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Becky – Finally

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I realized there were quite a few grammatical errors in my first story so I have edited it. I apologize for the errors. Now if I can only find the way to remove the first one…


Until I retired a few years ago, I spent my adult life working in prisons as a correctional officer, Lieutenant and Captain. The following is a story of what happened to me while on the job as a lieutenant.

They say prison isn’t the best place to get sex and for the most part I agree. Although, depending on what type of joint you work, it’s not difficult to do. Sex with inmates can be easy. But sex with inmates, male or female, is illegal and can get you put in prison yourself. Sex with a fellow staff member, however, happens all the time. It might not be as easy but it is often worth the effort.

Becky was a psychologist at our institution. She treated inmates with mental health problems. Becky wasn’t a raving beauty – she was just incredibly cute. She had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes behind very thin, frameless glasses, a gorgeous smile and a runner’s body – small, firm breasts, muscular legs and a tight ass. She ran at least 5 miles every day.

Becky and I got to know each other well when I was assigned as the lieutenant in the segregation unit. My job was to keep things running in an orderly fashion, making sure the inmates complied with all rules and regulations and that they got everything that they had coming by law. One thing they were entitled to was periodic reviews by me, their case workers and counselors, religious services and mental health services.

Becky came to the Seg unit several times a week and would stop in my office to chat and to fill me in on anything she thought I needed to know. We quickly developed a friendship. I was a few years older than she but took care of myself, working out with weights on a regular basis.

Eventually Becky and I began communicating on the institution’s instant messaging service on the computer system. We talked about business in the beginning but as our friendship developed our conversations became more personal. One day I got bold and told her I liked when she came to see me because I really enjoyed watching her ass as she walked down the corridor from my office. She liked that. Our conversations became intimate after that and it wasn’t long before we were having fairly racy sexual conversations about who we’d been with, what we liked, etc.

Becky was unhappily married at the time but escort şişli I was single and unattached. I was having fun, using her for great masturbation sessions in the evenings at home.

One day, during a particularly hot messaging conversation, I took a chance and told her that we needed to stop because she was making me hard.

“I’m already wet…” came her response.

I knew with her marital situation that getting together after work was probably a fantasy so I told her “When I get home today I’m going to masturbate while reliving this conversation. Is it OK with you if I fantasize about you while I get off?”

“Certainly,” came her response. “As long as you tell me about it tomorrow.”

How could I pass that up? I lived 11 miles from the joint and thought about nothing else on the way home. I was hard when I pulled into the garage. I stripped off my clothes as I walked toward the bedroom, leaving them in a trail behind me. My cock was leading the way, dripping pre-cum on the floor. I had my hand around it before I hit the bed and was stroking away, remembering Becky’s words “I’m already wet…”

I stroked myself hard and fast and it took only minutes before I shot wad after wad of hot cum all over my chest and stomach. I had been alone for several months and this was the first real excitement I’d had besides reading Literotica while jerking off.

As the weeks went by our conversations online became more and more intimate and detailed. (I did tell her the next day about my orgasm using her as my subject. Again she told me “you’re making me wet…”

One day we talked about the day that we would eventually make love. She told me she wanted to take me in her mouth and make me hard as a rock, then feel me deep inside her. She told me her panties were dripping from our conversation and that she couldn’t wait to get home and make herself cum.

We had just finished that conversation on the messaging system. She was in her office, I was in mine.

She told me she was wet. I told her I was hard. She typed “Wish I could see it.”

I decided it was time to do something about this lust once and for all. I told her I had to go and immediately left my office for hers. When she saw me at the door she looked a little surprised.

“Hey Becky,” I said. “you got a minute? I need to talk to you about something.” I made sure if anyone was listening they heard me so they would understand that I was having a private besiktas escort conversation with her. That’s why the door would be closed.

Her eyes opened wide for a second and she replied “Sure. Come on in.”

