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Ben and I

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I’m just a fifteen year old boy, in high school. I live in an idiotic small town, and I’m the biggest outsider there is. I’m a homosexual. The small diversity in the town is what really kills me. If I tell someone I’m gay, they usually just look at me with open mouths.

Well anyway, I am about five feet and six inches. I’m rather short for my age. I have short brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I’m rather in shape, but I’m not bulging with muscles like I would like to be.

The story starts off as a normal day of school. First I sit threw a boring lecture of The Raven. Then I go off into some lame algebra junk. Finally end up in English class. I waited as my eyes were glued to the clock on the wall. Not even a minuet left then I was off to band class. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a band geek, it’s just the only class I look forward too, and it’s not because of the stupid music or the instruments either. The same moment the bell rang, I was half way out of my seat and on my way to the band room. I strutted threw the crowed, talking to the few female friends I had. As we entered the room, we separated into our instrumental sections, and that’s where I meet him.

Ben was about six- two. He towered over me, and he was in great shape, better then what I would ever hope to be anyway. Our hair looked alike (unintentional) and his eyes were a deep crystal blue. He and I played the same instruments. Drums. He played almost every song because he was a senor, and seniors over ruled the sophomores. It didn’t matter, I had no musical talent anyway. I would much rather sit there and watch him flex his arms as he started to “bang” on the large bass drum. In-between songs, Ben would say loud, humors things to the class, and had the teacher scold him wile the rest of the class rang with laughter. Ben was one of the “popular, gets along with everyone, and is fuck hot” group. Since I was the only other drummer, he always talked to me the most in the class. I always had to act “straight” so I wouldn’t scare him off. Friend ship was the only thing I would ever ask.

All too quickly, band was over. We were sent to lunch and I meant up with my friends again. They moved on to talk about something, and I let my mind wander aimlessly. Suddenly the bell rang and I was broken off of my fantasy. I had to make a quick “adjustments” in my pocket before I could stand up and head to my next class.

I hated history above all the other classes I had that day. But it was my class to start thinking of other things. Other day dreams. Suddenly I was snap back to reality and I had the same problem I did at lunch. I raised my hand wile the teacher was in the middle of a lecture.

“Yes, Mr. Ray?”
“Can I go to the bathroom?”
“ ‘May I go to the bathroom’”
‘obviously I can’t if you don’t let me’ I though quietly to my self.
“May I?”
“Go right ahead.” I jumped out of my seat and I started my way to the bathroom, or the boy’s locker room which was quicker.

As I walked in, my small member gave a jump. I don’t know if it was the fact that other males undress in here, or the sweet sweat smell that filled my lungs, but it always seemed to happen. The locker room was in poor shape. The lockers were small, cloths where on the floor, and the ceiling looked like it would fall. For some odd reason there were a few ropes that were hanging from it. I quickly ran to the nearest stall and pulled my pants down. Ah. Freedom. Right now, it was the best thing ever, until I wrapped my hand around my own shaft, then that was the best thing ever.

Before I could even do anything, the locker room door entered. What the hell! No one ever came down here unless it was football practice or something like that. I hated doing anything when someone else was in the room. I quickly “went to the bathroom” and then stepped out of the stall, and there was Ben, no shirt, in shorts. Sweat made his body incredibly sleek. His treasure trail was the only hair I saw, besides his underarms. I took a huge gulp as I recomposed myself. It wasn’t until seconds after he caught me, I noticed my mouth was wide open.


“Hi.” I said in an even voice. He started to wipe himself down with a towel. I tried not to watch as I washed my hands, and then started to walk out.

“Damien?” I quickly turned around at the sound of my name.
“Don’t… take this as an insult or kağıthane escort anything. It’s just stuff I hear, but…” He took a small swallow as he walked up to me. “Are you gay?”
My heart pounded. I was dead scared of this moment. I replayed almost ever conversation I had with every other male I had in this school. “You gay?” “Yeah.” “Why?” “Why are you straight?” “Girls are so much hotter then guys! Why the hell would you want to be gay, you fag?” And then they were never to talk to me again. I didn’t know what to say. My voice went dry, and I knew I couldn’t lie to him. Not to him.

“Ye-yeah.” I said shamefully.


“Cool?” What the hell? Of all the things I ever though he would say, cool was not one of them.

“Yeah.” He said evenly. “I mean, I don’t have a problem with it. I always wondered…” He didn’t bother to finish, I knew what he was going to say. I was waiting for the ‘Just don’t hit on me’ part to come into action, but it never did.

I started to let my guard down. Maybe he wouldn’t have a problem with it. Maybe I don’t scare him, maybe he was different. My thoughts were shot away as he took another step closer to me.

“Besides” Ben said slowly. “Now I don’t have to wonder anymore.” That statement seemed odd to me. Just the way he said it. Like he was glad I was gay or something. “Sit down.” He ordered kindly. I lost my breath there.

“I better get to class.”

