Best Friend Ever! Christmas Ch. 01

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Best Friend Ever! Christmas – A note from the author. Please scroll down to the beginning of the story if you aren’t interested.


I originally intended to write this tale for the Literotica Winter Stories Contest, but realized it would not qualify as it is not strictly a stand-alone story. Therefore, it got put on a back burner, and is a little late for the Christmas season, but I trust, still enjoyable in that context.

This is really the final episode of Kelly and Ron as told In “Best Neighbor Ever!”, currently chapters 1 through 4. I have re-titled this slightly, intending to keep it separate, as I think it stands on it’s own merits. I trust my friends at Literotica will agree to that. It is essentially the final chapters of the overall story, but it is my intention to add one more short chapter – “Best Friend Ever – The End” – or similar, very shortly. It will not contain much erotica, but may be of interest to some.

I should also mention that there may be at least one additional chapter in the original “Neighbor” series. The events will occur chronologically before this story.

A note about the French: One of the characters is French Canadian, and I decided to try out my ancient high school French to add a little spice. I ended up liberally using a translator for a lot of it, and could not find any source for authentic Canadian French. If anyone finds glaring errors in the French, (put your cucumber in my jar!) please let me know and I may be able to do a later edit. I did not add translations for every line, and if you wish to figure it out, Google and Word Monkey offer the translators I used. I am very fond of this story, and I hope you will be too.

Comments, votes and feedback welcomed.

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It had been eight wonderful months since my neighbor Kelly and I first met, and we had grown to be very close friends. Of course that was understandable, since we had spent almost all our free time trying to fuck each others brains out. I’m sure it was a one of a kind relationship, but it worked for us. We had to work around the fact that Kelly was married, but it really hadn’t been too much of a problem. Kelly had introduced me to several of her friends, and discovered that she was very much bi-sexual, which had led to some very interesting encounters.

Around the end of November, I started to become depressed, because Kelly was very special to me and I wanted to do something nice for her for Christmas. But with her husband around – occasionally – I really couldn’t give her anything tangible that would be noticed. But once again, Kelly came through for me. I had mentioned that I was a skier, although I hadn’t gone for a year or two, and when we started to get some cold weather she said she thought it would be fun to try skiing!

After considering that for a day or two I made up my mind and told her I would love to give her a ski vacation for Christmas, if only we could work it out somehow. Problem solved! Her husband’s company always has a convention the week before Christmas in Chicago, and He would be there right up to Christmas Eve. But even better, His family was in that area so he was going to spend Christmas and a few days after with them! Kelly told him that since he wasn’t going to be around, she was going to do something she had always wanted and go to a ski resort and try skiing. He told her that was fine and mumbled something about not breaking a leg.

We celebrated by spending the next afternoon in bed, and then I got busy, getting ski packages at a big northeastern resort that included airfare, accommodations, lift tickets, ski lessons for Kelly and even a rental car. Of course I opted for the suite with the hot tub.

It was kind of corny, but I found a Christmas card with two people skiing with raised champagne glasses and put a copy of the itinerary in it. I gave it to her immediately so that she would have a chance to get ready. When she read it over she was giggling and jumping up and down, after which she covered me with little kisses and big ol’ smooches. After which we spent another afternoon in bed and she fucked me so long and hard we were both sore for days.

When the time came, Kelly’s husband left right on schedule, and the next morning the two of us were at the airport at 4 AM. Of course we spent the night before together in bed, since it was much easier that way to make sure we both got up. Actually, she had me up, pretty much all night.

Oh well, we could sleep on the plane.

It was a long day with a couple of plane changes, and we got to the resort way too late to think about skiing. We picked up our car and found the lodge, checked in and got all our luggage to the room. Our evening meal was included in the package, and we had just enough time for a drink in the lounge before dinner. I could tell Kelly was excited. She had been sneaking kisses all day on the planes and in the airports, and I had to get blankets from the stewardesses to cover up what her hands were doing to me.

Her eyes were shining as we toasted Christmas, skiing, and our first time together away ankarada yeni escortlar from home. But she was more bubbly than the champagne we were drinking. The meal was great, and both of us were really looking forward to a great week. On the way back to our room I stopped at the desk and asked them to send up another bottle of champagne for us, and it arrived at the same time we did. As I put the key card in the lock I shivered with anticipation, and when I smiled at Kelly, the look on her face said she felt it too.

