Becoming a Co-Worker’s Insole

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Mia leaned back in her chair and sighed. Today had going by at a snail’s pace. No amount of computer work passed the time in any fashion. She was out of here in thirty minutes, but her mind was fried. She let her eyes start wandering, looking at anything to stave the boredom. One of her co-workers was talking to someone just out of her line of view. Mia tried to listen in on their conversation, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. She sighed once again and was about to turn back to her mundane work when someone walked into her sight. It was the person her co-worker was talking to.

It was the new girl Cassie. Cassie was a beautiful girl who was attractive from all angles. Well-kept hair, the perfect amount of makeup, cute clothes, gorgeous manicures, and from the little Mia had seen of her, Cassie was highly intelligent and a fit person. She wasn’t without her quirks though. Cassie frequently walked around barefoot in the office, leaving her blue and white converse at her desk. It wasn’t uncommon to see Cassie’s feet seemingly stained black in filth, though she did wear her converse most of the time.

Cassie was wearing her converse this time. They appeared well taken care of on the outside, though if Mia looked closely, she could see wear marks on them. Mia had seen Cassie’s shoes close-up before when she brought them to Cassie as a favor, as Cassie had left her shoes accidently when she left work. Mia leaned under Cassie’s desk to grab the pair of shoes when a foul stench had reached her nose. Both disgusted and morbidly curious, Mia grabbed Cassie’s blue converse and investigated the shoe. The bottoms were mostly worn away, a telling sign that these shoes had been used for years. The tops of the shoes were clean, matching the look of a brand-new pair of converse. When Mia looked at the insoles inside the shoe, however, she was taken aback. The formerly white insole was stained gray. An almost black footstep was clearly visible from the heel to the toes, and it glistened with sweat. There were chunks of black grime built up on the insole under where Cassie’s toes normally rest, as well as under the ball of her foot, her sole, and her heel. It had been flattened under Cassie’s bare feet and picking at the black gunk with her fingernail yielded no results. Mia had the gall to bring the shoe to her nose to smell inside of them. She immediately gagged and became lightheaded, overwhelmed by the powerful stench. It had smelled of rotten cheese and vinegar, and it was so strong that she could smell them even after setting the shoes down. At the time, Mia had given the shoes to Cassie who stood on the blacktop next to her car. Mia watched her lift her light blue pedicured toes off the blacktop and slip her blackened, filth stained bare soles into her blue converse. Mia couldn’t believe someone would have such dirty feet, such disgusting shoes, and would wear shoes without socks regularly.

Now, as Mia looked at Cassie’s blue converse, Cassie turned so her back was facing Mia. Cassie lifted her shoe, showing the worn bottom. The original pattern had mostly faded away, yet Mia didn’t feel any desire to look away. Cassie giggled in the background as she set one foot in front of the other. Cassie popped her shoe off her heel and dragged the shoe behind her using her sky-blue toes. Her foot was bare as it always seemed to be, and her sole was stained black. Mia’s eyes were transfixed upon Cassie’s bare foot, watching as she began to play with her shoe. Cassie lifted her foot out of her shoe, suspending in the air facing towards Mia and scrunched her sole. Sweat glistened on her dirty bare foot, and her sky-blue toenails were just barely poking underneath the ball of her foot. Cassie loosened her foot and stretched her foot, showing off the dirt on her foot. Mia stared, engrossed in the dirt spread from Cassie’s heel to all five of her toes. There were specks of grit and dust across her sole, and between her toes there was visible gunk built up. Then Cassie scrunched her foot slowly once more, bringing all the wrinkles coated in dirt and sweat to fruition. She loosened her foot and stretched her toes, then scrunched once more, stretched her toes, scrunched, over and over in and endless cycle. Mia was caught in a trance, unable to look away from Cassie’s foot.

Cassie broke the cycle and stepped onto the ground lightly. She dragged her bare foot across the obviously filthy carpeted floor, grabbing any loose grime with the sweat coating her foot. She placed the ball of her foot down and leaned on it, lifting her heel high into the air. Mia stared at her blackened heel and sole, patiently waiting for Cassie to lift her foot once more. As Mia watched, Cassie began grinding the ball of her foot into the filthy carpet, slowly grinding her foot left, then reversing direction and grinding right. She slid her foot forwards, laying her entire sole onto the carpet, before repeating the actions and sliding her entire foot against the carpet, accumulating filth. Cassie slid her foot left across the hatay escort carpet, then right, before planting her foot and viciously grinding the ball of her foot once again. She moved to her heel, planting it onto the carpet and grinded it on the floor. Cassie set her entire foot against the ground before rubbing forwards and backwards against the carpet, making sure to keep her heel, sole, toes, and the ball of her feet contacting the ground. Cassie giggled once more, lifting her sole into the air. She scrunched and loosened her toes over and over with Mia’s eyes glued to it, exposing a new layer of grime and filth glued to her soles and toes with sweat.

