Beg For More

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“I’m not very good at making decisions,” he grinned.

The two young girls stared at one another and laughed. “Well, so far as I’m concerned,” the blonde started.

“You don’t have to choose,” the brunette finished. “We’re….”

“A couple,” the other girl finished.

“I see,” he practically drooled.

“I’m Gwen,” the brunette offered, grinning devilishly. “This is Kerri.”

“Gwen and Kerri,” he nodded.

“Right,” the blonde girl, Kerri, beamed. “Don’t forget it!”

He chuckled lightly at this.

“So rockstar,” Gwen grinned.

She had the most beautiful lavender eyes, he thought, realizing that they were clearly not natural. She was the taller of the two girls, clearly a few years the senior of Kerri. She was lean and firm, her breasts jutting proudly from her miniscule tank top. Her jeans were so low on her hips, he could easily see hints of her panties- a thong, by the look of it. Her hair was a soft chestnut blended with the occassional pink streak.

Nice touch, he grinned to himself.

Her friend, Kerri, was smaller, more petite. Her tiny waist was sinched in by a tight black corset, her blue leather pants almost too flashy for their present atmosphere. He appreciated her effort to look good, though. Her blonde hair was untamed, wild and reaching almost fully to her bottom. Her makeup was liberally applied; a stark contradiction to Gwen, who wore no makeup at all.

Natural and overdone.

Casual and wild.

The perfect pair, he thought. And lovers?

He could die a happy, happy man.

“Hey, snap out of it!” Gwen quipped, slapping his cheek lightly. “Come back to earth, Benjo-boy.”

Benji snorted. She was certainly a spirited gal.

“Alright, my playthings,” Gwen giggled. “I have a hotelroom key, anyone care to join me?”

Kerri grabbed her girlfriend’s outstretched hand, and they waited expectantly for Benji to follow.

“You won’t hurt me, will you?” Benji smirked.

Kerri grinned. “Only if you beg.”

“And you will!” Gwen teased. “Oh, you definitely will!”


“You’re beautiful,” Kerri gasped as he tossed his last item of clothing across the tiny hotelroom. “I was always a Billy girl, but hot damn, boy.”

Benji grinned, she was doing wonders for his ego.

“Are you the bigger twin?” the blonde grinned as she slid her hands up his exposed chest.

Benji’s voice came out raspy as he whispered, “Yes.”

Gwen walked over to the bed, and sat down beside Benji. “And I’ll bet you say that to all the ladies.”

Kerri and Benji laughed.

Benji tried to collect his thoughts, tried to say something effective. “So, you’re into lil Billy?” he asked Kerri.

“She is,” Gwen nodded. “Unfortunately, I think we scared the hell out of him.”

“Oh?” Benji’s eyebrows raised.

“We made him the same offer and he ran off giggling like a schoolgirl,” Gwen laughed.

Benji’s heart sank. “I’m your second choice?”

“Honey, you’re laying naked on a bed and two girls are about to pleasure you, you complaining?” Kerri winked.

Benji shook his head feverishly.

“Didn’t think so,” Kerri winked and ran her hand through his jet black hair. “I love this.”

“I love this,” Gwen cooed as she leaned over Benji’s reclined body and licked softly over his flaccid shaft.

Benji let out a low grunt as her tongue ran slowly over his body.

“He likes that, Gwen,” Kerri cooed, reaching a hand out and pushing the brunette’s hair off her face.

“I’d like for you two to get naked,” Benji ankara ucuz escortlar moaned slowly, each word painstakingly difficult to speak.

Kerri stood away from the bed and winked at him. “You want this, baby?” she asked as she began to unzip her corset.

He nodded.

She managed to remove the article of clothing and toss it to the floor, quickly moving onto her leather pants. Benji watched in awe as he felt Gwen draw him into her mouth, felt himself grow harder against her moist tongue, watched Kerri shake her body suggestively to remove her pants.

He could barely take it and they had only just begun.

He glanced down at the mass of dark hair in his lap, then to the blonde girl stripping before his eyes. She was topless now, her large breasts exposed to his hungry eyes. They were fake, he deduced immediately, but that was okay: he loved blondes with fake tits. It was a guilty pleasure that he would never admit to, publically.

She tossed her panties to the floor and he watched as she turned in a slow circle, allowing him to take her in. He watched in awe as the light seemed to glint off her nipples, and he realized that she had two tiny hoops pierced through her body, delicate blue beads resting against her chest just below the silver. Her belly-button was equally adorned, this with a tiny dangling cherry.