I took her hand as we walked into the room, and when I pushed the door shut she turned to me and put both hands on my chest. I thought she was going to raise her head for a kiss, but instead she leaned forward and pushed – hard! I stumbled back against the door but her hands never left me. She looked up at me with a little mischievous smile, but then she almost growled, “Mister, this has been THE LONGEST day of my life … because … I have been … WANTING YOU … so FUCKING bad!”

She slid both hands into the opening of my shirt, between the buttons, and suddenly yanked … hard! Three buttons went flying, and when she did it again the next moment, two more joined them, leaving only the button at my belt line intact. She grabbed the shirt just above my pants and yanked once more, disposing of that one and pulling my shirt loose all at once. “Take it off!” she commanded. I did, but before I got the sleeves off she had my T-shirt pushed up to my neck, and I knew enough to dispose of that.

I looked down at her and suddenly started to laugh, saying “My goodness, take you away from home and you turn into a wildcat!”

She gave me a stern look for a second, but then started to giggle, with a big smile. “You aren’t too mad at me are you?” she said with a contrite voice. I reached for her, still smiling, and she stepped towards me, but all at once I grabbed her blouse just like she had my shirt and pulled! So hard that every button popped loose and the shirt came completely out of her skirt. She squealed with surprise and because I had almost lifted her off her feet. I used both hands to push the sleeves down her arms and before she knew what was happening I did lift her off her feet – into my arms.

She grabbed hold, arms around my neck, laughing hard as I literally ran with her and threw her on the bed. I yanked the heels off her feet and managed to tear open the fastening of her skirt without damaging it, then yanked it down the length of her legs in one motion. She had on a beautiful gold bikini lingerie set and golden thigh-highs, which looked spectacular against her honey brown tanned skin. I kicked off my shoes and yanked my belt loose, pushing the pants down over my hips without bothering to unbutton them. I had left only the black satin boxer shorts, which had a big tent in them from my rapidly growing erection. I had worn them especially for her because I knew she loved seeing me like that, knowing she had aroused me.

I know she expected me to climb on the bed with her, but instead I grabbed her by both hips and flipped her over. Before she had even stopped bouncing, I gave her a spanking, three hard smacks to each beautiful cheek, as I yelled at her, “This is how we tame wildcats up here in the mountains!” Of course she shrieked with each blow, but when I stopped, she started laughing hysterically, and turned over to look at me again with a big smile and tears running down her cheeks.

Of course I couldn’t stand that and I crawled over to her and started kissing and licking the tears away. But she said, “Silly, the tears are from laughing so hard! But you can kiss my pretty ass and make it better if you want!” She giggled, but I flipped her over again and plastered little kisses all over her smooth bare cheeks. MMMmmmmm.

She liked it too, because I heard a gasp, then a moan, and she pulled her knees up under her and wiggled her ass at me. I took that as a challenge and grabbed the pretty gold panties and pulled them down to her knees, then yanked them loose and off of her feet. I put a hand inside each of her thighs and pushed them apart as I buried my face in her pussy from behind, right between those sweet cheeks. She squealed and slammed herself back against my face as I rammed my tongue into her pussy and discovered it was dripping wet.

I groaned with pleasure as I lapped up all the creamy goodness I could, then wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her back as I pressed my tongue even deeper, swirling it around inside her cunt. She moaned again and ground her pussy into my face as her hips began to rock. The only problem was, I was having trouble breathing with my face buried in her pussy from behind. Reluctantly I backed away, gasping for breath.

I could not resist her sweet ass, and planted kisses all over both cheeks again, then licked here and there as she wiggled. Then I took a bite! Just hard enough to make her squeal with surprise, but she spun around so fast she caught me off guard! With a giggle she said, “Two can play that game!” and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me onto my back.

