Bending the Straight and Narrow Ch. 02

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Reading the first part of this story is highly recommended.

This story is primarily about homosexual play between married men with understanding wives. There is a small amount of heterosexual content, but it still seemed best suited to the “gay male” category.


The college years were easily some of the most fondly remembered in my life. Responsibilities were few, friends were new, and opportunities to explore were many. There were rough patches, and my early struggle with the freedom to explore sex in different ways caused some unnecessary drama. A few experiences with anonymous blow-jobs heightened a previously repressed fascination with cock that threatened a truly stable relationship. Fortunately, I had friends who helped me see the situation for what it really was. I had a mistaken notion that thinking about dick was the same as being gay. That idea was so off-base, that even my gay friends were telling me to get my head on straight. My girlfriend and my roommate both showed remarkable patience and stuck by me while I learned to put things in perspective. As the years rolled-on, and our lives took different turns, the one constant was my girlfriend, Pam. More than anyone else, she not only accepted my behavior, but delighted in my willingness to explore. My roommate, Kevin, played a huge part as well, though he often questioned the darker side of his personality that arose from those experiences.

It’s been five years since we graduated college, but many of the friendships forged there remain strong. Pam and I finally accepted that we were better together than apart and got married two years ago. We have a one-year-old son, a house with a mortgage, and the typical suburban lifestyle. Family life has naturally become our main focus, but Pam and I still get time to ourselves and enjoy each other more than ever. Any sexual interests beyond my wife quickly faded. Our intimate life is very satisfying, and the joy of being a Dad consumes more of my thoughts. That’s not to say that some guy at the gym doesn’t catch my eye from time-to-time…but it’s fleeting, and nothing I feel the need to act upon.

Kevin and Lydia broke-up not long after graduation. She took a job several states away, and the long-distance romance wasn’t working for either of them. We hear from Lydia a few times a year, and she seems happy with a career-focused lifestyle. Kevin lives only a few hours away, and we often meet for dinner when he’s passing through town. After a string of bad girlfriends, he seems to have found someone that can put-up with his moods. Sophie is strong-willed and knows how to reign-in Kevin’s impulsiveness.

It was during one of Kevin and Sophie’s visits that events of the past resurfaced again. Things had gotten so comfortable over the years that the care-free college days rarely came-up in conversation. Pam’s parents agreed to watch Tyler while we went out to dinner, so the girls had left to drop him off and do a little shopping. Kevin and I were in the basement where I have a large-screen TV and a small bar. With a playpen in the corner, it was more of a family room than a man-cave.

“I think she’s the one, man.” Kevin blurted out while sitting on a bar-stool and drinking a beer. “I’m popping the question next weekend.”

“Good for you! I’m glad you’re taking the plunge, dude.” I said, smacking his back before taking the stool next to him. “You two seem perfect for each other.”

“It’s taken a while to find someone who can embrace my darker side. But she knows how to handle me.” He replied, swigging his beer.

“What the hell are you talking about? You into killing puppies or some twisted shit?” I asked jokingly.

Kevin just stared at the wall for a few moments, seemingly lost in his thoughts. “Naw…you know how it is…I have a rougher-edge sometimes. She’s funny, smart, and smoking-hot in bed. Most of the time it’s tender and romantic…but she doesn’t mind a little assertiveness on the side.”

Now it was my turn to stare at the wall. Yeah…I did know about his “rougher edge”…but hadn’t thought about it in years. Still, I was glad that Kevin found the right match. “Well…that’s great news, man. Pam will be thrilled…she really likes Sophie.”

“It kind of worries me, though. It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed that side of me to surface…most women aren’t into it all. Neither of us is into whips and chains or any of that shit…but her letting me play that way has brought other thoughts to mind.” Kevin rose from the stool and stood in front of the bar, still looking toward the wall.

“As long as you both know your limits and don’t allow things to become violent…then good for you guys. It’s all good if you’re both into it.” I offered, not really knowing what to say. A conversation about his sex-life was not what I expected.

“Oh no…I’d never hurt her…it’s not about pain for me. I always know what “no” means, and it’s not something either of us wants all the time.” Kevin diyarbakır escort turned to face me, still holding his beer. “You know what it’s like to want something…just not all the time.”