“You like?” she giggled.

“Very much,” he purred. “Come here.”

Kerri walked back to the bed slowly, seductively, and crawled over him. Gwen stood and Kerri took her place, never missing a beat as she drew his now fully-erect manhood into her delicate mouth.

Gwen offered no strip-show; she simply tossed her tank top and jeans across the room. He noted that she wore no bra, and her thong was nearly more than three pieces of string laced together.

Bold, he thought.

He liked her.

“Done!” she grinned and stalked back towards the bed. “No you have to share him, Kerri!”

Kerri tried to nod, but she was focused on the cock in her mouth.

“Back off bitch,” Gwen grinned, wrapping her hand around the base of his shaft and nudging Kerri away.

The blonde pulled off his length, licked her lips, and kissed her girlfriend passionationely. Benji watched in awe as the girl’s swapped copious amounts of spit, strings of his pre-cum dangling between their tongues.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he grinned, taking himself into his own hand and working slowly up and down.

The girls never paused, their hands beginning to travel over each other’s bodies sensually. Gwen’s hands were massaging Kerri’s full breasts, Kerri’s hands kneading the firm flesh of Gwen’s ass. They cooed into one another’s lips, their tongues working at one another in a beautiful dance of passion.

Benji sat up and crawled toward the girls. “Care if I join in?” he smirked naughtily.

Gwen shook her head, and both girls moved to allow him entrance.

He felt two tongues, his own tongue battling the girls’. He never knew which mouth he was inside, who was massaging who, who’s taste was coating his lips. There was the soft trace of himself on both their tongues, and he felt his body grow increasingly tense. At this rate, he was not going to last long enough to please both girls.

Their threeway kiss continued, ending only when Gwen broke free and ducked her head back to his aching member.

“Fuck me,” Kerri pleaded, whispering into his moist lips. “Fuck me, now.”

He nodded and Gwen backed off his length, holding him in place as Kerri lowered herself slowly onto him. He ankara ├╝niversiteli escortlar felt her sink lower and lower, fully enveloping his pulsating hardness. He moaned as he felt her hips lock into place against his thighs, felt her lean forward and kiss lightly on his stubbled chin.

“So fuckin big,” she cooed. “So hard, mmm.”

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Gwen remarked, lifting his head into her lap and stroking his hair softly.

“Mmmhmm,” Kerri nodded, rising off him slowly then sinking back down just as patiently.

He watched Kerri as she worked, noticing his erection glistening with her juices, her breasts shaking as she moved upward, her face contorted into a tight mix of lust and excitement. Gwen’s hands massaging his scalp seemed to add to the moment, his spine tingling with the sensation of her gentle touch.

“Oh fuck,” Kerri purred as she began to twirl a finger over her engorged clitoris. “So close, so close.”

Within seconds of her declaration, she’d leaned forward, bucking back onto him and licking at his nipple as she screamed. He watched her body shake, her throaty moans becoming softer, til she finally collapsed atop his sweaty chest.

“Delicious,” she cooed as she rolled off him.

“My turn!” Gwen announced with a grin.

His eyes went wide as she licked Kerri’s juices from his body, bringing the other girl into a kiss and sharing the fluids happily.

“You taste magnificent,” she grinned to her partner.

Kerri blushed. “So does Benji.”

The two girls broke free of their embrace and stared down at the waiting male.

“What?” he smirked.

Gwen shook her head. “Nothing.”

Her eyes never broke from his as she climbed over him, grinning. “I’m going to ride you,” she purred. “But then you’re going to flip me over and take control.”

Benji nodded.

She lowered herself onto him just as Kerri had done, rotating her hips slowly to bring him deeper into her body.

“Perfect,” she cooed.

He watched as she bounced atop him several times, their eyes meeting and Gwen signaling that she was ready for him. He grabbed her hips and with no effort managed to flip them, her lithe body coming to rest on the bed comfortably as he kneeled between her spread thighs.

“You want me to take control, huh?” he growled.

“Mmhmm,” she moaned.

“I’ll make you beg, Gwen,” he growled. “You’ll beg for more.”

She smirked at him. “I hope so.”

He bit his lower lip and drove his hips forward, holding his weight off her body while driving himself into her with steady strokes. Before long she was writhing beneath him, screaming his name so loud he was sure someone would call the Front Desk on them.

