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Beth , Michael: The Next Step

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Beth came down from her shower and found her mom alone in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.

“Mom, I’ve got some news,” Beth said.

“Oh? What kind of news, honey?” Karen asked as she continued rinsing off dishes and placing them in the dishwasher.

“Good news. The best news!!”

Karen stopped what she was doing, turned off the water, and turned to face her daughter. “Best news, huh? Well … don’t just stand there … spit it out!”

“Michael and I have started dating!”

Karen tilted her head, smiled and asked, “So, when did this relationship begin?”

“Today! It was the most amazing thing. Grandma asked me a few days ago whether I had ever thought about dating Michael. I asked her why, and she said, ‘Because Michael looks at you the way your granddad always looked at me. None of those other boys you go out with do that.’ So, that got me thinking. Mom,” she paused.

“Uhmm hmm,” Karen responded, watching her daughter’s face.

“I think I’m in love with him.”

“I think you probably are too.”

“Really? You do? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why?” Karen smiled in a curious way. “Because, Sweetie, this had to be your discovery, not mine.”

They sat at the kitchen table. “I think the world of Michael. We all do,” she said, indicating the rest of Beth’s family, “And, I can’t think of many things that would make me happier than seeing the two of you together. But, my happiness isn’t the issue. Yours is. If you and Michael were meant to be, you had to come to that conclusion on your own. There are a lot of things to admire about Michael, but, as a mother, what I love most about him is that as beautiful as you are on the outside, he loves the you ‘inside.’ How many mothers get to say that about the guys their daughters date and really mean it?”

“Why didn’t I see that, Mom?”

“Probably because you’re normal high school girl who finds it exciting to be asked out by the star quarterback or the class president,” Karen answered. “You know how we eat out every night when we go on vacation, and that’s fun for awhile?”

“Yeah …” Beth answered, not knowing what her mom meant.

“Once we get home, what’s the first thing we usually do?”

“Make a batch of Grandma’s famous spaghetti sauce,” Beth answered with a knowing smile.

“Exactly,” Karen replied. “Michael is a little like that sauce. Scott and those other guys were exciting for awhile, but Michael is the kind of guy you come home to and build a life with … a guy you can depend on … maybe the kind of guy you fall in love with, hmm?”

Beth broke into a huge grin. “Yeah. Yeah, Mom, that’s it.” Then, she continued, “But, Mom, he’s also gorgeous. I love his dark brown, wavy hair and those eyes … Mom, I can get lost in his dark eyes. He’s got a great body, and Mom, his …” She suddenly stopped and blushed.

“He’s got a nice package?” Karen asked with raised eyebrows. “It’s okay to talk about that too, you know. In fact, I’m a pretty big fan of men’s packages myself.” Beth smiled a relieved smile. “You’re right. He’s hot. But, you know what I notice?”

Beth shook her head no.

“When you walk into any room, he locks onto you like a laser. He can’t take his eyes off of you. He focuses on your words. He pays attention to your needs. Darling, you clearly rock his world,” Karen said.

“What’ll Dad think?”

Karen smiled. “You remember the Spring Valley game when Scott had too much to drink and got too forceful with you?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Beth answered with a huff and rolling eyes.

“When I told your father what happened, he was ready to go kick some teenage ass himself,” Karen recalled, shaking her head. “Once I finally got him to calm down, I told him how Michael handled the situation. What impressed your Dad the most was that he knows enough about Michael’s martial arts training to know that he could have easily hurt that boy badly. Instead, Michael did what was necessary to get him to back off, and he stopped so he could concentrate on making sure you were okay. I’ll tell you, in your father’s eyes, Michael grew about ten feet tall that day.”

“So, Daddy will be happy about this?”

“Honey, when you tell him, I bet anything he pops champagne!” Karen said with a chuckle. “In fact, why don’t you go get Michael and tell everyone right now?”

“Okay!” Beth said, as she excitedly ran out the kitchen door.

While Beth ran to get Michael, Karen brought Amy, Bill and Grandma Carrie together in the den. Then, she called Therese on her cell phone, told her the good news and asked if she could drag Dan away from the dance floor at the wedding long enough to get on a speaker phone.

Beth and Michael walked in to find the entire family staring at them in anticipation. They were so taken aback that they just looked at each other and started laughing nervously.

Karen broke the awkward silence, “Well, you two, I understand you have some news?”

