Beach Trips , Sex on the Beach

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A sequel to Beach Trips & Road Head

After an hour or so of awkward silence interspersed with glances I couldn’t quite read, Chad finally turned on the radio. Sounds of classic rock filled the moving car, making it slightly less awkward. I toyed with my empty Dr Pepper bottle, wishing I had another.

I didn’t want to stop again, having lost 40 minutes to our unexpected fuck, but I drink (non-alcoholic beverages, obviously) non-stop on car trips. I had packed a few sodas and waters in a cooler early that morning but they were in the other vehicle. I was not only in need of liquid refreshment but I also really wanted to get out of the car for a few moments. I couldn’t read Chad’s thoughts and I worried that fucking around with me had him angry or scared and neither emotion seemed safe in such a close environment.

There was a Wawa up ahead that we often stopped at as a midway break on our beach trips. I figured Brenda and the gang had already stopped but it was a chance to grab a drink, maybe clean off my nether regions with something a little better than a couple of dry McDonald’s napkin I found in my glove box, as well as give Chad and I some space. Maybe a few moments apart would reboot us back to uneasy acquaintances instead of fresh-from-fucking strangers.

“I’m gonna stop for a drink, if that’s ok,” I said.

The words were the first thing I’d spoken since Chad’s load had glazed my face. It felt weird. Why did it feel weird? I’d had one night stands before. Of course, usually hints were made that lead me to be back in my own bed before the time the semen had dried and this time I was trapped in a car. Plus, Chad was straight. That had to be the difference. Right?


Chad’s mind was racing almost as fast as the car Andy was driving. He’d always talked a good game, but in reality but didn’t have that many notches in his belt and never seemed to get into an actual relationship.

He didn’t know what that meant. He’d never taken the time to suss out the reasons why he’d never had a long term relationship or why sex seemed to change the dynamics. Having sex was something he thought about a lot more frequently than he actually managed to perform the act. Most one night stands lasted about 5 minutes of foreplay and 2 minutes of penetration, so he figured he might be a lousy lay.

But Andy seemed to be more into it than any chick he’d managed to bang. Maybe it was the beer he had for breakfast, but he was almost always a little tipsy when getting down.

He thought about Tiffany. Her ass was so perfect, small and round, and he’d been entranced by it for weeks after she started working at his gym. One of the trainers told him she thought he was cute when he worked out and she liked that he wasn’t a muscle head, just trying to get fit.

He’d asked her out, they went on a few dates and he started think about using the “girlfriend” label.

On the third date, she let him come up to her place. They got hot and heavy on the couch but he came before they went all the way. She seemed slightly annoyed but said she had to get up early anyway so he should head home.

After one more date, with no return to the bedroom, she’d texted and said she’d found another job. After that, none of his texts were returned. Calls went straight to voicemail. He’d been ghosted.

But with Andy, it was electric. Andy dove into his pits, his chest, his crotch without hesitation. There was no need to persuade him to go down, he lead the charge straight into dick sucking. And man, it was so much better than any of the blow jobs he’d gotten before. Those girls used too much saliva and seemed to tire after less than a minute. They also made such whiny moans while they did it, like imitating porn stars instead of really feeling it.

He was comparing and contrasting the feeling of guys versus girls in the dick sucking arena when Andy’s question broke his reverie.

“Sure, yeah. I could use a drink as well,” Chad replied.

Both gentlemen walked into the convenience store and headed straight for the restroom. Chad motioned for Andy to use it first.

“I’ll grab some drinks a while. You want another Dr Pepper?”

“Yeah, thanks. And a water,” Andy said, reaching to pull out his wallet.

“Don’t worry, bro. You’re driving, I can pay for drinks.”

Chad walked to cooler and selected two waters and the Dr Pepper. He passed the rows of snacks and wondered what Andy liked. Picking up something salty and something sweet to cover all his bases, he was walking towards the counter when the magazine rack caught his eye. He saw a Playgirl, a magazine he’d never looked at before.

I wonder if Andy would like it, he thought. Gay guys read Playgirl, right? That’s dumb, Chad. If he wanted one, he’d have a subscription already. But who subscribes to magazines çankırı escort anymore?

