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Be Fast

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Her son’s friend could barely stop staring at Cassie, despite her son and her husband being right there in the same room. Truth was, Cassie couldn’t stop staring at him either. Tall. Black. Handsome. Not in a boyish way, either, like so many of Tom’s other friends. No. He was well put-together, clean-shaven from his neck to the top of his head. Sleek, a swimmer’s body, light but moving like he could go.

She caught him looking again, and she liked it. Liked it a lot. Her thighs parted, and her lips opened just so. His eyes narrowed, a faint trace of a smile appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Dangerous, this one. Christ, but her thighs were damp just thinking about it. Could he see? The little white skirt barely hid anything at all. She hadn’t been expecting them. Just passing through on their way to spring break in New Bainbridge. Sixty miles out of their way, but Tom was eager to introduce his friend and roommate for that upcoming summer once they were done with the required year in their freshmen dorm.

“You seem much older than a freshman,” Cassie’s husband said.

“Nineteen,” Blake said, his eyes flicking back towards Cassie again. The message was clear. Young – but legal.

“So what do you fellas have planned for spring break?” her husband rolled on.

Cassie stood up and murmured, “I’m going to fix us some snacks.”

“I’ll help,” Blake offered.

“Hey, a gentleman too,” her husband said, and Cassie almost broke out in a laugh. Or tears. Sure, she’d looked at other men before. But never had she stepped out on him. Not once. And she knew right where this was going. What she needed to happen.

Down the hallway they went together, and this stranger – this young man, and didn’t that make her as slick as Astroglide – reached down to openly palm her ass. She jumped and swatted his hip, but here, so close to the living room, neither of them could say a word. She couldn’t protest when he gripped the hem of the skirt and raised it, taking a glance down at the jiggle of her motherly ass in her powder blue bikini briefs and breathing a sigh of pleasure. Cassie was as fit as she’d been when she first had Tom at nineteen, and she was proud of how fit and trim she was. But that ass and her breasts had always had a bit of extra meat to them. It drove her husband and most the men she knew wild. Junk in the trunk. An ass that didn’t quit.

Only the dining room separated escort bayan mecidiyeköy the kitchen from the living room, save for a big island and bar combination. If Cassie’s husband or her son decided to walk down the hallway, they would barely be hidden. The thought made her even more damp, and by the time they reached the fridge, her breath came in short, frantic bursts, her eyes nearly squeezed shut – and Blake had barely yet begun to touch her.

He stood behind her, undoing the belt on his khaki shorts as Cassie bent over for him perhaps a bit unnecessarily far, showing off the bottom swells of her cheeks. There had to be a damp spot between her legs. She wondered if he saw it now, and closed her eyes, shivering at the thought of what was to come.

She got as far as laying the cucumber on the cutting board before he stepped up behind her, a cock the size of which she’d never felt rubbing against the fabric between her ass cheeks. Cassie tried not to gasp, and looked over her shoulder, her eyes blazing with need.

“You have to be quick,” she whispered.

Her son’s friend brought his lips to her ear. “Not before I’ve made you come.”

The skirt slid up. He gripped it with one hand and bent her over with the other, leaving her resting on her elbows on the cutting board, her eyes squeezed shut. No time was wasted. He slid her panties down, and there, between her legs, was the meatiest, longest prick she’d ever felt.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered. Thoughts of her husband in the next room. Her son. Her wedding day. Her vows. Her promises about to be shattered.

And then Blake was inside her.

Full. Oh holy fuck, she was full. The one man who had fucked her the last eighteen years felt more like a finger in comparison to this bastard’s fat cock. There was no teasing her or taking his time. They both knew what this was and that seconds counted. He fucked into Cassie with hard, full strokes, his balls slapping off her ass so loud she was sure her husband would ask what the sound was. If she hadn’t given birth, the sheer size of Blake would have been painful. As it was, he was big enough to make her spread her hips wide, but oh God, the pleasure was electrifying.

Once he had a rhythm, Blake jerked her blouse free of her skirt and pulled her back nearly upright, so she was balanced on her hands bent over the counter. His cock pounded into her as he slipped fındıkzade escort his hands up her blouse and to the cups of her bra, tugging them down roughly. He palmed her breasts, grunting his approval into her ear as he nakedly groped and fucked her where anyone could see if they walked in.