Finally, Michael cleared his throat and said, esc şişli “Uhm, yeah. We didn’t expect all this. We … Beth and I are going together.”

“Oh. Where are you two going?” Bill asked in mock innocence.

Beth rolled her eyes. “Dating, Daddy. Michael and I are dating — each other,” she quickly added before her father could ask another annoying question about who they were going to date.

“Hot damn, son! It’s about time!” came the voice of Michael’s father, Dan, over the speakerphone.

“Dad?” Michael asked.

“I’m here too,” Therese added.

“Son, if you didn’t do something soon, I told you’re mom I was going to have to ask Beth out myself!”

Everyone started laughing. “Dad! Competition from my own father?” Michael replied.

“Well, Michael, I figured there ought to be at least one male in the Barrett family smart enough not to let a prize catch like Beth get away!”

“Wow, Mr. Barrett, I had no idea. Now, I’m not sure who I should go out with,” Beth teased. Again, everyone laughed. Michael looked at her with mock tears.

“Listen, honey, this one’s just an old lech. Believe me, you picked the right Barrett,” Therese answered.

“I think this calls for a toast!” Bill shouted above the laughter. Karen and Beth exchanged knowing looks. “Dan and Therese, I assume you have something to use since you are at a wedding?”

“Absolutely,” Dan replied. Karen had already gone into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of champagne, while Bill got five glasses.

Amy, Beth’s 12-year-old sister, raised her eyebrows. “So, I get a glass?”

“A very small glass,” Bill answered. “This is a celebration!”

“A toast,” Bill began, “to my darling Beth and to Michael, who is close to being a son to me as I can imagine.”

“Here! Here!” was shouted all around. Then, Dan said, “Beth, you are definitely like a daughter to us. In fact, Michael was a royal pain in the ass as a baby, so we’re a whole lot better off handling things this way!” Clinks and laughing was heard on both ends of the phone.

“Wait, you guys, this sounds like wedding toasts. We’re not engaged; we’re just dating,” Michael said.

There was a general rumbling of “Rights … sures … Oh, yeahs … etc.” Then, everyone broke out in huge belly laughs.

“What’s so funny?” Michael asked.

“Beth, I’ve had to watch Michael follow you around like a lost puppy for five or six years,” Therese said. Everyone looked at Michael and laughed.

“Thanks, Mom,” Michael said, turning red. Beth laughed the hardest and punched him in the ribs.

“Honey, sometimes the truth hurts,” which brought more guffaws, “But, I know that now that you have finally generated enough brain activity to talk that gorgeous creature into going out with you, you will NEVER let her go! So, Beth, honey, I hope you’re happy, ’cause you’re stuck with him!”

Beth beamed and answered, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be stuck to.” That brought more clinking and cheers.

“Dan and Therese, we better let you get back to your wedding, but we will celebrate this the right way as soon as you return,” Bill said.

“Absolutely!” Dan replied. “Oh, and Beth, don’t let Michael do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Oh, Lord!” Therese exclaimed, “That pretty much means anything goes. I hope you kids have better sense than he does!” Michael and Beth squeezed each other hands while laughter filled the room.

Though there were more jests and laughs, Michael and Beth got lost in each other’s eyes and never heard anything else.


College was the next big challenge. Beth was slated to start at Tech in the fall, and Michael was supposed to be heading to State. A few dozen phone calls and faxes later, and he had secured admission to Tech for the spring. He got a job at en engineering firm where Bill had contacts for the fall, which enabled him to enroll in a class, get a rental house with a roommate and save a little money.

Beth got a room in a freshman dorm, so the house actually made them excited to have a place to go for some privacy. Michael did have a roommate, Keith, who he’d never met.

Freshmen started a week early, so they had the house to themselves for a few days before Keith arrived. “Wow! This place is amazing! How did you find this?” Beth asked when they arrived.

Michael was just as impressed. “I didn’t. Dad did. He arranged the whole thing. Look!” he exclaimed looking out the doors onto a back deck that overlooked a lake.

“How can you afford this?” Beth asked.

“I’ve got a roommate, Keith, and believe it or not, the rent’s cheaper than your dorm room.”

“You can have the dorm room. I’m moving in here,” she said as they stood on the deck.

“Come on,” Michael said as he took Beth by the hand into the house.


“Oh, fuck, that feels good!” Beth panted as Michael vigorously slid in and out of her. Beth was sitting on the kitchen counter, and Michael had his pants around his ankles, and his cock was şişli esc buried in her sweet pussy.