His grip on the three bottles was loosening so he made a quick decision. Grabbing the magazine, he went to the counter and checked out.

The girl behind the counter didn’t even glance up as she bagged the Playgirl with the chips and candy bars. Chad glanced over and saw Andy strolling out of the restroom. Suddenly feeling sheepish, he hid the one bag behind his back and handed the one containing the drinks over before rushing to the restroom.

Slipping into a stall to pee and hide for a second. He didn’t realize the restroom wasn’t a one-holer. Andy probably thought I’m avoiding him. Won’t go into the restroom with me, won’t take my money, hiding bags from him.

Chad sat on the toilet and realized he really had to pee. Hanging the bag on a hook, he slid his pants down and let the stream flow. While he was sitting, he saw the Playgirl cover through the thin plastic bag.

What an idiot. What would possess me to buy a nudie rag for a guy I just met this morning? Just because he sucked my dick doesn’t mean he wants to be best buds. Tiffany quit her job to avoid me after we had sex. Andy will probably make me squeeze into the other car for the trip back.

Chad put his head in his hands. Why do I even care? I got off, that should be enough.


I leaned against the car for a few minutes. How long does it take to pee? Good lord, Chad will be the death of me yet. And not death by choking on his dick, either. That would be a way to go, not driven crazy by straight boys being late.

Opening the car door, I set the bag of drinks on the seat. I walked back in and headed for the restroom. So what if Chad didn’t want to be in the same restroom as me? I wanted to get back on the road.

A weird groan came from one of the stalls, the only one with a closed door. Chad. It wasn’t a sex groan, it sounded like the groan I make at the end of a long, frustrating day at work.

“Chad, you almost ready to go? I don’t want to be later than we already are.”

“Uh, yeah. Did you text Brenda and tell her we were running late?”

“Yeah, they are almost there. I told her to check in at the motel awhile.”

A flush sounded and Chad opened the stall door. I immediately clocked the iconic Playgirl logo bleeding through a bag hanging on the back.

“What the actual fuck?” I motioned to the bag. Was Chad gay after all? Was that what was going on?

“I, uh, I bought it. For you. As, like, a thank you for driving and the, you know, for fucking me.”

“You are the weirdest straight boy I ever met. You buy presents for all your fuckbuddies?”

Chad’s face colored and realized I’d embarrassed him. I instantly regretted drawing attention to his purchase. I wanted to have a normal rapport, not make things weirder. He was making that very difficult.

“I’m kidding. Chad, thank you. I haven’t bought a Playgirl since I was 19, but there is something kinda old fashioned but nice about a glossy magazine instead of a tiny phone screen when you’re feeling yourself.”

“I’m sorry. I made it weird. It’s already weird, but I made it more weird.”

“It’s fine,” I said as I gave him a hug. Was I making it more weird, I mean weirder?

He leaned into my hug. Our faces were almost perfectly level with each other. He kissed me.

My eyes widened but I didn’t stop him. His lips were slightly chapped, his beard lightly tickling my smooth face. I realized that his beard had been tickling my ass crack that same way just an hour or so before and I got hard again.

I never have sex in bathrooms. I never have sex with straight boys either, but I figured breaking one of my sex rules was enough for today. Chad must’ve realized I was boned up but didn’t move to do anything about it. He just kissed me, long and almost sweet. I hadn’t kissed like this since I’d tried to convince my last boyfriend not to leave me, over a year ago. I wanted it to go on forever, but there was a row of toilets and an unlocked door reminding me this was not the place.

Breaking the kiss and wrapping my arms around his neck, I whispered in his ear “let’s finish this somewhere people haven’t been pissing and shitting.”

He laughed, breaking the moment. “You really are something.”

Chad and I held hands off and on for the rest of the drive. We both felt giddy, knowing that something was going to happen as soon as we get to the motel. I had already planned out sleeping arrangements, splitting the boys and the girls but I knew Michelle wouldn’t mind sharing her bed. Brenda might, I think she was planning for girly time but she would have to share her best friend’s time.

