Be My Valentine Ch. 01

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It started innocently enough. I knew she was married. She knew I was single and enjoying my bachelorhood to the fullest. Neither of us cared. We both worked as contract managers for a defense contractor. A painfully boring job, but it paid the bills and allowed us enough free time during work hours to interact and shamelessly flirt with one another. Besides, she was a stunner.

Let me take a minute here to describe Erica. She was tall at 5’9″ and had enough meat on her bones to not look like one of those starving children you see being pawned off by Sally Struthers. She had long dark hair and crystal blue eyes that shone when she smiled, which was frequently. She had good sized breasts for her size, but if there was one feature about her that instantly made me notice, it was her ass. It was a thing of beauty when she wore her skirts or slacks in the office and it was even more magnificent when she’d wear her jeans at our after-work happy hours that the office did on a monthly basis. She looked absolutely spectacular in denim.

It was at one of these happy hours that things took a rather unexpected turn. Erica had brought her husband, Jim, as she usually did. Jim’s a good guy, or so it would seem from the few times we had talked at the bar we went to. I didn’t really know him too well because the opportunity to hang out with the two of them outside of the work environment simply hadn’t presented itself.

We were finishing our second round of drinks when Erica asked Jim to order another round for her while she went to the ladies’ room. As she walked away, I couldn’t notice that ass and admiring it. “Nice view, isn’t it,” Jim said.

Slightly startled out of my daydream, I said, “I’m sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to stare.”

“Sure you did,” he said. “Erica tells me all the time about how the two of you flirt at work. Hell, she sure seems to enjoy it. I can usually tell the days that you pour it on thick with her because as soon as she gets home, she’s ready to hit the bedroom and stay there all night getting down and dirty.”

I looked at Jim and said, “I’m not sure whether to apologize or say you’re welcome.”

“No need to apologize, Rob. In fact, I’d like to make a proposition to you. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want to do something for Erica that she’s not expecting. How would you feel about joining my wife and I for one night?” Jim asked.

I looked at him a little dumbfounded and said, escort ankara “I’m not sure I understand where you’re going with this, Jim. Spell it out for me in plain English, please.”

He leaned in a little closer, making sure others wouldn’t overhear that didn’t need to. “How would you like to help me fuck my wife, Rob? It’s been a fantasy of hers since she started working with you and if it makes her happy, I’m all for it.”

Needless to say, I was floored. How often does a married man come up to you and ask you to fuck his gorgeous wife? I started to stammer a response when Jim said, “I don’t need an answer today, but think about it and get back to me. Don’t tell her about it, though. I want it to be a surprise. If you decide to join us, I’ll fill you in on the details and where to meet us and what to say, if anything, when you two are at work.”

I said, “I don’t really need to think about anything. I’m in, as long as you’re sure about this. I don’t want to come between the two of you.”

Jim replied, “Nothing to worry about. Besides, it’s just sex, right?”

He sounded sure of himself, so I assumed everything would be okay with them. When Erica came back, we resumed our conversation from before she left, but I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about the possibilities. When it came time to leave, we said our good byes and Jim quietly told me he’d be calling me to give me all the necessary details for the following Saturday.

The following week at work was an absolute drudge. There was no way I could concentrate on any actual work, especially with Erica on my mind. Jim called me at my office on Wednesday and told me the plans. He and Erica were going to go out for dinner and drinks and go to the dance club for a little while. Afterwards, they were going to head to a hotel room that he had reserved at one of the swankier establishments. He’d already arranged with the hotel to let me in when I showed up. I was to go to the hotel at about 8pm and wait for them to arrive about an hour later. He told me to make sure that there were no lights on and to be quiet. He really wanted to surprise her.

When Valentine’s Day finally arrived, I showed up as promised at the hotel. I told the concierge who I was and he escorted me to the room. He left with a knowing grin on his face and I looked about the “room”. It wasn’t so much a room as it was a penthouse suite. It was enormous. I figured I’d probably have ankara escortlar a little while till they showed up, so I took a quick shower and shaved to make sure that I looked ok. After I finished, I turned off all the lights in the place and sat in a chair located in a corner by the balcony window in the bedroom.

