Becoming a Erotic Female Wrestler

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So how does one end up on their back, while another women does them with a strap on? Good question you say. Is she in lock up, while Big Bertha has her way with her? No. Experiencing the joys of college perhaps. No, but that’s a story for another time. What I am is a competitor in the sport of Erotic Wrestling. And by sport its an active pastime participated in for pleasure or exercise. They do say sex is the best way to exercise. Well since I might be losing you, let me start from the beginning.

I would love to say that I failed at life had a child when I was sixteen and dropped out of school to go be a stripper at a local club while secretly collecting from section 8, but instead I was a pretty good student. Not the best in the class but close enough to be sent to summer courses at local institutes for additional knowledge not available to the average student. I went to college in state received a degree in Business Management with Honors. I used these instruments to progress at work. And what would that degree insure. The great job that I picked up with all that schooling?

An Assistant Manager position at Kent-Mart. Thank you, wonderful economy.

Even that stinker didn’t last long before office politics and downsizing left me on unemployment. Sitting in sweats a wife beater and toe socks with a bucket of bland popcorn keeping me company. That was until I checked my email.

Inside was an invitation to join EWF. As I tried to guess what company had those initials, my wandering finger opened the file. To my surprise popped up a video of two women wrestling on a mat in nothing more that trabzon escort string bikinis. One of the women looked familiar her bleached blonde hair and gymnastic body gripped the other woman torso in a body scissors as her hands caressed her breasts. The other girl writhed in frustration as she tried to free herself. It looked like torture, if not for the momentary moans that left the brunettes mouth. As the camera panned to a close up of the fondling I watched in quiet awe as this raven haired performers’ nipples plumped up similar to a hotdog on the stove.

Then the brunette was able to lift her body up pinning the bleach blonde’s shoulder to the mat. The blonde who I now recognized as Amber from 12th grade psychology was trying to push the brunette off her to no avail.

The brunette twisted her body 180 degrees to face Amber’s love box and with one hand on her stomach she looked and spit on her fingers, gave Amber a mischievous look and slipped her whole hand into her nether regions. I dropped the bland popcorn. This time it was Amber’s turn to writhe in blissful agony as the brunette pumped her box with vigor. Not realizing how high my speakers were, the deafening tone of her high pitched screams followed by the slopping sound that comes from lubricating someone’s kitty startled me from my daze.

Turning down the speakers, I never once took my eyes off the match. Amber’s screams were being matched by a weird bleeping sound that would echo every time the brunettes hand pumped inside her. What is that sound? I wondered. Then I noticed that there was a scoreboard that added trabzon escort bayan points with each grope, fist pump and or pin of the shoulders. They keep score. I can believe that they score that. But I still wasn’t ready for what happened next.

Amber whose whole body was beet red and glistening with sweat finally tapped out. The look of embarrassed defeat on her face spoke volumes.

A man in a referee shirt appeared. As both women went to stand up. Amber of course was standing on shaky legs. Referee Mike as his name tag announced, raised the hand of the brunette. The brunette, who thanks to the announcer’s claim , was called Brooke stood with sweat drenched hair beaming with pride.

The next scene presented a sheepish Amber on her knees looking up at Brooke. Now dangling from Brooke’s waist was a strap on, a 7 inch dildo hung low similar to a flaccid penis. Beneath the strap-on harness hung a sack that looked like it carried two pool balls. Monster balls indeed. Brooke looking maliciously down at Amber, and shoved the monster cock into her mouth. Amber hungrily sucked the sleeping cock as she also played with the “ball sack”. What took me a while to notice was as she played with the balls the flaccid wonder grew erect. Amber’s eyes gave a bewildered look as her mouth tried to accommodate its growing girth.

Brooke seemed elated as she started talking dirty to Amber.

“You like that don’t you?” she bellowed.

She seemed to become a tyrant right before my eyes. Brooke picked up one of her C cup breasts and flicked the tip with her Gene Simmons like tongue. escort trabzon I watched the tyrant formerly known as Brooke roughly grab her own milky white tits. Pinching the nipples with reckless abandon.

I noticed the wetness had already presented itself inside my own panties. I looked around for no one in particular as I slipped a hand into my wet underwear. The instant my finger made contact with my pleasure nub I was some where else entirely. Noticing as how my left hand was busy I took my right and traveled underneath my soaked wife beater. Making contact with my own nipple I tweaked and pinched it in ecstasy. I felt as a tremendous orgasm was slowly reaching the surface. I opened my eyes to notice that now Amber was prone in the doggy style position as Brooke and her monster pal slowly entered her. The look on Amber’s face as the dildo entered her brought me to a thunderous climax.

As I sat there, exhausted and drenched in sweat Amber was taking the fucking of a lifetime. I watched as her B cups jiggled in place her face again beet red, tears streaming from her face. Brooke hooked Amber’s hair in her hands and she thrust deeper and deeper into her. I watched the mighty ball sack drum against the back of Amber’s thighs. With each thrust I could tell she was closer to orgasm. She was trying to fight the screams formerly coming from her by biting her lips. The effort to keep her mouth shut must have been causing the tears.

Finally Amber broke down. Mouth ajar she screamed like a horror movie starlet again the tears were streaming as the dildo was coated in her juices. The heavy looking balls were now dripping wetness onto the mat. Brooke pulled out and stood victorious, looking down at Amber as she lay below attempting to catch her breath sprawled out on the mat.

I knew that after witnessing this I was destined to be a professional erotic wrestler.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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