It was that thought and the rough pleasure her son’s friend gave her that set Cassie off the first time. She arched upright, slamming her ass backwards against Blake’s groin. Her head reared back and he kissed her neck as she gushed on his cock, coming with a force she’d never felt before. This was so dirty, so raw, so wrong that she didn’t quite come down, the sensations rolling into her in continual waves as he pounded her harder still, his breath coming faster and faster. One of his hands slid out of her blouse and grabbed a fistful of her short bleach blonde hair and dark roots, and she yelped as he tugged it backwards, forcing her head back so far it was almost painful.

“Everything okay, Mom?” Tom yelled from the other room.

“Everything okay, Mom?” Blake whispered, flexing his enormous prick deep inside her.

“Shut up and fuck me, you prick,” she whispered back, and then louder, “Everything’s fine, honey. Just about cut myself.”

“Be careful,” her son called back.

Blake snorted. “I’ll take care of her,” he shouted back.

“Oh ha ha,” Tom called back.

If only her son knew how hard Blake was giving it to her at that moment. He still had that fistful of hair, making her back arch like a bow, thrusting her chest out as his cock buried itself deep time and time again while he palmed her breast, squeezing it hard, not giving a single fuck about her pleasure. Not once had Cassie ever been dominated like this. Used. She loved it. She wanted to be fucked and tossed away, a toy for this stud’s use. Some demented door in her mind had been opened that day and Cassie knew it couldn’t be closed again. She didn’t want it to be.

She wondered just before she came again how many other friends of Tom’s she’d fuck in the years to come. How many young men she’d let fill her pussy. Her mouth.

What she didn’t think about was her ass.

Cassie clapped a hand over her own mouth, crying out into it as her pussy gripped and slurped Blake down, pulsing with her pleasure, her second orgasm as powerful as the first and as unrelenting. Surely she had to go numb from the fatih escort feelings sometime, but that wasn’t now. Especially not with what Blake had planned.

He jerked out of her and her juices flooded her thighs, her legs. She dripped onto the tile and bent over the counter, trying to breathe as hard as she needed as silently as she could. Blake reached for something but she didn’t see. Didn’t realize what he was up to until he’d lathered himself in the coconut oil and pressed his mammoth head to her ass. Her eyes shot wide, and then his cock was pushing into her ring.

She balled up her fists and nearly beat them into the counter. It was everything the hot mother could do not to scream both with pleasure and the sudden intrusion into her most delicate hole. Blake filled her ass completely, her ridges gripping his first couple inches tight. That was all she could take. It was all he needed. He grabbed her waist and pulled back with a loud squelch, then shoved back in. His big hand slipped over to the cucumber on the cutting board and he grabbed it.

“Oh fuck,” she whimpered as he brought it down to her sex. “Oh my God, oh shit…”

The head of the cucumber was, incredibly, nowhere near as thick as his dick, and slid into her well-used pussy. It felt like the only thing separating his fat dick and the tissue was the thinnest wisp of membrane, as though the two might meet inside Cassie. His other hand pulled out of her blouse and clamped across her mouth as he began to pump in and out of her with both his dick and the cucumber. Pleasure pounded into her as he did, another orgasm, so many in quick succession, her body jiggling on him with no control.

He came without warning, thrusting deeper in Cassie’s ass than he’d done before, his hot seed pumping her full of warmth. The cucumber slid out of her, dripping with her sex. He stayed inside her ass as he brought the cucumber to her lips. “Suck it,” he whispered into her ear, and Cassie did, blushing furiously, tasting her own pussy on it. A camera click, and she glanced over in time to catch the second one. Blake took a few more selfies. She should have looked away. Should have fought him. Instead she sucked the cucumber deeper, moaning as he got a close-up of his dick in her ass.

When he finally pulled out of her, his seed dribbled down the crack of her ass, joining her juices on her leg and the floor. She turned to him. “Go get cleaned up,” he murmured into her ear.

She nodded, still trying to catch her breath. “The pictures. Send them to me.”

He blinked, surprised, and then grinned. “You got it.”

“And show his friends. Anyone with a dick half as big as yours. Tell them my door’s always open.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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