Becca’s Revenge

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My name is Becca, I’m 5 foot 2 inches, brunette hair, green eyes. I’m 18 just about to start senior year, It’ll be the second season being the varsity captain for the girls soccer team for me. I was always a fast developer my tits are a size 32D, and I’ve been told I have an ass and hips that are “to die for” to go along with my “juicy thighs”.

The funny thing is you’d take one look at me and you’d immediately think I’m some cumslut, and to a certain extent you’d be right. But I’ve only been a cumslut for my boyfriend Jason. I met Jason when I was 15 at the end of freshmen year in biology and we’ve been together ever since. He was the first and only guy I’ve ever been with, now I’ve seen picture online I know that there is some really big dicks out there and Jason isn’t one of them but he gets the job done.

He doesn’t play sports he’s not a musician like some douchebag guitarist, he’s just a normal guy… That has a killer set of abs. I think that’s why I’ve always stayed with him, because he was just a normal guy. But this story isn’t really about Jason and I. It’s about cheating.

A couple weeks ago my friend Amy invited a bunch of our friends over to her house. I told Jason to come, he told his friends to come, soon enough basically the whole school showed up it was really wild. We all got busy drinking and partying and half way through the party I was drunk and horny as fuck so I went looking for Jason but couldn’t find him anywhere.

I asked Amy if she had seen him anywhere she had told me no, but if I needed some privacy I could go up to her room to call him so I did. I open the door and pulled my phone out and pressed on Jason’s name to call him and as I walk in my heart dropped. All I see is Jason’s dirty blonde hair, his ass, and sound of his balls smacking against some bitches ass cheeks covering the sound of the vibration coming from his phone. All I could do is turn and run, I didnt even close the door.

I started walking home and got a text 30 minutes later from Jason saying “hey babe went to Denny’s to get pancakes with the guys let me know if you need a ride home”, I almost threw up. I stayed up all night hearing the sound of his balls meeting that girls ass, and thinking if he sent that text to me that probably means he doesn’t know I know. That moment right there is when I started my revenge.

Push forward 2 weeks and it’s the start of senior year I haven’t really hung out with Jason since I saw that asshole fucking that girl, I still don’t even know who she is. Maybe it’s better that way I don’t know, but Revenge part A is coming along quite smoothly. So by now I’ve been getting more “friendly” I guess you could say with the entire basketball team.

Me being around them made Jason incredibly jealous and finally he snapped started yelling at me about how I’ve been a shitty girlfriend and how I’m never around him anymore. All I could do is laugh at him, I looked him up and down and said “You can’t be serious. I catch you fucking some hoe at Amy’s and you say I’m the bad girlfriend because I’m not around you enough????? Fuck off Jason”.

His eyes went wide and just stood there as I walked off.

That was on Wednesday, and Thursday Mykeal from the basketball team, easily the hottest on the team, light skin 6 foot 2 inches, said he was having a party on Friday so I told him I’d be there. What I didn’t tell him is I was going to be there with a box of condoms and the entire team was going to fuck me.

The entire day at school on Friday Jason ankara du┼čta veren escortlar kept calling me and texting saying I’m sorry and didn’t respond at all, I really wanted to but Amy stopped me everytime and as soon I knew it was party time. I went over to Amy’s to get ready, and I wanted to look real slutty so we went out to get a black g string and a pair of the shortest shorts imaginable. They paired well with a crop top I still had from 8th grade.

So we pull up to the party at around 10:30 already kinda fucked up from drinking at Amy’s, and walk in to another typical high school party drinking games, weed, people making out that stuff.

Eventually Mykeal comes up to me and we start talking and starts making me drink shots of tequila with him and asks me if I want to go to his room with him, and I say “FUCK YA” like a dumbass drunk white girl which I was at this point because as we started walking I had realized I left the condoms at Amy’s. Literally as soon as the door closed he had me on my knees.

Next thing I knew I was helping him unzip his pants you could tell it was big and thick from just feeling from inside his pants, and then it hit me. It literally hit me, his dick was the size of my arm it had to be at least 10 inches. It was long, thick, the head was as big as ever, and then I couldn’t help but laugh because I realized how small Jason little dick was.

