Becoming Her Wife Ch. 09

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When the alarm sounded my eyes open in a flash to stare at it. It was nine thirty in the morning. I had to get up for my diving lessons. I tried to move my hand to silence the alarm, but they were still chained behind my back. I still had the penis gag in and my cock was still being restrained by the chastity belt. On top of all this I had to pee really bad.

“Honey get the alarm it’s closer to you.” Josie said still half asleep.

I tried to tell her I couldn’t move but it came out a garbled mess. Luckily sometime during the night Josie cock had come out of me. It was lucky because she jumped quickly straddling my waist to shut off the alarm.”

“Oh my god did I leave you like this all night?” She asked sounding concerned.

I wanted to say something funny like. No I did it before the alarm went off, but the pressure of her weight on my over filled bladder drove all sarcasm out of me. Besides I was still gagged, what could I say.

“Stay right there and I’ll find the key. ” She told me like I had an option. I guess I could have stood up but then what?

Josie rummaged around on the bed for a second before coming up with the key. First she unlocked the collar and then the chinstrap so she could pull out the penis gag. She immediately started kissing my mouth telling me how sorry she was.

“It’s ok honey it was an accident now please undo the rest of the restraints.” I told her

She rolled me over onto my stomach and undid the handcuffs. Next she undid the chastity belt and released my cock. I rolled over on to my back and brought my hands around in front of me to rub my wrist. The pain I felt doing this was worse then when she beat my ass last night. When I rolled over, my cock popped up in front of me still wearing the restraint device. Josie took off the restraint and then started kissing and licking my cock. When she took it in her mouth the urge to pee was almost irresistible. I quickly grabbed her head pulled it off me and said.

“Josie if you don’t stop that you’re going to wind up with a mouth full of pee.”

Josie gave me a grimace before going down and unlocking the chain on my feet. Once that was off I jumped out of bed still wearing the heels and made a dash for the bathroom. Seeing I was still wearing stockings heels and the corset I sat down to pee. My bottom was still sore from the paddling, but it wasn’t unbearable. After I emptied myself I brushed my teeth and then called Josie to give me my enema.

She came in tentatively as if I was going to yell at her. She started to apologize again when I stopped her by putting my thumb over her sweet mouth. She kissed my thumb and I said,

“There is nothing you can do to me to get me mad at you. Now please stop saying your sorry. I enjoyed everything we did last night and leaving me tied up all night didn’t hurt me. Okay, just let it go.” Josie kissed my thumb again then smiled her wonderful smile.

After I was properly cleaned out she removed the corset seeing it only had lacing in the back that I couldn’t reach. Then she emptied her bowels and allowed me to give her an enema. This was the first time in our relationship I was ever allowed to do this. We took a shower together and after we were both clean she gave me a wonderful blowjob. I came so hard she had to swallow three times before I was done cuming. We shared what she didn’t swallow.

After we had breakfast together with Jill and Jim, Josie and Jill drove me to where I would take my diving classes. Josie and Jill would then go shopping while Jim, went to check on the boat. The class wasn’t that hard and seeing I was the only student it went rather quickly though it still took over four hours. I was told that Josie had set up the qualifying dive the next day and she would be diving with us.

The four of us went out to dinner before going back to the house. We had dinner in a nice French restaurant then walked along the beach for an hour or so. I think we all were tired from the late night at the club and getting up early. We also had to be at the boat at seven in the morning. It was only seven o’clock when we arrived home for the evening.

Josie and I went into the bedroom to change into something more comfortable for the evening. When we walked in I saw that the bed was covered in cloths that she had just bought. Some were men’s cloths, mostly shorts and tee shirts the rest were women’s.

“I felt guilty for what I did to you last night so I bought you some cloths. You can’t get mad at me for that?” Josie told me.

“Josie I’m not mad at you. Not now and certainly not about last night. Now please stop trying to make it up to me.”

“Okay I’ll stop but I’m certainly not going to take these clothes back so you just going to have to wear them or throw them out.” She told me with authority.