Cassie lowered her foot into her converse, only to play with it. Mia felt her gaze fixate upon the converse, aware of the sweaty, smelly, and grime coated nature hidden inside. Cassie dragged her shoe back with her foot, then slowly brought it forwards, then back once more. She pulled her foot out just barely, wrapping her toes around the lip of the blue fabric. The edges of Mia’s vision began to swirl, yet Mia heeded it no attention. Cassie ran her toes around the opening of her converse, scrunching slowly and sporadically. Mia’s vision began to tunnel, the edges of her vision turning black and everything but the focal point of her gaze blurred. She felt light-headed and her head began pounding as her body went numb. Yet, Mia couldn’t look away from Cassie’s shoe. As Cassie slipped her toes into her shoe once more and began dragging it back and forth, Mia’s vision faded away for a split second.

Her sight came back, yet all she could see was the inside of a cave with sunlight at the end. Mia’s head pounded, though the feeling was quickly fading. Her numbness faded too, though she couldn’t move. As she tried to make sense of what happened, a disgusting, foul taste filled her mouth with an odor to match. She felt like gagging, yet she couldn’t. The flavors on her tongue tasted like salt, dirt, strong vinegar, asphalt, and spoiled eggs. The taste coated her tongue and dripped down her throat. She tried to pull her tongue back and close her mouth, yet she couldn’t. Her mouth felt affixed, as if had been forced open, and her tongue felt as if it had been methodically spread out. She felt her tongue lapping at the grime without her control, constantly picking up the horrid flavor. The stench dominated her, smelling of rotten cheese and vinegar. It reminded her of when she smelled Cassie’s converse.

That’s when it happened. Mia watched as light-blue pedicured toes poked in through the awning of her mouth and settled themselves on her tongue. A horrid taste wracked her, one of pure sweat and filth. It rested on the tip of her tongue and the disgusting flavor traveled down her throat. The beautiful toes rested on her tongue for a few seconds as Mia licked the disgusting grime, unable to stop herself. Then the toes lifted slightly off her tongue and wrapped themselves around the edges of her mouth. As the toes made their path around her lips, Mia began to understand what had happened. She wasn’t magically in a cave like she first thought. She had somehow turned into Cassie’s filthy converse. The disgustingly complex flavor she compulsively lapped at was the insole that rest against Cassie’s bare foot. The last time Mia had seen it was over a month ago, and at the time it was a formerly white insole that had been stained gray with spots of black grime spread throughout, and it had an almost perfectly shaped blackened footprint imprinted on it. That thought alone made Mia want to gag, yet she only felt herself continue lapping at the spoiled egg taste. Being Cassie’s blue converse would explain the vinegary, rotten cheese smell as well as the beautiful light-blue toes dancing on her lips.

From what Mia could tell, her anatomy had changed completely. Her face and tongue were the insole that Cassie’s feet had rest against throughout the day, though it looked no different than the filthy insole she had seen a month before. Her face felt spread across the insole, as if all the sweat and grime rest directly upon her face, while her tongue lapped the flavor incessantly. Her nose rested where the base of Cassie’s toes sits, enveloped in a horrendous smell. Her mouth was the entirety of the shoe, with the shoe opening being where her mouth opened, and the inside walls of the converse being her cheeks. Her eyes rest at the front of the toe section looking back across the inside of the shoe to the heel. Mia felt as if her body no longer existed, as she couldn’t feel it.

As she tried to figure out where her body was, Cassie giggled in the background. Mia saw a shadow, dread overcoming her. She cried out, but Mia heard no sound. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move, and with her looking exactly like Cassie’s shoe, there was no way Cassie would know what was happening. First Cassie’s toes slipped into her mouth and onto her face. Mia lapped uncontrollably, starting her tongue at the grime and sweat built up on the heel of the escort hatay insole, running it underneath Cassie’s grime coated toes, then up the length of the sweaty insole before starting the lick over again. More of Cassie’s gorgeous foot forced itself into her mouth as the ball of Cassie’s foot slid up Mia’s face. Mia felt the gross chunks of dust and dirt slip down her throat as she licked, silently begging for mercy. Finally, Cassie toes wrapped themselves around her nose as her heel popped into the shoe, sealing Mia’s fate.