“Um…yeah…I guess I do. People change…situations change…just part of life, I suppose.” I stammered, seeing the serious look on Kevin’s face.

“True…but some things always stay with us…become a part of us.” Kevin took the last swig of his beer and firmly placed the bottle on the bar. “You’re still the best cock-sucker I’ve ever met.”

After all this time, I wasn’t expecting him to make any mention of that. I chuckled nervously before speaking. “I guess we’ve all done some weird shit in our lives…and then we move on.”

“Uh-huh…well, I’m thinking it’s time for you to move onto your knees.” He said gruffly.

“I…uh…hey, man…that’s been a century ago.” My words were halting and weak as I watched Kevin open his jeans and lower the zipper. All of us had stayed fit and active over the years, and Kevin looked better than ever. This came completely out of the blue, and yet my cock twitched at the thought of seeing something that I pushed into long-neglected memories.

“I bet it’s like riding a bike…you never forget how.” Kevin said, just standing there with his pants open and a growing bulge becoming visible through the denim fabric. “Get busy, Mike. This shit is still just between us…I don’t want Sophie to come back and see you polishing my knob.”

“I’m married, with a kid, man…this isn’t happening.” I said, moving off the stool.

Kevin quickly grabbed my shirt with one hand while securing my left wrist with the other. Within seconds he forced my hand against the bulge in his jeans, and began pushing down on my shoulder. “I still haven’t heard that one simple word…and I’m guessing I won’t.”

I could have said “no”, but seemed unable to summon the word from my mouth. Kevin’s pressure on my shoulder was substantial, but not enough to keep me from moving away. I hesitated, clumsily dropping to my knees and stared at the scene only inches from my face. The view only lasted a moment before Kevin put a hand behind my head and pushed my face into his crotch. He twisted his hips, rubbing the cloth-covered shaft of his prick against my face. I wasn’t even thinking…instinct had taken over, and I found myself gnawing at the outline of his cock.

“Yeah…that’s it, man…remind me why guys are better at this than chicks.” Kevin said, pushing down his jeans and revealing a tight pair of black briefs with a prominent wet-spot at the end of his prick.

I still couldn’t find the will to speak, and my hands shook nervously as I reached for the waistband of his briefs. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it and my breathing became ragged as I slowly pulled Kevin’s underwear off his hips. His hard cock sprang from the cotton prison and smacked me in the nose. His heavy balls seemed larger and hanging lower than I remembered them from so many years ago. I was frozen, staring at the leaking purple helmet of his cock. Kevin grew impatient, forcing two fingers into my mouth and prying it open. A salty string of pre-cum met my tongue as he slid his cock past my lips. Memories of the taste, texture and heat of another man’s tool came flooding back into my mind and that old hunger took hold once more. I focused on producing as much spit as I could before Kevin advanced any further. I was years out of practice, coughing and gagging as more of his thick meat filled my mouth. Kevin pulled out, grabbing my hair and slapping my face with his throbbing tool.

“How about it, Mike…you want more of this? You want to milk a load out of this cock?”

“You’re a fucking bastard…” I mumbled before he pushed back in.

“No denying that. But that simple word has yet to be said.”

I reached over my head and pushed his hand away as I slowly took every inch of his cock down my throat. By the time my nose pushed into his reddish-blond pubes, I had regained control over my gag reflex. I cupped his balls and tugged on the loose sack as a steady rhythm developed. Some things had changed…he now shaved his nuts and kept his bush trimmed…no doubt to please Sophie. Kevin moaned appreciatively and reached for the bar to steady him as my efforts improved. His prick was leaking profusely, and I once again savored the sweet and salty flavor.

“Oh fuck, man…fuck, you’re good at this…” Kevin groaned over and over again.

He felt good…he tasted good…and I found myself completely engrossed in getting him off. It was the raw physicality and primal energy of doing something like this with another dude that added to my taboo fantasies back in college…and those old desires were coming-on strong again. When Kevin and I were roommates, I was confused about what I wanted and who I was sexually. In the years since then, I’ve matured and become comfortable with myself. The idea that Kevin saw me as that escort diyarbakır same insecure twit really pissed me off. Taking advantage of the fabric gathered around his knees, I tipped Kevin off-balance and sent him falling to the floor on his back. I had my forearm across his chest, pinning him against the carpet as I straddled his waist.

