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After my friend from the farm next door went into military service, I had more time to date women while attending college. At a dance party celebrating a football game victory I happened to meet a young lady that had gone to high school with me. Debra was a little chubby, still carrying some baby fat I guess, and shy acting, but really attractive. She had long, honey blonde hair framing a pretty face with dark blue eyes. She stood about 5’7″ tall with an hourglass figure, accented by 38D breasts, a narrow waist, and rounded buttocks.

At the dance we spent a lot of time with each other. I couldn’t help but notice she wriggled close to me during the slow dances and was full of energy for the fast numbers. When she pressed her body against mine, I could swear I felt a moist warmth in her loins even through her dress, panties, I assumed, and my slacks and underwear. As the party drew near closing she asked me if I was going home that night. I answered affirmatively, as this was my habit on the weekends to go spend some time with my family about 20 miles from the college.

She then asked if I would mind driving her home since she had been drinking some although she showed no signs of tipsiness. She just acted like a happy girl having a good time. I didn’t mind driving her home. She lived only a few miles from my family’s farm on a larger farm with her mother and father, who was also a friend of mine and a deacon in one of the local churches. We left the party, and on the way home, once we got out of the city, she snuggled close to me on the front bench seat of my pickup truck as we talked about our high school days and current activities. I could smell her intoxicating perfume, Estee Lauder, I think, and feel her soft hair against my neck as she lay her head on my shoulder.

Debra was working as a secretary for an attorney and had just started taking college classes part time at night. Telling me about her work, she was soon relating to me a story about some pictures she had seen in the attorney’s office when he was working on a divorce case. The pictures, taken by a private investigator, were of the wife in compromising scenes with her lover. As Debra described the pictures in explicit terms with just a hint of embarrassment, but it seemed to me, more excitement, I sensed she was touching herself intimately in the dimly lit cab of my truck. Stealing glances as her story continued, I noticed she was palming her breasts, even touching herself between her legs.

I was getting excited by her descriptions, especially with her touching herself, and felt my cock stirring in my trousers. As my erection grew firmer I moved to adjust myself for more comfort.

Debra giggled and asked, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Just a bit,” I answered, “but it’s okay. Go on with your story.”

Then, boldly, she asked, “Are you getting horny, Will?”

“Well, yes, I am, Deb. Your story is exciting me,” I answered her.

“Maybe I can help you with that then,” she said, and I felt her hand on my upper thigh. “Has any woman ever taken you in her mouth like I was telling you this woman was doing her lover?”

“No, Deb, no woman has ever taken me in her mouth. As a matter of fact, I have never had sex with a woman,” I answered her honestly.

Debra felt the outline of my cock through my trousers.

“Will, you’re hard as a rock,” she said. “That’s got to be uncomfortable. Let me take it out for you.”

I was a bit shocked at this new brazen behavior of a woman I had always known as a shy farm girl, but my cock was throbbing at her touch and straining hard against my clothes, really uncomfortable. I scooted forward on the seat and opened my legs, struggling to keep steering the truck straight on the two-lane country road. Debra undid my belt, the clasp and unzipped my trousers. She fished inside my underwear and pulled my cock through the flap exposing it to her steady gaze.

“Is that better, Will?” she asked. “It’s so big escort şişli it had to be really cramped up in there,” she said as she smoothed her delicate long fingers and soft palm down then up my shaft for the first time.

“Ummmh,” I moaned, “it feels better, Deb.”

She kissed me on the cheek and neck; little dabs with her wet lips, and stroked me steadily. She smeared her thumb around the precum that emerged from my pee slit and slicked my cock with the stream of slimy juice now running from my flared crown.

“Do you mind if I kiss it, Will?” she asked.

“Kiss it, Deb, kiss it,” I breathed huskily.

She bent her head, her hair flowing loosely over my crotch. I felt her lips touch my mushroom head, then her tongue, kissing, licking as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and cupped her right breast in my hand.

“Mum, yummy,” she said, her words muffled as she continued stroking me and took the head of my cock between her lips. Bobbing her head up and down in the confined space underneath the steering wheel, she licked, sucked and stroked me.

“Aaaaah, Deb,” I groaned. “I can’t drive like this. I’ve got to pull off the road.”

Her only answer was to go down on me deeper, taking more of my slimy cock in her mouth. In familiar territory about half way between our farms, I steered the truck into a long-abandoned field alongside the road. I stopped the truck, turned off the ignition, and we both scooted across the seat to the passenger side of the cab. She raised her head and looked me in the eyes, her lips glistening with her saliva and my juice.