She stared at Cassie’s light blue toes, unable to look away and see something else. Her mouth stretched painfully around Cassie’s foot, and she felt as if she had a gag shoved into her mouth as it forcefully opened her jaw. The stench seemingly multiplied in intensity as her nose was buried under Cassie’s big and second toe, smelling of spoiled cheese, sweaty gym socks, and ripe vinegar. Mia felt as though her face was being stepped on, as if she was the carpet Cassie had been stepping on and grinding her foot into. Mia’s tongue lapped from Cassie’s heel to her toes in a slow and methodical fashion. It was agonizing tasting every speck of filth and the layers of dried grime and sweat from Cassie’s heels, soles, and balls of her feet. At the end of each lick, Mia felt her tongue poke between each of Cassie’s toes, lapping at the bottoms and sucking on her flawless sky-blue toes. As Cassie settled her weight onto her foot, Mia felt more and more weight on her face as Cassie’s sweaty, filthy bare foot pressed into her. Her nose pressed harder into Cassie’s toes, amplifying the stench even further. Her mouth stretched even further, making Mia scream mentally and begin crying, though no tears appeared. Her face began to ache under the weight as her tongue flattened itself against Cassie’s filthy sole.

Just as Mia was beginning to find the pressure unbearable, all the weight lifted off her face. Her tongue was still attached to Cassie’s filthy sole and the smell was still unbearable, but she was finally able to relax her mouth and recover from the pain of being stood upon. Yet, as her tongue slid under Cassie’s toes, a wave of pain splashed across Mia as her mouth was stretched even further than before and an unbelievable amount of pressure forced Cassie’s sweat coated sole into Mia’s face. Mia cried out in pain at being trampled and having her mouth spread out so far as the pressure faded away. Just as she reconciled what had happened, Cassie stepped onto Mia’s face once more, forcing Mia’s nose against her toes and flattening Mia’s tongue against her heel. She lifted her foot, giving Mia reprieve once more before crushing Mia’s face underfoot. Cassie stepped on Mia over and over, forcing Mia’s tongue against her filthy soles and Mia’s nose into her toes. Every step stretched Mia’s mouth and crushed her face, wracking Mia painfully.

Cassie walked mercilessly, trampling Mia with every step. Mia’s tongue lapped endlessly at Cassie’s filthy, sweaty foot. The awful taste of rotten eggs and grime slid down her throat through each lick. The taste was the worst between Cassie’s toes, somewhere Mia had no choice but to stick her tongue and suck. Mia’s tongue flattened against Cassie’s foot over and over, yet her licks never slowed. Each step moved Cassie’s toes while Mia sucked on them, yet she could not stop. Mia could do nothing to stop smelling the awful, rotten cheese and vinegar smell from between Cassie’s toes. Her nose moved away from and pressed into Cassie’s toes over and over. Mia’s mouth felt as if it stretched less and less with every passing moment, as Mia could not tell how much time was passing as she was endlessly trampled. Yet even if the pain of her face being stepped on faded, Mia could not help but feel utterly dominated and worthless as her face was crushed over and over. She couldn’t quite believe she was being trampled by such a beautiful girl with such smelly, dirty feet so ruthlessly. The overwhelming taste of Cassie’s feet slid down her throat as she lapped the dirt off her filthy soles and the grime from between her toes

Cassie continued to step on Mia, completely oblivious to how she was dominating and humiliating her senior co-worker. Mia sucked on Cassie’s toes and lapped at her soles while she walked, swallowing after each lick. Sweat began to build upon Cassie’s foot as Mia licked, and it only continued to build on Mia’s face with each step. The smell only increased in intensity, filling Mia’s nose with rotten cheese and vinegar. As time passed, Mia’s mouth no longer hurt, as instead it had molded to and enveloped Cassie’s foot perfectly. She adjusted to the crushing feeling of being stepped on and accepted her nose being forced against Cassie’s toes and her tongue being pressed against Cassie’s soles. She never quite adjusted to the sight of sky-blue toes wiggling in front of her eyes, though it was easy to focus her attention on her face as Cassie’s filthy, sweaty feet crushed her face step after step. Her face never hatay escort bayan quite left Cassie’s soles, instead rubbing against it gently before being mercilessly crushed.