“We’ve both done a good job of brushing this shit under the carpet for years. If Sophie’s so damn right for you…why are you playing this game now?” I grumbled, looking straight into his eyes while reaching behind me to stroke his cock.

Kevin had an almost evil grin across his face. “She is, without a doubt, the best damn thing to happen to me in years. She’s a trouper…lets me play the game every now and then…but clearly prefers my softer side. You and me…we never wanted it any different.”

“The game is a little different now, dipshit.” I said through clenched teeth, releasing his cock and pulling the drawstring on my soccer shorts. “I’m not the confused dumbass I was in college…and sure as hell not just another way for you to get off.”

The look on Kevin’s face changed from cocky self-assuredness to one of mild confusion as I got up and stood at the end of his feet. “Just stay on the floor…and take your pants off.” I ordered, leering down at him.

“Nice to see you found your balls after all this time.” Kevin replied, throwing off his shoes and tossing his pants in the corner. “But my interest in dudes still isn’t strong. Mainly only you…because I know you can keep your mouth shut. Reciprocating still isn’t part of the plan.”

I just stared down at him while I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts. My cock was rock-hard as I reached down with one hand to offer him a lift up. Kevin grasped my hand firmly and pulled himself off the floor. We stood face-to-face for several seconds, not saying anything. I took another step closer, causing our dicks to slide against each other. Raising my right hand to my mouth, I filled my palm with spit and then pressed both our pricks together within a firm grip. Kevin groaned while roughly running his hand across my chest and pinching my nipples. I winced at the unexpected force between his thumb and finger.

“Jerk me off.” I stated flatly while staring into his eyes with a stern expression. “You may not be into more than that yet…but you will be.”

Kevin didn’t say a thing…just spit into his hand and wrapped his fingers around my swollen tool. His free hand was wrapped around my neck, as though ready to choke me at any moment.

“Faster…act you like you know what you’re doing.” I chided him.

Kevin quietly complied, increasing both the speed and firmness of his grip. Obviously, like any other guy, he knew exactly what to do. It wasn’t long before my balls tightened and my breathing grew shorter.

“Ooohhh…dddaaammmnnnn!” I shouted as several shots of thick cum erupted from my cock, coating Kevin’s stomach and his own leaking prick.

The last drops of cum were still oozing from my tool when Kevin abruptly turned me around and pressed my chest against the nearest wall. His cum-covered cock was nestled in the crack of my ass as he pressed his body against mine and growled into my ear. “The one thing I got from you, but can’t get from Sophie, is some tight ass. Next time…I’m taking this hole for real.”

Kevin had one hand pressing my face against the wall as he thrust his hips hard against my hairy backside. The head of his cock slid past my puckered hole with every forceful push.

“I wouldn’t admit it then…but I will now.” Kevin said, panting between sentences. “This muscled jock ass gets me going…not sure why…but it sure as hell does.”

I could feel Kevin’s hot breath on my neck as he pressed even closer…his thrusts becoming more rapid. His grunts and groans became deeper and the head of his cock pushed firmly against my constricted hole. I could feel his body shake as the orgasm pulsed through him, and the valley of my ass quickly filled with his warm seed.

“Oh fuck, man…just between us, dude…promise me…just between us.” Kevin said softly, apparently exhausted from his release.

I was still clutching the wall as Kevin pulled away. His hot cum dripped down my thigh and off the bottom of my sack.

“I really didn’t think I’d ever want this again.” I said truthfully, turning to take the bar towel Kevin handed me after using it to clean himself. “I have been…and still am…a very happily married man.”

“Don’t go overthinking this shit again.” Kevin said, playfully smacking the side of my head. “I thought we learned all those years ago that sex isn’t love. And I’m damn sure not in love with you. Just accept that it’s fun, and leave it at that.”

“Yeah…well…ditto that.” I replied, tossing the towel on the floor and gathering my clothes.


Even before they left the house, Pam could tell that Kevin seemed to have something diyarbakır escort bayan on his mind. Both Mike and Pam kept strong ties with Kevin after college, and they both knew him better than most people. After dropping Tyler at her parent’s house, she and Sophie went shopping for nothing in particular…mainly just killing time before going out for dinner. Pam and Sophie formed a quick bond over the past year, and felt comfortable talking to each other. It didn’t take long for Sophie to tell Pam that she was sure Kevin planned to “pop the question” very soon.

