Beautiful Girl

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It’s been such a long day, and as I walk past the tiny hole-in-the-wall bar I’ve walked past a hundred times before, something makes me stop and walk inside. It’s dim inside, but not dark enough that I can’t see an empty stool at the bar, and I gratefully sit down. The bartender glides past and accepts my drink order and glides away again to fill it.

‘That’s odd. Women don’t usually drink Jack Daniels,’ I hear a soft, low voice next to me say.

‘Well,’ I say, ‘I’m not an ordinary woman.’

She laughs, and I turn to my left to look into the biggest green eyes I’ve ever seen. ‘What’re you drinking?’ ‘Jack and coke,’ she says, and smiles, her eyes twinkling. I should have guessed.

‘I’m Veronika,’ I offer, ‘can I buy you a drink?’ ‘Sure sugar, I’m Isabella, but you can call me Bella,’ and she signals to the bartender for another round.

‘Well, Bella,’ I say, as the bartender puts the drinks in front of us, ‘here’s to a better night.’

‘Oh, I think it will be,’ she says.

‘What makes you say that?’

‘Women’s intuition.’ We laugh and begin talking, occasionally ordering more drinks, but mostly getting lost – her in our conversation, me in her eyes.

She looks at her watch and we’re both surprised to find that it’s nearly 1 am. She stretches and yawns, puts her hand on my thigh, looks intently into my eyes and asks me back to her apartment for a nightcap. I’m not a fool, and I realize that I’d love to spend some time alone with this amazing woman, so I accept hurriedly, and we stumble out into the night air, hail a cab and fall into it.

I’m a little more than tipsy, so I lay my head back against the seat and listen to the sound of her voice caressing me. I feel her fingertips brush my thigh, and it gives me goose bumps. She continues to rub my leg lightly, talking izmit escort into my ear the whole time, and I realize the tone of our conversation has changed from idle chatting to sexual banter. Her fingers continue their path up my thigh, under my skirt and across my pussy so quickly that I’m not sure I didn’t imagine it. I draw a quick breath in and my legs part, hoping that she’ll do it again. She leans over and kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth – she tastes like cinnamon and alcohol and I can’t resist her.

I kiss her back, reaching up to tilt her head and sliding my hand through her glorious black hair. I feel the fullness of her lips against mine, I suck on her lower lip, then her tongue and my head is reeling. I feel her fingers on my thigh again, stroking up my leg, tickling my inner thigh, until they come to rest on my panties, right above my clit. She pushes slightly, so I can feel the pressure on my sensitive bud, and I moan my pleasure into her mouth. Her long fingers circle and dip inside my panties to rub my clit, and she smiles when she realizes how wet I am.

She leans against me, and I feel the pressure of her breasts against my arm. She kisses my neck and breathes into my ear, telling me that she thinks I’m beautiful, that she wants to make me come, that knowing I’m so wet for her is driving her crazy. Her hand slides over my pussy, caressing me, and her fingers slide inside me, pushing, probing, as her thumb rubs my clit, softly, then with increasing pressure. Her tongue flicks across my ear, back to my lips and she kisses me deeply, rubbing my clit faster and I can feel my orgasm building. She bites my lower lip and whispers to me, ‘come for me, sugar, let go, let me feel you come for me,’ and I do, my body shuddering as I explode against her hands. We kiss again, and she sits back and izmit kendi evi olan escort smiles and when she knows my eyes are on her, licks her fingers one by one.

We’ve arrived at her apartment building, who knows how long ago, but the driver hadn’t said anything and is watching us in his mirror. We laugh, pay him and climb out, briefly fumbling with keys at the door. The elevator arrives and we step in. As the door closes and we start to ascend, she pushes the emergency stop button and the elevator grinds to a halt.

Bella pushes me back against the wall and kisses me again, unbuttoning my dress as she kisses down my neck. I hadn’t worn a bra that day, so as my nipples are exposed to her, she takes them one after the other into her mouth and sucks on them, circling the areola with her tongue, biting softly, blowing on them to make them stand up. My dress falls to the floor, and she kneels in front of me, pushing my legs apart and her face in between them, sliding my thong down my legs and so that she has access to my skin. She runs her fingers up and down the length of my slit, and my legs are trembling as I hold on to the bar in the back of the elevator for support. I stare down at her, watching as her fingers part my pussy lips and her tongue darts out, pink and wet, licking my clit and I moan softly. Her mouth is hot against me, I can feel her breath on my pussy, her tongue inside me tasting my come and she’s driving me wild.

I can’t stand any longer, so sink to my knees and kiss her deeply, loving the way I taste in her mouth. I’m pulling at her clothing, unbuttoning her top, tearing it off, unclasping her bra and bending down to suck on her beautiful nipples, large and brown, and they crinkle under my tongue. She gasps and unzips her skirt, standing briefly to let it fall and I see just how amazing her body is: long legs, high, firm breasts, flat stomach and shaven pussy. God, I could eat her alive – and I intend to.

Bella gets back on her knees to take me in her arms – her skin feels like silk against mine. I slide my index and middle fingers between her legs, feeling her wetness, and then bring them to my mouth to lick them clean. I want her, and so I pull her down to the floor, lay down between her legs, prop her legs on my shoulders and taste her sweet cunt. I’m lapping at her slit, licking from her clit to her ass and back again, then pushing my tongue inside her pussy as far as it will go. I move my tongue back to circle her clit and push two fingers inside her, curling them up to find her g-spot, and she moans, pinching her nipples and begging me not to stop.

I slide my fingers in and out slowly a couple of times, then out again and I push one against her ass, wetting it with her own juices. She pushes back against my finger, and I slide it all the way inside her hot little hole. It must have been what she was waiting for, because as I lick her button and slide my finger in and out of her ass, she starts to come, clenching her muscles, pushing my face harder into her and bucking her hips against me. I wrap my arms around her hips and suck hard on her clit, licking inside her pussy, drinking her juice.

She lays there for a moment, breathing heavily, then gets up to kiss me, licking my lips, sucking on my tongue and pressing her tits against mine and pulling me hard against her, whispering that as soon as we get into her place, she’s going to make me come as many times as she can. Just then, the elevator gears start moving slowly, and we jump up and dress as fast as we can. The doors open at the 11th floor, coincidentally where Bella lives, and the mechanic looks in at us and asks us why we didn’t press the alarm bell.

‘Oh,’ she says, as we step out of the carriage and turn toward her door, ‘we figured someone would come sooner or later.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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