Bathhouse Mid-Afternoon Fun

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Arriving near the bathhouse entrance around 3:45pm on a wonderful Sunday afternoon (a day much like today – and the temptation to take another short ride to enjoy myself is exerting a growing force), anticipation creating the familiar feeling centered around the middle of my body, a strangely addicting sense of building tension, through and through sexual. It was more spring than February, and a good day to ride, as a motorcycle requires regular use to keep the battery in good condition, along with the need to let the oil spread over the parts that may no longer be covered in the motor. The weather allowed me to visit my bi-friend’s apartment, where she was cooking lunch with another woman – gnocchi, spinach, small balls of mozzarella, a bit of fresh garlic, ground pepper, other spices, topped with eggs at the pan’s corners.

Having already eaten, and aware of my unannounced presence, it was simple to politely decline several invitations to join them, two spaced between the start and end of mixing a cake dough (8 minutes to mix the basic ingredients, then a half minute for each of the 8 eggs – layered with two bars of dark chocolate). They worked together in an interesting fashion in the tight space of the kitchen, but not one that conclusively answered any of my speculations. They worked well together, certainly, but that isn’t the same as being intimate partners, though it also tends to indicate a certain familiarity.

The other woman seemed in her mid-20s, about 10 years younger than my friend, who in turn is 10 years younger than me. It even had a certain bathhouse feel that way (since I reasonably assumed that my friend would have enjoyed herself at least the night before, though I didn’t get the feeling they had just met), a bath house being a place where a broad range of ages interact, in a number of explicitly sexual ways. Each of us in the small kitchen were separated by 10 years, with a total span of 20 years between youngest and oldest. And yes, I’ll admit to speculating about how the two enjoyed each other sexually, since at least two of us were bi, and the other either bi(-curious) or lesbian.

We did briefly talk about a few things while their late lunch baked in the oven, but the combination of wanting to visit the bathhouse to get off combined with the need for politeness in terms of not making a misstep with a new (certainly to me) person in my friend’s life had me leaving later than expected, though the bath house is just around the corner. And to be honest, there was just the tiniest idea that a threesome in the future was not exactly impossible, though that was something requiring much more than a simple wish. I have come to agree that men and women are different (though it may still be based on how we are raised) when it comes to casual group sex, and find the simplicity of group sex with men to be a very attractive part of going to a male only sauna, seemingly without restrictions on enjoying being surrounded by naked strangers who share similar interests.

Entering, the bathhouse was quite busy, unsurprisingly – the spring feeling weather just added to the urge to enjoy the day somewhere. Unlike most visits, a slower pace was required when undressing, due to the number of other men dressing and undressing, lockers open everywhere. This extended to bar service, though by this point, I couldn’t stop from drinking my beer quickly – not only due to simple lust, but also due to the need to leave in a reasonable period of time to explain my absence. My wife knows of some of my interests, even sucking me off the first time I mustered the necessary mixture of horniness and courage to tell her what happened at an adult theater while stroking myself erect watching a video of two men getting hard and cock sucking while playing with each other’s nipples – something she knows makes me completely slutty, being so skilled herself in turning me on that way.

Telling her about this sort of male only association would be a much more difficult step, though my bi friend does know about it. And also has agreed to provide whatever necessary cover may arise – such as being home, though often, when I stop by, she isn’t. She has several lovers in the broad region, and is often driving between one and home, or spending the weekend at a lover’s place. And my wife would not be completely wrong in her anxiety of disease – really, with rare exceptions, no else is using condoms there, much less using them consistently.

Thus making my first visit, more than a year ago, to what could be also described as a Turkish sauna, unusual in several ways – till now, both being the only time I was gloriously rimmed, with an especially kinky gay pleasure when sucking off another stranger in the dark after a glorious eternity of getting rimmed – this wasn’t exactly my first gay group sex, but it was definitely the first time we were all completely naked in the warm dark. That he used a condom allowed me to easily go down on him, since after hearing bahis ┼čirketleri the sounds of him opening and putting on a condom, there was no reason not to fill my mouth and enjoy getting a stranger off, knowing that he would be as incapable as I about resisting the temptation. And with a few recent experiences at gloryholes, condoms definitely no longer tasted the same as in the late 1970s.

