Eki 15

Best Friends Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

It took me fifteen more minutes to gather the courage to leave the bathroom. I’d spent that time delaying – I washed my hands and face, brushed my teeth, flossed, then paced in the bathroom. I couldn’t leave because I’d come to the conclusion that Doug had been standing outside the door the entire time and he had heard me come.

I stood with my hand on the door handle for about a minute before I finally turned it. I turned off the fan and the light, then walked quietly into the living room. The TV was on the same channel, and Doug was sitting in the same seat, still as stone. He had placed his beer to the side, and both his hands were gripping his thighs.

“I’m gonna go to bed,” I said. It was only nine-thirty at night, but once I realized that there was definite unwanted tension in the room, I did not want to sit in it.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “Night, kiddo.”

“Nice to meet you,” I blurted, then immediately winced.

“Yeah, you too,” he responded weakly.

I turned and headed for the guest bedroom, clenching my fists and gritting my teeth. The awkwardness was palpable. If I had any doubts before, I certainly didn’t have them now – Doug had definitely heard me.

But then I realized that I couldn’t decide if this information was damning or more arousing.

I closed my door behind me and leaned against it heavily. My face was as red as a fire engine, and I could not quash the embarrassment. Walking out of the bathroom was like giving inevitable surrender, like confirming that what had just happened was very humiliating for both of us. At the same time, though, I was mystified. I wondered if he liked it.

But if he did, he’d certainly feel as ashamed as I did. I was his friend’s daughter, and I was young enough to be his daughter. But if I dug deep and searched hard enough, I found that I could get past all of that and find the entire thing more erotic. The essential component to seeing it in a good light depended on the hope that he hadn’t felt perverse about it, either. And I knew that that was highly unlikely.

Before I turned to my room to change into my pyjamas, I realized that I’d left my overnight bag in the front room.

“Shit,” I hissed. “Shit!”

I did not want to go back out there and face him a second time. Feeling the shame in the air was enough to endure once. But I couldn’t just as well spend the entire night locked up in my own room, afraid to go out in the open. I thought I might be able to wait until my dad got home and Doug finally decided to leave before I went back outside, but I had no idea when that would be or if it would actually happen within a reasonable time frame.

After a lot of pacing and plotting, I decided to sneak to the front for my bag. The chairs in the living room were positioned just so to create a blind spot from the hallway where my room was to the front. If I was quiet enough and swift enough, Doug might not even notice I’d been there at all.

I slowly twisted the door handle and pulled it open gently. The hinges were completely silent, which I was thankful for – a squeaky alarm would not have been in my favour. I tiptoed out of my room into the hallway, hugged the far wall, and quietly made my way past the kitchen towards the front room.

What I saw made me involuntarily halt.

Doug was resting his head back against the recliner while he gently kneaded his crotch with his right hand. My mouth dropped open and I had to cover it with both my hands to keep from letting loose any uncontrollable sounds. His lips were slightly parted, and the lines on his face were completely smooth. I could almost hear his breathing from where I stood – a soft moaning – and I instantly felt my body ignite and my crotch burn again.

His left hand came to his belt buckle and he worked it open before undoing his pants. My heart was hammering almanbahis giriş in my chest and sweat was budding on my palms as I watched him slide his jeans down slightly before he reached into his shorts and gripped his erection.

I was completely taken by surprise. I could barely register what was happening before me, and it took me several long moments of watching him before I started to consider what I should do next.

Initially, I didn’t want to make myself known – we’d both faced enough embarrassment for one night, and letting him know that I was there and the tables had turned was the last thing on my list. I felt I was doing something illegal by standing there. But I liked it. And part of me wanted to let him know that I liked it.

I stood there watching him for a long time. His strokes became more vigorous, and he slowly slumped down in the recliner as his breathing became heavier.

It was then that I’d come to the conclusion that we’d already breached the wall of privacy with each other, and one more affront wouldn’t hurt.

I slowly walked towards the living room, not trying to hide anything. He slowed considerably and sat up quickly, looking over at me with a stricken expression. I paused, trying to come up with the right words. We stared at each other like two frightened animals.

I could have been standing there for a minute before I decided that silence was the best thing I could say.

