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Disclaimer: So what if there really is a fraternity named Beta-Kappa-Delta? Grow up, it’s just a damn story.

Whoever came up with ‘Hell Week’ should be hogtied and put in front of a firing squad. The things frat boys will make a guy go through in order to join their ranks is positively obscene. There were fifteen of us. It was known right off the bat that by the time the week is over, most of us won’t still be here. I, for one was determined not to fall. My father was a member of Beta-Kappa-Delta, as was his father before him and his father before him. I was encouraged…nay…_expected_ to accomplish nothing less. My father and grandfather were still alive and they have to be the hardest men to please in the history of mankind. Throughout my life, I always felt that nothing I did was ever good enough…until I got accepted to this college on a sports scholarship. Then suddenly, it was as if the Heavens parted and I, the once invisible middle child was a ray of hope for the entire family. I had an older sister who was a straight-A student, Valedictorian and president of her college debate team. When my younger brother came out of the closet to my parents last year, they kicked him out. This should give you some idea of what is at stake here.

The gentlemen standing next to me in a straight line right now have drive and determination written all over their faces. Of course, right now, most of that drive and determination has been covered up with various Avon products and long, frizzy wigs. In the four days we’ve been at this, we’ve been subjected to numerous humiliating, mortifying and even hazardous trials. Some of us have had to attend class wearing maxi pads on the outside of our pants, some have been forced to dress like a woman, carry a log of dog shit in one hand for an entire day without putting it down, some still have been raided in the showers, some have had to go on meaningless scavenger hunts through teacher’s desks and offices, and as for me, I had to be a man-slave for a day. I was assigned to one of the frat brothers and was expected to wait on him hand and foot, grant his every wish and crawl around on my knees and beg for kindness when other students were around. I was to do all this wearing a tight black, spaghetti-strap dress and a long blond wig. Todd, my “master” even went so far as to have me paint my nails and shave my legs. I’m uncomfortable, embarrassed and itchy and all I want is to get this over with.

“Hey, slave, go down the hall and get me a soda.” Todd grins down at me as I get up from crouching at his feet in the cafeteria. It seemed like everyone in the whole school was here and laughing at me. Truth be told, I was happy to get out of here for a few minutes. I hated doing this for Todd, he is such a cocky asshole. He’s been groping and feeling me up all day, trying to maximize my humiliation. When I’d been idle, he’s made me crouch down in between his legs and hold on to his knees, and a few times made me rest my head in his lap during class. When I struggle to my feet in my awkward heels, Todd cups my ass firmly with one hand as he puts a few quarters into my palm. “Hurry back, sweet cakes.” As I scurry off with a bitter scowl, I hear him whack his friend on the shoulder. “He looks real good in a dress, doesn’t he? Almost like he’s used to it. Heh heh.”

“Fucking bastard…” I mumble to myself, pumping the quarters into the soda machine angrily. “When I get accepted, I’m gonna get you back soooooo bad, you son of a bitch.” I push the button and the frigging machine jams. I pound on it mercilessly.

“Hey, miss, you need some help?” I feel a strong hand place itself gently on my shoulder.

I turn around angrily, gritting my teeth. “Piss off, asshole!” I’m even more humiliated when I see that it’s some guy from my Soccer team, Billy, a tall, muscular brunette who’s always been friendly to me.

Billy jerks back in astonishment, his green eyes wide, his strong, chiseled jaw slacked. “Nelson?? Izzat you?! Sorry, man, I didn’t…”

I frown, wrapping my arms around myself and turning my face away from him. “It’s okay. I’m only doing this to get into a frat.”

He smiles, putting his hands in his pockets nervously. “I figured as much. You okay? I didn’t mean to piss you off.” I glance up at him and he’s making this sad face. He was one of those guys that looked his best when he did that. It makes me smile and shake my head.

“I’m fine. I just…I mean, this soda machine is against me. This frat guy wants me to go fetch him some diet coke and it just ate the quarters…and I can’t carry money in this thing and…”

“Nelson, relax. This machine’s pretty tricky. You just gotta know how to handle it.” He digs out 75 cents out of the tight jeans he poured himself into this morning, presses the bar until it says it needs the money, then he drops them in. And what do ya’ know? Bing, bang, boom, here comes the soda can. He even bends over and gets it for me so I won’t have to in this dress. I thank him and canlı bahis şirketleri as he passes me the can, our hands touch. Right then, I could swear that an energy passes between us. We’re looking into each other’s eyes and he bites his lip. I’m the first to blink and recoil, holding the can into my stuffed chest shyly. The break of contact leaves me feeling a little chilly.