I understand – oh, do I understand – the desires of an uncovered cock, and wanting to pleasure an uncovered cock. And I know why most men don’t bother with condoms (I never taken off my wedding ring, nor have I ever looked for wedding rings on the naked men I have sex with, but years of marriage can accustom one to not needing a condom), but still – when you have sex with 5 unknown men in an hour, and then go back to enjoy a couple more (as I certainly have, more than once in the past year), following a pause in a jacuzzi or showering with other naked men, condoms are just a good idea, especially for current and future sexual partners.

The beer gleefully added its liquid note to my already extended buzz as I watched the monitor playing gay porn behind the bar. This being followed by the logical step to go upstairs to do a hit of Rush, a delightfully proven course in many past visits. At the top of the round staircase, a naked man was sitting in one of the chairs, his publicly displayed cock half erect in the unconcealing dimness. Walking back towards the theater area, noticing a man stroking himself in the first mirrored video booth, I looked in at the porn on the room sized screen. Not being too interested in what was playing, I reversed direction towards the dark area, hearing a couple enjoying themselves in a section of the corridor with 4 booths, leading to a slowing pace. The booths across from that one were empty, making this a perfect time to do my first hit of poppers.

I closed the door, took the brown bottle out of my cloth bag, and did a deep hit, my hand quickly encircling my growing cock, listening to the sex occurring so close by. Though a bit embarrassing to say even now, being a voyeur can get me really horny. Though in the dark of the booth pr theater, ‘voyeur’ is often just one step on the path to full participation in another location, as a group of horny naked men get each other off. Often first beginning with just a glance at the equipment available, quickly followed with just a second direct glance, or a light touch of skin, an easily recognized sign of interest, also easily ignored when matching interest is not there.

Breathing out slowly, the sound of the couple behind the shut door across the corridor made me close my eyes, concentrating with growing interest, stroking my erect cock. I closed the bottle, stood up, and tossed the black bag onto my towel on the at least queen sized mattress space. With a hard cock, I opened the door, picked up the towel and bag, and walked into the dark area, my horny cock exposed. As soon as the light level grew dim, I let my right hand start playing with my cock, stroking my shaft while listening to what sounded like cock sucking from the central rear area of the space. A man was two steps behind me, making me turn a bit, to keep my ass unavailable. There was plenty of free space on the mattress for my stuff, while letting my unburdened left hand slide in front of me.

Moving on, I felt a leg, and followed it upwards, sliding my hand over a flaccid cock. The cock sucking was still obvious but a distance away, and now, the couple started to speak – banalities that didn’t interest me, though I’m sure that they were both engrossed with each other. Considering the lack of any response to my wandering hand, I straightened and went back out, deciding to do another hit of Rush.

Returning to the same booth as before, the sounds made me open the bottle quickly and breathe the distinctive scent in deeply, naked and barefoot, the air and floor comfortably warm. The other booths on each side, with a booth across the hallway, were occupied. Each booth had a space leaving the last couple of feet between dividers and ceiling open, leading to interesting acoustics, especially after doing a hit of Rush. The reality of the bathhouse again surrounded me, sounds of men having sex making my cock swell, knowing that joining them would only be a matter of just finding an open door to close behind me, or a few steps down the staircase into the steam bath.

I wrapped my towel, unlocked and opened the door, and saw that the corridor was quite full, as several men were standing around, at least one hard and another with his hand under his towel, also listening to what was going on. Obviously, I wasn’t the only slutty man there, one whose interest in what was taking place making it impossible to resist from indulging in a bit of cock stroking. The sounds of close but hidden sex completely surrounded me, nothing seen of the direct causes of the notably erotic chorus being created. I leaned back against bahis firmalar─▒ the wall, letting my hand find my cock again, opening my towel while watching the other hard man, surrendering myself to the fantastic stimulation of the sounds of pure male sex surrounding me.