So I promptly went to work swirling my tongue on the head, licking from base to tip, sucking on Mykeals balls while I used both hands to jack him off. You could tell he was enjoying himself, but I wanted to really impress him, so I got off his balls and focused all my attention on trying to take as much of him as I could… I probably only got 6 or 7 inches, which he followed with saying “we will work on that now get that ass on the bed”.

There was no slowness, no gentleness to what happened next as I started to climb on the bed, he ripped my shorts off and pulled the thin fabric covering only half of my asshole. As I got back up on my knees, Now facing away from Mykeal I reached between my legs, I had no trouble grabbing hold of his huge dick and pulling it forward, rubbing it up against my pussy lips. I leaned into it pressing the fat head between those lips, parting my pussy ass I was getting ready for the pounding of a life time. Mykeal tried his best to slam his dick into me, but it was too thick and I Was as tight as ever due to Jason’s tiny wang. It was hard to slide into but he kept slamming it in the best he could.

I was moaning like never before as I was taking that big dick, my big tits bouncing and my ass smacking against him. By now I was making a lot of noise even with the party going on outside of his room, and some of Mykeals teammates must of heard because Mykeal slowed the tempo down a little while he was looking at them.

He finally got a hold of what he was doing, and started to pound the fuck out of me, I screamed and moaned in ecstasy. My screams spawned Mykeal to pick up the pace, moving his monster dick deeper into me. As I screamed in pain and pleasure of the intense deep dicking i was receiving, “I’m going to cum…” I moaned, “Ahhhhhhh… I’m going to CUUUUUUM!!” I went limp and laid on my stomach.

Mixed with sweat and my own cum I rolled over to face him only to notice everyone else in the room all rubbing their dicks in their pants. “Fuck it.” I said as I got up and took 2 more guys over to where Mykeal was already stroking his cock coated with my juices. ankara feti┼č yapan escortlar

I sat down on the bed and I unzipped both Anthony and Tyreek and out sprung 2 more think dicks both already had a bit of precum coming out of the tip. Before I could even do anything to them, Mykeal shoved his dick back into my throat mixing my juices with my spit tasting my own cum. He grabbed my head with both hands and started humping and fucking my face.

I was in another world, I unconsciously started jacking off both Anthony and Tyreek, while being throat fucked by Mykeal. Tyreek had enough of being worked with my dainty hand and wanted to fuck, so he swung around me and slid under to where my ass cheeks were resting on the base of his dick. While I was still sucking off Mykeal and having his balls slap my chin, Tyreek picked me up and attempted to slide his noticeably thicker dick than Mykeals into me. But with the workout he gave my pussy, I opened right up and took it.

I bottomed out on his dick and went all the way down, which apparently impressed everyone by the way they were oh’ing and ah’ing. I let out a loud moan as Mykeal took his dick out of my throat but it instantly replaced my Anthony’s rock hard cock. As I started bouncing on Tyreek monster dick all I heard him say was “this white bitch can ride a dick” over and over again.

Mykeal had grew bored of waiting for another turn, he told me to turn around so my ass was again visible to everyone in the room. Anthony came around for me to continue servicing him while I was thoroughly fucked by Tyreek.

I didn’t understand why Mykeal told me to turn around until he told me to “relax and breath through it”. He was about fuck me in my ass, Jason hadn’t even put his dick in my ass and his little pecker was microscopic compared to these guys.

Before I could say anything he tried to push in the head of his cock and eventually got in after a little struggle and breathing on my end. From there he reached around me cupping my tits and twisting my erect nipples signaling out a moan from me while I was still taking in as much of Anthony as I could take. He slowly but surely borrowed his way up my ass and had his balls resting on the bottom of my slit to which Tyreek was still impaling.