“Thanks a lot, Billy. I hope I’ll see you Monday for practice. I’ll pay you back then.”

“He grins wide and waves a hand at me. “Aw, don’t worry about it. It’s 75 cents; it won’t make or break me. I’ll definitely see you there.”

“Cool, thanks again.” I smile at him then turn to leave. He’s just standing there, watching me with an awkward smirk. He was good-looking enough to be a movie star; twice as good-looking as most of the so-called “heartthrobs” I see girls fawning over in magazines. I suddenly realize what I’m thinking and stop myself, quickly scurrying out of the room. Was it being dressed up like this that was making me see Billy as attractive? I mean, I’ve never been attracted to a man before in my life, why start now?

Alright, getting rock-hard at the dinner table when my brother announced that he was gay doesn’t count.

“Ahh, there you are, slave. What took you so long? I nearly died of thirst!” I should be so lucky.

“The machine wasn’t cooperative, Master.” I kneel back down when he notions me to with a forefinger.

“Is that a wig, Todd?” One of his friends, this airhead cheerleader tugs as my wig, pulling it off of me. “Omigawd! It looked like his real hair!” I run a hand through my real hair, shaggy and dirty blond with long bangs that halfway covered my blue eyes with thick blond lashes. My slender face was likewise covered in soft, golden peach fuzz. How I longed for it to one day grow into a beard so I’d no longer look like an abnormally athletic twelve-year old.

“Leave my slave alone, Patti, you can have him tonight if you’re good.” Todd traces my jaw line with a finger, staring deep into my eyes before slapping my wig back on and commanding me to put my head in his lap. I shut my eyes in horror at the thought of that anorexic demon hag having her way with me, but nothing was more important that getting into the frat, was it?

The more I endured, the less positive of that fact I became. Thankfully, Patti had a party to go to that night so I was merely forced to crawl around on the floor and bark like a dog for all the drunk frat brothers at a party they had just for themselves and a few close friends, I was forced to let them fondle me, make me lick tequila off their chests and hump their legs. During the party, of all people, Billy walks in and joins the bash. There were other recruits there, but ironically, I’m the first one he sees. When he spots me, Todd is grabbing the back of my neck, forcing me to suck Tequila from his friend’s nipples. I can see Billy from the corner of my eye and it makes me want to run out of the room crying.

I could see that he wanted to rescue me, but he merely stands there looking helpless. Billy watches as I’m forced to make my rounds, handing a little bit more of my dignity over to every guy in the room. By the time I get to Billy, my pink lipstick is smudged all over my face, my wig is god-knows-where and one of the straps on my dress is broken. And to make matters worse, my eyes are clouded and glossy with humiliation. I can’t even bring myself to look him in the face.

Billy takes one look at me and squints defensively at Todd. “Jesus, man. Go easy on the kid, will ya? He looks like he wants to curl up and DIE, for crying out loud.”

“Oh, I’m sure he does.” Todd holds up the half-bottle of tequila with a wry smile. “C’mon, Will. Take off the shirt. He’s gotten pretty good at this.”

“I think I’ll pass this time, man.” Billy holds his hands up to emphasize. “I also think I remember something about a Trig exam tomorrow. You guys should start packing up for tonight and get some sleep.” His eyes dart to mine, giving me a sympathetic raise of his eyebrows.

“Sleep??” Todd laughs drunkenly. “What’s that? If I ain’t never heard of it, I certainly don’t need it. But thanks for the concern, mommy. The kegs are on the left. See ‘ya later.” He chuckles some more and yanks me to the next guy.

During the course of the night, as the brothers get drunker, the fondling get rougher and the acts get more obscene. By now, I myself am so drunk, I couldn’t stand up and walk now if I wanted to. Todd is drunker than I am, and the fact that he’s still upright defies all known laws of physics. He leads me by my leash to a few guys sitting on a couch, and orders me to take out one of their dicks and stroke it.

As wasted as I am, I still have morals. “Todd, please, don’t make me do thi-”

“Hey!” He slurs back at me, spittle flying from his curved lips. “Did I ask you, bitch? Take out his fucking cock, goddammit!”