My bayan escort ankara cock was rigid and she grabbed it with one hand and without hesitation, swallowed it right to the back of her mouth. Then she clamped her teeth around it! Her tongue was swirling and grinding against my shaft, and I shuddered with pleasure at the sudden sensation of being prisoner in her hot wet mouth, but I didn’t dare move, even though I wanted so badly to fuck her lips. Even with my cock in her mouth, I could see the smirk on her face, knowing she had total control. Suddenly she loosened her grip and I felt myself being engulfed in her throat until her lower lip pressed against my balls. She grabbed my hips and bobbed up and down, deep throating me time after time, and I closed my eyes and grabbed the sheets trying not to cum.

In the time since we met, Kelly had become an expert. She had learned how to take me all the way down in one swift gulp and hold me there until she needed a breath of air. Even then, she could do it over and over without ever taking me from her mouth. It was one of her favorite things, knowing she had complete control of me, and she was proud of her new skill. And she must have liked the feel of it, because sometimes she went on forever, happily sucking, licking and bobbing, as I lay back and luxuriated in the feeling. If she wanted to, she could make me cum down her throat, sometimes in a matter of seconds, but more often, she kept me right on the edge, cock shuddering and throbbing, ready to explode. Which was exactly what she had in mind right then.

She had one hand between her legs and was stroking her pussy as her lips slid time after time up and down the length of my cock. She varied the speed and pressure of her lips, and I was gasping, breathing raggedly. I put my hands in her curly blonde hair and tried to push her down and hold her, but she was having none of that. Against the pressure, she lifted her head and gave me a mock scowl. “Keep your hands to yourself! This is my job!” I lay back and threw my hands over my head in surrender, laughing, and the next second I was buried in her throat again!

After a few minutes of one of the best blow jobs ever, I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her hair again and gently pulled her off of me. When I slipped out of her mouth her saliva poured down my cock, she had gotten it so wet and slippery. She sat up on her knees and smiled at me as she reached back and undid her bra. She removed it slowly, pulling the cups down a bit at a time, and arching her back to give me the best possible view. She threw the bra aside she ran her hands over her breasts, then grasped the tips in her fingers and squeezed and pulled, making them swollen and hard. Her eyes were locked with mine, and never wavered. She knew I loved her breasts, and she loved teasing me with them, knowing my reaction.

Then, she crawled up over me and lay on my chest, taking my head in both hands and kissing me hard! Her lips ground and her tongue plunged into my mouth, searching for mine. Her legs were spread wide so her knees were next to my hips on the bed, and her pussy was pressed against my cock. As the kiss lengthened she rolled her hips and her pussy slid up and down my shaft. And she was soaking wet! Obviously she had enjoyed the blow job almost as much as I did, and now the swollen wet lips of her slippery pussy were stroking my cock, making it even harder if it were possible.

Her body pressing down on mine felt wonderful, and I reached between us with both hands, finding her breasts and cupping them in my palms. She moaned into my mouth and her pussy pumped down against my cock when I squeezed. And when I found her nipples with my fingertips and pinched and pulled, her head lifted and flew back, and she stared at me, wide-eyed. “Awwwwwwwww baby! Oh my god, that feels sooooooo good! She moaned breathlessly.

After enduring that for a few seconds she pushed herself up and sat back on me. Wasting no time, she grasped my cock as she spread her legs a little and pushed up on her knees. She had a big smile as my cock head found her waiting pussy mouth, and she closed her eyes and gasped as it swallowed me and she slid all the way down my shaft. I know I gasped just as loud; it was so sudden and she was so tight! I was shuddering as she sat on me and rolled her hips in little circles. I could feel her cunt clenching and relaxing around me.

She leaned forward again and put her hands on my chest as she started to rock back and forth. Quickly her pussy relaxed just enough and her smooth fucking felt wonderful! But she wanted a lot more, and pushed up again, sitting over me. The bed bounced as her ass went up and down and she slapped against my body as she fucked me harder and faster. Leaning forward again, she used her hips to ram herself down on my cock, and I reached up and grabbed her nipples, squeezing hard now, pulling and twisting. She moaned and whimpered and lowered her head till we were face to face, inches apart, and started ramming herself down harder and harder.

I slid my hands from her breasts up over her sides onto her escort bayan ankara back and pulled her down and forward. She never missed a stroke as her breast pressed against my face and I sucked in her hard swollen nipple. She put her hands out in front of her and pressed against the bed as her hips continued to roll up and down. I raised my legs behind her and started meeting her thrusts, ramming my cock into her. Our bodies were slapping hard now and she was sweaty and wet from her efforts. I could hear her breathing hard and moaning softly as my lips pulled at her nipple and my tongue ground against it.