“Right there! Right there!” she whispered as Michael adjusted his angle of penetration to plow into her engorged clit.

“Oh, fuuuuuck!” Beth screamed.

“Oh … God!” Michael grunted as his semen began gushing into her. Beth adored the feeling of hot spunk pounding her cervix, and that usually set her off as well. She flooded his cock with her juices and screamed as her pussy exploded into orgasmic spasms.

When they came down from their high, Michael buried his head on her shoulder and said, “Oh, fuck, that was amazing!”

“No fucking kidding,” Beth replied. “That makes every room except the bedroom, and we haven’t even been here 24 hours!”

Michael smiled and looked at her. “I know. I’m saving that for after dinner … dessert, if you will.”

“Ooooh … fancy talk, there, college boy.”

“Just wait, college girl. It’s going to get a whole lot fancier tonight!” he said with raised eyebrows.

“Mmmm … what do you have in mind?”

“Ravishing your body until you beg for mercy,” he said as he began nibbling at her neck.

Ahhh … you definitely know how to do that,” she said as her eyes closed, enjoying his kisses and nips to her neck.

“That’s nothing,” Michael said. He gave her one more nibble, followed by a big, wet kiss. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back lovingly.

“I am SO glad the pill was invented,” she said. “I just love the feeling of you cumming inside me.” Michael smiled at her and kissed her head.

“This guy at work told me about this Italian restaurant off of 56 that sounds very romantic. How about it? It’ll be a good way to officially break in the house.”

“Sounds great,” she answered, looking into his deep brown eyes, “But I think we’ve done a pretty good job of breaking in the place already.”

“So, true. Do you think we’d get a better table if I went like this,” Michael said as he tossed his hips and made his dick wave in the air.

“If we get a waitress who’s as horny as me,” she said as she gave his crank a yank. “Then again, we could get a horny waiter.”

Michael raised his eyebrows and hurriedly pulled up his pants. Beth rolled her eyes, hopped off the counter and headed for the shower. “Joining me?” she asked as she disappeared into the bathroom.

“Every chance I get,” answered Michael as he followed her.


The place was called, Antonio’s. Michael ordered veal marsala and Beth ordered pesto ravioli. They got a bottle of red wine and enjoyed a terrific evening. When the waiter asked if they would like dessert, Michael looked at Beth and said, “I’ve already got dessert, thanks.”

The waiter smiled at Beth, looked at Michael, and said, “Yes you do, sir, and if I might add, you have most excellent taste.”

Michael never stopped looking at Beth and replied, “Yes I do.” Michael left him a hefty tip, and they went back home.

He opened a bottle of asti spumonte, lit several candles, put on some soft music, and walked over to Beth. He didn’t say a word. He just looked into her eyes and started unbuttoning her blouse. She knew he loved undressing her, so she let him take control. Next, he unhooked her bra and slid it off her arms.

Michael put his flat hands behind her back and pressed her nipple into his mouth. Beth was a runner and had the sleek body of an athlete. Her breasts weren’t huge but they were firm and ripe. Michael gently nipped and sucked on her dark, rigid bud. Beth moaned her approval. Then, he picked her up and laid her on the bed. He took off her shoes and kissed her toes. He unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her exquisite legs. Beth’s lean, sinewy legs were Michael’s favorite feature. No matter what he was doing, when he got to the part where her legs came into view, he always stopped and admired them. Beth knew how he felt and always got a tingle inside watching him look at her.

Next, he reached down and tugged her white, lacy panties down those perfect legs. He kissed each leg in various places as her panties made their journey. When they were completely off, he sniffed them and tossed them on the chair with her other clothes. Michael then removed all of his clothes, while Beth watched the show.

Michael picked up a bottle of coconut oil off the nightstand, poured a small amount into his hand and gave her a long, slow foot massage. Beth was in heaven. She loved having her feet rubbed. Michael loved giving her pleasure, but he also loved looking at her naked body laid out before him. He continued the massage up each leg, draping her legs over his shoulders and he worked and kissing them.

When he reached her pussy, he switched his focus to her chest and spent some time rubbing her abdomen and breasts. He used the pads of his fingers to rub her breasts in circles. He cupped them and rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. Beth had her eyes closed most of the time so she could şişli bayan escort concentrate on his touch. At one point, she reached down to stroke his penis, but he took her hand away, kissed it and said that was for later. She didn’t argue.