The declining waves of pleasure from the poppers were balanced with the anticipation of even more interesting games in the steamroom. I refastened my towel, walking down to the lowest level, feeling very horny. Downstairs was probably the most crowded I have ever experienced, with men, most naked, pretty well lining all public spaces. I took a quick shower, and then went into the whirlpool, with 4 other men already soaking in the warmth. But nothing was going on between them, and after a couple of minutes just relaxing in the water, I reopened my eyes, noticed the lack of erections, much less interaction, and walked the couple of yards to the alcove to dry off and get a couple of condoms before going through the fogged glass door into the steambath.

A man was standing in front of the cubbyhole where my towel and bag were when I came back from the jacuzzi. He was naked, and it should have been fairly obvious that he was blocking an entire section, as the glass walled dry sauna made another projecting wall, creating a door width space for 8 cubbyholes. However, it took several attempts to catch his attention and then a bit longer before he recognized the need for him to move a bit, long enough for me to towel off, take off my glasses, and rummage through the cloth bag to grab a couple of condoms.

Within, the steam area had a sharper than normal smell, and was quite hot – after 4pm, it had obviously been in use for a while. I walked towards the opposing wall slowly, letting my eyes adapt. The sounds of lips and mouths could be heard, as a pair resolved itself in the gloom, standing against the curved wall which enclosed the central shower area. An area that is not often used, in my experience – a promising idea when the steam room was planned, but it has never seemed to live up to that promise. At least these days, the shower is rarely used, as the sound of the water stream does nothing more than remind one of a shower room, and very unlike the quite superior shower area just outside.

A couple of men were leaning against the smooth wall I was approaching, one stroking himself, clearly more than half hard when I looked directly. The other visible man was slowly moving his head to see what was happening, much like myself, now that my eyes had adapted. I walked by them, not quite touching but trailing a glance while entering the dimmer rear area, the space seemingly most often used for group sex. Pairs generally remain in the better lighted front area, while the hot group sex almost always takes place, at least partially, out of view. Probably because hooking up feels more intimate where touch and hearing are the major senses involved, and cocks are so freely available, as very few men are unaware of the pleasures possible at the back of the steambath upon entering it.

At least one pair was kissing past the narrow entrance, hands pulling ass cheeks as they rubbed against each other, naturally making my hand reach down to press my swelling cock against my thigh. The sounds of sucking seemed to be coming from the dark corner, and I saw a couple of other men, one on the bench, and a pair leaning against the curved wall forming the rear of the central shower space. Clearly, the shared mood was perfectly suited to my own slutty condition, now settling back near the wall forming the other entrance.

I couldn’t stop stroking my jutting cock, while letting my head roll from right to left. The door opened and closed several times, but my head stayed turned the other way, drawn by the sight of a man walking closer, his previously seen half hard cock now quite erect, a sight that focused my attention on his nearing presence.

While also noting the cock sucking couple at the end of the bench, and the pair next to me, one man now kneeling and putting the other’s hard cock in his mouth. I let my hand fall away from my rod, and spread my legs a bit wider as the clearly turned-on naked stranger reached out to stroke my thigh, making me gasp, followed by my left hand sliding across his chest. He was nicely hairy, but it didn’t take long to find his nipple, even as my hand started playing just underneath my flared cock head, while enjoying his clasping hand at the base of my cock. As my fingers continued sliding over his now hardening nipple, his quickening breathing turning into satisfied moaning, guiding me along.

He moved close when my right hand found his cock, then sliding up and down its silky length, leading him on. Thoughts of sucking it had been bubbling at the back of my head since first seeing this stranger’s half hard rod in the steamy heat. Though in the steam, complete sluttiness is quite common, and it quickly became plain that both of us were complete sluts, ka├žak bahis siteleri with nothing but shared sexual satisfaction in mind.