I took her in my arms and kissed her wet mouth, just little lip touches at first, then our tongues tangling back and forth inside our mouths. As we kissed she kept stroking my cock. I felt her cheeks, neck and breasts with my hands. Still kissing, I moved a hand inside the top of her dress, inside her bra and felt her erect nubs jutting out from her soft globes of titty flesh. She unfastened her bra in front letting her firm, full breasts free. I kissed down her neck, onto her upper chest and took a nipple in my mouth. I kissed, licked and sucked it, moving my hand to her other breast, then I moved my mouth to her other nipple. Still stroking me with one hand, she unbuttoned my shirt with her other hand and put her tender hand on my hairy chest, feeling my hard nipples responding to her touches.

We kissed mouth to mouth again. In a continuous, flowing motion of our hands, we removed my shirt. She arched her hips off the seat, pulled up her dress with my help, and peeled her panties down, and again with my help, we worked them over her buttocks, down her thighs and calves until they dropped to the floor. I felt the smooth skin of her belly with one hand, her indented navel, lower still until my fingers touched her soft, curly pubic hairs.

“Ummmmmh, oooooh,” we moaned into each other’s mouths.

Fondling her breasts again, one after the other, with one hand, as she kept rubbing my chest, my taut stomach, and stroking my cock with squishy sounds of her hand sliding up and down my length, I moved my hand through her bush over her prominent mound to cover her pussy.

I trembled a bit in surprise as I felt how wet she was there. Her soft, hairy pussy lips were a virtual swamp. There was so much of her girl lubricating juices that I thought she had peed on herself, but it was much slicker than pee and the aroma wafting up to my nostrils was heavenly. Running a middle finger between her soaked outer lips, I felt a stiff nub long than her nipples at the apex of her slit.

She shuddered and moaned when I touched it, and more juice flooded onto my hand. I moved my finger between her outer lips spreading them like the petals of a rain-drenched flower and felt the gentler softness of her inner lips. Moving my whole hand against her, I felt another flow exude from inside her and heard her moan again. I bent the tip of my finger and felt it slide inside escort beşiktaş a gushy but tight, so tight, little hole. She pushed her hips forward causing more of my finger to penetrate her until my palm and the backs of my other fingers were pressed against the wet softness of her open labia, both the outer, hairy lips and tender inner lips.

Debra broke contact between our mouths pulling her head to the side. With her lips close to my ear and still sliding her hand up and down my slimy cock slowly as I fingered her tight, wet hole, she said breathily, “Will, I want you inside me baby. I want your big, hard thing in me.”

“Okay, okay, Deb,” I said. “Let’s get out of here and into the back of the truck. I’ve got some straw, a sleeping bag and blankets back there.” “Oh yeah, let’s go,” she said urgently.

Releasing each other, we adjusted our clothes and climbed out of the truck cab on the passenger side. Debra let her dress drop back down covering her with the top still down and her breasts swaying. She picked up her panties from the floorboard of the truck and threw them on the seat. I pulled my pants up enough to walk with my cock still out, bobbing as I followed her down the side of the truck and over the tailgate into the truck bed.

While we knelt in the straw covering the bottom of the metal bed, I unrolled the sleeping bag, spread it out, and covered it with two blankets for extra padding. Debra lifted her dress over her head, revealing her complete nakedness to me for the first time. I yanked off my shoes and socks and removed my trousers. My shirt, which we had already removed, was laying on the seat next to Debra’s panties.

As I watched in total awe, beautiful Debra lay on her back, spread and lifted her legs resting her heels on the padding. Her youthful breasts stood up firm, glistening with my saliva, her nipples protruding stiffly. I knelt between her legs, close, leaned over her slightly and guided the head of my hard cock to her hairy, juice-covered pussy. She reached her hands and arms up to me holding my muscular back softly as I swabbed my cock up and down in her slimy slit feeling the hardness of her erect clit in contrast to her fleshy lips. Aiming right at her tiny hole clearly visible to me in the moonlight I eased forward. The engorged head of my cock spread her slowly, my slick, veined, throbbing shaft slid into her.

What a gloriously wonderful feeling. So tight enveloping my cock, but so wet and soft. Watching her face for any sign of discomfort or unhappiness, I eased further and further into her until our pubic hairs mashed together, my balls rested against the crack of her ass. Her thighs closed against me, and she moaned, “Oh, Will, it’s wonderful. It feels so good.”