Then, Michael did something unexpected. He pulled three silk scarves out of the nightstand. He tied each hand to a different bedpost. He used the third scarf to blindfold her. She started to ask what he was doing, and he just kissed her and said, “Shhhhhhh.”

Next, Michael used his oily fingertips to lightly stroke her sensitive areas: her breasts, the sides of her abdomen, her inner thighs, under her arms, and all around her vaginal area. He saved that for last.

Michael put some more oil on his hands and used his palm and fingers to rub her vulva. He was careful not to touch her clit and didn’t spend much time on her entrance. He lifted her legs on his shoulders and rubbed her cheeks and anus, reaching down to kiss her opening.

Next, Michael went to fill a bowl with very warm water and a cloth. He also got some ice from the kitchen. Michael took the hot cloth and placed it against her pussy lips. He held it there to allow the warmth to draw her blood to the area. Next, he placed an ice cube between his teeth and began touching her sensitive pussy with it. She gasped and stiffened at the harsh difference in the sensation. He rubbed the cube up and down her slit and moved it around her bud. Then, he placed his warm tongue on her clit and used the tip of his tongue to open her chamber wider. He flattened his tongue and bobbed his head up and down her gash, then replaced it with the ice cube and did the same thing. Again, she gasped.

He climbed onto the bed and rubbed the tip of his swollen cock against her private canal. He stuck the head in, but quickly withdrew it. Then, he planted it against her sex, while he bent down to alternately suck her nipples into his mouth. As he sucked, he put an index finger in her love channel and fucked her slowly with it. Then, he rubbed her G-spot and began sucking more passionately on her nipples.

Since Beth had no way of knowing what sensation would be next or where it would be centered, she found herself in a state of constant arousal. She gasped and moaned and held her breath as he worked his magic.

Michael then inserted a second finger into her slick channel and moved his mouth down to her throbbing clit. He knew her signs very well by now and brought her just to the edge of orgasm three times before backing off. She pushed her sex at him, feverishly searching for relief. After the third time, he used his free hand to press down on her abdomen over her G-spot as he rubbed her from the inside with the pads of his fingers. He sucked her aching clit onto his tongue and swirled it until it ignited a shattering orgasm. Michael knew he had to hold onto her thrashing body tightly to remain in control. “Ah Ah Ah Ah!” was all she could vocalize as her orgasm fell over her like a waterfall.

Beth was always very wet, but she was in such rapture that she ejaculated sexual liquid at him in the throes of her passion. The walls of her cunt rippled along his fingers. Her orgasm seem to go one for hours, but, at last, her body relaxed, and her writhing subsided. Michael released her tender clit and pulled his sodden fingers from her drenched vagina. While she recovered, he untied her hands and took the scarf from her eyes. Then, he laid his body along side her and waited for her to react.

“Oh, my God, Michael! Every time I think you’ve reached your limit, you take me to a higher plane. That was astounding! I think I actually peed from that orgasm.”

“You didn’t pee. You had a female ejaculation. You shot pussy juice all over me!”

“Jesus! I’ve never done that before.”

“Remember … I am an honors graduate of Sodomy U,” he said as he grinned.

“You must be the valedictorian. I don’t know how you’ll top that.”

She opened her eyes for the first time and looked at him. “Thank you.”

He beamed. “As much as I am addicted to making love with you, I sometimes feel like I enjoy giving you pleasure like this even more.”

She called for him with her arms. They kissed for a long time. Finally, she reached down and took his stiff dick in her hand and started guiding him toward her happy, happy pussy. Michael took the cue and moved into position. He lubed himself again with her liquid and plunged in with one giant thrust.

Usually, Michael was a slow gentle lover. Tonight, he was an animal. That was his plan. He knew how wet and ready she was, so he rammed in and started fucking her in a wild, uninhibited way.

“I love your pussy … your wet, tight pussy holding me like a fucking glove … Jesus, you feel so fucking good.” All the time, he was feverishly humping. Beth was overwhelmed by this burst of passion, and she wrapped her long legs around his body.

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard with that big canon of yours. God, I love your giant cock filling me. Michael, it feels so good. Go deeper. Yes, oh, yes. That’s so fucking good!”

The dirty talk was affecting him and made him drive his steel piston rapidly in and out of her. He gyrated his hips so he could stroke her clit with every plunge.

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