouth past hers and shaking with pent up desire. His chest pressed against hers. He could feel her breasts press against him. Small and pert, milky white breasts encased in their bra still. The softness of them against him felt magnificent, yielding to his hard chest.

Beth savoured the gentle pressure herself. He might be thin yet, but he was rapidly maturing. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him and his young muscles felt firm and toned under her touch. In the back of her mind Beth worried. She had set herself up in this relationship to be the one in control. She didn’t do it out of some megalomania, but just as a protection, a way of moving the relationship along at her own pace, but she could feel her control disappearing. She could feel her defensive wall crumbling, under Dan’s loving ministrations.

They had got this far many times before, only for someone to walk in and force them to stop or for Beth to back out saying that they had gone far enough and she wasn’t ready. The constant build up with no release was an insistent nagging behind their eyes and an ache in the pit of their stomachs right down to their genitals. They had felt a desperate longing before they had even met up that night and now the teasing, the kissing and the urgent caressing were taking them to a new level of need. A need that only a thread of resistance from Beth held in check. That thread fayed with every soft stroke of their hands

Dan raised his body from her again so his hand could resume its slow process up Beth’s skin. His fingers painted designs on her flat stomach making it flex and a shuddering breath to escape her lips. He pushed on, tracing the faint lines of her ribs one by one, before reaching his current goal, her soft, yielding breasts. His hand cupped Beth’s right breast and felt it’s softness and warmth through her plain white bra. Beth half wished she hadn’t worn a bra and was free to be explored, but the other half, the careful, worrying part, wished she had ten vests on to slow him down.

She didn’t have ten vests on however, and as Dan gently squeezed and rubbed her breast, her nipple hardened more and poked up through the material. His fingers quickly centred on that stiff bud, flicking at the end and gently rolling it, causing the material to rub against it. Beth continued to trace his back. Her fingers running up and down his spine, up between his shoulder blades, down to the small of his back, to the highest reaches of his backside. ankara götü büyük escortlar They paused in their caresses as in unspoken agreement they pulled Dan’s top up and over his head. Beth admired his lean body as he raised his top over his head, causing his muscle to play beneath his skin. She ran her fingers up his side and round behind his back to pull him down to her again.

He rested his weight on her as they kissed and Beth opened her legs so Dan could lie between them. He promptly did, and pressed himself against her. Dan’s erection throbbed as he pushed his groin into hers, grinding their loins together through their jeans. Beth responded in kind pushing back and lifting her hips off the bed to expand the contact. They were both becoming lost in their passion and started to rut away at each other, Dan’s hard cock rubbing against his coarse jeans, just feeling the warmth and wetness of Beth’s pussy, a pussy which was now aching and pulsing with suppressed desire.

Julia, for the moment forgotten, lay on the floor not two feet away, staring at the Tele. Staring but not seeing. The only thing her heightened scenes registered was the increasing urgency radiating from the bed. She could hear their breathing getting heavier and heavier with each passing moment. She could almost feel the heat her two friends were generating. Julia tried to watch the show on the tele, tried to listen to the music, tried to concentrate on something else, anything else, but she was drawn back relentlessly to the whispering and soft panting beside her. Like it or not it was getting to her. Her erect nipples poking through her top and the heat between her legs were testament to that. She shifted uncomfortably, trying to rid herself of the tension that was building inside her, but every way she turned only increased it. Twisting to one side, her legs would cross and her tight jeans would rub her hot vagina like a rough hand. Turning the other, her hard nipples brushed against the bedside. And all the time the panting increased…

Dan reached under Beth’s body and undid her bra with one hand, his dexterity surprising himself as much as Beth. He slid his hand under the loosened cup to rub his hand round her breast. It felt hot beneath his fingers and he momentarily lost control, grabbing at her hard and grinding his crotch into her. Beth gasped in shock and not a little pain before Dan mastered himself again.

“Be gentle”, whispered Beth in his ear, as she reached up and awkwardly removed her bra whilst leaving her jumper in place.

Dan believed there must be a finishing school somewhere that taught girls these tricks, but he kept his opinions to himself. Instead he slid both his hand up her jumper to massage her breasts, taking his weight on his elbows. Beth’s hand slid down to encompass Dan’s arse cheeks. She ran her hand around the bottom and then kneaded the cheeks in both hands, mirroring Dan’s gentle ministration to her breasts. She pulled him forward with her hands to continue the grinding they had started, raising her hips to push back at him. Dan didn’t need much encouragement and started pushing into Beth with gusto, keeping his hands on her breasts and rolling her erect nipples.

“Oh god, you’re really turning me on!” he breathed in her ear.

“Not just you baby,” Beth swallowed “I’m so wet it untrue”.

On the floor Julia strained to hear their words. She’s not the only one she thought, feeling her own pants wet against her crotch. She and Michael hadn’t had sex recently as their relationship fell apart and although he had been her first it was something she had got used to. It was something she wanted on a regular basis and she wasn’t getting it. Yet here her friends were almost torturing her with their own intimacy. She was still hurting from the break up, but this was something different, something animal. She couldn’t help but listen and imagine what they were doing not two feet away and her arousal was becoming unbearable.