I agreed to keep them so she started to show me what she had bought. The men’s cloths were nothing special, but the women’s bahis firmalar─▒ were. Several were tight short shorts that would look great on Josie. On me they would look silly especially in the crotch area. I told this to her.

“Nikki complained about not being able to wear causal cloth around the house so I got her some. As far as you’re obvious problem I think I found a way to hide that too.” She told me then handed me what looked like a pair of skin colored rubber panties. “The girl at the store said they’re for girls that want to hide the fact their not what they appear to be.”

“What kind of store was that?” I asked

“You have to remember this is French territory. There are stores for everything that has to do with sex. Why don’t you try it on and we’ll see if it works.”

After I removed the clothes I was wearing I slid them up my legs. Josie told me that my cock was supposed to go into the sheath. After a lot of pulling and stretching I was finally able to get my cock all the way into it. When I finally did get the panties all the way up they seemed to be a size or two too small, but Josie said they were suppose to be skin tight. The color was not right as it was too dark for my skin, but as far as holding me in they did the job beautifully. They even had what looked like vaginal lips where a girl would have them. The head of my dick stuck out of the sheath in back between my legs so I wouldn’t have to take them off to pee.

Josie looked me over and even ran her hand over the fake lips before saying. “Not bad the colors not quite right, but when you’re wearing shorts no one would ever notice.”

She then handed me a pair of French cut panties and pair of shorts. I put those on then a matching bra and a pink tee shirt that said girl power on it. I put on my make up, nails and did my hair in a ponytail. I but on some earrings and Nikki’s wedding and engagement ring. I then asked Josie what she thought.

“I like you better in a dress, but you look pretty hot dressed like that.” She told me then she tossed me a pair of high-heeled sandals and said. “You can wear the shorts as long as you wear heels with them. Also you have to wear dresses most of the time. I don’t want to see you in shorts all the time.”

I put on the heels and said. “If you don’t want me to wear the shorts I won’t.”

“I know you wouldn’t love. I just think you look more feminine in a dress. I’m sorry I feel that way, but you look more like Nick in those then Nikki.” She said sadly

As she started to put the clothes away I found what is known as a skort or culottes that would go with the tee shirt and quickly put it on. When Josie saw me in it a smile came to her face. She came to me and we kissed before she said

“I said you could wear the shorts.”

“I know you did but you didn’t seem that happy about it and these look a lot more like a skirt. Call it a compromise.” I told her

“Thank you I love you for that, but I promised Jill I would let her see you in the gaffe and the shorts. She’s thinking about buying one for Jim. So put the shorts back on and I be ok with it.”

I put the shorts back on then helped put away the rest of the cloths. Josie and I went out on to the pool deck to watch the sun go down. Jill and Jamie were already waiting for us.

“Come here and let me see.” Jill said as soon as she saw me. I stepped up to Jill so she could get a closer look and she immediately ran her hands down the front of my shorts and then between my legs. “Nice it feels like you have a real pussy and I don’t feel any sign of you cock and balls. Maybe I’ll get Jamie one. With that and her real tits she could go to any beach and pass easily. What do you think Josie.”

“You know me I’d prefer she was wearing a dress, but as far as the gaffe is concerned I think it does the trick.” Josie told her as she sat down. Everyone knew how she felt so the subject was dropped after that.

Josie and I held hands while we sat and watched the sun sink into the blue Pacific. Once it was gone we kissed like we did when we first met. When we realized that we weren’t alone Josie asked

“Jamie how many did you do last night? You were going pretty hot and heavy when we saw you.”

“I think it was around twenty though I’m not really sure. I know there was a few that had me twice.” He told us

“How about you Jill?” Josie asked

“I didn’t have sex with any one last night, unless you count Jamie and all she did was eat me out. She still hasn’t cum. I did beat a few slaves last night. I really laid into the one you saw me with, the nerve of him forgetting his wife and Mistress’s birthday. How about you two do anything interesting?”

“Well Nikki jerked off a guy on the dance floor. The ass hole will pay for that.” Josie told her and I could see her anger was coming back.

“Who Nikki?” Jill asked confused

“No Brian Helmet, the owner and president of Lancing ka├žak iddaa Corp. He threatened Nikki if she didn’t bring him off. Nobody threatens my girl and gets away with it.”