“Todd, fucking calm down, man.” One canlı kaçak iddaa of his friends nudges his shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s goin’ a little too far, dude.” Another one states. I would have said something in my own defense, but right about then, I pass out cold, and the last thing I hear is the thud my own body makes hitting the filthy, cold wooden floor.

When I wake up, I’m in a dorm room that isn’t my own. It’s dark and I still feel very drunk. I’m lying in a bed with thick, plush pillows and quilts and I feel someone’s warm hands on my back and shoulder. Something told me it was Billy who was with me. I feel his hand caressing my shoulder, easing the one strap down. His other hand slides to my upper thigh, riding the tight black dress slowly up to my waist. The dress is soaking wet and reeks off booze. He uses both hands now to feel up my thighs and hips from under the clingy fabric. His elbow grazes my throbbing hard-on, and when his lips come a fraction of an inch away from mine, I realize I’m panting and sweating. I knew it was wrong for me to get this incredibly turned on by another man, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was for him to take advantage of me in my weakened and willing state, and I’d worry about regretting it tomorrow. Each time I feel his hands caress my tender flesh, my cock jumps and I get dizzy with desire. His lips are still hovering directly over mine, seemingly getting a kick out of hearing me gasp and pant. I trace his soft, plump lips with the very tip of my tongue, urging him to continue.

His breathing becomes labored as well. “How long were you up?”

“A while now.” I wrap my arms around him when he starts to pull away. “No, please, keep going. I want you really bad, Billy.”

“I want you too, Nelson…I’ve wanted you ever since we first met.”

“Well, you have me…now what are you going to do with me?” I smile coyly, sliding my fingers through his short black hair. He responds by sliding his tongue into my mouth, French-kissing me madly, feeling me up and down with pent-up desire. I passionately reciprocate, wrapping my legs around his waist, raking my nails down the trembling flesh of his lower back. He begins dry humping me, and I can feel just how rigid his cock is, even through his jeans. “Billy…” I gasp out in between kisses. “Take off your clothes!” He immediately slides off his shirt and lifts himself off of me to pull his pants off. Surprisingly, he isn’t wearing any underwear. He grips his aching member, already drooling pre-cum onto my exposed stomach.

He lowers himself down and wraps his arms completely around me, grinding his wet prick into mine. “Nelson, I need to be inside you…I swear to GOD I’ll be gentle, please let me, baby, I need you.” He caps his plea off by sucking and ravaging my neck and shoulders, making me toss my head back and moan out loudly. His hands reach under me, cupping both ass cheeks and gripping onto them tight.

“Yes…okay, but please be careful.” I shut my eyes when I agree, suddenly nervous but no less positive about wanting this man. He reaches in his night table drawer and pulls out a little tube of flavored jelly. Pouring a generous helping all over his middle finger. He climbs down and slips my cock deep into his mouth. I yelp out in pleasure and grab his head, guiding it up and down, fucking his face as he slowly works his lubed finger into my virgin pucker. It hurts a little, but his mouth is a very good distraction at the moment. He licks all the way up the veined shaft, over the sensitive head and back down again, keeping a steady rhythm. I let out a long, loud groan when he reaches all the way to the knuckle and yet keeps pushing into my ass anyway. I can’t believe the way he’s making me feel. My cock has never been this hard, ever. It feels like if he keeps it up, I might explode rather than cum. “If you wanna fuck me, do it, cause I’m not far from completion.” The thought of him fucking me wasn’t all that scary anymore, because I was developing a hunger for something more in my tight ass, something bigger. He pumps his finger into me a few more times, making me writhe and squeal. He slowly pulls it out, ramming my cock down his throat hard and slow. It was making me crazy.

He sucks my dick for a few seconds after he pulls his finger out, then grabs the jelly again, smearing a small helping all over his swollen meat. He gulps hard and drops the tube off the bed, grabbing my dress, which was still bunched up above my waist. With both hands he yanks it back down over me. He uses his lubed fingers to fondle and tease the head of my hot prick as his own member slides slowly past my sphincter and arriving deep inside my virgin ass. He grips my cock now, fully stroking it off, kissing me and whispering for me to relax. It hurts a little, but I’m so close to orgasm that I don’t want him to stop. He fucks me slow, pushing it all the way in, only partially out, then quickly in again.

“Uh…god, I’m so close…” I whisper harshly in his ear canlı kaçak bahis as he licks and sucks all over my exposed neck and shoulders. “I love the way this feels, Billy. That’s it, fuck my virgin ass, baby, dump your load right in there.” Unfortunately, if he keeps jerking me off, he wont get a chance to because I’ll end up cumming too quickly. I grab his hand and hold it still. “Just fuck me, Billy. Fuck me harder.”