I closed the door and looked at her with pure lust. I think she knew what was on my mind. She was wearing a beige skirt with a white blouse and she looked incredible.. She turned back toward the papers on her desk for a moment and I stepped behind her. Putting my hands on her shoulders I began to massage them.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” she whispered. But even as she said it I felt her body respond to my touch. She leaned slightly forward and took a deep breath.

“I just wanted to touch you. I’m so incredibly horny right now that I’m already hard again,” I replied.

I rubbed her shoulders for a minute or so as her body responded. Her breathing deepened and I could tell she were getting excited. With my left hand I moved her hair to the side and leaned down to kiss and nibble her neck. She let out an audible moan – at least audible to me. I continued to kiss and lick her neck then kissed the side of her face.

She turned to me and kissed me passionately. Our tongues played together as she turned far enough to reach out and grasp my throbbing erection through my pants. I reached down with my right hand and cupped her left breast. I could feel her hard nipple trying to break through the fabric that covers it. I played with it, pinched it lightly, rolled it between my fingers, and just generally enjoyed what I was doing to she.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and stood up. I was afraid we had gone to far and she was putting a stop to it. Instead, she reached for my zipper, pulled it down and fished my hard cock out of my underwear. She had said she wanted to see it – and there it was. She grasped it in her right hand and gently squeezed and stroked it as she kissed me once again, burying her tongue as far into my mouth as it would go.

Suddenly I was in heaven. A jolt of electricity shot through me as she bent down and her tongue caressed my swollen cock head. Her hand was still there, slowly stroking. I knew I could easily cum in her mouth if that’s what she wanted.

To distract myself I leaned over and pulled up the back of her skirt. Her red thong underwear made her ass look incredible. I reached over with my right arm and rubbed her gorgeous ass, then moved a bit further until I felt warm wetness escort taksim in the fabric of the thong. (Thank goodness for long arms!) I slid the fabric to the side and inserted my middle finger into her. We both moaned at the same time. I worked that finger in and out a few times then added a second. I began thrusting gently into her as she performed her oral magic on me.

I began thinking we were going to get each other off like this when she stopped, stood up and said “Oh shit! I need to lock the door!”

She moved quickly and silently to the door, removing her keys from her belt and quietly turning the lock. When she turned around I was standing there slowly stroking my hard-on with my fist. She watched for a moment with a smile on her face, then stepped over to me and kissed me once again, placing her hand over mine.

Suddenly she reached under her skirt and removed her thong. She stood to face me and said “Here’s a souvenir,” handing it to me. I put them to my nose to inhale her wonderful aroma then placed them in my pocket. She turned around, pulled up her skirt, bent over the desk and said “Take me. Right here, right now.”

I moved forward and lined up with that incredible, warm, wet, waiting vagina. I could see her wetness on her legs and ass. She was ready. My cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. We were both ready.

In one smooth motion I pushed into her all the way to the base.

“Ooooohhhhhh… that feels so good. I want you to make me cum. I need you to make me cum. And I need you to cum deep inside me,” she whispered. We’re still being as quiet as we can, considering.

I pulled out nearly all the way and pushed into her again.

“Ugh. That is so good,” she said.

Her fingers came in contact with my cock and I realize she was stroking her clitoris as I thrust into her. That’s good because I needed her to cum before I lost it and exploded inside her. I picked up the pace a little, moving my hips up and back as I slid in and out of her.

Her breathing quickened, as did her little whimpers of pleasure. “I’m close,” she said. “Go faster. I’m going to cum!”

I began pounding into her as hard as I could while maintaining as much quiet as possible. By that time I was ready to moan loudly and tell her how great it was to finally be making love with her. But we still had to be quiet.

I reached around and began fondling both of her breasts while I continued to pound into her. It worked.

“Oh, God… I’m there. Keep doing that. I’m going to cum. Oh, my God. Here it is. C’mon babe – cum with me. Cum in me! Oh… Oh… Ooooohhhhh…!”

Just as I was getting ready to fire my load inside her – I woke up, hard as a rock and panting…

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