“That is terrific news…I’m so happy for both of you!” Pam said earnestly. “I guess that explains the weird vibe I got from Kevin before we left.”

Sophie let out an easy laugh. “I know that’s part of it…but he’s been in a “strange place” lately. I love him to death, but he can be so moody at times. He seemed really anxious to see Mike this weekend.”

“Well…for guys…those two have a really strong bond. Neither one would ever be caught dead saying they loved each other…but that’s really the truth of it.” Pam said, thinking back to the events so many years ago that tied them so closely together.

“Men can be so damn weird at times.” Sophie said, rolling her eyes. “I think it’s really nice they have a little “bromance” going.”

Pam couldn’t help but grin at the thought. “I’d refrain from using that term…they’d both probably implode. There are times when the testosterone-laden, macho crap between those two gets more than I can stand.”

“Oh I hear you…I think that’s the core of Kevin’s moods.” Sophie said, sounding more serious. “Not to tell you more than you want to know…but Kevin sometimes likes get a little “primal” in bed. Nothing too out-there…just scoops me up, tosses me on the bed, and goes for it.”

Pam was taken aback by Sophie’s candor, but learned something of Kevin’s tendencies from both Mike and Lydia. “I hope he isn’t forcing you into anything you might not want.”

“Oh no…never…I think that’s what makes it so hot. I just say “no”, or “maybe next time”, and he’s perfectly cool with it.” Sophie said casually, as though talking about the weather. “He sometimes seems remorseful afterwards…but I tell him I don’t have a problem with it all, as long as it stays respectful. I’m not sure why, but it seemed like something he wanted to talk to Mike about.”

“Oh…uh…I guess he might. They have a history of being a sounding-board for each other.” Pam stammered, lost in her own thoughts. “I haven’t heard Kevin talk about his “dark side” for quite some time…probably not since college.”

“Oh…so this is nothing new?” Sophie said with wide eyes and deep curiosity. “Don’t hold back…tell me more.”

Pam looked at her with a warm smile. “There’s nothing much to tell, really. His old girlfriend in college told me stories like that. She never saw it as a big deal either…but Kevin felt weird about it.”

Of course, Pam knew all too well what ignited that behavior. As much as Mike struggled with his sexuality back then, Kevin struggled with enjoying “helping Mike out” more than he expected. More than that, it was the way in which Kevin felt comfortable doing it that bothered him most. Lydia had confided in Pam that Kevin realized it was some bullshit defense mechanism…it seemed less gay to use Mike and then toss him aside. Both Pam and Lydia knew, even then, that the guys needed a better perspective on what they wanted. But as time rolled-on, other distractions to hold, and the guys seemed to push that part of them aside. Pam now realized it was only a matter of time before it came to the surface once again.

“Hmmm…sounds deeply mysterious.” Sophie said jokingly.

“I’m sure it’s just guys being guys.” Pam replied with a chuckle. She wanted to say more, but felt it wasn’t her place. Kevin was the one who needed to reveal how the past shaped him into the man he is today. “We should probably be heading back. Our reservations are for an hour from now.”

“Absolutely…” Sophie said, looking at her watch. “The boys have had plenty of time to wrestle bears by now.”

“Yeah…I bet they have.” Pam mumbled, once again lost in her thoughts.


It took a lot of prodding, but two days later, Mike finally confessed to what happened while the girls were away. The news didn’t surprise Pam at all.

“Honey…I’m sorry…it happened really fast…it was over really fast. I’m not sure what either of us was thinking.” Mike said, wishing he had just kept the whole incident to himself.

Pam held her husband’s head between her hands and kissed him. “Why do you two keep thinking you’re doing something wrong? Did it piss you off to learn that I had a few special girlfriends when we dated in college?”

“Of course not…that still sounds hot as hell.” Mike said with a sly smile. “But things are different. Lots of people go through their experimental phase in college…and I had mine. We’re married, we have a family, there’s no need for that shit anymore.”

“Baby…I know you love me and our son like nothing else in the world.” Pam said, sounding slightly frustrated. “I’m not so insecure to think that your and Kevin’s friendship is a threat to that. Another woman…would be another story.” She added, smacking him playfully on the ass.

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