“I see what you have there.” He nodded down, the direction of our feet. “And like I said, I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy.” As he finished his sentence from earlier, my head quickly spun around. I couldn’t believe it.

“Wha-wha-what?” It was all I could manage to get out. His paralyzing eyes shot into mine. Maybe paralyzing was the wrong words, numbing was a better one. One thing I was looking into them, then I was throwing one leg over the bench to sit down on it.

“But first, we will have to take care of the easy one.” He said of-matter-of-factly. He walked over and locked the locker room door. I was still trying to make sense of the whole thing.

He lifted one leg over the bench and sat down, the same position as me. “So, have you ever… been with a boy?” He asked in a teasing manner.

“Yeah.” I said all too quickly.

“Good. I’m a first timer.” He said in the same tone. He stood up again, and then pulled his blue shorts down a bit. He was already hard, just like me. About nine inches, if I had to guess. Way bigger then what I ever hopped to be. My seven inches seemed small compared to him. He sat down again and leaned back on his hands, his sweat was still on his chest, and his smell was over powering now. But I loved it.

“Mind sucking me off?” I looked at him a bit. I wanted to. Damn, I wanted to. I looked at his nice clean cock; his curly dark brown pubic hair seemed perfect. I didn’t say anything to respond. I just slowly leaned down, and then took his head into my mouth. His taste was something I never had before. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I heard a warm chuckle come from his as he placed his hand on top of my head, rustling threw my hair.

“I never had head before.” He informed me. “It… feels. Well, wow.” He said as I started to take in more then half, and then let it slide out of my mouth. I wasn’t sure who was enjoying this more. I slowly licked around then head, the placed more of his hard cock into my mouth again, sucking all the way down, and all the way up. His hand was slowly rubbing my head, as if petting me, praising me for doing a good job. I started my way down again, sucking in more then five inches in, feeling it hit the back of my throat. God I was hard and my jeans seemed too tight.

“How, about you free yourself?” He suggested as if he was reading my mind. I didn’t respond with wording this time either. I paused, then took my mouth off of him. It wasn’t until then, I noticed I was holding my breath the whole time while sucking him. I wanted with his sweet taste still in my mouth, and pulled down my pants. Oh god. The freedom was better then the first time.

I kicked my jeans all the way off, and sat back down. “Now back to work” He said in a playful manner as his tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth. I did as I was told. My throat was already loose, so I just shoved six inches eyüp escort in. It was a mistake as I started to gage. I quickly pulled up and coughed a bit. His face was right in front of mine. “Don’t over do it.” He said with a small laugh. Suddenly our lips were locked. His tongue was rubbing against mine. I was able to taste a different part of him, and just as fast as he kissed me, he broke it. He winked and leaned back on one hand again, placing the other on my head pushing me back down to start sucking again.

And boy did I start sucking again, this time getting six in-a-half inches in, without gagging. I pushed his head past my throat, letting it rub threw my mouth until heard a hard breath shoot out from him, and I knew what was coming next. I grabbed the bottom part of his shaft and squeezed tightly. I felt his first wave of his orgasm hit in the back of my throat. I let his cock slid out of my throat and kept his head in my mouth, catching his additional six waves of cum on my tongue.

Swallow it. No, spit it out. No, swallow it! I kept fighting with myself, not able to choose what to do with his seed. It was swirling around in my mouth. The sweet salty taste couldn’t compare to anything. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to just swallow it, but before I could his lips came up and hit mine. His tongue pushed my lips open and I let it invade my mouth. He swept the majority of his own cum out of my mouth, letting it flow into his before he pulled away. A stream of his cum stood like a bridge between our mouths before it broke and landed on his chin. If it wasn’t the hugest turn on, it would have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. We both laughed a bit as he wiped of his chin.

“I guess I should be getting back to class.” I have had to been gone for at least fifteen minuets. Sadly there was no time to take care of my hard on. I stood up but Ben grabbed both my hands.

“Ha, not so fast. We still have take care of you.”

“I-I-I can’t. I need to-” My throbbing cock was interfering with my thoughts. He kept a good hold of my hands and then lifted them up above my head. His hands were big enough so he was able to hold both of mine together with one hand, as he grabbed a lose string from the ceiling. Ben took both my hands and tied them together. I was stuck. The only up side was that the rope was long enough so I could sit down.

“I’ll go talk to your teacher. You’re in history right?” He was getting his shorts on. He laughed at the look of hopelessness my body was showing. “Be back in a bit.” He said, as he rubbed my cock with one hand and then left. The hard-on started to drool from the attention. I needed to cum. I never been denied an orgasm before, and it was slowly driving me insane. My hard dick was throbbing, pleading for some attention. It felt like a small touch could set it off. I needed my hands, but sadly they were in useable. My thoughts went wild with ideas on how I could escape, none of them would work. I just needed to get out before anyone else walked in. Who else was like Ben? Who just worked out in their free time and would walk in here and see me like this?