By the time we pulled in, Brenda, Michelle and her boyfriend (began with an R, escort çankırı Rodney or Ryan or something) had already unpacked and headed to the beach. The sun hadn’t gone down yet and I had wanted to run down to the water for a moment and watch the sunset but my dick was calling me into the bed.

Chad gave the bed a longing look. If I had already rearranged our sleeping situation, a quick fuck with a locked door would be on the menu. Alas, no one was responding to my texts and the last thing I wanted for Chad was for his brother to walk in on us in flagrante delicto.

I pulled him into a kiss. “I’m sorry, but while a threeway with you and your brother ticks my kink boxes, I’m not sure that’s what would go down if he walked in on us. I know you’re hard but we’ll have to wait.”

“It’s fine. We have a whole week. Let’s just check out the beach.”

We quickly changed into swim suits and I tried not to look at his dick swinging while changing. I didn’t try very hard, though. It really was magnificent. Pubic hair at the base was trimmed enough to look clean but still masculine, and it was just so fat. I never measure cocks but this was a good 6 plus inches long and fat as a beer can. How I got that thing inside me, in a car no less, I don’t know. He’d taken off the stupid hat revealing sexy curls and if he’d had a tighter fitting tank top instead of the cut off tee shirt, he looked like someone I’d actually hit on in a bar. Until I looked down at his camo swim trunks.

Slipping on my board shorts, I wished I had given in to purchasing the Speedos my friends had teased me about. I knew my body was OK, I was tall and hairy with a soft belly that wasn’t flat but didn’t hang out over my waist band that much. I had longed for a six pack, like every young gay, but I didn’t have the time to commit to creating one. The Speedo had played up my round ass, which the board shorts hid for the most part, but Chad had already seen it so hopefully he’d remember. Seen it, licked it, fucked it. I’d given up all my best parts already. Hopefully he’d stay interested.

There it was. Why was I hoping he would stay interested? He was just a straight guy experimenting. He’d get scared off by an extra dick in the sex equation eventually. This was just some fun at the beach. Don’t get all sentimental just because he kissed you, idiot.

I checked my phone one more time and grabbed my beach bag. I had towels, a book, sunblock and all the other necessities packed and ready. As we walked out of the motel room, I was very aware of Chad’s presence beside me. He was close, his musky aroma accented by a spicy, citrusy cologne.

As we walked the three blocks to the boardwalk, I found myself recognizing the small.

“Is that Curve Crush?”

Chad blushed. “Yeah, it’s my favorite.”

“Mine too. You smell incredible. Good enough to eat.” I could smack myself. Stop flirting with him!

His lack of response hung in the air. We crossed the boardwalk and our feet hit the sand. The sunset made the landscape glow orange and I looked around.

I prefer to go to the beach in September to avoid the crowds and the blistering heat. As expected, the beach was only dotted with a few blankets and towels. I set the bag down and spread out two towels.

“Race me to the water?” Chad didn’t wait for an answer before taking off. His hair was caught by the air and he looked equal parts ridiculously handsome and just plain ridiculous as I tried to keep up.

We hit the water within seconds of each other and tumbled as a cool wave knocked us down. As he rose out of the water, Chad’s shirt clung to his chest, the hair and nipples visible through the soaked fabric. He reached for me and kissed me, with an even greater sense of urgency than in the restroom hours before. I could feel his dick stirring in his swim trunks as he ran his hands down my back.

I wanted to pull away. To tell him there were too many people around. Tell him I wasn’t the kind of gay who makes out in public and gets beat up. Except I didn’t want to do or say any of those things. I wanted to never stop kissing him, I wanted to feel his hands all over my wet skin. I wanted him to throw me down onto the sand and recreate that scene in From Here to Eternity.

Reaching under the water to grab my ass, he nearly toppled us both over by trying to spread my legs and pick me up. I pulled away and laughed.

“You can’t pick me up like a romance movie star. I’m not as petite as the girls you normally kiss like this.”

He looked me directly in the eyes. “I have never kissed a girl like this.”

The eyes don’t lie. I knew he was feeling emotions he never thought he’d have for another man.


It was true. Chad had never felt emotions like this for someone he’d known for less than çankırı escort bayan 24 hours. He’d never felt emotions like this for someone he’d banged within hours of meeting. And, most startling, he’d never had emotions like this for a man.