He watched me circle around in front of his chair with a conflicted look on his face, like he was trying to decide whether or not to stop me, or if he couldn’t decide how wrong this was. When I stepped up to the chair, he flinched as if I were about to hit him. He opened his mouth to say something, but he stayed silent. I waited for him to tell me off and end the whole thing right then, but at the same time I wanted to rush myself so that he didn’t have any time to say no.

I got down on my knees and shyly shimmied in between his legs. I ran my hands over his thighs up to the top of his pants, then hooked my fingers inside and pulled them further down slowly.

He took in a sharp breath like he was going to say something again, but I didn’t pause to let him have a word. Instead he lifted himself off the chair a bit so I could slide his pants off and drop them around his ankles. Then I swallowed hard and looked him in the eye.

“Do you have anything?” I asked.

He must not have understood what I was asking at first, for it took him several moments before he shook his head no. The look on his face wasn’t the most welcoming, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to stop until he forced me to. So I slid my fingers through the opening in his boxers and gently brushed by his penis, teasing him. His eyes fluttered closed and he clamped his teeth together tightly, accentuating his jawline. It looked good when it stood out like that.

Then I wrapped my fingers around him in a firm grip.

He exhaled through his nose while his jaw slackened and his mouth opened ever so slightly. I carefully pulled him through the opening in his shorts, slowly stroking him. One of his hands wrapped around my wrist, like he wanted to pull my hand away, but he simply held it there, moving along with me as I jacked him off. I rolled my tongue around in my mouth then darted it across my lips before I bent down over him.

I parted my lips and lightly rested them on his head. He gave a drawn-out groan, letting go of my wrist and resting his hand on the back of my neck. I breathed against him gently, and he squirmed in his seat, as if he were refraining from thrusting into my mouth. But I wasn’t about to give him that satisfaction so early.

I gently licked him on the front of his head, right where it merged with his shaft, and he squirmed again. While I had him writhing in his seat, I slowly slid my free hand almanbahis yeni giriş up between his legs and gently cupped his balls. That drew another satisfying moan from him; I slowly rubbed circles with my palm and began to stroke a little faster, tightening my grip by a hair. His hand gripped my neck harder, and after a good minute of teasing, I opened my mouth wider and took his dick inside.

If he sounded aroused before, he seemed absolutely titillated now. I felt his head tip back onto the back of the chair, and he slowly ground himself against my face as I sucked him off. I dared swallowing his head every time I slid downward across his dick. I had a bit of a gag reflex, but I was able to get past it as long as I took things slow and carefully. But before long, my own arousal was starting to build, and the more turned on I was, the faster I wanted to go.

I picked up the pace, opting to hum instead of deep throat him. My hand stopped massaging his balls and slid up past the base of his penis and up his shirt. I was surprised to feel that his abs were firm and tight, and traced my fingers over his stomach enticingly, enjoying the feel of his muscles and skin.

He was blatantly guiding my head with his hand and rocking his hips in time with my strokes, forcing his dick just a little further into my mouth. It wasn’t at the point where I thought I would choke on him, so I went along with it, feeling the burn in my crotch intensify. The need to get fucked was starting to ache in the pit of my stomach, and soon my hums became moans of ecstasy and heat.

Doug’s hips lifted off the chair slightly as the rest of his body started to tense up. I took this as the sign that he was going to come soon, so I moved a little faster and gripped him a little harder. He let out a strangled groan as he released himself into my mouth. His orgasm was so strong that his semen shot right down my throat. I nearly gagged and pulled away from him, but I was able to stop the rest of it from going down the wrong pipe and let it collect in my mouth. It got to the point where I thought some of it would spill out from the corners of my lips if he didn’t stop shooting soon.

But his body slowly relaxed, and no more cum filled my mouth. I pulled away from him slowly and gently, then briskly swallowed like I was taking a shot of Jack. The after taste was a bit on the bitter side, but it had an odd hint of pineapple. I smiled at the thought, but my grin vanished as soon as I made eye contact with him.

He still looked concerned about something, but there was also a feature on his face that made my stomach clench and my thighs burn. His hand was still gripping the back of my neck, and he didn’t let me go. But I didn’t want to be.