“Shh,” Kerri laughed. “You’re going to get us in trouble.”

“Sorry,” Gwen blushed. “It’s just…”

“I know,” the blonde beamed.

“I told you you’d beg,” Benji smirked and shoved into Gwen with extreme force.

Her hands grasped his forearms, nearly bringing him crashing down onto her tiny body. “Benji!” she hissed. “Fuck me harder.”

He continued to slam into the brunette, feeling hands wrap around his waist and a firm pair of breasts come to rest against his back.

“Yeah baby,” the blonde girl cooed. “Do her good.”

Her body was laying against his, her hips moving in time and forcing him deeper insider of her lover. Moaning encouragements in his ear, she bit his shoulder and ran her hands over his sides. He felt her snake a hand between their bodies, felt her silky fingers massage his balls as ankara vip escortlar they slammed against Gwen’s tight body.

“Oh fuck,” he hissed. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna…”

“Cum for us, baby,” Kerri cooed. “Fill her up, baby. Cum inside her so I can lick it up.”

That was all he needed to here, he shot deep inside the young girl, growling every obscenity he’d learned in his twenty-four years.

He felt Kerri climb off his back, allowing him to roll slowly off Gwen and stare at the panting girl. “Did I hurt you?” he whispered.

She shook her head, moaning loudly as Kerri’s tongue snaked inside her velvety depths. “Mmm, no, so good,” she cooed.

Benji grinned, enjoying the live sex show before him. Within no time, he was as hard as a coal train again.

Kerri glanced up, eyeing his erection with delight. “More?”

He nodded.

“You know,” Gwen smiled as she began to massage her own breasts. “It’d be nice if we could clone you.”

“Oh?” Benji smirked, feeling Kerri’s lips envelope him yet again.

“So we could have two of you to play with all night!” Gwen giggled.

“Isn’t that what Joel’s for?” Kerri asked, working his shaft with her hand as she spoke.

“Sure,” Gwen laughed. “But I meant more like….a boyfriend. You know, there’s two of us- there should be two of him!”

Benji grinned. “Well maybe next time, I’ll bring my boyfriend then.”

Gwen shook her head at him as Kerri stared wide-eyed. “You should do that.”

Benji’s eyes twinkled. “Maybe I will.”

Kerri shook the thought of Benji and another man from her head, and returned to her oral offerings.

Benji and Gwen began to kiss softly.

“It’s too bad you don’t actually have a boyfriend,” Gwen sighed. “I’d pay to see that.”

“And who says I don’t?” Benji teased.

“Honey, men like you are always as straight as a whistle!” Gwen winked as she pulled away from his tongue and walked towards her purse.

Benji groaned and placed his hand in Kerri’s hair, forcing himself deeper inside her throat. He lost himself in the sensation of her lips, losing track of Gwen’s movements throughout the room.

“Mmm, Benj?” came a throaty groan.


“Your cell is ringing,” Kerri grinned, pulling off him and handing him the phone that lay sprawled on the floor near his disguarded pants.

He looked expectantly from the ringing phone to his slick erection. Answer phone, get blowjob. Answer phone, get blowjob. As if to answer his plea, Kerri returned her lips to his length.

“Take the call,” she cooed as she sucked him in.

“Hello?” he croaked, a smile plastered across his face and his breath ragged.

“Dude, where the fuck are you at?”

“I’mmmmm….ah….Ah fuck, at a hotel.”

“Well, my plane landed and I’m at your hotel, so what the fuck room are you in?”

Benji paused. “I…uh….what room are we in?”

“123,” Gwen called from the bathroom.

“123, man.”

“Good, I’ll be there in five.”

There was a click and the phone call ended.

“Who was that?” Gwen asked, coming back into the room wrapped in a towel and brushing her hair.

“Your wish is answered,” Benji beamed, placing his cell phone on the nightstand and returning his hand to the back of Kerri’s bobbing head.

Gwen cocked and eyebrow and grinned. “Oh?”

There was a knock on the door.

“That’s my boyfriend,” Benji smirked as he exploded into the back of Kerri’s throat.

Kerri pulled off him, licking her lips and watching as his release oozed over his thighs and down onto her fingers.

“Wow,” came an amused male laugh. “That’s fuckin…..Wow.”

Kerri glanced up and stared at the blonde man in awe.

“Hi,” she squeaked and giggled.

“Hi,” he grinned.

“Gwen, Kerri,” Benji smirked. “This is my boyfriend, Tony.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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