I slid my hands down her back to her hips and started pushing, ramming her down on my cock as my hips lifted, and she sat back up, little cries coming from her lips as she started pounding down on me, eyes closed and head back. Even though she did most of the work, I was panting and starting to sweat too. My cock was warning me it couldn’t take much more of her delicious pounding and I felt shudders going through my groin. When she gasped out, “Please, baby, cum with me!” I was more than ready. I groaned as I tried to ram my hips up against her even harder, grunting when out bodies met.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide, a strange look on her face, and she rammed herself down hard on me, grinding against my body. In a loud voice she said, “OH RONNIE!” Her cunt clamped down hard on my cock, and her entire body convulsed as she screamed! My fingers dug into her flesh and my hips pressed up against her as my body arched from the bed, eyes clamped shut, and I felt my cock explode inside her. My body bucked, even with her weight on me, and I pumped spurt after spurt into her pulsating cunt. Her hands grabbed my wrists and she held on as her body trembled and shook. Little tears rolled down her cheeks when she finally opened her eyes again and looked down at me.

I raised a hand up to her and whispered, “Come here, honey.”

She took my hand and slowly lowered herself to the bed next to me, and I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed, pulling her against my chest. She snuggled against me as tight as she could get and we just lay together, not moving, our breathing gradually becoming quieter. When she sighed and stretched I leaned down and gave her a little kiss on the forehead, and she looked up at me and smiled. “This is even better than I imagined,” she whispered happily. We enjoyed a long gentle kiss, and her body felt soooooooo good in my hands!

Soon she dozed off, and I knew she could use a little nap after a long day of travel. I was able to quietly extricate myself from her to take care of a couple of things I wanted ready. It didn’t take long, and I quietly rejoined her for a little nap myself.

I awoke to a pair of soft lips on mine, and without opening my eyes I just slipped my arms around her and continued the kiss. She lifted her head and whispered to me, “I’m sorry baby, but I woke up and I just don’t want to spend any of my time without you this week. I hope you don’t mind that I woke you up.”

I opened my eyes and smiled at her face, which was about two inches from mine. “I’d only mind if you didn’t honey. We don’t want to waste any of our time alone together.”

We kissed again, deeper this time as she pushed her tongue gently into my mouth so our tongues could play together. She wiggled against me and giggled. “Baby, what happened to that champagne? I’d like another glass if it’s alright.”

“Mmmmmmm, just what I had in mind too! Something to wet our whistle! But you will have to come with me to get it!” I laughed.

“Oooooooo,” she giggled, “is there a secret?”

“Maybe a little one!” I replied. “Let’s go find out.”

I got up and took her hand and lead her towards the bathroom. “Funny place for champagne,” she said. But then she sniffed, “Mmmmmmm, it does smell nice over here, though.”

Just inside the bathroom was another door, and I opened it and stepped back for her to enter. The first things she saw were three flickering, scented candles, Vanilla, lavender and spice, but it looked like 3000, because the entire room was lined with mirrors, all reflecting back and forth. And there was the soft little noise of bubbling water in the background. But then she realized what the room was, and squealed, jumping up and pressing her naked body against me, arms and legs locked around me. The room was a bath and hot tub, and the water sparkled as it slowly bubbled in the candlelight. She covered my face with kisses, giggling and laughing. “Oh my god baby, you did this for me?”

I wanted you to have the best,” I whispered to her.

Since she wasn’t letting go, I grabbed the hand rail and eased us both into the hot, bubbling water. She finally released her grip and settled down beside me, locking her arms around my neck and kissing me so hard and long I wondered if she would stop. Behind the tub were the ice bucket and the champagne and two glasses. I grabbed the bottle and got the cork out, then handed her the glasses. She held as I poured, and when I set the bottle down, handed a glass back to me. She held her glass up and when I tapped mine against it she whispered, “To us.” Just the way I felt, too. We drank slowly, stealing little kisses in between sips. She was leaning against me and our faces, pink with the glow of the wine and the heat of the water, were almost touching.

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