She rolled onto her side to put her back to her friends and slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Each button seamed to take an age to undo as her hand made it’s way downwards. At last they were all undone and Julia lifted her hip off the floor before easing her Jeans down slightly. Her plain white cotton knickers showed in the v created by her flies. Her finger slowly lifted the elastic and slid underneath.

Julia bit her lip as her finger glided through her sparse pubic her, their progress easily visible through her thin panties. Her hand pushed down, pulling her jeans with it as finally reached her soaking pussy. Unable to contain herself she let out a low moan at her fingers first caress.

“Are you OK Julie?” said Beth breaking away from Dan’s kisses. “Yes, yes” Julia replied, her voice catching slightly as she guiltily whipped her fingers from her dripping pussy.

Beth made to move to the side of the bed to check on her, but Dan quickly caught hold of her and ankara çıtır escortlar planted kisses on her once more. Their tongues slid in and around each other’s mouths, their lips soft and warm then hard and needy. His hand found her breasts once more and their hips resumed their slow urgent grind.

Julia waited a few moments to ensure they were both rapped up in each other again, though she had no need to worry; she could hear the soft smacking of their passionate kisses. More worked up now, she quickly thrust her hand back into her pants and started rubbing her clitoris through her outer lips, not ready yet for direct contact. She worked at it from the side rubbing up and down one lip, relishing in the glorious feeling that spread out from it. As she rubbed the wetness spread all over her pussy and fingers began to get moist. Needing more she reached her other hand down, but her jeans were already tight and she had to ease them down to mid thigh level, once again taking care not to make any noise. Once done she had easy access to her sex and slid both hand into her knickers. Now she rubbed her clit though her lips from both sides, the increased pressure on her little bud causing her to breathe raggedly and bite her lip once more. She listened out for stimulation once again…

Dan was getting seriously horny now. He pulled at Beth’s jumper to take it off, but she moved like a snake.

“No” she hissed “ Beth” her eyes darted right as she spoke indicating the place where her friend lay.

“It alright, her and Michael used to practically shag in front of me, she’ll understand,” he whispered in reply.

“You don’t mind us necking, do you Julia,” He said louder.

“Don’t stop on my account” came the reply, but some quality about in her voice made Dan pause before returning his attention to Beth.

“See, she doesn’t mind, besides if you take it off I can get my mouth round those nipples.”

Beth really was sure but relented anyway and lifted the jumper over her head. Dan stopped breathing as he waited for it to rise, then breathed out heavily as her pert young breasts with their pointed pink nipples came into view. True to his word he dropped his head to her breast and started noisily sucking on her nipples and running his tongue on them inside his mouth. Beth ran her hands through his hair and moaned, a low lust filled groan that she could hold in no longer.

Julia heard her moaning and Dan sucking on her boobs and quickened her wanking. She slid her fingers between her lips and gently pulled them open giving her access to her solid clitoris. She rubbed at it through it hood and squirmed so her jeans dropped further down her thighs. All the time she pictured her two friends writhing together on the bed and listened to their moans and slurping. A brief spurt of worry passed through her mind, what if they caught her, what if Beth’s mam walked in, but she could feel her orgasm approaching and wild horses would get her fingers out of her minge now. Keeping one hand rubbing her clit at ever increasing speed, she reached the other down and thrust two fingers straight up her sopping cunt. She clamped her hot flesh walls around her fingers and squirmed them around inside herself. She could feel her climax building but still wanted more stimulation…

It seemed to Dan that Beth was really getting off on him sucking and kissing her tits so he thought he’d take the plunge. He separated himself from her aching body and reached down to unbutton her jeans. He looked Beth in the eyes as he undid the button; she looked worried and bit her lip but did nothing to stop him. He tugged the zip down revealing her tiny cotton knickers and felt his heart flutter. He eased her jeans down slightly to give him room and slid his hand down.

Beth lay on her back and stared up at Dan. She knew she should stop him. She knew it had gone far enough, that her mam was downstairs and her friend was lying just feet away, but she couldn’t help it. Dan’s constant, persistent attention had worn her down and worked her up so much that she needed to get off and she needed to get off now. He had been working his clever mouth around her nipples and every lick had got her wetter, every suck made her hotter. Now he was sliding his hand down into her knickers. He progressed slowly making his way through her ginger bush. The anticipation was exquisite agony. Millimetre by millimetre his finger tips closed on her aching bud.

Dan’s hand snagged in Beth’s jean on the very brink of her sex. Not wanting to be delayed he pushed and his hand suddenly jumped downwards, his fingers sliding into the hot wet folds of Beth’s pussy. Beth gasped, a hoarse, breathy exclamation of surprise and pleasure. A sound so erotic, so very sexual that it went in Dan’s ears and instantly translated itself to a painful throb in his penis and an almost perceptible increase in pressure in his testicles.

Dan rolled off Beth and lay beside her giving himself more access to her engorged vagina. His fingers played up and down her slit, drinking in her juices and brushing past her clitoris. Every light almost touch sending shivers of pleasure radiating outwards warming her until her whole body glowed.

“Rub it Dan, please, I’m begging you, make me cum”, Whispered Beth.

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