He slid off the chair onto the floor, and I slid back a bit to give him room. He got on his knees in front of me, still holding my head, then quickly moved in to kiss me. It caught me off guard – I didn’t think it was in many guys’ interests to kiss a girl just after she swallowed his baby batter – but he forcefully pried my lips open with his tongue and kissed me deeply. Immediately I could feel my nipples perk out again and my pussy lather with cream.

My heart felt like it was being pulled on each side and the rest of my body was turning to jelly. I had never been this worked up before. Neither of the guys I had been with made me feel like I was on the verge of exploding at any minute. And I liked what he was doing to me. While his one hand was still wrapped around the back of my neck, his other glanced over my chest as he made his way to the bottom of my shirt. He snaked his hand under it, up across my stomach, and cupped me over my bra, running the ball of his thumb over the general area of my nipple.

If he weren’t holding my head in place, I would have fallen over from sheer weakness in my knees. almanbahis adres I lost the ability to kiss him back for a moment as I moaned deeply, and he took the moment to pull me tighter to his body by my neck. I could feel his thickening cock pressed up against my crotch – it didn’t take long for him to get it up again. I briefly thought about how most men had to wait at least thirty minutes before they could get another boner before he pulled away from me and nearly ripped my shirt up and off me.

He lunged back at me as soon as my shirt was off and ran his hands up my back with a satisfied moan. He pulled apart the hooks of my bra with ease and brushed my straps off my shoulders, pulling away from me slightly but refusing to break the kiss as he helped me slide it off of my arms. Once I was free of it, he grabbed both my breasts with a gentle squeeze – I was just the right size to give him a perfect handful. I moaned desperately against him again, and in response he pushed me back firmly and lowered me to the floor.

One of his knees wedged between mine and forced them apart as he lowered himself down on top of me, and it sent shock waves through my legs. He broke his mouth away from mine and buried his face into the crook of my neck; he had a light layer of stubble on his jaw, and it scratched against my soft skin, hurting just the right way. I gasped, bucking my hips against him gently, and one of his hands went to my hip, as if to pull me even closer.

Then he slid down me, briefly taking one of my nipples in his mouth and running his thumb over the side of my breast, making my breath hitch. His other hand went to my belt, and he started to undo it with hasty precision before unbuttoning my jeans. I felt a pulse of pleasure run up and down my stomach; he was undoing my pants, and he was going to give me what I desperately wanted. I bit my lower lip as he hooked his hands into the tops of my pants and pulled them and my panties down. He sat up to yank them to my ankles before slipping them off forcefully.

I was now buck naked in front of him, lying on the carpet of my father’s living room floor. The bizarreness of the situation only hit me briefly before he pulled his sweater over his head and lowered himself over me again, gliding his cheek across my thigh before he took my cunt into his mouth.

My eyes closed and my mouth flew open in an O shape as the feeling of his tongue gently massaging my clit spread throughout my legs and my stomach. I arched my hips into his face, and he wrapped his arms over my legs, holding me by my waist as he worked at me. I finally found the air to let out a louder moan of pleasure than I intended. My hands gripped at the shaggy carpet, nearly pulling the fibres out by the handful. The pleasure was so intense that it felt like a constant, powerful orgasm. His lips and his tongue were everywhere, licking and rubbing just the right places, and before I knew it I was already building my way to another climax.

My legs involuntarily clamped around his head, and it only encouraged him to press harder, get more intense. I clutched my breasts and pinched my nipples hard, gritting my teeth as the pleasure intensified. I arched my back and pushed my hips into his face again as the release practically exploded from between my legs. I felt juices gush out of me and run along my ass cheeks; I felt my entire body shake as I lost control of my muscles; I felt Doug’s hot moans against my crotch as licked my opening, lapsing up what I spilled.

I gasped repeatedly, trying to catch my breath again. That had been the most powerful orgasm of my life, including the one I had just given myself in the bathroom. Even though the waves from my orgasm gave an amazing tingling sensation all over my body, the hunger to be penetrated was more intense than it had been since this whole ordeal started. As Doug lifted his face away from me to wipe his face off with the back of his hand, I looked down at him pleadingly and barely managed to say: “Fuck me.”

He looked back at me, stricken, hovering over my body. “I don’t know…” he said, trailing off.

“Fuck me,” I nearly growled. “Now.”

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