Beating Around The Bush

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It was too hot to just lie in the hot sun of the nearly deserted nude beach. I decided to get up off my towel and walk along the water to enjoy a cool breeze for a while. In the glare of the sun I saw a dark figure in the distance, walking my way. Nude like me, as he got closer he appeared to be tall, athletic and very handsome – and brown all over from days in the golden sun. The sunlight glistened off the wet black hair on his head, chest and around his thick cock as he neared me.

Then, instead of continuing toward me, he suddenly veered off to the left and continued up a dune before disappearing into a dark path in the dense brush. I certainly had not intended to come to the beach today for any sexual experience but something about the sensuality exuded by this guy intrigued me, aroused my cock and drew me to follow the same path.

I stepped into the start of a green maze, cut through the high bushes by many others seeking quick sex with sun worshippers on the same quest, and my cock began to thicken even more. Quite a ways up ahead of me, on a bit of a rise, I could see the bronzed backside of the physically fit guy. The light of the sun reflected off the muscles on his back and tight ass as he moved like a majestic animal through what was now an area of tall grass. I lowered my right hand to massage my cock and balls as I moved along the path. Pre-cum was already leaking from my piss hole and I rubbed my thumb over my cockhead to make use of the natural lube.

When I got up to the top of the small hill the other guy was nowhere to be seen and I assumed my little fantasy hunt was over. I stood in the middle of the path and began to put a little more effort into pleasuring myself – with one hand tightening around my cock and the other manipulating my balls. Getting a little too hot, sexually and from exposure to the sun, I opted to not finish off my cock pounding and to continue on the trail that would circle back to the beach where I had started my adventure. My stiff prick bounced back and forth in front of me – an obvious open invitation to anyone I might come upon on my walk, should canlı bahis any others be visiting the beach on this mid-week afternoon.

Initially I walked past the little side path leading to an area where previous visitors had tamped down the natural vegetation for their own purposes. Then it registered in my mind that some movement was taking place within the high grass. I back stepped and cautiously entered the enclosure. There, on his back with his dark muscular legs spread wide, and a big hand stroking a hard prick, was the object of my search. His eyes were closed and he was smiling to himself as his other hand grasped his low-hanging balls and stretched them away from his taut body. I stood motionless staring, not knowing for sure if the hot figure on the ground was aware he had an audience viewing his pleasure. I didn’t even really notice that I had begun to stroke my own stiff cock until I felt my own smooth balls tighten up against my body.

Moving closer, I slowly got down on my knees and carefully lowered my wetted lips to his exposed hairless nuts, attempting to take one of them into my salivating mouth. Only then did my hunky friend let out a low moan, letting me know that my presence was welcomed. While continuing to beat his meat he let go of his balls and used his now free hand to push my head roughly into his crotch. I began to wash and munch on his scrotum with much more enthusiasm. As my tongue went lower, into the crack of this guy’s shaved ass, his legs were almost automatically drawn up into the air. A tight, small, pink asshole was exposed and I dove in to feast on a hot mixture of musk, salty sweat and coconut sun lotion. With a circular motion I teased the twitching hole for quite some time before curling up my tongue and forcing it into the depths of the incredible ass now under my control. The tan body jerked, and a loud gasp escaped from the guy’s mouth, as I rotated my fleshy probe repeatedly around the hot silky orifice. My thumb continued its own rotation over the head of my oozing cock. I was in heaven. Nude outdoors, in the summer sun, and having an incredible sexual experience bahis siteleri with a tall, dark stranger.

It was then that I felt a large callused hand on my own ass. Wait a minute! My new friend had one hand on my head and another sliding up and down his own cock. Where had this other one come from?

A shadow crossed our sweaty bodies and a new arrival slowly lowered himself onto the grass next to us. His one hand was still rubbing my butt and occasionally the fingers would slip into my wet crack. This guy was a hot one himself. Stocky, with salt and pepper hair clipped closely on his head and chest, he had pecs to die for – with a silver ring piercing one nipple.

Even though I could not see his eyes through the mirrored sunglasses framing his angular face, his bright white smile was captivating and immediately made me feel at ease with his presence. He got comfortable on the matted grass and began to fondle the sizeable slab of cock meat jutting out proudly from a clump of silver public hair. He was so near that his incredibly hairy and muscular leg was pressing forcibly against mine. All the while he continued to run his other hand all over my body causing me to have goosebumps. Twice he paused long enough to roughly tweak one of my erect nipples. The action sent a bolt of electricity throughout my body, pulsing directly to my rigid prick. My nostrils were now filled with a mixture of the newcomer’s man scent and the aromas of the ass in which I had my face buried.

The stud under me was trying to reposition his body and bring his legs back down to earth. As he did, I had to bring my face out of his crotch and my mouth was immediately met by a veiny, stiff cock being directed my way. I quickly stretched my mouth into an “O,” gulped as much of it as possible in, and began to piston back and forth on it – with some assistance from my friend who had a handful of my hair in his fist and was yanking my head up and down. I could feel the hot, fleshy shaft throbbing and twitching in my oral cavity as I swirled my tongue around the cleanly cut knob. Hoping for more of the sweet, sticky taste bahis şirketleri of his pre-cum I sucked even harder on the large perfectly formed mushroom head.

About that time our new friend’s massive hand found my straining cock and he began to beat it with the same steady rhythm being used on his own. We all seemed to be reaching a sexual frenzy of amazing proportions. Three bodies felt as if they were being joined into one as our masculine sexual energies combined in nearing the ultimate physical release. The tensed body attached to the cock in my mouth began to buckle and, with a guttural scream coming from above me, blast after blast of hot salty cum began to spurt over the back of my tongue and down my nearly raw throat. Both of the guy’s hands were trying to unlock my head from his pulsing meat but I continued to milk it for what it was worth as he writhed on the ground.

With the sweat running down my ass crack sensually teasing my own slightly twitching hole, I felt my own body’s muscles tightening for a blastoff of my own as the other man continued to stroke me. My jizz spewed all over the balls of the panting man under me and ran down into the crevice of his tight butt. I was still shooting white liquid all over the sexy body, with a tasty shaft slowly starting to soften in my mouth, when the other manly figure suddenly removed his grip from my cock, stood up and began to shower his massive load all over the two of us. A deep grunt accompanied each arc of creamy cum flying through the air before it splattered below on our sex-flushed skin.

The satiated gorgeous older man then casually walked away, and out onto the main path, without ever saying a word. I let the now limp cock of the first guy slide out of my mouth and began to lick my own warm savory body fluids, which were mixing effortlessly with his, from my original partner’s balls and moist ass crack. Falling back onto the matted grass, and raising a furry arm over his eyes, the beautiful man let out a big sigh. When I’d finished licking up our combined juices, I rose to my feet and also quietly left the little sex nest in the brush. With the smell and remnants of sex covering my nude body, I took the path back to the river where I could clean myself up with a dip in the cool water before returning to my towel on the sandy beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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