“Oh, I guess I’ll get out of the tech stocks for a while.” Jill told her

“I wouldn’t, I’m going after his personal portfolio. When I get done with him he won’t be able to feed his dog.” Josie told her then she seemed to calm down considerably and said, “I did paddle Nikki pretty well at the club. Not because of what happen on the dance for, but because I had an urge and Nikki let me satisfy it. Isn’t she sweet?”

“That was nice of her. So Nikki did you cum while you where being paddled?” Jill asked

“No, I was real close twice then something came over me and the urge to cum went away.” I told them. Jill looked at Jamie and then she leaned in real close to me and asked

“What do you mean something came over you?”

“Well it was kind of a feeling like being submersed in very warm water. Then my whole body starts tingling then the urge to cum just goes away. It’s really quite nice when it happens I don’t miss not cuming at all.” I told them. Jill and Jamie gave me knowing smiles then Jill said.

“You’re very lucky, most girls like you never experience that and you had two in one night. You’re very lucky indeed. ”

“I’m jealous, I only felt it three times my whole life never mind twice in one night.” Jamie told me.

“Maybe there is something wrong with me, after Josie and I went to bed last night I felt it several more times.” I told them they both looked at me with shocked expressions till Jill asked

“How often have you felt it?”

“There was the night Josie and I were married and the two times at the club. Then there was three or four times in bed last night, but I can’t be sure the last one lasted real long and it seemed to come in waves.” I told then, they both looked on in shock till Jill asked Josie.

“What in god’s name did you do to this girl?”

“Nothing you haven’t done to Jamie a thousand times. What are you three talking about?” Josie asked defensively.

“Were taking about you giving Nikki an internal orgasm. Or as it more comely know a feminine orgasm. It’s nothing to be ashamed of most women that love their mates would love to give their husbands this kind of orgasm while we’re fucking them. That is what you were doing last night in the bedroom weren’t you.”

“Well yea but I wasn’t doing it in the club.”

“That must have had something to do with the chastity belt you used. The butt plug must have been rubbing on her prostate.” Jill told Josie, then to me she asked. “Have you cum since this all happen?” I nodded my head. “I’ll bet it was one hell of a load,” She added

“You’re telling me, I didn’t think she would ever stop cuming. I had to swallow three times to make room for more.”

“That’s because when a she-male cum’s internally the load is stored and when she cums normally it all comes out at once.” Jill explained. Then she asked, “What kind of strap-on do you use on her?”

“It’s a special one I had made. Its probable the best one I’ve ever seen.” Josie told her.

“Maybe you should try it on Jamie to see if it works the same magic on her?” Jill asked

“I would, but I promised Nikki I would use it only on her and that’s a promise I’m going to keep.” Josie told her confidently

“Well can I at least see it?” Jill asked Josie told her she could and they both left for the bedroom.

“What was Jill and Josie talking about when you first came out?” Jamie asked when she came and sat next to me.

“Do you mean the gaffe. It’s kind of like a pair of panties that hold you in real tight.” I told her as I stood and lowered my shorts so she could see it. With the low light levels Jamie had a problem seeing what I was wearing so she used her hands.

“Where is everything?” She asked

“My cock is in sheath that pushes it between my legs and my balls are pushed up real tight to my body, in fact their almost inside of me. At first it felt really strange having them pushed up so high, but now that I got use to it, it doesn’t feel bad at all. When I used to cross my legs at the knee it kind of hurt now it doesn’t hurt at all.” I told her

“I know what you mean, That’s why I hardly ever cross my legs. When I sit I just keep my legs together with my feet to the side. It was the hardest thing to learn how to do. Jill would sit across from me, if she ever seen my panties I’d get a paddling.”

“Josie never had to do that it came second nature to me. She has only paddled me twice. Once when we first met because I said she wouldn’t and last night. Do you like being paddled?” I asked Jamie nodded her head and said

“Sometimes I would show Jill my panties on purpose so she would paddle me. She would paddle me if I asked but she enjoys it more if there’s a reason for it. She paddles a lot hard then too.” ka├žak bahis Jamie told me with a giggle I giggled with her.