“Oh, you want it harder? God, you look like such a hot little slut in this dress, you know that? He grips onto the sides of the dress, using it to pull me into him. If I could’ve, I’d have just bent you right over the vending machine, you sexy bastard. My cock got so hard looking at you that I went back here afterwards and jerked off twice.” I grab his ass with both fists, using it to pound him harder into me.

“You masturbate a lot thinking about me?” I nibble at his ear and neck, tracing his jaw with my tongue, reveling in how deep he’s spearing into me. I’ve never felt this good in my whole life, and all I wanted was more.

“Mm…I jerk off to the thought of you all the time, but this is so much better.” He gasps. “All I want is to unleash inside your hot ass. Yeah, that’s it, give yourself to me.”

“Jerk me off, Billy, please, I can’t take it! Oh god!” I press my head against the pillow, moaning louder than I ever have before. He wraps his hand tight around my pulsating cock and begins stroking it again. I’m not as close this time, and him working my dick takes my mind off how sore he’s making my ass. I slide my legs away from his waist and use my hands to pull them as far back as they would go. This allows his searing member deeper inside me, and now Billy is sliding all the way out and slamming it back in. The deeper his prick goes, the closer I am to just spewing my cum all over myself. He’s hitting something in there, something I couldn’t put to words, but it’s making me feel so fucking good, I’m seeing stars with every passionate thrust.

And just when I thought he couldn’t be pounding me any harder, he does. His shuts his eyes tight, and I cry out in pleasure as I feel his thick meat throb and explode a stream of white hot seed deep into my stomach, washing over my insides like a tidal wave. “Ahh fuck…fuck…oh my god…” He hisses out through clenched teeth as wave after wave of his hot jizz bombards my abused asshole. I feel his whole body shake as he finishes the orgasm off, pumping the last few drops into me for good measure. He gasps heavily for breath, still jerking my cock off, pumping into me a lot slower. “Holy shit, Nelson, that was fucking incredible.” He sighs, leaning over and kissing me.

After our lips part, he picks up the pace again, and I’m grunting and sweating like a madman. “Keep going, baby, keep it up, I’m gonna shoot it all over you!” He keeps up the pace, and just as I enter orgasm, he thrusts his still-rock hard dick all the way into me. I scream out at the top of my lungs as thick ribbons of pearled sperm shoot from my purple cockhead like a firehose. He withdraws and then suddenly shoves it back into me midway through, and all I can do is scream in unearthly pleasure. As my orgasm subsides, he slides his prick out of me slowly, his warm tongue invading my mouth and his cum-covered hand squeezing my spent cock tightly.

He lies down beside me, taking me into his strong arms. We’re both too spent and breathless to speak, so we just lay there. I close my eyes for a few moments, and the next thing I know, it’s morning and he’s gone. There’s a ten-dollar bill on the night table along with a note.

//Dearest Nelson-
Get some breakfast, baby. I had a Trigonometry test early today. Should be back by 2-ish. I haven’t left yet and I miss you already. You’re utterly breathtaking when you’re asleep.
Love; Billy\\

I smile and check the clock. 12:24 pm, I’m ravenous and my head is pounding. I’m also naked, so I borrow a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt and a pair of old-looking tennis shoes, all of which are too big for me. They were good enough to wear to my own dorm room, though. I slip the note and the ten in my pocket and lock up on my way out.

Across campus, my roommate answers the door because I didn’t have my keys. He takes one look at me and shakes his head. “Who’d you borrow _those_ from?”

“None of your damn business, Jay.” I push past him, biffing him playfully across his fat head. He merely laughs at me and shakes his finger at me scoldingly.

Jamar is a quiet kid from the South who spends all his time studying and thumbing his nose at society. He’s a lot younger than most of us because he skipped like two grades in High School. He’s a brilliant astro-physics major and he’s obsessed with being the first Afro-American guy to fly to the Moon. If anyone could do it, he could.

“A couple of your frat buddy fools came around looking for your punk ass last night. I told them you weren’t here and they didn’t believe me, and it took me calling campus security to make them finally leave. You owe me big time, Nelson. I told you not to get me involved with that fraternity bullshit.”

“Ah, they’re harmless. Don’t worry about it.” I start gathering my things, dragging them into the bathroom and changing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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