As Cassie walked, sweat continued to build on her feet until her feet were squelching sweat on Mia’s face with every step. Each time Mia licked Cassie’s foot, the flavor of pure foot sweat washed down her throat and failed to mix with anything. She could feel the sweat the instant it started going down her throat, and she was conscious of it until all of it finished traveling. As Cassie’s dirty foot once again crushed Mia’s face, and as Mia’s nose pressed into Cassie’s cheesy toes while she breathed, Mia began to wonder why it seemed that Cassie’s feet were only getting sweatier. Mia placed her tongue on Cassie’s heel and slowly licked up her sole, making sure to taste every crevice of filth, every speck of dust, and every pool of sweat. As she reached Cassie’s toes, she lapped across the bottom of them before sticking her tongue between Cassie’s biggest and second toe, sucking as she licked. Then Mia slid her tongue between Cassie’s second and third toe, repeating the process until she had licked and suck between each toe before placing her tongue back at Cassie’s heel. Cassie’s dirty foot trampled Mia’s face once more, rewarding Mia’s loyal worshiping of her feet. As Mia took her next lick, she realized something. Cassie’s feet weren’t getting any cleaner or less sweaty with her licks. In fact, the chunks between Cassie’s toes were just as prevalent as when Cassie first stepped on her even though she had sucked and licked them from between Cassie’s toes at least a dozen times.

Mia despaired from the realization and breathed in heavily from between Cassie’s toes, letting the cheesy, vinegary smell envelope her. Her tongue, currently between Cassie’s toes, wrapped itself around a chunk of Cassie’s toe jam and pulled it down her throat. The taste repulsed her, pulling her further into despair. The sweat squelched on her face as Cassie stepped on her once again. Mia licked up Cassie’s dirty sole once more and paid specific attention her toes. Once she pushed her tongue between Cassie’s toes and began sucking, she stuck her tongue where she had found the toe jam before, only to be greeted with the same sizeable chunk. As it slid down her throat once more, Mia realized she had been licking without reprieve at Cassie’s feet for nothing. She was only the inside of Cassie’s converse. A shoe doesn’t have a tongue or nose, and it certainly can’t clean a sweaty, dirty foot. Mia had merged with Cassie’s converse, and while she tasted the dirty soles and smelled the sweaty toes of Cassie, the reality simply was Mia was now a shoe with senses. Cassie’s feet would only get sweatier and dirtier as time went on, and it was Mia’s fate to lick and smell endlessly as Cassie trampled her.

Cassie finally stood still after walking endlessly. The pressure of simply being stood on by her rather than constantly being walked upon gave Mia the relief she needed. Yet, this was a brief reprieve. Cassie began walking after that short pause, but only for a short bit. Mia licked Cassie’s feet from heel to toe, forced to taste every speck of filth across Cassie’s soles knowing full well her efforts meant nothing as she wasn’t affecting Cassie’s feet at all. Yet, a new sensation came over her. Cassie’s heel popped off her tongue and Cassie’s toes slid across her face, exiting the shoe. She heard Cassie take her other shoe off before walking a few paces away. Mia was overjoyed at her newfound freedom, even if her face was still covered in Cassie’s foot sweat and her tongue still lapped at the grimy, dirty insole. Mia smelled fresh air, though it was heavily diluted by the stench of Cassie’s foot.

As Mia relaxed, she thought about her predicament. She couldn’t move, talk, and otherwise looked exactly like Cassie’s converse. She had no way of escaping or alerting Cassie to where she was. Mia had become the inside of a filthy converse belonging to this girl and was forced to constantly lick her soles, suck her toes, smell her feet, and be trampled upon. Cassie was a beautiful girl who had regular pedicures, yet her feet were always dirty from walking barefoot and she never wore socks with her shoes. Mia would be forced to suffer the consequences both of Cassie walking barefoot by licking her filthy, blackened soles without being able to clean them and also of Cassie not wearing socks by Mia’s face trampled under the beautiful girls dirty, bare foot as she squelched sweat under her soles and between her toes. Mia would have no choice but to breathe in the sweaty, cheesy smell of her toes from now on, as even after Cassie took her shoe off the stench lingered. From what Mia had seen at work, Cassie wore these shoes every day, spelling hell for her. As much as Mia dreaded that, a forlorn thought overcame her. If Cassie decided her converse were to dirty for her, she could very easily buy a new pair and toss her old pair into the trash. The thought of being crushed in a garbage truck or being rebuilt into a new shoe terrified Mia. As the gravity of this thought hit her, Mia decided she would much rather suck grime from between Cassie’s dirty, sweaty toes every single day than find out if she can die in this form.

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