I was struggling to break free. Pulling myself up, but I knew it was all useless. Suddenly two huge warm hands came from behind me and rubbed my chest, down to my stomach. “Don’t like the rope? I thought it was a nice idea.” Ben said with sarcastic pain. He appeared in front of me, starting to strip down again, talking as he went. “I talk, he listened, and you’re free from the rest of the period. Which is about… thirty minuets.” He was naked again, wile I just had my shirt on. He kicked his leg over the bench and then kissed me on more time, slowly rubbing my erection. Pre shot out like a pistol and into his hand. He gave a small laugh as he pulled away.

“Ready for round two?” He ask spitting into his hand into a manly manner, and then rubbing it on his hardening dick. I knew what was going to happen next.

“Ben! No. I can’t. I’m a ver-” I didn’t want to say the world, but I knew the damage was done.

“I thought you said you have been with someone.”

“Yeah, but… my ass… hasn’t really…” I started to chew on my tongue as my embarrassment got the best of me. A huge grin started to spread across his face.

“A Virgin.” He stated.

“Yeah.” I said slowly. I had no hope. He quickly lifted me mecidiyeköy escort up and slid under me so I sat on his knees.

“Then, would you mind if I took that from you?” This was going to hurt like hell. But I nodded anyway. He lifted me up and lifted his dick up so my entrance and his head were even. He let go of me as I steady myself with my feet. He placed his hands behind his head and grinned. “Start riding. Go on, bang a drummer.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I took a deep swallow as I slowly started to lower myself down on his head. He let out a small grunt as a reply. Pain was already shooting through my body as his thick head invaded me. I started to stand back up letting his head break free, before sliding back down, only being able to take the head it. Pain shot threw my body once again. I stood up, and slid back down, never being able to go past his head. He gave a small laugh as he watched me go up and down. Ben gave out a small sigh as he cocked his head.

“S-s-sorry.” I said, struggling against my words.

“It’s fine. Does it hurt?”

“Ya think?” I bit on my lip as another pain wave hit me.

“Here, let me help.” He said with a small laugh. As I started to go down, taking in his head, his hands flew down and grabbed my legs from under me. With nothing keeping me up, besides my tied hands, I slid all the way down his long hard shaft until I was sitting on his lap. Pain coursed threw me as I shook there on his lap. He ran his hands up my leg, letting them free again, and rubbed my thighs. He started to kiss my chest as I still tried to catch up with reality.

“You okay?” He asked in between kisses.

“You just… impaled me.” I said between breaths.

“How did it feel?” He licked my chest.

“Great.” That’s not the word I was going to say, but it was the word that came out. Suddenly I felt my body tossed up, and then back down on his hard shaft. I moaned in pain as I felt him inside of me. He thrust upward again, and dropped his body, letting me fall on his lap again. His hands wrapped around my waist as he lifted my body up, and dropped me on him. The pain was slowly being replaced with my own pleasure.

A grin slowly went a crossed his face, as well as the sweat slowly went down his face. I felt his pre shoot up into me, as I slid down easier. He bent up, and bit my nipple lightly, the sudden pain was pleasurable, and caused me to shoot some of my own pre cum on his chest.

“Wow.” He said surprised. “I suddenly want you all over me.” With this he grabbed my cock. The pleasure was unbearable. I felt like I could have creamed right there, I was quite surprised that I didn’t. He shoved his cocked into me as he slowly started to work mine.

“..B-Ben.” I whispered, but my warning had no effect. My balls started to tingle and then started to empty. I watched as thick waves of my own cum splashed over his chest. He moaned, I’m guessing by its warmth. He let go of my cock as it slowly started to shrivel into its limp state. Knowing his job was done he leaned back and placed his arms behind his head.

The whole scene was mind blowing. His perfect white teeth shining; His piercing blue eyes; His strong manly arms flexed with a perfect bush for his pits; His chest perfect with my seed scattered on it. He flexed his abs, thrusting up into me which brought me back down to earth. Suddenly, I was hard again.

“I think you deserve your freedom.” Ben teased. He reached up and wrapped his hands around mine, and untied them. It was then I realized how exhausted I was. Right when he let go, I fell onto him, our chests pushed together, my head resting on his neck. My own cum was rubbing between us as he started to thrust into me. His hands were placed on both of my ass cheeks; his huge cock was pushing in and out.

“It’s my turn.” He said in-between deep breaths. I knew what he meant and I was ready for it. With one last push, I felt his cock throb inside of me, and his cum fill my whole. It was the most amazing feeling, I could fill each wave of semen enter me, but yet it seemed so distant, like a dream. His large hand started to pet me and he chuckled, still out of breath.

“You were great.” Ben said, after a couple of minuet of us just laying together, him still in me. “Best fuck I ever had.” I barely heard what he said. I was too tired. He kissed the top of my head as he continued to stoke me. I still felt him inside of me when my eyes closed. “I could use a rest myself.” Ben said, mostly to himself. He closed his eyes, and I could have fell asleep in his arms, if it wasn’t for the bell going off for the next class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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