When his tongue found my nipple, I couldn’t resist bending down to lick his neck, using the same rhythm as my fingers on his chest, lubricated by sweat. Breathing in as my tongue flicked over his sweaty skin, his scent was deeply erotic, at least as sexy as any woman’s. In general, women simply smell sexier than men. What was unusual is that his smell was delightfully and enticingly sensuous, neither particularly male nor female, but utterly and irresistibly sexual. The closest scent was something along the lines of Opium perfume, which as my wife has pointed out, already smells a lot like pussy, including hers – a fact that she recognizes by also putting a touch of it between her legs, making her panties smell heavenly, especially after an evening out and undressing for bed.

Here, there were no women, and everyone was already naked. My mouth found his ear, leading to a new series of moans. He shifted his balance a bit, and the feel of his cock against mine was fantastic – in general, this has been a temptation I have resisted since discovering the bathhouse, as most of its visitors tend to be quite adventurous, to put it one way – at times, in the steamy dimness, there would be no way I could honestly say how many cocks I had stroked, or how many men had stroked my cock or played with my balls or made my nipples hard. I generally try to follow a fairly strict version of safer sex, but this hairy chested and wonderful smelling man overwhelmed me, as my hands reached for his ass, and I began to move on my spread legs, humping his cock while my tongue licked its way across his chest, finding his nipple again.

But there is no doubt that one of the things that had led me here was the incredible thrill of rubbing cock to cock with another man. And by this point, the sensations had completely erased any thoughts except to keep our cocks together, sliding along, then pressing together, cockheads in a hot and slippery paradise, especially after the pre-cum spread its magic between us.

Listening to his moans, I felt another hand reach my nipple, from the man getting sucked off next to us. After a glorious while, regaining enough will to return to my goal, I slid down further, squatting on my heels, a stranger’s quivering and turned on cock right in front of my wanting mouth. The condom package opened easily this time, and his moans grew obvious as I pushed the latex down, my lips following just behind its progress. His hand took over the job when the condom was about 2/3 unrolled, leaving my fingers free to reach down to start jacking myself as he filled my mouth was his hot cock. My left hand reached up for his slick nipple, gliding over it as he began to talk, the words flowing as I went down on him – ‘yeah, oh yeah … suck me … suck my cock … fuck yeah.’ I loved hearing what he was saying, knowing that anyone around us could watch and listen.

My own sucking kept getting louder and sloppier, especially after he reached for my head, positioning himself, starting to thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. Still resting on nothing but my bare feet, my back settled against the wall. He crouched lower, settling into a rocking motion thrusting his cock deeper, almost reaching the back of my throat. Which I couldn’t quite deal with, so I turned my head a bit, letting his cockhead slide against the inside of my cheeks, first one side, then the other, until I was turning my head each time he pulled back, then sucking him back in.

The effect on him was predictable, as it was on me – I couldn’t stop jacking off in public with a man’s cock deep in my greedy mouth, since cocksucking turns me on almost unbearably, especially when anyone can see me doing it. When I started taking him deeply again, my sucking was as strong as possible, his low grunting now perfectly matching the wet sounds coming from my closed lips. We were slowly settling lower, his cock following my mouth until my ass was on the warm and damp floor.

Now, sitting on the floor, he pulled back, my head following his sexy rod, lips closed along his uncut head, wanting him back. His hand touched my nipple, and he squatted down, using his body to spread my legs, making me shift position, still sitting on the floor, legs bent, my aroused cock in his grasp. I pulled his condom off, taking my time, in part because the way he was cradling my head to his nipple was making me really horny, his smell filling my nostrils, jerking his cock as he stroked me off.

At first, I didn’t want to cum so publicly, but he knew that my half-moaned ‘no .. not .. no .. oh god .. not here’ could be easily ignored as long as he kept jacking me off. He also knew, as did I, his words and actions were drowning my resistance in shared male pleasure. I heard him say ‘oh yeah, cum so good … cum from that hot cock … pump it.’ My own words started to change and merge with his, no longer saying ‘no,’ but starting to pant ‘oh god, oh yeah, make me cum, make me cum so good.’ Hearing him reply just made me hotter, ‘oh yeah, cock sucker … you’re so hard .. you’re so hot … sexy cocksucker.’

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