When Josie and Jill came back out Jill took Jamie by the hand and pulled her to her feet and said, “Come on girl if we’re going diving with Josie and Nikki tomorrow we better get to bed.”

“I’m not really tired yet honey, can’t we stay up a little longer.” Jamie said in a whine voice.

“Listen girly I didn’t say anything about sleeping I said it was time for bed. I just ordered myself a new dick on the Internet and I want to give my old one a proper send off. Now unless you want me to go out and find someone else I suggest you get your ass in the bedroom.” Jill told her with authority.

Jamie smiled broadly and said good night to Josie and I and left for the bedroom. Jill wasn’t far behind after saying her good nights. Josie came and sat on my lap and said.

“What about you, ready for bed?”

“Let’s talk for a minute before we go to bed.” I told her seriously. Josie heard the seriousness of my voice. She got off my lap and sat beside me. Taking my hand in hers she asked what I wanted to talk about.

“I wanted to talk about me getting breast implants like Jim has.” I told her

“Honey I never thought about doing that to you. I told you when we first started dating. I would never do anything to you that could change who you are. Even now all you have to do is but on your male cloths and you’re the same person I met in that bar. I haven’t changed you at all.” She told me. I just about laughed before saying

“Josie whether you want to admit it or not you changed me.”

“I did not, you are the same person I met six months ago.” She told me indignity.

“Honey be serious, The person you met could have been the poster boy for the young republicans. You showed me things I never would have learned on my own. I never would have put on a dress or make up. I certainly never would have had sex with another man.” I told her

“That’s all superficial you can stop having sex with men and you can stop putting on dresses.”

“Do you really believe it would be that easy to just stop what I’m doing?”

“If you wanted to change back you could.” She said with out conviction.

“I don’t want to change I like being the way I am now. I like the pretty cloths I wear and the make up. I like sucking cock and having you fuck my ass. I like you paddling my ass like you did last night. I like wearing all those restraints knowing I was at your mercy to do with as you pleased.”

“I won’t lie to you I did think about you having breasts like Jim has. I won’t say I never thought about how nice it would be to be able to suck on your tits while I’m making love to you. I do it now but there isn’t much there to suck on. Do you realize that you could never go with out a shirt as Nick again? You could never go to the beach where there might be others around?”

“Josie when was the last time you and I had been to a beach. When was the last time I went with out a shirt? The only time we sunbathe is in the nude on your own private beach in the Bahamas or out on the deck at home where no one can see.” I told her. She thought for a minute then said

“There’s nothing we can do about it now. If we were to have it done it would be after we spend a month with my family in the Bahamas. So lets think about it for a while then next month we’ll decide what to do. Besides I not sure what the swingers club would think if one of their new members had tits and a really nice dick.”

So we decided to think about it, my mind was already made up. Seeing that Josie wanted to think about it, told me that she wanted it too, but wasn’t sure of the ramifications. I knew she would talk to her mother before deciding what we would do. I decided not to mention it for the next three weeks and then only bring it up in passing.

Josie and I tried to make love on the pool deck till we started to remove our cloths. That was when the gaffe became a nuisance. It was too hard to pull off romantically. With all the struggling to get my cock free of it Josie wasn’t too happy with it. We finally went into the bedroom where I removed it before climbing into bed.

We made love like we always did with her on top. After the frantic sex of the night before it was a pleasure to just make love the way we use to. Once we were spent and we had cleaned each other we set the alarm and went to sleep.

Three thirty came very early and the alarm clock once more blared in my ear. This time I was able to silence it quickly before being told to by Josie. As soon as the alarm sounded Josie was up and in the bathroom. This was surprising seeing she would normally moan and groan about not wanting to get up. Today though she was chastising me about dragging my butt. Once we were clean inside and out and dressed Josie was pushing me to go and start coffee.

I had never seen her like this. I know it wasn’t because we had an appointment. It couldn’t take us that long to get from the house to the boat and we still had almost two hours. I went in to the kitchen to find that Jim was already making the coffee.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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