I heard the door open about 20 minutes later. Erica said, “It’s awful dark in here, let me turn on a light.”

Jim said, “No, that’s ok, let’s leave it like this. I can find our way to the bedroom. Here, take my hand.”

As I heard them make their way to the bedroom, the apprehension of what was to come began to build to a crescendo in the pit of my stomach. I was going to make love to another man’s wife while he was there. This was a pretty big thing for me.

My eyes, having adjusted to the darkness, were able to make out the pair of silhouettes as they entered the room. I could smell the soft scent that Erica was wearing. It was the perfume Escape. She wore it at work quite often and it always drove me wild. Tonight was no exception.

The two of them were embraced in a passionate kiss and they finally found the bed. They sat down and I heard a rustle that could only mean clothes were being removed. I also noticed Jim, glancing around the room. I waved silently, so as not to give away my presence to Erica and he acknowledged. He motioned me to stay where I was and to remain quiet, which I dutifully did.

After a time, they were both naked and locked in a passionate embrace. Jim turned Erica around on her knees, facing away from me, and knelt down behind her and started licking her pussy from behind. He was apparently doing a fine job of it, too, judging from the sounds Erica was making. She finally told him, “Fuck me now!” He got up on his knees behind her and entered her. The sight of the two of them fucking right in front of me was having an enormous effect on my own cock. I was hard as a rock, but I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my chances.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jim motioned towards me. He pointed for me to go in front of his wife. I got up silently from my secluded chair and crept around to the other side of the bed. I got down on my knees on the floor and got right in front of Erica. Her eyes were apparently closed, because she made no move, other than the rocking back and forth upon her husband’s cock. I leaned forward a little more, ankara kaliteli escortlar until I was no more than 2 inches from her face. Still, there was no notice.

Without breaking stride, Jim reached over to the side of the bed and turned on the bedside lamp. The sudden brightness caused everyone to squint, but when Erica’s eyes adjusted to the light, she grinned widely for a second, then immediately went into orgasmic bliss. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” she screamed over and over again. Jim never let up.

Once her orgasm subsided, Erica grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in for a hard, tongue-filled kiss. She then had me stand up and unbuckled my belt and pants and pulled them down. With my hard cock staring her right in the face, she grabbed me by the base and pulled me into her hot, warm mouth, until all of my 8 inches were firmly down the back of her throat. I’ve never received such pleasure from a blowjob in all my life. I thought I was going to come right there, so I pulled away for a minute to recover.

Jim looked over at me and said, “Would you like to switch spots?”

Naturally, I jumped at the chance and swung around to the back of Erica. Finally getting a chance to see her with the light on, she had a beautiful pussy, but that ass, in all its nude glory, was even better than I imagined.

As I placed my cock at her entrance, I began to slowly thrust into her until I was hilt-deep. She moaned around Jim’s cock as she deep throated him, too. I began to thrust into her in long, hard movements that sent the whole bed shaking. She pulled off of Jim’s cock for a moment, looked back at me with lust in her eyes and said, “Put your finger in my ass.”

I rubbed my finger around her wetness to get it nice and lubed and inserted it into her ass. Now, the moaning was quickly turning into screams of passion. It appeared she was in the throes of another orgasm as her pussy pulsated and throbbed around my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer and told her I was going to come. She pulled off of my cock and my finger, swung around, and with Jim’s cock still in her hand, grabbed mine and shoved it down her throat.

That did it. I came in a gushing torrent, wild, guttural sounds being emitted from my mouth. Jim said he was going to come too, so she took my cock out of her mouth and shoved his in its place. I came a little more and it landed in her dark hair. She took Jim’s cock out of her mouth and jacked him off so the rest of his come landed on her breasts. She looked beautiful and trashy at the same time. I loved it.

Erica then looked up at the both of us and said, “Ok, boys. Who’s ready for seconds?”

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