Chad didn’t know what to do. Animal instinct had taken over and he wanted to kiss Andy all over, bystanders be damned.

He looked up and saw that there were maybe four towels or blankets within sight of the shore. One held a lady in a giant caftan, intently reading The Girl on the Train. Two others were empty, their owners on the boardwalk or somewhere. The fourth was not occupied but a gentleman was pacing behind it, shouting into a cell phone. He angrily began gathering his things.

No one was looking at them. They were alone in the water, practically alone on the beach. The sun was going down, soon the beach would be closed and families were already looking for


“I think we’re alone now.”

“There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.”

Chad wrinkled his nose, knowing there was a joke there but couldn’t place it.

“I want you in the worst way.”

He reached into Andy’s shorts and confirmed that he also wanted him. Andy closed his eyes and breathed heavily as Chad stroked his penis. The salty water felt strange and almost uncomfortable but he couldn’t resist the touch. He reached out and grasped Chad’s dick through his ugly camo trunks. Chad let out a soft moan. Their lips met again.

The salty taste of the ocean water felt tangy on Chad’s mouth as he kissed Andy’s neck. He sunk into the water and pulled down Andy’s turnks enough to expose his hard dick. Andy looked up and saw that they really were alone. Theirs were the only towels on the sand. He looked out at the setting sun as Chad tentatively licked the tip of his dick.

Andy looked down with surprise. Chad knelt in the water, looking up and meeting his gaze.

What the hell am I doing? Chad asked himself before opening his mouth and swallowing Andy’s dick.


What the hell is he doing? I asked myself.

I never in a million years thought I would be getting a blowjob at the beach from a straight man I’d met hours before. I guess I need to stop thinking of him as straight?

Pretty soon I wasn’t thinking about anything but his wet tongue and sloppy lips enthusiastically sucking my dick. What he lacked in technique, he made up for with gusto. Pretty soon, he found a rhythm that was sending me into ecstasy. It’s true that guys give better head than girls because we know what feels good. And boy, did Chad know what felt good.

My dick is sort of average, just about five inches, so it kind of surprised me when he tried to take the whole thing and gagged a little. “You don’t have to hurt yourself; it feels great just the way your tongue feels on the head.”

“You sure? I want to make you feel good.”

My eyes rolled back as he returned to stroking the shaft and trying to keep his head above water while using his tongue to drive me wild. Pretty soon I was close.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He pulled his face away and let the hot jizz spurt over his shoulder and into the ocean. A few drops landed on his shirt.

Before I could pull myself together enough to reciprocate another wave to topple us down. I barely kept hold of my trunks with my foot. I righted myself and looked up to see a few familiar faces heading toward us.

“You’re lucky that wave only took your swim trunks and not your whole self out to sea,” Brenda said with an eye roll. “Cover your shame, we’ve been looking everywhere for you and we are starving.”

I pulled up my trunks, embarrassed that we’d been caught but grateful that they thought the waves were the naughty source of my nudity.

We all walked quickly back to the motel room and I told them I wanted to hop into the shower quickly before changing for dinner. Chad and his brother Robert (I knew it was an R name!) decided to just deal with the salt on their skin and weren’t even going to change into real pants until Brenda and Michelle commanded them to.

I was fixing my hair when the humidity of the bathroom forced me to crack open the door. I heard Robert’s voice over the TV.

“Didn’t I tell you Brenda was hot? If I wasn’t with Michelle I’d be trying to get with her. You need to get her alone, I bet she’d totally put out for you. Seems freaky. You shoulda gotten her to ride down with you and whatshisnuts. I can’t believe you were in a car for three hours with her queer brother. He didn’t try to touch you, did he?”

My breathe caught. What would Chad say?

“He was trying, I could tell, but he knew better than to mess with these guns.”

White hot tears welled up in my eyes as I sunk to the floor. I don’t know what I expected. I don’t know why I cared. He really was straight, and he could go straight to hell. I couldn’t stand the thought of spending a whole week with these two.

I pulled my phone out and texted Brenda.

feeling sick swallowed too much sea water

go to dinner wo me

I leaned back against the toilet and tried not to cry.

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