As I became more comfortable with the cock in my ass, the Mykeal became more confident with the speed and depth he pushed it. Overtime he was able to get a fairly good pumping rhythm going. Every time he moved in, Anthony would move out, my ass cheeks jiggled as theirs dicks pumped my insides. I couldn’t help it but I had to take Anthony out of my mouth as I moaned and in-between moans i begged them

“Fuck me harder. Oh… fuck me… in the ass.”, Despite being barely conscious. I felt a second wave coming stronger than the first. “Fuck!” I yelled ” “FUUUUUUCK… gonna …CUUUUUUUM!!”

From then on I became the engine of a car and their dicks became the Pistons. The alternating strokes coming from Tyreek and Mykeal had me losing control and loving the situation I was in. It sent me over the edge, I never felt the way I felt during that time and I lost all motor skills.

Anthony took his cock and shoved it back into my barely awake face, grabbed my head and keep fucking my throat as I felt Tyreeks dick start to pulsate. He bucked his hips faster and faster and grunting louder and louder, he wasn’t going to last a lot longer. I felted his jizz shoot up into my stomach pump after pump, my eyes went wide as I remembered ankara iranl─▒ escort I wasn’t on the pill.

While Tyreek began to slide out from underneath me, I felt a similar pulsating feeling inside my asshole as Mykeal was dumping his cum deep into my insides. Anthony pulled out of my mouth as he began unloading on my face and tits stroking fast allowing ropes of cum to fly out with velocity, smacking me in the cheek, covering my forehead, and ripping down onto my boobs.

I stumbled over to the dresser where the bottle of tequila was took and big gulp as I was looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a whore out of a porno with all the cum splattered all over me. But I only had a couple of seconds of recovery time as the next 2 guys pushed my back on the bed, with the cum from Mykeal and Tyreek still inside me acting as lube they had no problem sliding right in and pick up right where they left off.

I had no idea who was inside me at this point. As they fucked harder than the 3 boys before they felt more experienced and I also knew they wouldn’t be the last knowing there were at least 5 more guys waiting but I started feeling the alcohol hit me and with the excessive energy loss from the fucking had received and was receiving, I passed out shortly after they entered me.

As I came through I realized how hungover I was, but the pain in my head was no where near the pain I felt in my ass and pussy, I could barely stand up not to mention walk. I looked at myself in the mirror as saw all the cum dried up in my hair and body. Cum was everywhere, on my back, face, ass, legs, feet, and my holes inside and out.

I grabbed my phone out of my shorts and saw I had multiple missed calls and voicemails from Amy that I didn’t want to deal with along with a message from Mykeal saying “thanks for being a team player lol” with a 42 minute video of me being railed by all of them. As I tried to say fuck in my normal dainty voice, all the came out was a whimper due to the throat fucking of a lifetime I had received.

I could taste the cum and smell the mixture of cock and tequila emerging from my mouth. While I went looking for my shirt I got a text from Jason asking if we could talk. I sent him my location and said “bring me a towel and a couple bottles of water.

15 minutes later Jason had arrived and sent me the generic “here” text, while i was still looking for my shirt, “Well FUCK!” I said as I left Mykeals room and headed to the door I heard Mykeals older brother DeMarcus cat call me and say “DAMN! you that hoe that fucked my baby brother and all his dawgs huh? How bout you come get on them knees and suck a real dick?” I sent Jason a “hold on” Text turned around and got down on my knees like he said.

I gave a few, slow tentative tugs and looked at it, My hand barely fit around its girth. I grabbed it with both hands, jerking it. A hand on the back of my head pushed me closer. I looked up at him and gived the head a gentle kiss. And then a not-so-gentle kiss. And then i licked it from the base to the tip followed it by then sucking lightly on one of the balls. I worked my way back to the top and started sucking in earnest.

The tip of my tongue peaked out of my lips as i swirled it around his glands. He groaned in pleasure, as I sucked deeper and deeper with each bob until I is throating it all the way to the base. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my throat. My eyes went wide as I wasn’t prepared for this. I tried pushing away but he was too strong. What was left of my Mascara smeared down my face as he shot hot sticky strings down my throat and allowing me pull off his cock only for him to finish on my face.

I got up not even taking time to whip my face, and walked out the door to where Jason was parked.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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