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Being Disabled has Its Advantages

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I have always been a closet exhibitionist and I have enjoyed masturbating, but in the past few years I’ve become more and more disabled, leaving me permanently in a wheelchair. Being in the wheelchair will not allow me to venture into the woods and walk naked or to drive naked from the waist down as I used to do. The use of my hands is failing, which of course makes masturbation difficult. Add to this, that I have moved into a long-term care facility which reduces my privacy greatly. I had visions of perpetual celibacy.

However, kudos to the facility. I was able to plan my “private time”. Two staff members, usually female, 20 to 35 years old have been assigned to prepare me for masturbation. They would use the lift to move me from my chair to the bed. There, they would undress me and in addition, they would have to remove the condom catheter that I wear.

The first private time was quite the operation. There were 3 females in attendance on this occasion, a nurse student, Kia aged 18, and 2 regular staff, Ella and Mary probably in their mid-twenties. Kia was larger sized blonde. She was not supposed to be in the room but just turned up with the other staff supposedly to observe as part of her training. Ella was the older of the 3, and more experienced, being married. She was tall, around 6 feet I guess, with a chest to match and a great-looking ass. Mary was tiny and younger than Ella. She didn’t have a boyfriend and seemed to be quite inexperienced.

My top, slippers and socks had to be taken off before I was removed from my chair into the bed. Removing my top was routine but the removal of my slippers orhangazi escort and socks allowed me to check out their cleavage. As Ella bent over to remove my socks and slippers, I peered down her shirt. Her tits were at least C cup and she wore a loose-fitting black brassiere. I saw her breasts swinging back and forth as she pulled my socks down. At one point, she paused directly in front of me showing me the best view. I was able to see her dark areola and a bit of each nipple. This stirred my cock. I could feel it pulsing, pumping, getting close to release.

Mary was different. Being tiny, she wore only a camisole under her scrub top. It was a silky pink with lace fringes. It was very loose to enable her to do the physical work which is part of her job. As she bent down, I was able to sneak a peek down the camisole to see her nipples, pink and erect as they rubbed against silky material. They may have been an A cup. Her tits did not swing like Ella’s did, but stayed still as the camisole rubbed back and forth on her engorged nipples. I did not think of Mary like that before, but this proved that she was a horny little thing. She would be performing this action many times throughout her shift. Her nipples would be stimulated by her camisole constantly during the day.

A sling was maneuvered underneath me which was to support me when I was lifted out of the chair and onto the bed. The sling was removed once I lay down and all I had on were my pants and boxers. Ella, being the tallest went to the end of the bed and grabbed the waistband of the boxers and pants and pulled nilüfer escort them both straight off. Even though my cock was encased in a latex condom and catheter, it popped right up to attention.

Kia the young nurse, was standing near the foot of the bed so I watched her reaction as my bottoms were pulled off and my condom covered cock jumped up. Her eyes were focused on it as she took a step closer to the end of the bed to improve her vantage point.

My exhibitionist self loved this. Here I was, being undressed by 3 females tasked with helping. I was laying completely naked surrounded by females. But the next part of the procedure would be exciting as well – removing the condom catheter.

Ella started taking the condom off using Vaseline. This involved taking my cock in both of her hands. She started slowly rolling the condom up the shaft towards the head. Each time she rolled a bit up, it felt like she was stroking my cock. My cock grew in length and girth as this arousing removal continued. When Ella had rolled the condom two thirds of the way up my cock, Mary, who was across the bed across from Ella, was eager to help. She grabbed the shaft in both hands to help keep it steady. I could feel Mary’s hands gripping tightly, then loosely, then tightly, then loosely. I thought for sure she was going to propel my semen up and out, and I struggled not to release it yet. I could see that she enjoyed handling my cock as she did not have a boyfriend or have much experience. She was a great assistant but I’m sure it was really to satisfy her own needs.

Finally, Ella removed bursa türbanlı escort the condom, and precum was dripping off the end of my cock. But that was fine because now, Ella and Mary had to do. Peri-care. That is, the cleaning of my cock, balls and ass hole followed by an application of medicinal and barrier creams.

Mary held my cock against my stomach while Ella used the warm cloth to wash my groin and balls. With her free hand, she moved my sack right and left, up and down and scrubbed it until it started to hurt. During this cleaning, Mary and Ella discussed any marks they spotted on my bag.

Now, it was Mary’s turn. She applied cream to my cock and balls. She always started beneath the balls and lifted them up with the other hand in making sure that the cream covered every millimeter of my scrotum. The next job was to apply cream to the shaft of my cock. Ella and Mary worked together now while Kia watched closely. Mary started at the base of my cock and worked towards the end and Ella was applying cream all around the head. I could feel the hot liquid oozing up, the tension was excruciating. My balls started to tighten and I started squirming and moaning. Finally, as Ella and Mary’s hands met at the head, I shot a huge load straight up in the air and the two girls jumped back, laughing. My whole body shuddered and I groaned as it released its hot reward.

Ella said, “clean up time.” Mary was there in a flash, licking up my shaft and Ella’s tongue covered the head of my cock. Kia looked back and forth between the two girls feeling left out, but they ignored her. I looked at her and said, “Maybe next time.”

Once the cleanup was done, they quickly covered me with my blankets, and each gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“See you tomorrow, sleep tight,” the girls whispered to me as they turned off the lights and left me go over the evening’s action as I tried to get to sleep.

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