As tight and resisting as they had been her pussy walls clamped tighter around me. A flood of her juices squished between us. I pulled back slowly feeling her channel collapse around my cock. When the ridge of the head reached her inner lips, I pushed my hips forward sliding my cock all the way back into her.

“Oh, Will,” Debra moaned again.

I leaned over bringing my chest to her breasts, our stomachs together, my cock deep inside her. Our mouths came together, locked into a tongue-tangling kiss. I moved my hips. Debra moved with me, humping up to bring me back into her. Her pussy clenched and released, clenched and released, always tight, then tighter, as she worked her stomach muscles in time with our movements. Still flowing juices she was so wet it felt like stepping barefooted into a mudhole as my cock worked back and forth in her. Her pussy squished and sucked at my shaft and the head of my cock resisting my pulling it back, drawing me back into her. As we picked up our pace our juices were actually splatting between us, spraying onto our stomachs, thrusting loins and upper thighs.

I couldn’t take much of this. In a few more strokes, I started moving faster back and forth into her until escort beyoğlu my muscles wouldn’t move any faster. Pounding into her quivering body in short, fast strokes I started cumming. Glob after glob of creamy jism shot deep into her. She humped into me her pussy still clenching and releasing, then she let out a scream of sheer pleasure and bathed us with her own juices. Throwing her head from side to side, she kept grunting, moaning and squealing.

I buried my cock deep inside her and just hung on as she thrashed underneath me. Soon, she stopped, and we lay there, joined together, breathing raggedly, our juices and sweat covering our bodies. We kissed. We nuzzled. We told each other how good it felt. I was still hard, and grew even harder, back to full erection, as she did that thing with her muscles on my cock. In a few minutes we were moving together again, working toward a second orgasm for me, who knew how many for Debra. She had cum at least once hard, told me later, she had a continuous series of little orgasms the whole time we were playing with each other and fucking.

We stayed in the truck bed until daybreak, except for a couple of pee breaks. After my second cum, I pulled out and rolled on my side to rest for awhile. As soon as I could stand for her to touch my tingling cock, she stroked it and sucked it until I got hard again, and we fucked some more. We worked together in several different positions through the night – doggy style, her on top, side by side, and the beginning missionary position. I didn’t cum every time we fucked, couldn’t, but I stayed semi-hard to hard and shot a load into her four times. By the time the sun came up white clumps of my jism was running out of her, but she was so juicy on her own my cum didn’t make much difference in her wetness. The only time she seemed a bit dry, oddly, was after she peed squatting beside the truck.

When we fucked with her on her knees and me behind her our juices, mostly hers, covered me from my stomach to my knees. The sweet elixir even pooled on the blanket where I knelt. Her buttocks and the backs of her legs were drenched, some even splattered onto her back. As we moved my cock in her sweet twat, I could see her anus, crinkled, lenslike winking at me. I rubbed that sloppy, wet star-shaped hole with my thumb causing her to moan louder and juice even more on my cock.

When she was on top she lay close against me and moved her hips like a man. In every position she worked her inner muscles clenching when we moved away from each other, relaxing just a bit when we pushed together. If we lay still she sucked my cock with her pussy when I could stand the feeling on the sensitive head.

We even tried a 69 with her on top of me sucking my cock and fondling my balls, but I couldn’t take it. I was drowning in her juices with my mouth clamped on her splayed open cunt and my nose against her anus, which smelled of her musk. It was okay when I rolled her over onto the bottom and licked just her jutting clit as she spewed on my face again and again. Debra and I spent a lot of time with each other after that night, and I guessed she told some friends about us. Soon, I was getting dates with lots of women – friends of Debra, one of her co-workers at the law firm, coeds from the dorms, and sorority members. Debra and I enjoyed sex with each other, but neither of us ever spoke of loving the other.

She entered the Miss USA pageant for our state a couple of years later. She won that contest and was a competitor at the national level, but only finished fifth among the contestants. I never saw her talent competition. She sure looked great in the evening gown and swimsuit contest, but I did not watch her talent performance. I figured I had already enjoyed her best talents – her sensitive clit as big as the end of my little finger, her gripping inner muscles, and soppy quim.

She had slimmed down quite a bit as she matured as a woman. Later, she married a sales manager and settled down to raise a family. I see her now only at five-year school reunions, and we never talk about our past pleasures, only current achievements. But I still get a big tingle when I think of her tight, juicy, active pussy, beautiful body and pretty face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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